Author's Notes: Written for the Severus Snape Fuh-Q Fest as a response to the three-word challenge: gentleman, holistic, poodle. The German quotation in the fic is taken from Goethe's "Faust" and means: "So this is the poodle's core." Uttered by Faust the moment Mephistopheles changes from dog to man.

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The Last Resort

Part VII

By Donna Immaculata


Black's mirth did not last long. During the next meeting of the Order, he sat apathetically in his chair and was not showing any reaction to neither good reports from McGonagall, who had managed to find allies in an ancient Druid Congregation from the Scottish Highlands, nor to Snape's caustic remarks about people who were risking their lives so others could live in safety.

After the meeting, Black disappeared back in Buckbeak's room, which caused McGonagall, who was worrying about a favourite ex-pupil, to confer with Dumbledore. Molly Weasley joined them, lamenting the exhausting situation in general and Sirius's strenuous mood swings in particular, until Minerva snapped and told her to go and spend twelve years in Azkaban and then come back and maintain a level character before she dared complain about Sirius. "And don't forget you're staying in his house", she added pointedly.

It had been by pure chance that Snape had witnessed this conversation. After the meeting, he wanted to talk to Dumbledore in private, and waited impatiently for Minerva and Molly to finish their wailing about Black. He had not intended to eavesdrop, but their voices were rather loud and it was not his fault that his hearing was excellent. So Black was highly depressive? No less was to be expected, and he had suspected that much himself, but it was somehow heartening to hear it from others. His spirits rose and even the corners of his mouth twitched in a faint imitation of a smile.

He left a short note for Albus and made his way up the stairs.

The Weasley brats were loitering in the upstairs corridor and cowered at his sight as though he was about to deduct House points. In passing, he heard the distinct muttering of "What is he doing here?", and "Greasy git!", and - the most annoying of all - "Oh, honestly, Ron! He works for the Order and Dumbledore trusts him!" He gave them a glare which held the promise of long and painful detentions.

At the door to the Hippogriff's room, he hesitated for the fraction of a second, before he knocked and entered. As expected, the Hippogriff was spread on the bed, and the shaggy mongrel was lying next to it. He raised his head slightly on Snape's entrance but did not acknowledge the man's presence in any other way.

Snape sneered down at the black dog for a few moments, and as that did not elicit any reaction, he took in a few more steps further into the room. He looked around haughtily, walked over to the glass cabinet and started examining the objects on the shelves. Some of them looked familiar. Snape was sure he had seen such a serpentine filigree fork like that one on the top shelf in Lucius Malfoy's hand before; if someone else than it's rightful owner would try to eat with it, it would spring to life and wriggle all the way down into the unfortunate victim's stomach. Usually not further down, because they would have died on severe stomach bleeding by then.

"You know, Black", he began at last, "as displeased as I am that you've managed to escape from Azkaban, I'm starting to see the benefits of the new situation." He turned around to face Padfoot's still form on the bed. "At least in Azkaban, you were a true captive, a convict whose position in life was clear. They say you maintained your sanity in there." Snape's lip curled up in a sneer. "I, of course, have my own opinion as to this. And your anger - and undoubtedly your hope - helped you remain focused on a goal." He broke up and stared at the dog as though trying to read its mind.

"I wonder", his voice had gone very soft and silky, "how long you will maintain what little remainder of sanity there is here, at this place. You trusted them, didn't you? Trusted Dumbledore to help you out, trusted Lupin to take you back as a best friend without any reproaches, trusted Fudge to show justice where justice is due, trusted the whole Order to become your new family, your pack. Even trusted me to be the means of proving your innocence", he snorted. "And what happened? They threw you back in prison, and this time, there is no escape. This is what the safe haven was supposed to be, after all. The goal you've fought so hard to reach. Here you are, then, living as a dog again, sleeping by a beast in a decaying room that belonged to the woman you've hated all your life. I must say, I could not have established a better arrangement myself."

He turned his head and startled slightly on seeing Black lying on his back beside the Hippogriff. "I've never trusted you", Black said in a pale, empty voice.

They stared at each other for a few long minutes until Black finally spoke in the same deadened voice: "Get out of here, Snape. I have no wish to talk to you."

