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The Weasley Curse

By Drusilla Dax


"You're not doing it right!" Harry Potter exclaimed.

Severus Snape flinched.

Since the Hogwarts clock, the clock made by the Four Founders, had chosen him to be the new Headmaster - allowing him to save Minerva McGonagall and Harry Potter (in the last battle against Voldemort) and to save Hermione Granger (in childbirth), giving him time for himself, and finally letting him find blissful love in the arms of aforementioned Harry Potter - Severus *knew* that the clock was listening to what was being said...

It was only that day that the clock had released him from months of living almost the same events, and now, Harry, his love and lover, was saying out loud that there was something *he*, Severus, was not doing right! Damn! Severus was not in the mood for more hiccups any time soon!

Of course, the clock had totally changed Severus's life.

He had been allowed to save all his friends.

He had killed Voldemort (and he had made sure that the old bat would rot in hell till the end of time).

He had made Albus happy by giving the old wizard the opportunity to retire (Hogwarts Headmasters and Headmistresses often died at their post, Albus was only the sixteenth to retire in all the history of the school).

He was to be the godfather of Hermione Granger and Sirius Black's daughter, Harry being the other godfather... That thought troubled Severus for two reasons: he was wondering if Hermione had spotted, or felt, or guessed, that he and Harry would end up together (for there was no doubt in Severus's mind: he would spend his entire life with Harry Potter) and now that the clock had stopped having those hiccups, he knew that he could not offer another name than "Severa" for the baby since he had not objected the day before, thinking that he would have one more *day* to come with a different suggestion.

He had found love... Both needed some training on the horizontal plane, but, sweet Merlin! They were good together!

A new day had come. Finally.

He had woken up in Harry's arms.

Albus was off to France, after sending an owl to Fudge at the Ministry announcing the migration of the clock.

Severus was having a very light lunch in the Headmaster's office, his office now, and he was enjoying Harry's company. He had given all his notes to Harry so that the young man could prepare the Potions classes he had accepted to teach.

Before their first sandwich, an owl had come, and in the parchment they had read together, they had been informed that Cornelius Fudge did not survive being told that the former Death Eater Severus Snape had beheaded Lord Voldemort with Godric Gryffindor's sword, *and* that the Hogwarts clock had made *him* the new Headmaster. In spite of all the mediwizards who had apparated to the Ministry in emergency, the Minister had died a slow and painful death...

Then, Harry had started reading Severus's notes, next to his lover on a very comfortable sofa. They had a plate of cucumber sandwiches between them, Severus was filing some bumph, using the armrest for support, with Fawkes sleeping on his lap.

Harry saw Severus flinch when he spoke, and he was about to ask him why, and explain what exactly he had meant by "You're not doing it right!". The second he opened his mouth, there was a sharp knock on the door.

Harry shut his mouth, and Severus called, "Come in!"

A very pale Minerva McGonagall came into the room, without paying much attention as to who was in it besides the new Headmaster.

"Severus, I have a problem," she declared.

She finally registered that Harry was there, but with what was happening to her, she did not really care.

Severus took Fawkes off his lap and put him on Harry's, and he stood up to go and embrace Minerva. She was surprised. Even more than *yesterday*, when Severus had come into her office, with his new and stunning look. Truth be told, Severus was gorgeous, but the overnight transformation was disturbing: he no longer was as pale as the Bloody Baron, but had a very nice tan which suited him, the new colour of his robes was very nice (especially with Harry's eyes nearby, Minerva thought), and his hair was as long as Albus's (this time, Minerva thought, first, that black hair that long without the beard that went with it in Albus was something extremely sexy in her mind, second that she wondered how hair that long would suit her lover).

There was no way Minerva could know that the Hogwarts clock had given time to Severus to make peace with himself. And when he saw a friend who was obviously in trouble, he hugged her...

"What's happening, Minerva ?" Severus asked.

"First of all, I want to congratulate you. I received your owl telling the teachers of your nomination to the post of Headmaster. You will be great, and if I am correct, your choosing Harry as the new Potions master might not be that innocent... I want to wish luck to the both of you... Yet..." Minerva started.

Harry stood up in his turn and put Fawkes on the sofa. The bird never stirred.

"What's wrong, Minerva ?" Harry wondered.

She looked at her new colleague, at her new boss, and she whispered, "I'm afraid that I'm going to have to leave."

