The Prince and the Slave

Part 20

By Shinri


Draco looked at the king. “I have a proposition.”

James had an idea of what it was, but decided to make sure. “And what would that be?”

“What if we do the same thing that was going to happen with the dark lord. I will offer my hand in marriage to your son.” Draco looked from the king to Harry to see what his expression was.

Harry could not believe it. Draco wanted to marry him. What did he think of that? He obviously had an attraction to Draco, that was for sure. But did he love him enough for marriage? Of course, he also had to play in that he would not ever be able to love a woman as much as Draco. But would his father allow it? He looked over at his father and noticed that he was wearing a face of deep concentration.

James had figured that Draco would ask this. He knew his son was gay and this would give him an opportunity for happiness, but he also had to think of his country. This would plunge his country into a war. Was it worth it? Then again, they would have to fight the dark kingdom anyway and they would also have a force of half the Slytherin army. But before he made a decision a few things had to be known. James looked up at Draco. “Do you know what you are asking?”

Draco bit his bottom lip and nodded. “Yes, I do.”

James glanced at his son then back to Draco. “How would you rule? A country can not have two kings.”

Draco knew the answer to this before the question was asked. He only hoped his answer was the correct one. “I will submit myself as his second.”

James leaned forward in his chair. “You do know what that will mean don’t you? You would have the rights as if you where his queen. He would lead both Slytherin and Gryffindor when I die and you would be under him. Your last name after the marriage would be Potter, which means that your family name will essentially die with you. In the mean time I would rule both countries. Are you sure this is what you want?”

Draco pondered everything. It was the same things that would have happened if he would have married the dark lord, except here he was with Harry. He knew that he could love Harry if he had time. He already felt a huge attraction to him. He made his decision. “I understand. What is a name when it comes to my people? I will submit by your laws to stand as Harry’s second.”

James leaned back in his chair. He knew that some people would still object to the union of the two countries. And there would be those who would believe that Draco could not bare young. It came down to three more things. “I will agree to this under a few conditions.”

“And those are?” Draco barely withheld the fear in his voice. He hoped it was not something that he could not do.

James smiled to try and reassure Draco a little. “Well, the first thing would, of course, be that I will need to have our wizard check to confirm that you are able to bare young. It is not that I don’t believe you, it is just that it is very important for the future.”

Draco nodded his head. “And the next condition?”

James looked over to Harry. “It is actually a question to my son.” James took Harry’s hand into his. “Harry, what do you think of this? Do you want to marry Draco? Your happiness is very important to me.”

Harry looked from his father over to Draco and then back again. He knew the answer he was about to give would change his life forever. He thought back over the time that he had spent with Draco. He remembered the times when he would wake to Draco by his side. Just that one image made his mind up for him. He looked back at his father. “I would love to marry Draco.”

James released his son’s hand and looked back at Draco. “Then, I have one last condition. Draco, I must ask you to produce an heir within a year.”

Draco blushed heavily at this. “Why?”

James tired to keep a smile back at Draco’s blush. A quick look to his right showed an identical blush forming on his son’s face. “The reason is that there will be many out there who will not believe that you are able to bare young. It would cause us many problems. Will you agree to this?”

Draco felt his face burn. He wondered for a moment if the king said that just to embarrass him, but it only took a moment for him to realize that Harry’s father was right. A little fear went through him of the unknown. If he said yes, he would be pregnant within the next few months. He would have a child who depended on him within a year. He looked down at his hands. Did he really have much of a choice? His people needed this. “I-I agree to it.”

James grinned; Lilly would be so delighted to have a child around. She was unable to have another after Harry. It would be quite a change. He stood up and pulled out a chair beside Harry and motioned his hand towards it. “I believe you are on the wrong side of the table, Draco.”

Draco smiled shyly as he made his way around the table to take a seat next to Harry. He was shocked when he felt a hand slip into his. He looked down to notice that Harry had place their hands together. He looked up into Harry’s face and gave him a bigger smile. They sat there a few moments before James walked over to the door and opened it letting everyone know to come in.

James watched as everyone went and took a seat at the table. The last one to enter was Albus Dumbeldore, Gryffindor wizard. He went back to his seat and got everyone’s attentions. “We have discussed some things and have decided on a course of action. But first I must ask something of you, Albus.”

Dumbldore looked from the king to Draco with a knowing expression upon his face. “Anything, your majesty.”

James was a little puzzled by Dumbldore's expression but pushed on anyway. “I take it that Sirius has brought you up to speed on the situation then?”

Dumbldore stroked his beard. “Yes, he has.”

James gestured towards Draco. “Good then, I need you to use your magic to check and see if it is indeed true that he can bare young.”

