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Author's Note: This is the sequel to 'Inside the Darkness'. The drawing was made by Nellas


Part 10 - Dancing In The Moonlight

By Morgana


Thranduil rested one hand on his son's shoulder and the other on Lurtz's. They had spent the last hour talking and he had gotten to know Lurtz a little better. What he had learned pleased him. "I truly believe the two of you are well suited for each other. Now your most important task is to make sure the other stays alive in the upcoming battle." For one moment his eyes locked with Lurtz's. "I do not want to lose my son..."

"I will keep him safe," promised Lurtz teasingly; knowing it would get a reaction out of Legolas.

"I am skilled enough to take care of myself," said Legolas in a mock hurt tone, but his sparkling eyes revealed he knew his lover was teasing him. "You had better hope -I- keep -you- safe!"

Lurtz laughed loudly and shook his head. "We will see about that!"

Thranduil nodded once, smiled and squeezed their shoulders. "I trust you will return to Mirkwood after this war is over."

"Now that I know we are welcome there, we will come home," said Legolas warmly. "Ada, I am glad you traveled to Imladris; it has been long since we last talked."

Thranduil's hands came up behind Legolas' back, bestowing a parental hug upon his son. "You will always be welcome in Mirkwood." Releasing Legolas, he took a step away from his son, smiled once more and then turned around to leave the room. This parting was merely temporary; he was confident they would meet again.

Lurtz pulled his lover close as the door closed behind Legolas. "I like him."

Legolas grinned. "I think the feeling is mutual." He sobered quickly, realizing they would leave in a few hours. They had spent the majority of the night in the gardens, but now it would be wise to rest before their departure.

Leading his lover to their bed, the Elf lay down, waiting for Lurtz to join him. Lurtz faced him and Legolas caught the smile in the dark eyes. "I will pretend to sleep," promised Legolas.

"Good," said Lurtz smugly, wrapping his long, strong arms around the lithe form. "Then I can catch some sleep as well. It might be our last chance to rest for days, maybe even weeks."

Legolas nodded against his lover's chest. He would miss their quiet nights at Imladris, but the upcoming fight possessed its own lure. /Ada is right. We must look out for each other and I have no idea how Lurtz will react when he faces thousands of Uruks./ Legolas listened to Lurtz's breathing, noticed how it slowed down, and realized his lover had fallen asleep. /I will keep a close eye on you.../


Thranduil slowly entered the gardens, thoughtfully staring at the full moon and cloudless, midnight sky. Strolling towards an ancient chestnut, he placed his hands on its trunk. The night was heavy with magic, and it had been months since he had last felt it. The trees called out to him; the earth beneath him tickled his feet and the air almost made him dizzy.

As long as he remembered he had always had a strong connection with nature, but it had dimmed in Mirkwood because of the shadow. Over the decades it had become harder to find the light and warm in the forests of Mirkwood, and dark forces nagged at its eternal roots.

But this night was different; tonight was magical, and he would use it to strengthen his powers.

Thranduil removed his shirt and threw it onto the ground, relishing the soft breeze that caressed his naked chest. His leggings followed, together with his boots and underwear. Naked, he grinned, gazed at the stars, and raised his arms, ready to receive whatever power the moon and stars wanted to bestow on him. Palms turned upward, they began to tingle and the sensation slid down his arms, into the rest of his body. It was a magical night indeed!

The enchanting atmosphere made him giggle and he began to run toward the forest, his feet barely touching the ground. Power rose from the earth, slipping into his toes and up his legs. The giggling grew louder and an ancient song left his lips, words which meaning were half hidden to him as well as Ents had delivered them to him as a child. But he didn't need to understand those words to draw power from them.

Suddenly the breeze grew stronger and the wind caressed every inch of his body, running along his skin with feather light touches. The sensation made him giddy and he danced rhythmically, touching trees, caressing leaves and chanting in an alien tongue, running even faster. A few minutes later he collapsed against a beech, rested his head against it and listened to its soft murmurs.