Severus took one of her hands in his and asked, "Why ?"

When Minerva looked at Severus there were tears in her eyes.

Severus led her to the sofa. The two wizards, now very worried about her, sat on either side of her as the phoenix climbed on her lap and hummed a soothing tune.

Slightly clasping Severus's hand, Minerva declared, "I've been hit by the Weasley Curse."

Severus gasped.

Harry panicked, "What's the Weasley Curse ? Is it something that touches my friends ? Is it something that could happen to Ron ? Is it something that they do or something that's happening to them ? Have they put you into some danger ?" the young man asked.

"I need your help right now, Harry..." Severus said to get his lover's attention, "Could you go down to our rooms and bring me the black journal that is in the second drawer on the left side of my desk ? I will need it for Minerva."

Harry blinked, there were so many questions in his mind that he knew it would take time to get all the answers. And he had learnt to trust Severus. If Severus needed something, he was going to fetch it. Harry nodded, and left the room without arguing.

"He's totally at sea," Minerva said.

"Even more than you think! The Weasleys themselves tend not to mention the 'Curse', except to those who help them, or those they marry, and among those who could have recalled Molly being hit by the Curse, not many were close to Harry. There's Sirius, but since he got involved with Miss Granger, she has become his world. Remus... Well... We can say that Remus has had another fish to fry for quite some time now."

"A very cute fish, if I may say so," Minerva chuckled.

"Minerva!" Severus exclaimed, teasing her for showing interest in another man than her lover.

She smiled, and he saw her relax.

"So..." Severus started, "You're pregnant... That doesn't explain why you want to leave me and the school."

"But I cannot stay, Severus. I'm not feeling comfortable with all this," she confessed in a whisper.

"All *this* what ?" the new Headmaster asked.

"He's so young... I don't want people to judge him..." she answered.

"Are you a witch or a Muggle, my dear ?" the wizard growled, "Since when does our community judge a relationship on an age difference ? Minerva! Most of us live considerably more than a hundred years... Look at Sirius and Remus! They could be the fathers of their companions! What about Harry and me ?! Do you know what's important Minerva ?" She shook her head, and he went on, "Having found love. Shared love is *the* most precious thing in the whole world... You will *always* find people to tell you that the one you love is *not* the one you should be with for this or that reason, but, Minerva, do you think that happiness is so easy to find in this world that you can send it away on account of what *people* are going to say or to think ?"

She shook her head again, and started to cry. He held her tight and lulled her sadness away... with the help of Fawkes.

When Severus heard Harry's footstep in the corridor, he held Minerva tighter, and asked, "Care to have some fun ?"

"How ?" she sobbed.

"By letting my... By letting Harry find out who's in your heart..." Severus offered.

She nodded, and added as Harry entered the office, "He wants to marry me, you know..."

"He's as weird as a Weasley can be, but he's been well educated... And he's a gentleman... I suspect your getting pregnant was not the only reason for him to propose, and I imagine that he was not that surprised by your condition," Severus said, knowing that Harry would not resist that bait.

"You're pregnant ?!!!" the young wizard shouted.

Minerva nodded.

"How did you get together in the first place ?" Severus said. He was enjoying more and more killing two birds with only one stone; this time, he would titillate Harry's curiosity, and discover how McGonagall and Weasley had become involved...

Minerva sniffed, and said, "To make it short, I've lost a bet... And you're wrong Severus, he was as surprised as I was when we found out that I was pregnant. It's not because of my age, but..." she paused, and the two wizards gave her time to find her words, "The first time we fought the Dark Lord, two decades ago, I was hexed by a Death Eater and spent weeks at St Mungos'... Well... If it were not for that Weasley Curse, I wouldn't be pregnant... It's more than a miracle. He was... *We* are more than happy. Ecstatic doesn't even start to describe our feelings."

"If you're so happy, why do you want to leave your post ?" Harry reflected as he gave his journal to Severus.

"Because..." she started.

"She's not leaving!" Severus said, as he was leafing through his old journal, his tone showing that he didn't mean to have his decision discussed, "Hex or no hex, Poppy and I, and Harry, since he now is the Potions master, will see you through this. We helped Molly through each and every pregnancy, till we finally figured that only the Muggle pill would stop her from being pregnant, so we can help to bring one more Weasley in this world... You're going to accept his proposal, no ?"

