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Tears In Heaven

By Yami Gryffindor


It had been five years since Harry Potter had seen anyone from Hogwarts. Last time he'd seen any of them was graduation. He knew that Ron and Hermione, his two best friends, had gotten married. He wished them well but still he hadn't seen them in years. He did miss them but he knew they were busy with their own lives so he didn't interfere.

Things had changed and he had changed. He wasn't a sure, happy teenager any longer. He was an adult now. He lived in the Muggle world. He owned a flat in London, on Oceanview Road. It was on the third floor of an apartment building, number 9. He had one neighbor across the hall, in apartment number 10. Her name was Kathy Bates. She was a kind cheerful woman who seemed to treat him like a cousin or an adopted brother of sorts. He'd met her family, whom had loved him as much as Kathy had, and they had inquired about if they had a relationship. Of course they hadn't one. They were simply friends, good friends, but nothing more. When Mrs. Bates asked why not Kathy had told them, with Harry's permission, that Harry was gay. Her older brothers were a bit surprised but they accepted it and so did the rest of the Bates. He couldn't have asked for a better close friend, other then the ones he already had.

Harry was a loner and spent his free time usually with Kathy. He worked at a library and bookshop. Kathy worked there as well, how they originally met. When they both found out they lived across the hall they had a good laugh with one another. Since then they'd gotten closer.

After the Christmas that the Bates came and met Harry, Kathy had confessed to him the youngest brother in her family had admitted having a fancy to him. His name was Arnold Bates. He like Kathy was a red head but had brown eyes, unlike Kathy who had blue. Harry asked her why she bothered to tell him, but she never answered saying he'd know soon enough. Sure enough a few days later the post came and Harry was looking at a letter from Arnold. He had a hard time not laughing and replying when the time came. He'd declined Arnold's offer gently, for fear of losing the trust of the family. He had to admit Arnold was a good sport about it all. Since then it was like he was indeed a member of their family. It reminded him of the way the Weasleys had welcomed him in so warmly, but that was painful so he did his best to push it aside.

That was all over the past two years and now it was after Christmas, nearing New Year's. Harry as always had spent his holiday with the Bates, they being his only close connection now, with the death of Sirius and all. He, Arnold and the rest of the Bates, he also noted that the Bates had a large family like the Weasleys if not bigger.

To have a good time Kathy and Arnold had conned Harry into going out with them to a local bar where their friends went. Harry was resistant at first but they wore on him and finally got him to agree. It was then that Ben, one of Kathy's middle brothers, confessed that below the bar was a club, a sort of rave. Harry had profusely sworn he would not step foot into the rave no matter what.

Limits and rules always were set to be broken. There he was now standing down in the rave a mock scowl on his face. He was getting the increased feeling like he was being set up. After all Kathy had insisted on helping him get ready to go out.

Harry was wearing a gray sweater and black slacks. He had a black jacket also that was at the table they'd had upstairs that he was sure was deserted by now, as well as the bar. Though he'd noted that the bar wasn't heavily occupied when they had been up there. He suspected most people came to the rave, not the bar. It was holiday after all and everyone seemed to be looking for some fun. So why shouldn't he?

He glowered at the air in front of him. He'd remembered not more then a week ago Kathy having said that to him.

"Why do I feel that woman will be the death of me?" He questioned sitting down at the smaller counter bar below the pub they'd been in. He sat on one of the stools ordered a drink and now was brooding on what the hell to do.

He could go dance. His own mind caught him saying that and he muttered a quick "Not bloody likely." To himself. He could stay at the bar, which was awfully fun. Then again he could leave and go back to his flat. If anyone asked he'd say he had a headache or didn't feel well. Then again he'd never been terribly good at lying.

He sighed and took a swig from the bottle in front of himself. Then he decided to go home. He'd had enough fun for one night already thank you.

He stood up and started going around the crowd about the dance floor toward the stairs. He went up the stairs thinking to himself.

"Am I really as boring as they tell me?" He'd brood on that later, now he just wanted to go home.

He walked through the, as he'd guessed, deserted bar. It was dark, the lights off due to the lack of population. He caught a glimpse of something from the corner of his eye. It looked like something yellow. He sighed and pushed his thin-rimmed silver glassed up the bridge of his nose. He pulled on his coat and walked toward the toilet. That was where the yellow thing seemed to be going.

He paused at the door upon hearing something. He nearly kicked the door down when he heard more.

It was someone crying, pleading. But there was someone else who didn't say anything, or people. They were hurting them, whoever they were.

He heard a slap, he'd figured someone was getting a beating. He was a bit annoyed already. He was just south of six feet maybe this could be his good deed for the day. Now that was a laugh if he'd heard one. He gave up the good deed thing a while ago.