/You are not alone.../

Thranduil, still caught in the magic of the moment, quickly searched his surroundings. He located the squirrel on the lowest branch of an oak, the owl in the top of the ash that slowly turned his head and the fox that quickly hid in the bushes. But it weren't these animals the beech had referred to. A much stronger presence was hiding behind the oak to his right. Closing his eyes, he channeled the ancient power that coursed through him and reached out.


Elladan was startled, feeling something warm and seductive touch his mind. At first he had thought it was a physical touch, but then realized no one was touching him! /I should not have followed him!/

It had been mere chance, seeing Thranduil step inside the gardens. He had considered revealing himself, but then Thranduil had removed his clothes and seeing the elder Elf naked had made him blush and feel shy. The moon had illuminated smooth, pale skin, leaving nothing to the imagination. His body had reacted at once, and he had grown aroused. That was when he had decided against revealing himself; he didn't want Thranduil to find out he was erect, but he couldn't deny his attraction to the blond. Thranduil seemed to be in his very blood, pulling him closer.

When Thranduil had moved toward the trees, Elladan had followed, careful to keep some distance between them. A sensual curiosity coursed through him, seeing Thranduil dance in the moonlight. Thranduil was an absolute enigma to him. Everything his father had ever told him about Thranduil seemed so untrue. This erotic creature was a temptation he couldn't resist, and he continued to follow.

He hid behind an oak, watching Thranduil come to stop near a beech, reaching out and embracing it. The giddy expression on Thranduil's face made him grin in return and he felt lost, staring into those sparkling, star lit eyes. He had never seen such a gorgeous sight before -- and he had never wanted Thranduil more.

Suddenly the sensual touch grew deeper and he fought the urge to reach inside his leggings and touch himself. /He knows I am here! He knows I am watching him!/ Thranduil's eyes suddenly locked with his, exposing him and Elladan stumbled backwards, desperate to put more distance between them. /Run!/ he told himself.

Sweat poured from his pores, and he moaned, as heat sizzled in his veins. He turned to run, but footfalls told him Thranduil was now in motion as well, following him. Desperate to hide his arousal and his embarrassment, he turned to run back to the house.

/Elladan, do not run away from me./

Elladan's eyes widened at hearing Thranduil's voice in his mind. Stunned, he halted in his movements and let Thranduil catch up with him. Unexpectedly, Thranduil tackled him, taking him down and they landed on a bed of leaves and moss. Thranduil straddled his hips, and the seductive smile on the elder Elf's lips made Elladan forget to breathe momentarily.

/I caught you./

Elladan licked his lips, entranced by the sight above him. Long, golden hair reached Thranduil's hips. Leaves, berries, healing herbs and birds' feathers had somehow found a way into the locks, creating the appearance of a crown. Twinkling stars looked down at him and Elladan nearly came when Thranduil licked his red, luscious lips. The pale, soft skin glimmered in the moonlight and a pleading moan escaped Elladan's lips. He wasn't sure what he was begging for, but he was willing to take whatever Thranduil would give.

Thranduil eyed his captured prey; the dark haired half-Elf trembled with desire beneath him. Rational thought had long deserted him as ancient magic coursed through his veins. All he could think of was pressing his lips on Elladan's and claiming the younger Elf as his. "A delightful prey you are..."

Elladan's big eyes stared at Thranduil in wonder. A golden glow emanated from within the Elf, warming him and his surroundings.

"Remove your clothes, Elfling, and join me in the worship of nature. Let me teach you what your father did not." Thranduil leaned in closer, tangled his hands in Elladan's dark hair and pressed a bruising kiss onto the half-Elf's lips. "Taste the magic tonight."

Elladan felt entranced as Thranduil pulled him to his feet. Together, they rid him of his clothes and Elladan suddenly found himself naked as well, his erection bobbing free. He tried to lower his hands to cover himself, but Thranduil quickly grabbed his wrists, kissed the palms of his hands, and dragged the confused half-Elf with him back into the forest.

