Where Will You Go

Chapter 4 - Abandon Everyone

By Celestial


I realize you’re afraid
But you can’t abandon everyone
You can’t escape
You don’t want to escape

Draco paced in the dungeons, thinking about the deception in the faces of his fellow Slytherins. He had skipped Defense Against the Dark Arts, although he was quite fond of Lupin, who had resumed the job after the last teacher was killed in the war. He wished the day before hadn’t happened.

Except Potter. A small smile crept across his face. Potter was his only chance at any real compassion. He had no real friends, and now that he would deny being a Death Eater, his father would disown him as well. Potter knew forgiveness, he knew pain, he knew what being alone felt like. It was strange to think that after all these years of insults and duels, Potter would be his only ally. And the night before… Harry had actually called him-

"Draco? Oh Draco, you scared the shit out of me. Where have you been?" Concern was written all over Harry’s face.

Draco turned to him and smiled. Harry looked around nervously, not realizing he had blatantly run into the Slytherin dungeons.

"Don’t worry, Harry, they're not here." Harry. It was a strange name to say. Draco liked the way he could make the H overly breathy. He especially liked the response it provoked from Potter. He gazed at Draco with a touch of adoration.

Harry decided against telling him that Hermione knew. The grey eyes swept over his face, and Harry looked at his former enemy in a new light. Draco stepped closer to him, burying his hand in Harry’s raven hair and pulled the Gryffindor against his body. For a second they looked in each other’s eyes, Harry’s full of wonder, Draco’s full of fire, before their lips met in a bruising, searching kiss.

Draco pushed Harry onto the leather couch, and Harry pulled him down with him. Their bodies intertwined and they stared at each other intently.

"Why don’t you close your eyes when you kiss?" Harry whispered.

"I never close my eyes. I have trust issues." He had that far-off look in his eye again, the one he had when he showed Harry the Dark Mark.

Harry kissed him again, this time with his eyes open. "Come stay with me tonight."


Hermione waited quietly in Ron’s bed, the curtains tightly closed. Ron’s snores shattered the perfect silence of the room. She had felt simply awful slipping her boyfriend a sleeping draft but desperate times called for desperate measures. She heard the door open, and Harry’s footsteps enter…followed by what had to be Draco.

They made their way to the bed, and she could only imagine. Harry offered Draco the sleep draft she had left for him, and in minutes the boy was joining Ron in dreamland.

Or maybe it was nightmareland. Draco began to twist and talk, like the previous night. Hermione set up the Quik Quills pen, and it instantly began to jot down notes, scratching away noisily at the paper. Hermione suggested they find somewhere else if they wanted any sleep at all.

Harry snuck into her dormitory, blushing a little when his eyes met hers. It felt like old times. He prayed Ron wouldn’t wake up and jump to false accusations. He and Hermione were friends, and nothing could change that. The two climbed into her bed and set up her Muggle alarm clock to wake them before everyone else.


The clock sounded in what seemed to be only a matter of minutes. Harry smiled at the sleeping Hermione, who had rested her head on his chest sometime during the night. He turned off the clock quickly, and allowed her to enjoy tranquil sleep, knowing that whatever they would have found from Draco would make the day extremely eventful.

Malfoy was still sleeping, curled in a fetal position. There were pages and pages of notes from the Quik Quill. Harry gasped at what they read. There were paragraphs upon paragraphs of planning and cohorts and allies and murders…

Harry ran back to Hermione, the papers in his arms. He shook her awake, and dumped them at the foot of the bed. She picked through them, and suggested he keep Draco busy while she headed to the library to check out what they had found. She didn’t want Draco to find they had quoted his sleep talk. She could only imagine what he would say.

They headed their different ways, Hermione to the library and Harry back to Draco, the one person who could make him feel complete. He had stayed up the previous night and thought about it while Hermione whispered in her sleep. Even with her, nothing had ever felt this real. But was Draco using him? Harry Potter was not a piece of meat.

He walked up to his dormitory, and climbed into his bed, hoping Draco didn’t notice he was gone that night. Harry held Draco in his arms, and the boy rolled over and looked into Harry’s kind eyes. Harry smiled at him, and the two became immersed in each other once again.


The two other students awake at dawn in the library looked up with a start. A joyous cry from Hermione Granger, sitting alone perusing through some papers, had made them jump.

She stared at one line from Draco’s sleep-talking over and over again. "The link must be opened, Master. If not, you will never defeat Potter. He is stronger by the day. If the Mark doesn’t reach him in time, you shall lose all hope of ever having him under your control."

Hermione didn’t understand. What link were they talking about? And what is a mark? She had to talk to someone. Packing up her papers and books quickly, Hermione raced out of the library to the scolding of Madame Pince.

Turning a corner all too fast, Hermione slipped, causing the papers to flutter to the ground in a messy shower. She tried to gather them up as quickly as possible. Suddenly, a cool breeze sent a chill down her spine. She saw a shadow spreading across the floor in front of her. Turning slowly, she saw a cold menacing grin before a hand was clamped over her mouth and Petrificus Totalus was whispered. Blackness set in.

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