The Neville Affair
(The Real Malfoy Files)

Part 5 - The Gryffindor Tower

By Krissy and Libertine


Neville sighed as he closed the door to the dorm room and made his way into the common room. He glanced around, relieved to see that almost everyone remained downstairs at breakfast. At least no one would be around to see himself make a fool of himself. He was going to find Draco. And talk to him. He already knew it was going to be a mistake, but they had to figure out what to do. He wouldn't be able to walk the halls if everyone thought he and Draco were an item. It was just.. wrong.

Clambering through the Portrait hole, he ignored the voice of the Fat Lady, asking if he was okay. He'd talk to her later. Another day when he didn't have so many questions. And that day seemed far from coming in the near future.

Neville slowed when he reached the top of the staircase. Obviously someone was mad. The loud stomping of feet echoed through the silent hallway. Neville watched in shocked silence as the culprit turned out to be Draco Malfoy. What was he doing here?

"Longbottom, just the squib I wanted to see," Draco sneered as he finished the last few steps. He was standing one step below him.

"I--I'm not a squib," Neville mumbled, flushing at the scorned smile he recieved in return.

"No, you're not," Draco agreed. "You're a fat little shit who is a pest I'll have to remove."

"You're," Neville's eyes widened, "going to"

"Killing you is too good for a Hufflepuff reject."

Neville's eyes darkened at that. "Look, Mal--Draco... I don't want to fight with you. I... don't like this as much as you do, but--"

"Oh, how wrong you are," Draco interrupted. "I've just had a little chat with Potter, you know. Seems like you're becoming quite the slut, hmm?"

"What--what did he say?" Neville stammered. Harry Potter was very loyal, but..

Draco smirked and slinked closer to him, like the lion to its prey. Neville backed up in surprise, holding back a squeak. Draco looked angry enough to curse him. And he wouldn't be surprised if he didn't.

"Seems like you two shared a kiss," Draco said. "So -- did you shag him? Practice what you can't get?"

"Why do you care?" Neville fumbled with the pockets of his robe, trying to remember if he had brought his wand. He hadn't and he now cursed his bad memory. What he wouldn't do for his Remembrall at that moment.

"Because I started it," Draco ground out, "and I will finish it. *You* will make a public announcement. And *tell* everyone what a loser you are and it was your fault. That you had stumbled into the bathroom by pure chance and startled me."

"Wrong time at the wrong moment," Neville muttered. Draco nodded sharply and leaned his hand against the wall. He raised his other hand and mockingly carressed Neville's face. Neville couldn't hold back the shiver at the contact of Draco's warm hand.

"Bring me into your dorm room," Draco commanded softly. Neville violently shook in surprise. The anger in Draco's eyes had dimmed and he was staring at him in... some kind of... something. He didn't know what.

"No," Neville said, harshly. He surprised himself. When had he become that bold?

"What did you say?" Draco breathed. He stepped closer, pressing his body against Neville's. He could feel the Gryffindor shake beneath him. And all Neville could do was stare into the eyes that seemed to hate him.

"No," Neville repeated, and it came out in a squeak. He was starting to lose his nerve. And the feel of Draco's body pressed closed to his, breath tingling his face and neck, and the wild look in the smoky eyes..

"You stupid little shit, take me up to the dorm room!" Draco paused to catch a breath, pressing closer to the boy. He could feel Neville's body through the robes, a mixture of something fascinating and disgusting. And he could feel something.. something else entirely. Draco blinked. "..and.." he continued, in a slightly worried voice, "and.. that had better be a roll of galleons in your pocket, Longbottom."

Neville's eyes widened at Draco's voice. It was wavering, almost defeated. Neville could tell he was fighting a battle within himself. And Neville felt his cheeks flush crimson at Draco's words. "It's.. not.."

"I was afraid of that," Draco snarled, like a wolf when angered. "And now.."


Draco pushed himself closer, and stared roughly down at the boy who was held prisoner beneath him. He didn't look quite scared, but happy he was not. Without even thinking, without even caring, he pressed his lips against Neville's.

Neville squeaked in surprise, but relaxed as Draco's lips caressed his. It was forceful and sexual and Neville could feel Draco's erection pressing against his, and he began to tremble at the onslaught of new feelings. He slowly began to respond to the kiss, and gasped when he felt Draco's tongue prod his lips and explore the insides of his mouth. A hundred brand new sensations, and Neville's eyes fluttered shut when he began to see colours.

When they broke for the need of air, Draco wrenched himself off Neville, eyes wide in shock and disgust.

"I..." Draco just stared at him, gray eyes glazing to a steel silver. "This. Didn't. Happen."

And then Slytherin was gone, and Neville was left to find his breath once again.


I did not just kiss Longbottom.

Draco dashed through the hallways of Hogwarts, almost stumbling on his way to his Potions class.

I did not just kiss Longbottom.

He slid around a corner on one leg.

And I certainly did not just attempt to hump Longbottom's leg.

Fat, stupid Longbottom. Longbottom who couldn't find his own arse with a map, a compass and a saint Bernard dog. Longbottom who'd felt strangely delicious beneath him, soft and pliable in all the worst ways, plump enough that Draco's thin body had sunk slightly into him as they'd pressed together. Neville had radiated a homely, reliable warmth, and Draco..

..had tried to hump his leg.

He wasn't even sure now why he'd done it. Perhaps it had been the thought of getting his hands on something Harry couldn't. Something else to fuel the Potter-Malfoy war. Or perhaps he'd done it just to see how far he could go how much he could taunt one of those precious, precocious little Gryffindors.

Or perhaps he'd done it because he liked it.

Panting, Draco dashed on and then came to a sudden halt. He'd gone the wrong way, just as he had three years ago. And now he was standing infront of the door to the abandoned toilets the toilets where this whole stupid Neville affair had started.

Draco bit his bottom lip.

Well, it had been nice. And Snape surely wouldn't take away many points from a member of his own house..

Casting a quick, bashful look up and down the corridor, Draco snuck inside the toilet door. At least this time, he supposed, he was sure he wouldn't be interupted.

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