Elladan didn't struggle or try to free himself of Thranduil's hold. Now that their hands were touching a sexual energy seeped into his fingertips. The sensation traveled up his arms and slowly took possession of him. He let go of his shyness, and within minutes he was giggling as well, chasing after Thranduil as the elder Elf led him deeper into the forest. He had never felt this care free and content before, and it felt liberating.

Abruptly, Thranduil came to a stop. Elladan ran into Thranduil and they stumbled forward, landing on soft grass. Elladan laughed loudly, immediately reaching for Thranduil, who was on his back, giggling. Elladan had ceased to think rationally, governed by the needs and desires of his body. Thranduil was all he wanted, all he desired, and slowly he crawled towards the other Elf.

Thranduil smiled, reached out a hand and watched lazily as Elladan crawled closer on all fours until the half-Elf straddled him. Passion, lust and desire shone from the dark chocolate eyes and Thranduil surrendered to it, like he had surrendered to the magic. Raising a hand, he placed its palm against Elladan's cheek, and he sighed blissfully when Elladan slowly sucked on his thumb. The half-Elf treated his other digits to the same teasing treatment and Thranduil pulled Elladan close, touched his lips to the half-Elf's and hungrily exploring Elladan's mouth.

A distant, more rational part of Thranduil, knew that he should stop now, but the magic burned his body and demanded he honored the old traditions. Normally he chose his lovers, but this time he had been chosen instead. Groaning hungrily, he surrendered to the kiss, letting his inexperienced lover take control. Elladan's erection now pressed against his stomach, signaling the half-Elf's need and passion. Their lovemaking would be swift and powerful, and the energy released would restore the natural balance of things.

Thranduil looked up at his lover, saw Elladan's impatience, and reached for the leaves and healing herbs that clung to his golden locks. He crushed them between his fingertips and rubbed the oily substance onto the half-Elf's erection.

Elladan suddenly froze, realizing what was about to happen. Excitement overwhelmed him, and he let his lover take control. Thranduil's arms suddenly came up behind him, held him close and laid him down on his back. Grass tickled his skin and the sensation made him laugh.

Thranduil looked down at the half-Elf and stroked his lover's erection, until Elladan's hardened flesh was properly covered in the oily substance. This time, Thranduil straddled Elladan's hips, positioning himself to be impaled by his young lover.

Elladan's eyes grew wide, seeing Thranduil slowly lower himself onto his erection, taking him slowly. "By Elbereth..."

"No words -- not tonight," said Thranduil breathlessly, concentrating on taking in more of his lover.

Elladan reached blindly for Thranduil, as the sensation of being inside that warm passage overwhelmed him.

Thranduil smiled warmly, and bowed forward to deliver one sweet kiss to Elladan's lips.

Elladan released a passionate yelp as his lover set a slow, tantalizing rhythm. Not even in his wildest dreams had he thought making love could feel like this. Hearing Thranduil moan, Elladan reached for his lover's erection and pumped it in the same rhythm, eager to return the pleasure. Suddenly, his instincts took over and the thrust hard -- and again.

Thranduil grabbed Elladan's hips tightly, allowing his lover to speed up their rhythm, but still keeping in control of their lovemaking. Elladan suddenly pumped him harder and he threw back his head. An ancient song left Thranduil's lips, and the bewitching melody traveled across the landscape. Unable to keep back any longer, he released his grip on his lover's hips and let Elladan thrust harder.

The spasms that contracted around him made Elladan gasp and he stared at Thranduil in wonder. Warm cream dripped onto his stomach, and, overcome by the unearthly beauty of the blond, he climaxed.

Thranduil smiled, seeing the sated expression in Elladan's eyes, and he leaned in closer, covering the half-elf's body like a blanket. Elladan was shaking like a leaf, and Thranduil soothed his young lover by caressing his skin, which felt hot to the touch.

