Author's Notes: My first drabble! grins I wrote it in a notebook in the confines of my bedroom. Lol. :)


By ab101


As we lay in the afterglow of love making, you turn to me, and I feel your hair gently scratch my chest.

"Harry," you breathe, closing your eyes and smiling, as if it's the most natural thing in the world.

I close my eyes and smile as well, loving you and our moments together. I open my eyes, seeing the light beams of the rising sun play tricks on your skin, as if the light is making it glow, igniting your very soul.

I see you lips, curled into a smile. Luscious and pink, soft and hot, sugary and spicy all at once. Sweet, as well, with a tingle of something that always makes me shudder after we kiss. Your lips, which has belted out my name countless times, a moan, a groan, a scream, a shriek, a shout. While making love, afterwards, and when we see each other. Your lips, teasing, yet ever ready to offer consolation, and love.

I see your eyes open, and suddenly you are the only person I see, and gray is the only color that matters. Gray, wherein when you look closely, hints of soft blue are visible. Eyes in which I drown into when I see you. Eyes that I look into when I need comfort, reassurance, or love, readily give it to me. Eyes where I see every flash of emotion skim, where I see if you're lying or not. Eyes which I need only look into and I am home.

Your lips catch my attention again, because now it's deliciously and temptingly half-open. You whispered something, I'm sure, but I didn't quite catch it. I was musing on your skin and eyes and lips, and losing myself completely. One simply cannot blame me for not hearing you. But I think I know what you whispered, foryour skin puts pressure on mine, and it is visibly glowing and invitingly warm, you eyes lock onto mine, and I lose myself completely once more, drowning into the twin pools, and, finally, your lips lock onto mine as well, and I feel and taste all of you, and I know there is nothing I can want more.

As we break apart, I smile.

And I whisper, "I love you, too."




I had so much fun writing this. :) Believe it or not, the last paragraph just came to me while I was writing it. I didn't really plan the fic.. lol.. I just.. erm.. wrote. :D REVIEW :D

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