"This doesn't matter, because I have the wish to talk to you", Snape said smoothly. "I want to tell you a lot of things, things you miss out, because your life is confined within this rotten house."

For the first time this evening, a spark of the old fire returned to Black's eyes. "I don't think someone who spends all their life between a dungeon and Death Eater parties could tell me what's going on in the real world."

Snape smiled unpleasantly. "Nice try, Black, but it takes more to convince me that you don't crave for leaving this place, even if it were only for a trip to the Hogwarts dungeons."

"The Hogwarts dungeons", Black said more loudly, sitting up, "are about the last place on earth I would want to visit."

His right hand had automatically made for his wand lying on the bedside table. Snape's eyes followed the motion, but he did not move a muscle.

"Very well, Black. Maybe I'm mistaken." Black looked up in alarm. "Maybe you really don't want to get out of here. Maybe you enjoy the company of your... animal more than you would enjoy the company of a human."

The insult was too clear to ignore. Black jolted up from the bed and gripped a handful of Snape's robes, pulling the other man closer.

"What is it you want here, Snape?" he growled.

"My intention was to have a civilised conversation with you, Black, but apparently, you have long forgotten what these words mean." Snape was struggling against Black's grip, his fingers curled firmly around the other's wrist, but he did not make any attempt to make use of his wand.

"Oh really?" Black let his own wand fall to the floor and wrapped his now free hand around Snape's, forcing his fingers open and causing him to drop his wand, as well. Snape did not fight it. "What is it you really want, Snape?"

The black eyes widened, and Snape's tongue darted out briefly, moistening his lips. "I told you already, I'm here because there are some things you should hear. And since no-one among your friends is prepared to confront you with the truth, I thought -"

"I understand. Your pestering me with your presence is merely a Samaritan attempt to enlighten me in my dimness and put me out of my misery with your words, is that it?" Black tightened his grip and pulled Snape even closer. "So why do I think that this mouth of yours would be better occupied with something entirely different than talking?"

Snape's eyes flashed. "This only serves to prove my point, Black. You are losing what little humanity is left in you. You aren't even capable of solving a conflict without resorting to physical violence."

Abruptly, Black let go of Snape's robes causing the other man to lose his equilibrium. Snape tumbled a few steps back, regained control, and tossed his head to shake off a few strands of hair that were clinging to his face. When he looked up, Black was standing quite still, watching him from narrowed eyes. In his outstretched hand, he held Snape's wand. Snape took it hesitantly.

"What is this all about?"

"I don't want you to say that I attacked an unarmed man."

"Going to attack me, are you?" Snape straightened up to his full height as Black was eying him with a feral expression on his face.

"That's what you expect me to do, isn't it? For once, I attempt to rise to your expectations."

Snape did not retreat nor did his gaze flicker when Black invaded his personal space, advancing slowly yet purposefully. He stopped within a few inches from Snape, his burning gaze never leaving the other man's face.

"What is it you want, Black?"

"You on your knees."

Snape snorted disbelievingly. Black leaned in closer, and Snape reacted on instinct. He charged. His hand wrapped itself around Black's arm and he pushed the other man away using the full weight of his body. Black stumbled backwards, and the impact sent them both falling onto the bed in a tangle of long limbs. Snape's breath tickled Black's neck.

"On my knees, huh?" Snape purred huskily into Black's ear. Black shivered.


Snape glided down the length of Sirius's body bonelessly. His hands slid along Sirius's chest and stomach opening his dishevelled robe, and finally busied themselves with Sirius's belt. Severus ripped open the fly and plunged his hand inside. His hand met hot dampness and he half-sighed, half-snorted. Sirius spread his legs further, pushing himself up the bed slightly. "Move away, Buckbeak", he growled. And then: "Aah!"

"Ouch!" Severus's tongue had just snaked out and licked firmly across the patch of pale skin right above the waistband of Sirius's pants, when in the next moment, he jerked his head away holding his nose. "You nearly broke my nose, you idiot! Hold still! These hipbones are hard."

"Shut up. Go on."

"Manners, Black -"

Sirius's fingers entangled themselves in Severus's hair and he pressed the dark head down onto his groin. "Now!"

Severus's face collided with the hard cock precisely accentuated under the thin cotton. He inhaled sharply and circled his hands around Sirius's hips, pulling on the material. "Black. You've got to help me here."