Minerva paled, and said, "Yesternight he came to my home as soon as he could leave the Ministry, and he proposed... I was so surprised that I said nothing. He left and I haven't seen him since..."

At the mention of the Ministry, Harry blushed: now he knew who was involved with Minerva, wanted to marry her, and had got her pregnant.

"Let us take all this in order," Severus declared, "Do you want to have the baby ?"

Minerva nodded.

"Do you want to marry him ?" the Headmaster went on.

She blushed, bowed her head, but nodded nonetheless.

"Good! We'll find him, and as the Hogwarts Headmaster I can perform the ceremony. Your resignation from this school is absolutely out of the question, and we'll assign as many house elves as you want to help you with the baby once it's here... But... Now... There's one thing I want to know," Severus almost purred with his sexiest voice, "And that's how your losing a bet threw you in his bed..."

Minerva's blush was back for good and it deepened when Harry said, "He must have won a game of chess..."

"Yes, that's what happened... When Albus sent us on a surveillance mission last year, we got bored waiting for Death Eaters to come where we were hiding. He offered to play chess... He lost the first game, and said that we could bet something on the issue of the next game. He tricked me into accepting that the winner would be granted a wish. Any wish... And he won..." she explained, with a smile as she remembered.

"And he took you to bed after a single game of chess ? That's mean of him!" Harry said, disgusted by his friend's behaviour, and his voice rising.

"No, Harry!" the witch defended her lover, "He asked to kiss my hand. We played another game, which he won again. He kissed my cheek. From then on, I lost on purpose. And he knew it."

"Oh!" Harry said, his anger decreasing.

Severus laughed at Harry.

The young wizard stood up, took hold of his lover's collar, and undertook to ravish his lips. Minerva had a very convenient position to enjoy the show. Severus's head fell backwards and Harry coaxed his lover lips open with the tip of his tongue. He gently licked till he was granted access inside and could taste Severus and map that breath-taking mouth. Both men forgot about the witch next to them and their tongues duelled till they needed to breathe and they registered that they would need more time to determine who would, or could, win that 'fight'.

"What was that for, Professor Potter ?" Severus asked, slightly out of breath.

"Payback for making fun of me, Headmaster Snape!" the green-eyed wizard answered.

Severus left the sofa, taking Minerva and Harry's hands, and he teased Harry once more, saying, "I might get addicted to this, you know... You should be careful as to the ways and means you use to retaliate on me..."

Minerva chortled, and Harry gently squeezed his hand.

Severus went to the fireplace and contacted the Ministry of Magic through the Floo. No-one there had seen the Auror Weasley since the day before. If Minerva started to be extremely worried, Severus knew better: he contacted the Black-Granger household. It was Remus who answered.

"Good afternoon, Severus! And congratulations! We read the news in the papers," the floating head of the Werewolf said in the fire.

"Thank you, Remus... I need your help right now... We're looking for Ron Weasley," the Headmaster told him.

"Come over! He's been crying in Hermione's arms since breakfast... He's afraid to have lost the woman he loves... That's all we could get out of him: he's doing a brilliant imitation of Niagara Falls!" Remus said.

Remus's head disappeared, and Severus, Harry and Minerva stepped into the fire and travelled to their friends' house.

"Where is he ?" Minerva demanded as soon as she stepped out of the kitchen's fireplace.

Remus gaped, understanding why *she* was here, and he pointed a finger towards the living-room. There, Ron was still crying in the arms of his best (female) friend. Hermione was sitting in an armchair, and Ron was sitting on the floor, his head on her lap, tears rolling freely out of his eyes. He was still wearing his Auror robes, and, judging by his stubble and dreadful look, he had spent an awful evening, night, and morning.

"Ron!" Minerva cried.

The young man was instantly on his feet, and he ran to her.

"I'm so sorry, darling! I didn't want to upset you! But I don't want to lose you! Especially now that we're going to be a family... If you don't want to marry me, I'll do as you want, but let me stay with you... You're going to have the baby, right ?" Ron said, embracing his witch.

She welcomed him in her arms, dried his tears with her fingertips, and murmured in his ear, "You surprised me, and I didn't know what to say, but I want our child, and I will marry you... That is to say if you still want to..."

Ron tenderly kissed her lips. There were sparkles in his eyes. He dropped to his knees, put one hand in his sleeve and retrieved an engagement ring.

