Author's Notes: This story is a WIP, but chapters should be submitted regularly. Feedback is always appreciated in any form. Email me with suggestions, pleas, or criticism! The basic beginning premise of the story was vaguely borrowed, with permission, from the lovely Lady Feylene's story "Beautiful Stranger."

Taming the Beast

Part 12

By Lady Grey


Remus entered the bedroom to find a spectacularly arousing site on display for him. Charlie, nude and dripping wet, was reclined on the bed and propped up by a small mountain of pillows. Remus’ mouth went dry at the redheaded vision and he felt his cock begin to awaken optimistically.

“Remus,” Charlie murmured, his expression predatory. He ran his hand from his stomach to his chest and back again, brushing gently against a nipple as it passed. “I want you,” he said in rough whisper that ran invisible fingers up Remus’ spine.

The werewolf settled himself shakily at the end of the bed, not touching Charlie, but looking him steadily in the eye. He licked his lips. “Touch yourself for me, Charlie,” he said lustily, “I want to see you touch yourself.”

Charlie’s eyes snapped open in surprise before settling back into seductive slits. “Like this?” he whispered, index finger tracing a rib then veering off its course to flick a hard nipple.

“Yes,” Remus said thickly, swallowing, “tell me what you’re thinking while you touch yourself, Charlie, keep going.”

Charlie’s eyelids flickered at the words from his lover. He reached another hand up to run elegant fingers through his hair, then let them trickle down his broad torso to rest on his stomach. “I’m thinking of you,” Charlie breathed, “that you’re doing this to me, that these are your fingers.” He brushed the inside of his thigh gently, evoking a shiver. His eyes closed. “I’m imagining your lips against my neck, leaving the bruises that mark me as yours. And that’s your hand…” he gripped his cock lightly, “that’s your hand on me.”

Remus breathing sped up as he felt himself get fully hard. “Yes Charlie, go on,” he encouraged, reaching down to brush his own cock.

Charlie ran a thumb over the slick tip, moaning quietly. “Remus, want you so much…” his other hand joined the first, this one playing idly with his balls.

The lycanthrope bit back a groan. “God Charlie, you’re so beautiful like this, so beautiful,” he whispered hoarsely.

“Please, Remus,” Charlie begged, eyes closed and lips parted invitingly, “Want you, need you…oh gods…please…”

He couldn’t resist such a request. Rocking forward onto his hands and knees, Remus crawled forward until his body hovered above Charlie’s, close enough for each to feel the other’s lust-induced body heat, but without skin contact.

“Don’t be a tease,” Charlie gasped, arching up to bring their bodies together.

Remus smiled a little, leaning down to give his lover a long, deep kiss before grinding their groins together sensually.

“Remus!” Charlie gasped, bringing the hand that had been trapped between them around to pull his lover closer. “Yes, like that, oh gods!”

Remus grinned, then shifted away to plant a line of searing kisses from Charlie’s neck to his thigh. His mouth hovered over Charlie’s cock, which was enthusiastically leaking pre-come. “Charlie,” he purred, “did you want something from me?”

Every muscle in his body strained in lust, Charlie thought he might explode just from Remus’ sexy growl. “Please,” he resumed begging, as it had worked so well before, “I want your mouth on me, I want to be in you, please!”

Remus ducked his head and took Charlie in his mouth, resulting in a helpless whine from the redhead as his hips bucked involuntarily. “Remus, yes, gods…” The string of noises after that were all but incomprehensible, but the lycanthrope had no need of direction. After thoroughly slicking Charlie’s cock, he pulled back with a final affectionate lick. Ignoring the younger man’s vague protests, he straddled his incapacitated lover and pressed steadily onto his cock until Charlie was fully buried inside him.

He paused, taking a moment to recover his hurried breath and lost calm. Charlie cracked his eyes open. “Love,” he managed, “Love, I love you.”

Remus laughed breathlessly. “That’s redundant, beloved.” He leaned forward until they were nose to nose. “But a lovely sentiment nonetheless.”

Charlie groaned, rolling his hips slowly. “How can you be so bloody calm?” he demanded, still frantic to continue their lovemaking.

Remus pressed a soothing kiss to his lips. “Because I love you, and every time I’m with you I want it to last forever.”