Still he casually pushed the door open like he hadn't heard them and intended to use the facilities. He glanced up at them from the door.

"Terribly sorry. Er..didn't mean to interrupt anything."

He stayed in the doorway as two pairs of eyes focused on him. He only saw one and his jaw dropped. The eyes were gray, no silver. The hair was blonde, so blonde it looked a shade or so off from white. Pale skin, pointed face. Damn it of all the times and places.

"N-no way." He muttered.

"Get out already. We're busy." Said the other person.

The one the just spoke was more gruff and less becoming. He was tanned and tones but he other wise seemed repulsive, personality as well. The dark brown hair, or black, he couldn't tell because of the poor lightning, appeared to be greasy and dirt tainted.

"Please.." was the reply from the one that Harry saw now was pinned against the cold tiled wall.

"I think maybe you should set him down. He seems a bit unwilling." Harry said looking at the blonde again.

The gray eyes were pleading for help and he could see why, though it wasn't often he was pinned to a bathroom wall.

"I said leave. Now sod off!" Came the curt and cold reply.

Harry stepped forward and took a swing at the man pinning the blonde to the wall. That night Harry found out that he did have one hell of a right hook. The man crumpled to the ground, and so did the blonde now with the lack of support. He looked at the blonde again.

" ok?" He questioned fixing his glasses that had again slipped down his nose.

The blonde sat up and looked at him. "Yes. T-thank you."

Despite the verbal reassurance, he wasn't buying it. He pulled the blonde to his feet.

"Come on. You should get out of here before he wakes up."

The blonde just nodded at him and walked out after Harry.

'Why'd you do that?" The blonde asked him.

"I may hate you Malfoy but letting you get beaten or raped isn't my style." Harry said simply trekking toward the door.

"You knew it was me then. Wait, hold on how do you know me?" Malfoy asked following Harry.

Harry ignored the question and walked out of the tavern.

"I asked you how you knew me. Tell me and I'll leave you alone."

Harry kept on walking and walked have continued to do so had someone not turned him around.

"How do you.." Malfoy stopped in midsentence seeing who it was. "H-Harry Potter?"

"Sorry but my name is Arnold Bates. Don't know who you're bloody talking about chap." Harry said not wanting to have to deal with this now. Especially since a headache was setting in.

"Don't try to tell me who you're not Harry. My god. So you the Muggle world. Everyone had been looking for you. Ron and Mione have been worried to death."

"What? How do you? Did you just say _Ron_ and _Hermione_? You called them by their names. A-are you ill or something?" Harry asked looking at the blonde oddly.

Draco sighed and shook his head "No, I'm perfectly well, partly thanks to you. But Ron and Hermione had been looking for you since before they got married. We were all afraid you were..dead."

"Dead? No I'm alive. Did I hear you say we? Since when do you give a damn Malfoy?" Harry asked, old anger being pulled up from the back of his mind.

"Yes I said WE! Harry, I am working with Hermione at the Ministry now. We've been looking for you for years now. I didn't care at first but I started to worry when we kept getting empty leads and dead ends. Harry believe it or not dead or alive you mean something to people."

Harry growled clenching a fist. "Look you prat! I hate you, you hate me. That's how it is, how it will always be. Got it? I can live as I please. Cut the acting and go crawl to your master already."

Draco looked stung by the words. He had been worried about Harry, almost as much as Ron and Hermione.

"Harry James Potter!" Draco yelled at him "Stop playing the self pity for a moment and you'll see I'm telling you the damned truth. Not to mention I'm more concerned about seeing you then the fact I was just nearly raped by Flint for Christ sake!"

Harry had to admit that was true and strange.

"Yeah like I care. If I knew it was you I might have let him to spare me of this headache." Harry rubbed his temples lightly.

"Harry. You can't hide from them forever you know. But since you want to be alone I..won't tell them."

"Excuse me?" Harry said looking at Draco surprised.

"I said I won't tell them. You have a right to your privacy. As much right as anyone I suppose. I'm warning you though. One of these days they'll find you. They haven't given up hope that they'll find you still Harry." Draco said this in a soft tone and looked toward the pub.

Harry growled "Come with me. We can talk back at my flat. I have a feeling I am going to sorely regret this. God I'll never hear the end of it if Arnold saw me.."

"Who's Arnold?" Malfoy asked quirking a brow at Harry.

"A friend of mine."

"Sure he's a friend. "

"God you sound like Kathy!" Harry said starting to walk back.

"Playing both sides hmm Potter?"

"Oh shut up and stop being a prat would you! Kathy is a friend of mine. She lives across the hall from me. We're like family. Arnold is her brother, so he's like family as well. I don't know about you but I wouldn't date my brother." Harry said still walking eyes looking ahead.