"I've got it from mum. Since I'm the first to get married, she gave the Weasley ring to me," he explained as he placed it on her finger.

"Now the Curse is complete!" Severus joked.

Minerva and Ron did not even glare, both were way too happy to be angry with Severus, but Hermione understood. She took a good look at Minerva and estimated, "You're two months pregnant, Minerva."

"Approximately, yes," she said.

"I'll take care of all the potions you'll need with Harry," Severus told Minerva, and he added for Ron, "And all you have to tell me, if you want me to perform the ceremony, is the day."

"Fudge would be pissed if one of his Aurors were to be married by... You cannot marry us Severus!" Ron realized.

Harry slipped into his lover's welcoming arms, and he took to enlightening his best friend, "Severus has been made the new Hogwarts Headmaster, and he made me the new Potions master. So, you see, Ron, he can marry you."

"And Fudge will object to nothing," Severus added, with an evil grin.

"Why ?" Ron wondered.

"Because he's dead," someone said from the door.

Sirius had come into the room holding Severa, and he was followed by Draco Malfoy, who had just spoken.

Remus jumped into the blond's arms as if his life depended on it.

"You're back! You're alive!" Remus kept repeating. He was grinning and crying at the very same time, and he was caressing Draco to make sure he was real and not some hallucination.

Draco gently pecked Remus on the lips, and held him.

"Fudge is dead ?" Sirius asked.

"The death of Voldemort by my hand and my nomination as Headmaster were too much for him!" Severus told his former enemy.

"You're together ?" Harry asked Remus and Draco, pointing a finger that oscillated between them.

While Remus nodded, Draco inquired, "And everybody's favourite Unspeakable is with Severus ?"

"Well, if we are finally told that everybody's favourite MOSS is dating everybody's favourite Werewolf, I can admit that the new Potions master at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is in love with the new Headmaster of the school."

Severus hugged Harry as Remus whistled. Draco snorted and said, "Two things, Mr. Former Unspeakable... It's *Ministry Officer of State Security*. I'm not some kind of lichen! Thank you very much... and I'm not *dating* Remus..."

The way the Slytherin was grinning showed every person in the room that the young wizard was being a tease from hell.

Being a Slytherin, Severus was the first to understand what Draco meant, but before he had the opportunity to say a word, his former pupil turned to him, and said, "Severus, you've saved my life when I told my father that I wanted to work for the Ministry, and not for the Dark Lord, and I never could thank you properly. Now, I also have to thank you for what you did yesterday, because Remus and I will be free to live quietly in this world... I won't have to fear to come home and find the Dark Mark above my house."

Severus simply bowed.

"We can wear them now, no ?" Remus eagerly suggested.

Draco grinned again and took out a gold chain that was hidden under his robes. Remus did the same. Each took the gold ring that they had placed on it, and they put it on the other's hand. Severus saw their lips move in silence. He understood that they were saying 'Forever and a day'... A very touching promise.

"You never told me!" an outraged Sirius barked.

"And endanger Draco if we had been caught ?! You're my closest friend, Siri. But he's my husband..." Remus explained.

Harry made a very strange noise in his throat, and croaked, "When ?"

"After the Crouch Junior episode, I contacted Remus to apologize for what I and my father did to him..." Draco started, "I guess that what happened during the Triwizard Tournament touched me more than I thought... Then we kept sending owls... We met, on a regular basis... Finally, two months after I graduated, I tricked my love into marrying me!"

"And I'm constantly complaining!" Remus joked.

"So you've been secretly married for seven years ?" Ron intervened.

Remus and Draco answered in perfect chorus, "That'll be seven years next September 3rd," and that made them grin.

"All that is weird... Minerva and Ron. Draco and Remus..." Sirius stated.

"Not as weird as..." Harry began, but Severus felt that he was about to mention the clock and he feared that it would have a hiccup if its secret was spread so this time it was Severus's turn to grab Harry's collar. He kissed him hungrily and thoroughly. With one hand, he was massaging the emerald-eyed miracle's skull, and with the other he was keeping Harry's hips so close to his that in spite of all the layers of clothing, the young man could feel the cock of his lover pulsing against his.

When Severus let Harry go, the Headmaster saw in his lover's eyes that all coherent thoughts had left him momentarily. Severus might be in need of some training, but the basics were like riding a bloody bicycle, as the Muggles said.