Charlie froze, control flooding back to every part of his body at this un-asked for revelation. “Remus?” he said unsurely, reaching an unsteady hand to caress the flushed cheek above him.

“I love you, Charlie,” Remus affirmed, turning slightly to kiss the gentle palm.

The redhead let out a long breath. “I love you too,” he whispered, still unbelieving.

“My love,” Remus breathed as he kissed his forehead, “my heart,” a soft brush of lips against an eyelid, “my everything,” a lingering peck on the cheek, “want to be with you forever,” a deep kiss, “forever.”

Charlie blinked back ridiculously imminent tears. “Gods, love you love you love you,” he choked out.

“I love you too,” Remus replied, grinning at finally being able to answer the endearment. He squeezed his muscles in a calculated movement, wriggling on top of his lover. “Now make love to me, best beloved,”

Charlie moaned and rolled over, pinning the blushing werewolf beneath him. “Always and forever,” he gasped as he made a controlled movement of his hips.

Their lovemaking was slow and tender, filled with small gasps and whispered endearments. When Charlie finally collapsed on his lover, spent but happy, he snuggled into the welcoming arms and nuzzled Remus’ neck tenderly. “My Remus,” he murmured. “All mine, and I’m not sharing.”

“All yours,” Remus agreed quietly, content to be Charlie’s pillow.

There was silence for a few minutes before Charlie spoke again. “You realize we’ve been neglected the dragons the last day or two?”

“Oops,” Remus said drowsily. “My fault, sorry.”

Charlie chuckled. “You are an awful distraction,” he teased. “But a most welcome one.”

Another pause. “I love you, Charlie.”

“I love you too.”


After delaying the inevitable as long as possible, the two lovers finally ousted themselves from bed. They stumbled into clothing and finally managed to inspire themselves to do some work, albeit with many romantic interruptions and blushing declarations. Eventually Remus sent Charlie off to make lunch, arguing that he would finish the job more quickly without a redheaded distraction around. Charlie was alone, then, when an official looking owl swooped into the cottage and regally offered a scroll to the man making sandwiches.

“Hullo there,” Charlie said cheerfully. “Hungry?” After carefully taking the scroll, he offered a chunk of bread, which the owl accepted, flying off to eat it on the windowsill.

“Now then,” Charlie mused as he unrolled the letter, “business or pleasure?”




I can’t believe this is the first we’ve heard of your new boyfriend! Of course, I suppose he’s the explanation for why we haven’t heard from you recently. I’m happy that you’ve found someone finally, now if only we could find a nice girl for Bill. You’re boyfriend doesn’t have a sister, does he? You’ve neglected to mention his name, actually. Would we know him or his family?

Anyway, your father and I would love to meet the man who stole our little boy’s heart! I absolutely insist that you come up to the Burrow for a weekend sometime soon. You’re welcome to visit any time both of you are free; just give me a few days warning, hmm?

All right, I promise to stop sending letters today, especially since Errol is exhausted and your father won’t be pleased if I keep borrowing his Ministry owl. Do let us know when you’re visiting, and remember that sooner is always better than later.


Much love,



PS- Pass along familial love to your boyfriend, will you?


Charlie smiled at the postscript and took up a quill and paper, temporarily abandoning his sandwich making.


Dear Mum,


We’d love to visit, of course. We likely won’t be able to get away for a few weeks, but I will let you know as soon as I know when we’ll have a free weekend.


Here Charlie paused, thinking.


On a different note, Lucas’ birthday is in six days and he’s quite a bookworm. Would you ask dad for a favor for me? I wanted to give Lucas a few muggle books for his birthday, since I’m quite convinced he’s read almost every wizarding book I can think of. Do you think dad could get his hands on some and send them to me? I’d really appreciate it, I want to make this day special for us both.

Lucas thanks you for the ‘familial love’ and says he returns it. Much love from both of us,




The redhead dutifully re-read the letter before attaching it to the leg of the Ministry owl. Sending the bird off with a “thank you,” he returned to his task of making lunch. Suddenly inspired, he conjured a large basket, wrapping the sandwiches and putting them in the basket with napkins, fruit, and several bottles of non-alcoholic butterbeer. Considering the assembly thoughtfully, he waved his wand at the dishcloth, transfiguring it into a large blanket, which he shrunk to fit in the basket. Finally he added the scroll from his mother to the assembly.