Dumbldore stood from his seat and walked around the table. Once in front of Draco he helped him to stand. “Mr. Malfoy, I will need you to take of your shirt so that I can proceed.” He noticed for some reason that Draco seemed scared to take off his shirt. He just stood there looking at Dumbldore with fear across his face.

Harry watched as Draco just stood there watching Dumbldore. He also noticed the fear that playing itself across Draco’s face. For a moment he was puzzled until he remembered what Draco had told him about the old man that he had met before he was sent out to be auctioned. Understanding rode through him and he stood up also and looked over at Draco. It took a moment, but Draco finally looked up into Harry’s eyes. “Draco, you know I am here, right?” He waited for Draco’s nod. “I won’t let anyone hurt you.” He tried to school his face into one of reassurance and it must have worked since Draco reached down and started to pull his shirt off.

Dumbldore nodded in thanks to Harry before walking closer to Draco. He noticed that Draco started to shake and wondered briefly if there was something he did not know. All at once the shaking stopped and Dumbldore glanced around to find the reason before his eyes landed on Draco’s and Harry’s joined hands. He looked back up at Draco’s face. “This might feel a little weird but I promise it won’t hurt.”

Draco squeezed Harry’s hand. “Ok.”

Dumbldore placed his hand flat against Draco’s abdomen. After a moment he removed his hand and a purple light seemed to be coming from inside Draco. After a few moments it turned into a deep blue before disappearing. He took a step back. “You may put your shirt back on now.”

James watched as the whole thing proceeded. Once Draco had his shirt back on he spoke. “So tell me Albus, what are the results?”

Dumbldore looked from James to Draco before smiling. “It is true. Draco is indeed able to bare young. And from the color of the spell it appears that he will be able to produce multiple heirs if needed.”

At the words multiple heirs both Draco and Harry turned a deep shade of red and sat down quickly, making sure to avoid everyone’s gaze. James almost laughed out loud before he took notice of the other’s curious expressions. He raised his hand to stave off any questions. “Before you ask any questions let me tell you all what has happened. Draco has proposed, and I have accepted, a marriage alliance with my son.”

Everyone spoke at once and it felt like a hundred questions were shot everywhere before Sirius’s voice rang out above all the others. “But that will give the Malfoy’s control of Gryffindor.”

Everyone seemed to look at James at this and he held his hands up to calm everyone down. “Please let me finish. Draco has agreed to be Harry’s second.”

Again the room was silent and this time it was Severus who spoke first. “Is this true, your Highness?”

Draco looked up at Severus. “Yes, for our kingdom, I have agreed to it. It is the only way to save our people. At least this way our family’s blood will continue on in the royal family.”

Severus thought on this a moment before nodding his head. “Is there anything that I can do?”

Draco nodded his head. “Yes, I am going to write a letter that I want you to personally deliver to all the generals on our side. I want them to come here with all possible speed to talk to King Potter about defense and what needs to be done. I will give you my personal seal to show your authenticity.”

No sooner then he said that when Sirius interrupted. “Wait, there is something I don’t understand. How will your people really know it is you? I mean can’t anyone have a tattoo added?”

Draco looked curiously at Sirius. “I thought you knew. Our tattoos are hereditary. We are born with them.”

“But still, that does not mean that someone can’t duplicate it.”

Draco understood where Sirius was coming from. “Can some one get me a candle or anything with an open flame? It is best that I show you.”

James grinned at this. He had not seen the Slytherin mark since he was very little when the kingdoms still talked between each other. He knew what was about to happen. He watched as Sirius brought Draco a candle. Draco took the handle and held it out to Harry. “Can you hold this a moment?”

Harry nodded. “Sure.” Harry took the lit candle from him.

“Thanks.” Draco then stood up again and removed his shirt. Once the shirt was removed he turned back to Harry. “Harry, hold the candle up to my tattoo.”

“Sure.” As soon as the candle got close to the tattoo the snake’s heads seemed to become alive. They turned there heads and appeared to snap at the candle mark. Once the candle was removed everything returned to normal.

Draco pulled his shirt back on before turning back to Sirius. “As you can see that can not be copied.” After receiving everyone’s nods he turned back towards James. “Is there anything else you need me for? I feel tired and I would like to write that letter for Severus before going to lie down.”

James nodded his head and stood. “Very well, Draco. Harry, why don’t you escort him to his new quarters. The servant outside should be able to find some empty ones for him. Severus, you go with him. If there are no other questions, let’s adjourn for now.”

Everyone stood up and started to walk towards the door. Draco stopped before he made it to the door and turned back to James. “Thank you.” He didn’t wait for a response; he just turned and walked out the door. He had a lot to think about.





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