Draco blinked and flushed a bit "Now who's the prat?"

"Still you." Harry said continuing his brisk pace.


Harry fished the keys out of his pocket. He unlocked the door to his flat and walked in leaving it open for Draco to walk in after him. Draco closed the door after him and looked around as Harry hung his coat after turning the lights on. Draco saw that there was the kitchen first and there were hooks by the door to hang coats. Draco stopped his examination feeling something wet on his hand. He looked down and saw it was a dog's nose.

The dog was a large German Shepard and it was sniffing him. Draco wasn't not fond of dogs but since he was chased by them when he young he was a bit cautious around them. Draco watched as Harry crouched down immediately the dog went over to him. The dog was pet and scratched behind the ears.

If Draco was right he could have sword he called the dog Scruffles. An odd name in his mind. He half thought maybe it was Sirius, though that wasn't a comforting thought for him. Then he recalled how Harry had lost his Godfather years before in an accident during their fifth year. Yes this was just a dog. Draco crouched down as well and watched as the dog turned to him with surprising enthusiasm.

Draco reached up tentatively and pet the dog. The Shepard watched him sitting down in front of the blonde. Draco scratched the top of its head then behind its ears. The dog wagged its tail and licked his hand as Draco stood.

"Aw Draco made a friend." Harry said a smirk on his face walking into the living room stretching.

Draco followed him, the Shepard following him tail still wagging.

Harry yawned and sat in an armchair. Draco took a seat on the couch in the room the dog jumping up next to him, partly in his lap.

Draco saw the living room was a tan color and the curtains were a brown with tints of bronze to them. The couch felt like suede and looked like suede but it was different. Felt softer. There were bookcases around the room that were filled with muggle books. There was a television, at least that what he thought Hermione had told him it was called. Some tables here and there, pillows to match the decor of the room. All in all it was plain. Draco pet the dog absently and looked up to see Harry watching him curiously.


"Nothing. Interesting to see you giving affection to a living creature." Harry said not bothering to hide anything.

Draco flushed from annoyance or embarrassment, Harry didn't know.

"I'll let you know I did change Potter."

"Sure, that's still to be seen. Amazed they haven't put you in St. Mungo's yet."

Draco sighed "You are not helping here."

"I know." Harry said leaning back in the chair closing his eyes.

Draco was trying to behave but Harry wasn't making it easy. Draco felt himself twitch but managed to focus on the dog while he calmed down.

"What did you want to talk about?"

"Why are you working for the Ministry? Spying?"

"No I work in the Department of Mysteries. Hermione is one of my co-workers."

Harry nodded "So what happened to daddy dearest?"

"Like I bloody care." Draco said leaning back the dog resting its head on his lap. He noted that the couch was comfortable.

Harry yawned "Why did you seem so worried about me?"

"I told you. All the dead ends and snuffed trails made me start to wonder if you were still alive. Sorry for the human compassion."

"Last I heard you weren't capable of human compassion." Harry said matter of factly.

"I told you I'd changed since then. A lot of people have. It's been five years Harry. Things are bound to change with time."

"Some things." Harry said trying to suppress a yawn.

Draco looked at him thinking but didn't say anything. The Shepard appeared to be asleep but he pet it anyways. It was then he realized how tired he was. Since he heard no reply he didn't say anything. Both fell into a peaceful sleep.


Harry woke up to a loud banging the next morning.

"Harry James Potter!! You answer this door now!"

Harry groaned it was only Kathy at least. He was glad she hadn't sicked Arnold after him. Harry got up yawning and rubbing his eyes like a child and unlocked the door.

"You called Kathy?" He asked yawning again after.

"Don't you Kathy me Potter." She said hands on her hips ready for a full-fledged scolding.

"Where did you go last night?"

"I had a headache so I went home early. I was tired. Think I might have drank too much."

Kathy's expression softened "And here I am pounding on your door. Sorry dear. Feeling any better now?"

"A bit. Thanks. I think I'll be alright."

Kathy nodded and walked in when Harry stepped aside. "Last night I found this nice gentleman, dark haired and he had the most interesting brown eyes. I think you'd have liked him. Shame you didn't stay long enough to meet him."

"Yes, what a shame." Harry muttered and got his mail, still in the clothes from the night before.

Harry walked back in and blinked coming face to face with an annoyed and tearfully happy red headed woman.

"What is it Kathy? Please don't tell me another date.."

"That's a bunch of nonsense! Of course not. You never told me you had a guest. I woke the poor dear up when Scruffles came to greet me. What a nice fellow he is. He seemed perfect for you dear!"

"Who?" Harry asked blinking. Then his eyes caught Draco walking into the kitchen and he froze.

_Shit_ was the only that that came to his mind.

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