Warning: All knowing POV, light introspection, physical attraction, low angst and prose.

Sweet Kiss Attraction

By spheeris1


Funny how things happen.

How things change from sunny to dark or good to bad.

Or bad to worse.

And when things look so bleak, a part of you believes that maybe this is not real….that this is

Like a movie somehow…that just in the nick of time, the righteous will win out.

And sunlight will flood the room, forcing the black away,

Killing the shadows,

Saving you from all those painful memories and worrisome fears deep inside you.

This is no film though. No novel. No dime-store paperback.

When you rip at the cheap paper, it tears as wide as the ocean…..and swallows you down.

Harry feels this way sometimes.

Like life is too sour on his tongue. Like someone is playing the ultimate joke on him.

And Harry doesn’t feel like laughing anymore.

But he doesn’t feel like crying either.

He doesn’t feel anything.

And so he is desperate to feel something beyond the numbness that has taken over….

…but he didn’t want it to be like this…

Not with him. Not with Draco Malfoy.

And it is strange how people do not change.

Years go by and yet they stay the same, the body gets taller

Or fuller or fatter or thinner or shorter….but the words that come out of their

Mouths were spoken before.

Words of hate and longing. Words of love and vulnerability. All the same.

Harry thought the difference was worn on his sleeve, like his heart before…

Now the anger and bitterness was hanging on his clothing like a fog.

And that blond bastard could see….he could see what everyone else was trying to be blind to…

He could see that Harry had grown into pain.

Draco knew that feeling. He had felt it for so long…

Masked as arrogance or snobbery….but weakness makes people do funny things.

It makes them bully and badger and browbeat.

It makes their skin grow thick.

It makes them beautiful……in a tortured way.

Draco always was tortured. And he was always gorgeous.

But now, Harry was looking kind of cold. Removed. Dangerous.

And Draco became a moth.

Tiny wing battering against Harry’s flame, just like before…

Funny how things never, ever change.

Harry was looking for something, but not Draco.

And Draco was looking for Harry, but not for this…not for this….

But with so many others, games must be played and parts must be filled

For everyone to feel comfortable, for everyone to feel sane.

So, perhaps it is best that no one knows about this…about the fact that the two leads

Are snogging in the darkness, tasting desire for the unattainable upon chapped lips and

Trying to figure out why they are doing this in the first place….



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