Obediently, Sirius closed his legs and lifted his pelvis from the bed. Severus did not linger over removing Sirius's trousers and pants completely; he merely pulled them down low enough to make space for himself and pushed Sirius's legs apart. The thick, heavy erection was bobbing right in front of his face, and Severus cupped Sirius's hipbone with one hand, his thumb pressing into the sensitive hollow underneath. Sirius gave a thin keening sound. Severus bent his head over the dripping cock and spit on it.

"Heh! What -" Sirius's attempt to jerk away was prevented by Severus's hand holding him firmly in place.

"Shh. Hold still!"

In the next moment, Severus's thin white hand was fisting Sirius's now-slick cock forcefully, the saliva serving as a more than sufficient lubricant. Sirius groaned from deep within his chest, forcing his torso into a perfect arc as he almost came off the bed.

"If you don't stop twitching there like mad, I will have to use both hands to keep you still!"


Severus smirked and parted his lips as he pushed his hand all the way down to the base of Sirius's erection, where he stilled it, and took the silky head in his mouth. He repositioned himself over Sirius's cock, turned his head to the left, and sucked in deeply until his lips met his own hand. There, he bit down.

"Ohsweetmerlinholyfuckshit!" Sirius's outcry was accompanied by a sharp tug on Severus's hair, as he lifted off the bed again. "Nng", he added, lowering down slowly.

Severus had pulled away and was watching Sirius questioningly. "I swear, Black, you are impossible. How am I supposed to do a good job, if you keep up your attempts of breaking my nose?"

Sirius looked down at him, his eyes glazed over with lust. "Just. Do it", he panted. His head fell back on the bed. Buckbeak croaked indignantly and shifted slightly aside.

Severus's mouth was back on Sirius's cock in the next instant. He sucked in the whole prick while one hand slid down to cup Sirius's balls. The other hand snaked up to push Sirius's shirt up and bare his stomach, and returned to its former place where it remained wrapped firmly around the bony hip, for safety reasons. Sirius's hollow stomach and thin chest were heaving with rapid, flat breaths, but he managed to keep his pelvis down. Severus gave Sirius's balls a firm squeeze and brought his hand back up to grab his cock. Sirius was gasping frantically, open-mouthed, and Severus pulled his head away as the thick seed spurted all over his hand, Sirius's stomach and chest.

"Oh Merlin", Sirius panted a few moments later. Severus had not risen from his knees, but merely shifted his head, which now rested on Sirius's side. His hand was drawing lazy circles in the semen covering the soft belly. Sirius gave a strangled half-laugh and looked down.

"That was. This was -"

"Your first intimate contact since you were sent to Azkaban?" Severus supplied, his hand sliding down Sirius's abdomen.

"That too. But that's not what I wanted to say. Mind-blowing, I think, was the expression."

"Not much to blow, then", muttered Severus.

"What was tha- Ah! God!" Sirius's question broke up abruptly, as Severus's spunk-slick finger drove all the way up his arse.

Sirius's spine straighten and his stomach tightened visibly. He let out his breath in a long hiss. Severus raised his head and looked Sirius in the eyes.

"Yes? No?" The dark eyes held a strangely serious expression.

Sirius lower lip was trapped between his teeth. He was holding his breath. He held Severus's unflinching gaze for a moment, and then his shoulders, stomach and hands relaxed visibly. He nodded and lay back again. Severus wiggled his finger experimentally.

"You've got to relax all your muscles, you know." Without the customary edge of sarcasm in it, Severus's silky purr had an oddly calming effect.

Sirius nodded mutely and let out a deep breath. The finger inside him shifted its position slightly and Severus pulled back a bit. He held still for a moment and pushed back inside. Sirius's muscle clenched around him and Sirius whimpered.

Severus withdrew his finger entirely, wiping it discreetly on the sheet. He crawled up the bed and came to rest beside Sirius, whose shirt he started to unbutton. Sirius was not meeting his gaze but merely gripped him around the wrist. "What are you doing?"

"As you had me on my knees, I believe it would be reasonable to expect the favour to be reciprocated, don't you think?"

"I can suck you off with my shirt on."

"Oh, but I don't want you to suck me off."