"What's your name ?" Severus asked.

"Gaaaaah ?" was the answer he got.

Severus took Harry in his arms and whispered, "*Now* I take it you don't want to risk a hiccup of the clock by speaking about it..."

Harry fervently shook his head.

Severus turned to his friends, and ended Harry sentence with, "Not as weird as *us*... I hope we will shock none of you. Harry and I are going to share my quarters at Hogwarts..."

More nodding from Harry.

Severus turned towards Sirius, but the Animagus only had a curious little smile.

"Is there nothing you want to tell me ?" Severus asked.

"Only two things Snape... I dearly love Harry and if you leave him or don't treat him well, I'll kick your miserable ass to a Pole..." Sirius began.

"Which one ?" Severus inquired.

"I'll let you choose... North or south, I won't mind..." Sirius said with a boyish grin.

"How kind of you!" Severus joked alongside.

"Don't mention it! And..." Sirius baited.

"What ?" Harry stepped in, as he could no longer take it.

Severus and Sirius for the first time in their lives traded a smile.

"Do you really take me for an idiot ?" Sirius said, "The way you've been working together all these years... And the way you left yesterday!!!"

"Especially the way you left yesterday!" Remus teased them.

Severus and Harry suddenly realized that their friend's heightened senses must have badly given them away the night before, and they blushed, inwardly cursing whichever hormones they had produced to betray them.

"Life really is taking a weird turn..." Harry said, almost to himself.

"Weird, maybe, but it's a *good* weird," Draco claimed.

"Draco is more than right," Severus said, "We have been freed from the latest Dark Lord, Albus is having fun in Provence, Severa is a healthy child, we all completed our missions and came back alive, we got rid of Fudge and can hope that the next Minister will have a brain... And we all have love in our lives..."

Silence fell in the room: they all knew he was right. Love really was the most important thing in the whole world...

Then Severa babbled, and they all smiled. The baby was suddenly restless in her father's arms and she somehow pointed towards Minerva. Sirius obediently came near the Transfigurations professor and his daughter made it clear that she wanted to be held by the witch. Minerva sat down on the sofa and Severa settled against her belly, as if she were speaking to Minerva's baby.

That sight brought back the topic of the wedding in Severus's mind. That made him think that for the next two terms, Minerva wouldn't be allowed to do magic and that he would need a supply teacher to help her demonstrate the spells and transformations in class.

"Sirius... Would you accept to help us in Transfiguration ? I will only let Minerva teach the theory," Severus asked.

The Animagus looked at his partner for approval, and Hermione nodded.

Ron sat next to his fiancée and told her, "You haven't seen a mediwizard yet. I don't want the Weasley Curse to put you into danger..."

"Severus has been more efficient than St Mungos' mediwizard, you know," Hermione told Ron.

"Don't worry, Ron. I will work on every aspect of the problem," Severus promised.

"There's more than the fact that male Weasleys tend to impregnate their wives by simply looking at them ?" Remus asked.

Minerva looked at Ron, then at Severus, and she decided that her friends would help her more efficiently if they knew everything, so she said, "During the first fights I was hit by the Ingravidus Curse... I should not be pregnant..."

If the Weasley Curse was the common joke used to describe the sad truth that, yes, the male Weasleys had a 'gift' to impregnate the women in their lives, the Ingravidus Curse was very dark magic which caused sterility in the most painful way. Obviously, Minerva had accidentally found the only 'counter-curse'.

"Who was twisted enough to do that to you ?" Draco said.

Ron blanched, but he held Draco's gaze, and, without anger or hatred, he said, "Your father did."

Draco walked to Minerva's side and knelt in front of her, "I'm sorry," he said.

Holding Severa with one hand, she caressed his cheek with the other and told him, "You don't have to be sorry for what Lucius did, otherwise you'll spend your life apologizing."

Draco seized the hand on his cheek and respectfully kissed it.

Severus felt that it was time for something happier around, he made a strange suggestion, "Since Sirius will be working at Hogwarts, I could marry you as well..."

Hermione blinked, and finally answered by asking him a question to which she knew the answer, "Do you plan to marry Harry ?"

Severus looked at Remus and Draco, who were clearly happy with their marital status; he looked at Ron and Minerva who were eager to join their destinies officially; and he looked at Harry. There was something in his emerald eyes which promised him that they would stay together till Death would part them... Severus knew it in his blood, in his heart. He knew it in his soul.

