Where Will You Go

Chapter 7 - Afraid

By Celestial


I realize you’re afraid
But you can’t reject the whole world
You can’t escape
You won’t escape
You can’t escape
You don’t want to escape

Dumbledore watched Harry’s limp body for a trace of life, something that proved that he was still in contact with the world. But the boy lay still, expressionless and lost looking. He seemed as if he were porcelain doll, waiting to be set back on its shelf. The red mark on his arm glowed brightly. Dumbledore put his hands to his head and sighed.


Ron watched horrified at the scene before him. The Death Eaters were riled, roars of joy and excitement swept through them. Everything was working to their advantage: Harry Potter was almost defeated, Draco Malfoy had joined them once again, they had a Mudblood to torture. Ron sucked in a gasp as Hermione was brought out to the jeers of the Death Eaters, each watching her with hungered expressions on their faces. Bellatrix Lestrange swiped at her face, drawing blood on her pale cheek, as the hooded Death Eaters carried her to a rock in the center of their maddened circle. Tears of frustration came to Ron’s eyes.

The crowd quieted as Draco and his father entered the clearing in the unnamed forest. They marveled at Draco’s good looks and his growth since they had last seen him. He was a powerful wizard; they were sure of that. Just as his father was second in command to Voldemort, Draco would bear the same title.

The younger Malfoy hid behind his façade as he sighted Hermione Granger’s weakened body sprawled across the large rock. Her head lolled back and forth, and it was obvious she had already been tortured in some pre-game engagements. Disgusted, Draco felt for Ron’s presence. He hoped the redhead was where he had told him to wait. He searched the crowd for Avery, and spotted him towards the back of the mob. Draco excused himself from his father and headed past Avery to where Ron should be waiting.

Draco groped for him in the dark, ducking behind a tree as not to be seen. Ron handed him five of the vials. He slipped a second one to his lips. Draco put his hand on Ron’s shoulder and mouthed a silent "thank you". Ron smiled understandingly, and nodded.

Draco slipped back into the crowd of Death Eaters. Voldemort had arrived. The howls and cheers of his supporters shook the quiet forest. Lucius looked proudly at the surrounding masses. The younger Malfoy joined his father at the long table Voldemort had set up for his loyal commanders. Lucius was joined at the table by Bellatrix, Macnair, Rookwood and Pettigrew. Each had a goblet of wine in front of them. Voldemort beckoned them forward, and Draco seized his chance. Passing the goblets naturally, he dripped the vials’ continents into each drink. He saw a small light in the direction of Ron, and he knew the plan was beginning to unfold.

"Come, young Malfoy." Draco shuddered upon hearing his name on Voldemort’s sinister tongue. "I am happy to find you have joined us once again. But for your deceit…" He looked at Draco hungrily. "CRUCIO!"

Pain shot through his body, and his vision swam. He wanted death. Anything but this unbearable pain…


Dumbledore leapt back as Harry’s body began to writhe and twist on the surface of his desk. Inhuman cries escaped his throat. It looked as if he had been affected by…


…"CRUCIO!" Voldemort shouted it again, and Draco’s cries became desperate. There was no response from the crowd. They had obviously been subjected to his characteristic Malfoy charm. Realizing his actions were ineffective, Voldemort let the boy fall to the ground. His small whimpers broke the silence and Voldemort spoke again.

Draco couldn’t understand what he was saying. The pain had shut down his brain. He pulled out his wand and aimed it at his arm, an idea forming in his head. He whispered a healing charm at the skull and snake that stared back at him from his flesh.


Harry was silent again, and Dumbledore watched in awe as the bruises and cuts on his body closed over. He had not even been able to affect Harry’s wounds, and suddenly they were healed. Closing his eyes, he could feel something happening. Something dangerous, far, far away.


Voldemort pulled Draco to his feet and petted his head affectionately. "That wasn’t so bad now, was it, Draco? And hopefully, I’ll never have to do that again, because it hurts me as well to see a talented young wizard go to waste…"

Draco’s eyes focused on the dark shape moving towards them from where Ron had been hiding. Pansy Parkinson strode towards them, a small twinkle in her eyes as she caught Draco’s stare. Voldemort openly welcomed her, overjoyed to see yet another young follower.

Too bad this follower was a red haired Gryffindor. Draco left Voldemort’s side to join the girl. They stood, side by side, waiting for their madness to unfold.

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