“Perfect!” he declared, finally satisfied.

“What’s perfect?” Remus inquired as he opened the door to the cottage and stepped in.

“We’re going on a picnic!” Charlie announced with a grin.


Remus lay on his back with his head pillowed on Charlie’s stomach, reading the scroll. “And you replied?” he asked after he read through the postscript.

Charlie reached down absently to play with his lover’s hair. “I told her I would let her know when we could get away for a weekend,” he explained. “I also said that you said thank you for the love and that you sent your own. Oh, and, er, I had to name you.”

“Well yes, that’s what I was asking about, actually,” Remus said, smiling at the gentle touch.

“I figured. I named you Lucas; no last name, I thought I’d leave that up to you.”

“Lucas?” Remus repeated, trying it out. “Not bad, I like it. And normal too, what a pleasant change.”

Charlie ruffled the golden hair between his fingers. “I like Remus, I believe we already covered that,” he teased. “But I’ve always thought Lucas was a beautiful name, one that suits your own handsomeness.”

Remus blushed. “It’s French too, you know, so I can say it’s an ancestral name.”

“You’re French?” Charlie asked, surprised.

“My family is,” his lover answered, “a couple generations back.”

“Do you speak the language at all?” the redhead asked idly, fingers still fascinated by Remus’ hair.

“Oui, bien sûr, mon chèr,” Remus answered with a rapid but elegant accent.

“Ooh, that’s kind of sexy,” Charlie commented, eliciting an easy laugh from his lover. “What did you say?”

“I said ‘yes, of course, my dear.’”

“It sounds much better in French,” Charlie declared airily. “So much does, you know. I think it’s the accent.”

“So does this mean I can entice you into bed more often if I speak French?” Remus asked teasingly.

Charlie smirked. “Well, you don’t normally have a problem enticing me anyway, but it might be an added incentive.”

Remus rolled over and propped himself up on the redhead’s chest. “So,” he said, eyes narrowed, golden flecks flashing in the sunlight, “Let’s talk about other things you’d like in bed.”

Charlie raised an eyebrow. “That was a subject change.”

“No it wasn’t, and don’t try a subject change yourself now.” He tilted his head. “C’mon now, you got to see my mild voyeuristic streak today, it’s time for you to share.”

Charlie grinned. “That was unexpected, but not unwelcome.”
”Mmm, you liked that? I’ll keep that in mind.” Remus elbowed him lightly. “Do continue.”

“Well,” Charlie began, a faint blush introducing itself charmingly on his cheeks, “I rather thought it would be, er, fun to perhaps, maybe, um, tie you up. Or tie me up. Or something,” he added hastily.

Remus chuckled. “I think we might be able to arrange something of the sort,” he said reassuringly.
”Really?” Charlie inquired, still shyly.

“Of course, beloved, it sounds like fun.” Remus sent him a dazzling smile. “Anything else?”

Charlie laughed gently. “I already feel like I have an embarrassment of riches when I have you in bed.”

Remus flushed. “You’re too sweet,” he protested.

The slightly larger man rolled them over carefully, pinning Remus beneath him. “It’s true,” he said earnestly. “I love you beyond any way I could ever express.”

Remus stretched languidly beneath him. “You express it quite well, oh best beloved.” He smiled. “I love you too. Gods, it feels good to be able to finally say that!”

“Mmm, and it’s amazing to hear it.” He kissed Remus lightly on the nose. “Now, how about we finish our lunch before we have to get back to work?”


It was only a few days later that Charlie found himself surreptitiously checking a seldom-used cupboard. “Cake; candles; presents from me, my parents, Sirius, and Dumbledore: all accounted for and in good condition,” he mused to himself. “Am I forgetting anything for tomorrow? Oh, I hope not…” His thoughts trailed off when he heard Remus calling his name. Closing the cupboard, he answered, “Yes, love? I was just putting away the leftovers.”

“Come to bed, Charlie,” Remus purred seductively from the bedroom. “I think I want dessert.”

Charlie went willingly to his fate.

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