Sirius became very still. "What do you want, then?" he asked in a tight voice.

"I want you on your knees. Or is this too much to ask for?"

The challenge was unmistakable. Sirius's face closed and he sat up. "Do you want to fuck me?"

Severus's eyes narrowed. "We will see about that." And as Sirius did not abandon his hostile demeanour, he added. "Black. I know you have a low opinion of me. But has anything I've done to you on this bed so far indicated that I would take you by force?"

"All right", Sirius said cautiously after a long pause. He pulled off his shirt and looked at Severus as though challenging him to make a remark. Severus, however, remained silent. His expression did not flicker as he took in the awkward angles of Sirius's once chiselled, now emaciated torso. The collarbone appeared to have been badly broken once and never properly mended; it stuck out in an ugly angle. As Sirius bent forward to undo his shoelaces and pull off his trousers, every single vertebra jutted out visibly. Severus lifted his hand and reached out to touch Sirius's back. He stopped in mid-motion, thought better of it, and withdrew his hand just in time before Sirius turned around.

"Shall we take this off, then?" Sirius tugged at Severus's robe. Severus shrugged.

Sirius started to gradually peel Severus from the many layers of his garments. His hands moved more business than lover-like along the other man's body until Severus lay before him pale and naked, and not much to look at, really. Unlike Sirius, whom nature had designed to be a broad-chested, strongly built man, Severus was thin and narrow from the outset, and with his long limbs and almost hairless skin, looked rather like a lanky schoolboy than a grown-up man. His very prominent erection was the most imposing thing about him, and Sirius leaned over it lapping off the leaking pre-come. Severus watched him, eyes murky with desire.

"No, wait." A hand on his shoulder stopped Sirius. He raised a questioning eyebrow. "On your knees, remember?"

Sirius complied reluctantly and Severus crawled over to kneel beside him. He put his hand between Sirius's shoulder blades and gently pushed him down from his kneeling position until Sirius ended up on his hands and knees. Severus grunted irritably. "Does this beast have to share the bed with us? It's rather confined on here, don't you think?"

"Move over, Buckbeak", Sirius pushed against the Hippogriff's flank, and Buckbeak obediently shifted away.

"You know, Black, you're really good with animals", Severus said conversationally, while his hand stroked all the way down Sirius's spine in a comforting gesture. Then, without further ado, he thrust his tongue in the cleft of Sirius's arse. Sirius gasped in shock, but Severus had anticipated the violent jerk forward and had clutched the other's hips firmly. "Stay here", he murmured against the soft flesh, and the vibration sent a trail of shivers down Sirius's spine.

Soon, Sirius was spread out on his front, legs wide apart, and was humping the mattress in time with the thrusts of Severus's tongue. Through his delirious haze, he hardly noticed that Severus's stroking fingers had moved down from his back and over his arse, and only startled as one finger was probing his slickened entrance. His muscles tensed.

"You're not helping matters here, Black." Severus had in vain tried to insert his finger. The tight ring of muscles only let him in to the first digit, before he felt Sirius squirm away uncomfortably.

"You do it better", Sirius said in an annoyed voice into the pillow.

"Very well", Severus sighed irritably. "But push this brute from the bed, he really puts me off."

"Why, Snape, the slimy pickled things in your office are not much more pleasant to the eye."

"I'm not in the habit of indulging in such activities in my office. And they don't glare at me accusingly, either."

Severus positioned himself on the now Buckbeak-free bed, a pillow under his pelvis causing his arse to jut out in the air. Sirius flattened his palm over Severus's neck, smoothing down his shoulders, along the spine, and stopped at the small of his back. If one did not have to look in his face, Severus was not quite as unattractive, really. He had rather fetching shoulder blades. Sirius sucked on the fingers of his free hand, wetting them profusely, and spread Severus open.

He was indeed relaxed. Sirius slid one finger inside, and the muscle readily gave way to the pressure. Inside, Severus was tight and hot, and... good. So good. Sirius groaned.

Severus was groaning too, into the pillow. He lifted up from the bed and impaled himself on Sirius's finger more deeply. Sirius withdrew and Severus followed, and as Sirius thrust two fingers back in, he hit the gland that made Severus gasp loudly and grab a fistful of blanket. Sirius leaned forward.