And he understood what Hermione meant: sometimes even the perspective of a huge party with all your best friends was not enough to convince you that a piece a parchment could change your life.

Sometimes, making one's relationship legally official meant nothing for some people.

It was true for Severus Snape and Harry Potter, as it was true for Hermione Granger and Sirius Black.

Severus smiled and nodded, and he turned his attention back to Ron and Minerva, "I will perform the ceremony whenever you want."

"I'm off duty tomorrow," Ron said.


With Remus and Harry appointed best men, they all agreed to meet again at Hogwarts on the following day, and Severus and Harry went back to their nest in the dungeons.

When they reached their corridor, they found the gargoyle guarding the Headmaster's office next to Severus's quarters. Severus gave the password (he had used 'Calisson' so often that he had decided to keep it for a while). The door opened and they were greeted by Fawkes... The Headmaster's office had moved downstairs! Everything was there, from the portraits to the Sorting Hat.

"That's practical!" Harry exclaimed.

Severus took his hand and dragged him back to *their* bedroom.

"What's wrong, Severus ?" the young wizard asked.

Waving his hand instead of his wand, Severus spell-locked the door, put a Silencing Spell on the room, summoned some proper lubricant he had brought from his lab, and finally divested his lover of all his clothes by magic.

"There's nothing wrong, besides the fact that I've been wanting you for hours now, and that I'm addicted to you more than I thought possible... Maybe you could tell me what is it that I'm not doing right, and you could be careful not to say too much where the clock could hear you. Albus hinted that it listens, and I haven't recovered from the last hiccups yet..." Severus declared.

Badly aroused and in need of release, Harry walked to his lover and started undressing him in a more traditional way. It was only when Severus's robes and shirt were gone that Harry consented to reveal that Severus was not stroking the phoenix the way he liked it.

"That's all ?!" Severus growled.

Lustily licking Severus's nipples, Harry started to purr, and between licks he managed to say, "The clock helped us be together, I can't believe you're so tense about it!"

With much impatience, Severus was helping Harry to undress himself. He practically jumped out of his shoes and socks. Even if Harry was tickling his navel, he said in gasps, "You cannot know how grateful I am, but it's been exhausting and I wouldn't want you to lose all those memories we're building together... And I would also be grateful if you could avoid frightening me over mere trifles."

"You've got a nerve!" Harry cried, "That bird often saved me. He deserves proper affection!"

Then Severus surprised Harry by carrying him to their bed. The Headmaster was rewarded by the silence of his Potions master.

Harry unbuttoned Severus's trousers and his lover finally joined him, naked, on the bed. Severus took Harry in his arms, and knowing the fascination his love had for his hair he wrapped it around his lover's shaft and started pumping. Harry let his head fall on Severus's shoulder and he pressed his back against Severus's chest trapping his lover's throbbing shaft between them. When it was obvious that neither would last for very much longer, Harry summoned the lubricant, generously poured some on Severus's aching member, and he slowly impaled himself on it. The Headmaster lovingly rocked in and out of his lover, as his hand still went up and down Harry's dick. The green-eyed wizard managed to turn around just enough so that he could kiss Severus, and when the latter almost accidentally hit the magic small spot inside Harry, the young man came violently. He clenched around Severus who was thus suddenly pushed over the edge of orgasm.

When both recovered, they were spooned and Severus's hair was making a veil on Harry. They caressed and kissed some more.

"Can't we stay in bed and go back to work tomorrow ?" Harry begged.

"Shshshshsh!" Severus whispered in Harry's ear, "If the clock hears you, it'll have a hiccup and I'll be the only one to remember what we're doing now!"

But Severus didn't leave the bed and they finally had to ask a grinning Dobby to bring them food before they fainted with hunger...

That day, the planning of their official schedule was less important than their horizontal training, and they worked on improving their technique.

They succeeded.


The clock had no hiccup, yet, it heard 'something', because the next night in his dream, Harry Potter remembered each and every evening he had been spending with Severus during the last *weeks*. In the morning, he could prove Severus that it was not merely a dream by using the secrets Severus had told him...



Complete Pairings: Severus Snape/Harry Potter, Hermione Granger/Sirius Black, Minerva McGonagall/ Ron Weasley, Remus Lupin/Draco Malfoy

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