Elladan rode the wave of ecstasy that washed through him, and several moments later was he able to focus on Thranduil. The elder Elf raised himself onto all fours and Elladan moaned loudly as his sated sex slipped from his lover's body. /Stay, please./ At that moment he was certain Thranduil could hear his thoughts, and the elder Elf lay down beside him, wrapping him up in his arms. /Stay with me./

Thranduil, growing more focused now that his pent up energy had been released, studied Elladan's eyes. /You were a virgin./ It was the only explanation why the energy release had been that strong. Birds sang sweetly in the middle of the night and several animals appeared out of curiosity. Thranduil smiled, as Elladan looked stunned, finding a peacock stare back at him.

Elladan focused on his lover and smiled lazily. /I am a virgin no more./ His fingers combed through the tangled, golden locks and he gazed into Thranduil's eyes adoringly. /I think I love you./

Thranduil returned the smile, and hid his worry. How was he going to explain this to Elrond? He had bedded Elladan, and according to tradition they were mated now.


Annoying sounds roused Elrond from his peaceful slumber. Searching for the source of the noise he marveled at the sight of Glorfindel packing. /Packing? Why is he packing? It will be a while before we leave for Valinor./ Feeling slightly rested, he managed to elbow himself into an upright position.

"Glorfindel? Why are you packing?" Glorfindel gave him a definitely wicked grin and his instincts kicked in. "Why are you looking at me like that? What happened during my sleep?"

"That is just like you, melme, to forget you promised to go away with me for a short time!" Glorfindel saw puzzlement in Elrond's eyes, and hoped Thranduil's spell was strong enough to confuse Elrond. That would give him time to convince his love.

Elrond's eyes widened in disbelief. "I never promised anything like that!" But a memory nagged at his mind; he recalled picturing himself at the Bruinen, sitting in the sun with his lover in his arms. "This cannot be!"

"I asked you last night and you agreed," said Glorfindel. "I even have two witnesses." Glorfindel continued to pack Elrond's clothes and toiletries, never giving the Lord of Imladris a chance to properly protest. "We are leaving this afternoon. Thranduil will help Elladan and Elrohir rule Imladris and..."

"Thranduil?" Elrond glared at the blond. "I knew he was involved in this! What did he do?"

"Nothing... He merely offered his assistance and the twins and I accepted." Glorfindel leaned against the wall after he had finished packing. "Why are you opposed to this? We will leave Imladris for Valinor in a few weeks and then you will have to -- oh, that is it, you do not want to leave Imladris at all!" The saddened expression in Elrond's eyes had given the half-Elf away. "You want to spent as much time here as possible."

"I will miss it so much," whispered Elrond softly. He lowered his eyes and stared at the blankets.

"But the Bruinen is part of Imladris as well. We will only be a mile away from the Homely House..." Glorfindel, watching Elrond thoughtfully, sat down on the edge of the bed. "We do not have to leave for Valinor, meleth-nīn. We can stay here."

"Do not tempt me," said Elrond distressed. "The time of the Elves is gone. Our only refuge is Valinor."

"Elladan and Elrohir will stay at Imladris and Celeborn refuses to leave 'Lorien." Glorfindel curled his fingers around his lover's. "You do not have to decide this right now."

Elrond sighed deeply; Glorfindel's words had made him doubt his earlier decision to leave for Valinor with Galadriel. "Would you like to stay here?"

Glorfindel nodded slowly. "I would love to stay here. Maybe we can convince Celeborn to visit regularly? It will be lonely in 'Lorien when Galadriel is gone. Many will follow her lead."

Elrond carefully considered everything Glorfindel had told him. "I will go with you. We will sit in the sun and stare at the stars at night, and I will make my decision upon our return."

Glorfindel beamed with pleasure, and he pressed a teasing kiss on the tip of Elrond's nose, making the half-Elf giggle. "You won't regret entrusting yourself to me."

Elrond's expression darkened. "We should keep in mind that hundreds of our kin might lose their lives in the upcoming battle."