"I've got to fuck you now", he panted.

"Ah. Yes."

"Tell me when it hurts."

Sirius sat back on his heels between the other man's open legs and coaxed Severus's pelvis higher. He spit in his hand and spread the moisture all around Severus's entrance. Slowly, he inched himself inside, until he was fully sheathed and gleaming with sweat from the effort of holding back. He leaned over and covered Severus's body with his own. "All right?" He whispered into the ear visible in the tangle of black hair.

Severus's arm reached around and his hand gripped Sirius's elbow. "Wait." He took a few steadying breaths. "All right."

The first thrust felt a bit awkward, like pulling off soaked dragon-hide gloves, but Sirius soon found a good angle and a nice, not-too fast rhythm. Severus's long fingers were clenching and unclenching and he was pushing back rhythmically. The long, pale back looked rather tempting, and Sirius leaned forward and curled around Severus.

"What're you doing", Severus's voice was muffled.

"You feel good", Sirius muttered hazily. He was rubbing his chest against the smooth skin. Somehow, his face had ended up burrowed in Severus's neck.

"Get off. Can't breathe."

"For Merlin's sake, stop whining! Enjoy."

"Get. Off." Severus made an attempt to push Sirius off, the muscles in his thin arms flexing.

"All right. You - on top." Sirius wrapped his arm around Severus's chest and flipped them both over so that he was lying underneath Severus. Severus gave a surprised gasp, but his body reacted automatically, and he slid down a bit to take the whole length of Sirius's cock up his arse.

A few thrusts later, they had established how to arrange their legs optimally, and whose hand was to fist Severus's cock. Sirius closed his eyes lazily feeling a mind-boggling orgasm building up. His arm had remained lying loosely across Severus's chest, but he was increasing the pressure gradually. Severus curled his fingers around Sirius's forearm and squeezed. "Hm? No?" Sirius whispered.

"Hmm... Yeah", Severus murmured, and the sound of this deep voice, dark with lust, and the fact that Severus's fingers had just entwined with his, pushed Sirius over the edge. He emptied himself in Severus's body in a huge, rushed gush, and the clenching muscle around his cock milked him from the very last drop. Severus gave a throaty 'Ooh', arched his back, and his semen spluttered all across his belly and chest, and also over their entangled arms.

They fell asleep almost immediately.



"Get off. You're heavier than you think."

"Can't. We're stuck."

"Get off!"

Severus turned his head and his mouth brushed against Sirius's jaw. "Your Hippogriff is looking at me again."

"Oh, for Merlin's sake", Sirius gasped exasperated. "Shut up!" A slight incline of his head brought his lips flush against Severus's and he pushed his tongue inside the slick heat before the other had time to react. Severus did not pull back. He leaned in, his shoulder blades shifting smoothly over Sirius's sweaty chest, and slid his tongue over Sirius's lips and into his mouth. A deep moan escaped both men simultaneously.

Minutes later, Severus broke the kiss, breathless. Fathomless eyes locked with Sirius's gaze. "I still don't like you, Black."

"Ditto. Can't stand you." Sirius yawned.

"And I hate this Hippogriff!" Snape cast a nasty glance at Buckbeak, who was ferreting on the floor for dead rats.

"I think the feeling's mutual." Sirius propped himself up on one elbow and was watching Snape summoning his dishevelled garments from bed and floor. Snape had already cast a cleaning charm on himself, and his body showed no traces of sweat and spunk.

"Well", Snape said, standing in the centre of the room, his robes and sneer back in place.


"I'll see you next week, then."

"I suppose."

Snape nodded curtly. "Goodbye, Black."

"See you."

The door swung shut, and Sirius fell back on the pillow. He stretched languidly, yawned widely, and decided he was too tired to gather his clothes. He was just about to change into the familiar, comfortable form of Padfoot, when his gaze fell on his own hand resting on the pillow beside his head. The hand that minutes ago had wanked off Severus Snape as though his life depended on it. Sirius flexed his fingers, turned his hand palm-downwards, and lifted it to his nose to sniff on it. Oh, but that was good.

Five minutes later, Sirius Black was standing, fully clothed and human-shaped, in his own room. Padfoot was the escape of the last resort, after all, and could wait until there was no hope left.

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