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The Golden Boy and the Silver Prince

Chapter One - Thinking Back

By Dannielle Gray


Harry sat by the window, next to his four-poster bed, thinking. It was the beginning of Harry’s 7th year, and every year so far, apart from his 3rd year, he had come face to face with the Greatest Darkest Wizard for 100 years, each time slipping thorough his fingers. Voldemort had killed Harry’s parents when he was one year old. Their newly elected secret keeper, Peter Pettigrew or Wormtail, had betrayed Lilly and James Potter. Voldie ( as Harry had taken to calling him a few years ago when he finally got sick of his best friends Ron and Hermione visibly wincing every time his name was said ) had come back into power, stronger and more powerful than ever before, in Harry’s 4th year. His main priority had been to kill Harry. However, Harry had escaped time and time again.

Now people waited for the end of the school year, because that was when Harry, Ron and Hermione disappeared, and came back with stories of near death experiences, and of escaping Voldie once again. It was becoming something of a tradition. Somebody in their 6th year had nicknamed them ‘The 3 Houdini’s’, and everywhere they went, heads turned, crowds parted and people stared. Harry had already gotten this type of attention before, but it always annoyed him because he was getting it for something he couldn’t remember. However, now everyone, including himself, had admitted that there really was something special about the three of them, and it was not just pure luck that they kept getting into mortal peril, and getting away without a scratch.

Ron and Hermione were lapping it up. Before, they had been considered Harry’s faithful sidekicks and no one really thought much of them. Now they worked as a group. Sometimes one or the other felt like the third wheel. When Harry had fame and Hermione had brains, Ron felt that he was the one on the side. Moreover, when Hermione knew that Harry and Ron would willingly die for one another, Hermione felt inadequate, especially since she was the only female member of the ‘Dream Team’, as Proffesor Snape had once called them.

This year however, each of them wished nothing more than a quiet, relaxing, stress-free time at Hogwarts to study for their N.E.W.T’s, and then hopefully graduate in one piece. //So far so good// thought Harry, as he sat watching a Barn owl head for the Owlrey. //My scar hasn’t hurt once since last term. This is a good thing, right? // Once the Barn owl had gone, Harry thought about going to see Hagrid. Fang had died last year, due to natural causes, and the half-giant had broken down. But he soon recovered.

When they had returned for their 7th year, Hagrid had seemed back to normal. But a week into term, everyone was buzzing with the sudden change in the BFG’s teaching skills. According to Ginny Weasley, who was a year below Harry, Ron and Hermione, Hagrid had stopped bringing monsters to his classes and was letting them study creatures that looked and acted suspiciously like muggle puppies. They were furry, friendly things that chased squeaky toys and loved ice cream. Hagrid had given each of the 6th years one of these creatures, and Ginny had called hers Harpy, after Harry.

Suddenly, as Harry watched, a figure started walking from Hagrids hut up to the school. It wasn’t Hagrid, it was too small for that, and it wasn’t Ron, because both he and Hermione were serving detention in the dungeons for snogging in potions. Who could this mystery figure be? // Hang on a minute! I know who that is! What in the name of Santa’s sack is he doing there? Why would he be anywhere Hagrids hut? Had he been tormenting him again?// Even as he watched, Draco Malfoy, Head boy and Silver Prince of Slytherin, calmly strolled over the lawns towards the front doors.

Over the years, Harry’s hate of Malfoy had mellowed, as they had both matured. As Dumbledore had once pointed out, they were both very smart boys, who could do great things if they could only get along. They were not friends, and never spoke to one another unless they really needed to, but they were the top boys in the year, and were paired in all the classes that they shared. It was Hermione’s idea to call a truce, when, after the O.W.L’s, she discovered that Harry and Draco were tied for second place on the results chart.

Harry paled when she told him his results. He nearly fainted when she told him that he and Draco Malfoy were tied for 2nd best in the year. But when she asked him to call a truce with the shiny locked beauty // Huh? Did I just think that? Fuck! Arrrhhh! Think of Dumbledore in a thong! Ah no! Bad idea! Ewwww! // to help improve his marks, he nearly hyperventilated.

“’Mione! Are you mental! This is MALFOY! The little sheepshagger isn’t worth my time, never mind my friendship! Remember he asked me for his friendship on the Express before 1st year? Remember what he said to Ron? He insulted him the first time they ever met! And he has done it every day since. I tell you what, I’ll make you a deal. If you can get Malfoy to be civil to me, you, and Ron for one week, I will offer him my hand, but otherwise, he can go fuck something for all I care. Well do you accept?”

“I’m telling you Harry, that the minute Malfoy sees that result sheet he will be the one asking you! It would be stupid to something else. It could help you both in the long run. But I accept. I’ll speak to him tomorrow, ok?”

Harry had decided to see what happened the next day, in Potions. It was the only class they were paired up, and Harry was waiting to see if Hermione’s theory would come to pass. He had taken his seat at his desk, and Malfoy had not arrived yet. When he finally appeared and took his seat, Harry watched him closely.

//His eyes are really sliver. Like steel but not as cold. They are beautiful. I wish I had eyes like that// He sat and watched him for about 20 minutes, ignoring the notes that he was supposed to be taking. The Slytherin was sitting slightly bent, leaning over his parchment. There were strands of white blond hair falling in his eyes, making him look absolutely yummy. He must have sensed Harry’s eyes on him because he suddenly looked up, and met the brunettes gaze. They both stared deep into each other eyes, neither wanting to look away.

Why is he looking at me like that? Thought Draco. He has the most amazing eyes. Like green orbs. They look like jungles in the sunlight. I could stare into them forever. Huh? What am I thinking! This is Harry Potter! My worse enemy, since like, forever! I cant start thinking about him like this. Its not right. But he is drop dead gorgeous though. Arrrrrrggggghhhhh!!!!! The blond suddenly broke eye contact, and stuck his head in his notes again, blushing furiously.

Harry noticed this and looked away also, confused. // What did I do to make him blush? It should be me who is blushing, not him. Its me that is staring at him having fantasy’s. SHIT!!! No I am not having fantasy’s. Arrrrggghhhh! I am!// Now it was Harry’s turn to turn away and blush.

//I have to talk to Hermione! Like quickly. I cant go through with this! I have a huge crush on my worst enemy. And now she wants us to call a truce. It wont work, I tell you. Ill end up jumping him in the middle of one of our friendly chats. Then what will he think?//

Draco was having similar thoughts. On no! I fancy Harry Potter! What am I going to do? Maybe I should ask him for a truce. Then we could take it from there. We don’t fight half as much as we used to anyway. Maybe it could work? I don’t know. Ill have to speak to Vince and Greg. They’ll help me out.

The rest of the class passed without either boy glancing in each others direction again. When the bell finally went at the end of the period, the two boys ran away from each other like they both had rabies. And headed in the direction of their friends.

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