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The Missing Boy Who Lived

Chapter One

By nacho


He couldn’t take it anymore, so he ran. He ran away from the Dursleys, from Dudley, from his Aunt, and especially from Uncle Vernon. They had beaten him, last week he had passed out from the pain of Vernon’s excessive use of hot pokers, it wasn’t the first time. He did all their cooking and cleaning and was never allowed a taste of fresh air or sunlight. They had made him into a slave. Every night he was locked in a small room, he wasn’t allowed to eat or bathe.

No one knew, even Ron didn’t know how bad it had been, he had hidden it from everyone. Especially Sirius, if his godfather knew he would have come out of hiding and murdered Harry’s muggle relatives for their abuse. He might be captured again and Harry would be alone in the world with only his friends in the school year and no proper family or connection with his parents.

So Harry ran. He didn’t care about the coming school year, they couldn’t make him go back. He would find someplace else to learn magic. The boy who lived ran, he hoped to run far enough so no one could catch him and put him back with the Dursleys, no one.

As he ran (more limping and stumbling from anyone else’s perspective) hindered by his trunk, even though it had a ‘feather light’ spell. He thought *why couldn’t I have a normal life like other people, they don’t have to ---* *ow* Not knowing why he had ended up flat on his face in the mud, he looked around and spotted what he had tripped over. *stupid mangy cat* Harry reached down and threw a rock at the strangely black and white spotted cat. The cat hissed and shook its head as the rock rebounded off its head and back at Harry, the rock hit the boy’s hand. “Well, sorry” Harry said in a sarcastic tone as the cat bounded away. He picked up his trunk and stumbled on into the coming dawn.


Sirius bolted awake, the alarms he had set on those blasted muggles house were blaring. He had set those incase of something like this happening, Harry leaving the house with all his things before the school year starts. Sirius jumped up, his feet tangled in the sheets causing him to fall off the bed. He landed with a thump as the sleepy person in the bed next to him said “What’s got you so excited this early, I thought you might be tired from last night, or do you want another go?”

“Harry has left the house alone with all his things and its still 6 weeks until school begins” Sirius exclaimed from the floor, “Ill go see if he is alright” said the sleepy voice. Seconds later the mysterious person on the other side of the bed vanished.


Albus was sitting in the teachers lounge for his breakfast, a bacon and eggs smiley face with a giant sized stack of pancakes smothered in syrup , just they way he liked it. He was surrounded by most of the teachers eating breakfast and working on things for next year.

Heavy tapping on the large window in the teachers lounge interrupted the Headmasters thoughts on the new Defense against the Dark Arts professor. It was a large barn owl wearing a Ministry of Magic badge, the barn owl was holding a small scroll of parchment. Albus could just make out his name with the words ‘Important’ and ‘Confidential’ on it before Madam Hooch opened the window in a flurry of feathers. The Ministry’s owl swooped low over Dumbledore’s head and drooped the scroll, waited a few moments to make sure ‘Albus Dumbledore Headmaster of Hogwarts’ had known he had received it then flew out the window to report the delivery of the message.

Professor Dumbledore looked at the small letter before him curiously; it was made of good parchment and had Fudges personal seal imprinted into it. He looked at all the teacher watching him intently and opened the letter. He scanned the words quickly, gasped and dropped the parchment. Most of the teachers leaped forward to help him pick up the small piece of parchment that had startled their Headmaster so badly, he waved them away and scrounged around under his table until he found it.

Albus sat back up in his chair slowly and carefully reread the letter, he looked up at the teacher and said “The Ministry of Magic has just informed us of some bad news” the famous glint that was always in Dumbledore’s eye was gone and replaced with a dull gleam the teachers have never seen before, “Harry Potter is missing. He has run away from his muggle relatives” there was a collection of gasps in the group of professors. Everyone was silently asking themselves why, why had the famous boy run away from the security of Pivot drive and most likely straight into the hands of Voldemort.

None of them knew the terror that Harry had gone through in the ‘security’ of the Dursleys home. None of them knew because Harry was so scared of what might happen if his friends if they tried to save him. He wouldn’t tell anyone what he had gone through, how Dudley tortured him and how his very over weight cousin poked and prodded him to try and find out what made him such a freak.

A couple of teachers slumped back into their abandoned chairs, Ms McGonagall asked in a worried tone “What shall we do Albus.” “We need to find out what would make him run away for a start” the headmaster stated in a resolved tone, “then we must find him”. With that he left the teachers lounge and headed straight for the owlery

As Dumbledore entered the owlery and looked around the expanse of brown and grey masses he noticed a dark figure in the far corner and mostly out of view, he was tying a letter onto an owl that Dumbledore couldn’t see.

Startled by Albus’s sudden entrance Snape turned to look at his employer. “What brings you here Professor?” The potions master said glaring the aging wizard. “I have a few letters to send regarding Mr. Potters recent disappearance” stated Dumbledore noticing a flash of something appear on Snape’s features and disappear before he could recognize it.

“I’ve got to go,” said Snape coolly and left in a swirl of black robes. As the Headmaster sent his letters away he thought about the potions master strange behavior and what he was going to do about the mysterious disappearance of Harry Potter. Most of all he wondered how to tell Harry’s godfather, this is not going to be pleasant the old headmaster mused.

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