Glorfindel tensed. "I will never forget the sacrifice our 'Lorien brethren are making."

Elrond's brow became furrowed. "I know that, nīn ind, but I feel guilty, knowing we will be spending time in each other's arms whilst others are dying."

Glorfindel leaned in closer and rested his forehead against Elrond's, staring deeply into his lover's eyes. "I offered to lead the 'Lorien army, but Galadriel and Celeborn chose Haldir instead. I would have been honored to march to Helm's Deep to share their fate."

"I know you would have fought well," said Elrond, "but I am also relieved that your life was spared."

Glorfindel smiled, leaned in closer and slowly kissed Elrond, hoping their time away would help his love replenish his strength.


When Elrohir woke he immediately sensed Erestor's absence; he was the only one left in the bed. Alarmed, he sat upright, scanning the room. Erestor stood in front of the window and Elrohir left the bed to advance on his former tutor. "Why are you not in bed where it is warm and comfortable?"

Erestor turned to face him, and Elrohir's worry increased. A tormented expression haunted the dark eyes. "What is wrong?"

"I have let my fears rule me for so long," muttered Erestor in a shaky tone. He had wrapped his arms around his waist, hugging himself close. His gaze shifted away from Elrohir and he stared outside again. "Maybe it is time I faced them."

Those words should have pleased Elrohir, but a sense of foreboding warned him that something was wrong. "How would you face them?" His hands itched to smooth back some locks, but Erestor moved away from him and he refrained from touching the elder Elf. "Erestor?" The ominous feeling became stronger and Elrohir followed Erestor to the fireplace, careful to remain at some distance. "Please talk to me."

Erestor collapsed in front of the fireplace and stared into the flames. "Legolas and Lurtz are leaving for Lothlorien to aid the people of Rohan. Maybe I should join them and..."

"Nay! Erestor, you --." Elrohir stared at the elder Elf in sheer disbelief. He knew about his father's plan to send archers to aid the people of Rohan, but he wouldn't let Erestor join them. He collapsed next to Erestor and tried to catch his friend's gaze. "You know that Ada called on volunteers because many of our kin will die! And Erestor, respectfully, you are a diplomat, not a warrior. You would be among the first to fall!"

"I am sorry, Elrohir," whispered Erestor, finally meeting the half-Elf's gaze. "But I have hidden here in Imladris for too long. And you might not believe it, but I was a warrior once, long before you and Elladan were born."

"Do not do this to me, to us! Ada won't let you go!" Elrohir frantically grabbed Erestor's shoulders, making sure the elder Elf listened to him. "-I- won't let you!"

"Elrohir," whispered Erestor saddened. "You should not worry about me."

"But I do worry about you!" Elrohir shook his head, wishing he knew how to get through to Erestor. "You cannot go to Helm's Deep. You will die!"

"Are you really that worried about me?" Erestor blushed weakly.

"Why do you think I sought you out in the first place, or that I stayed during the night? Why am I trying to change your mind right now? Of course I care!" Elrohir was growing desperate. "What would keep you here?"

Erestor averted his eyes, but Elrohir instinctively knew the answer. /My love would keep you here./ Elrohir raised a hand and cupped Erestor's chin in his palm. "Please look at me."

Erestor reluctantly complied. "Elrohir, I know you do not love me in that way and --"

Elrohir shut him short. "How come everyone pretends to know my feelings?"

"Who else --?"

But Elrohir shook his head. Erestor didn't need to know that Glorfindel knew about the attraction between them, and Erestor's breakdown. Maintaining eye contact, he leaned in closer, inclined his head and softly touched his lips to Erestor's.

Erestor's eyes widened in surprise and he tried to pull back, but Elrohir's hold on him tightened. Soft lips moved against his and the tip of Elrohir's tongue teased against his teeth. Unable to remain unresponsive any longer, he moaned and returned the gentle kiss.

Elrohir smiled warmly and teasingly slowly released Erestor's bottom lip, suckling it momentarily. The surprise in Erestor's eyes made his smile change into a grin. "You liked that; do not deny it."

Erestor nodded shyly. "But it should not happen again. You are Elrond's son and I was your teacher. I cannot betray your father's trust like that."

Elrohir raised Erestor's face once more, forcing the elder Elf to look at him. "I am an adult, Arato-nīn. I make my own decisions." And he seriously doubted Elrond would have any objections, not after his conversation with Glorfindel.

"Do not call me that, Elrohir. I am not your champion, I --"

Elrohir leaned in closer and kissed first one, and then the other eyelid.

Erestor forgot whatever objection he wanted to make when Elrohir's lips brushed his eyelids.

"I do not want you to go to Helm's Deep, Arato-nīn. And I will continue to call you that, because you -are- my champion. You defended my mother and helped Ada raise us, which could not have been easy."

"But I must face my fears, pen-neth."

"Then let us hunt down some Orcs together, but do not go to Rohan, I beseech you."

"Until a moment ago I did not care if I lived or died, but that kiss changed everything. Are you serious, pen-neth? Do not play with my feelings, for my heart would break if I ever learned you acted out of pity instead of love."

"I feel no pity, Erestor. I am angry that those Orcs hurt you as well as mother and I am saddened that you thought you had to carry this burden alone. But there is no pity."

"Is there love?" Erestor looked pleadingly at Elrohir. "You do understand how much I love you? I do not know if I will ever be able to express that love physically and it would be unfair to bind yourself to me when --."

Elrohir shook his head. "Learning about your suffering and your feelings for me was quite the surprise and I want to Take it slowly as well, Arato-nīn. I am not ready yet to make love to you either." Amused, he raised an eyebrow at seeing Erestor blush. "I will settle for holding you close."

Erestor sighed, relieved, leaned in closer, and rested his head against Elrohir's shoulder. The half-Elf enfolded him in a hug, holding him close.

"Promise me you will not go to Helm's Deep? At least not without me? And I will follow you should you leave Imladris without telling me."

"I could never put you in danger like that." Erestor already regretted ever suggesting he joined 'Lorien's archers. /Elrohir is right; I am not a warrior any longer. I would not be a help; I would be a burden./

Elrohir held Erestor tight, stroking the long dark hair. /He is not leaving, and that is all that matters./


The sun rose after long hours of bewitching darkness and Thranduil looked at the Elfling still asleep in his arms. He had finally made a decision. It would be unfair to bind Elladan to him because they had shared one night of magically induced passion. Elladan was still so young compared to him, and should be with a more suitable mate.

Elladan stirred in his sleep, but did not wake up. Thranduil pushed himself up to an elbow and his fingertips trailed down Elladan's chest, savoring one last caress before he spoke. "Elladan, you went into the gardens last night and you fell asleep there. You had a most wondrous dream, very sensual, very pleasing and the night left you sated. Always remember it was just a dream... just a dream..."

In his sleep, Elladan groaned; he almost seemed to object, but Thranduil repeated the suggestion once more. "It was just a very sensual dream, nothing more."

His bewitching voice kept Elladan sound asleep whilst lifting the half-Elf in his arms. As he made his way back to the house, he found their clothes and slipped into his shirt and leggings. Using a few handfuls of clear spring water, he cleaned Elladan up, removing all traces of their lovemaking. Struggling with a dead weight, he managed to dress Elladan as well. He located a lovely shady spot and laid Elladan down beneath a beech.

"Sleep a little longer, Elfling." Thranduil caressed Elladan's face, regretting he had to make this decision. Elladan was passionate, handsome, intelligent and yes, stubborn; traits which he would have welcomed in a mate, but Elladan was also Elrond's son, which made such an union impossible. "It was just a dream, Lirimaer."

Saddened, but hoping he had made the right decision, Thranduil left Elladan slumbering beneath the trees.

-- Arato-nīn= my champion Pen-neth = young one Melme = love Nīn ind = my heart Meleth-nīn = my love.



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