By Stefi


"Moony, it hurts!" Sirius whined, lotion in hand.

Remus Lupin rolled his golden brown eyes for what felt like the fiftieth time that night. Successfully distracted from the essay he was in the midst of preparing, he walked over to the armchair by the bookshelf where Sirius sat, looking pitiful. Hands on his hips, he looked down at the black haired boy and shook his head. "Honestly, Siri, you can't possibly expect me to feel sorry for you. Especially since you *did* bring this on yourself."

Sirius pouted. His usual, healthily tanned face was a shocking shade of bright red, along with his shoulders, chest, back, and arms. "How was I to know the sun would be so bloody bright?" He complained. Was a little sympathy from a good mate too much to ask for these days?

The werewolf sighed audibly. "It's near summer time, of course the sun is going to burn you, especially on a cloudless day like today. You should have taken these things into consideration before removing your shirt." He deserved it, he deserved it, he deserved it!

"Moonyyyyyy..." Sirius wailed, this time. "It was too hot to practice Quidditch with all those robes on. Besides, Jamie did it, too."

"Yes, and Jamie is *also* a very unflattering shade of red." Remus said evenly.

"But Lily is taking care of him." Sirius was really quite pathetic when it came to getting something he wanted. If he couldn't get it, he whined. Loudly. For extended periods of time. "Reee-e-e-eeeeeeeeee~!" He half-sobbed in frustration.

"Normally I would feel bad, but not this time, Sirius. I saw why you removed your shirt, and it wasn't because James did it, too. You wanted to impress the girls watching you practice. So, if you want someone to smear that greasy *garbage* all over you, go whine to one of them. I have a Divination essay to complete." With that, Remus stalked back over to the desk and began to write his essay again.

Silence reigned over the common room for about two minutes, until-

"Re, please."



"I said no, Sirius. Go ask someone else."

"But Reeeeeeeeeeeeee-"

He so *hated* being called 'Re'.

"Damn it, Sirius, come over here." Remus swore, pointing to the floor by his feet.

Sirius walked over shirtless, barefoot, and completely red, lotion bottle still clutched in his hands. "Moony, you're a real prince of a guy, helping me out, you know and I really ap-"

"Shut up and sit down." Remus commanded.

Sirius quickly did so, sitting down on the floor, directly in front of Remus' legs.

Remus grabbed the lotion forcefully from Sirius' hand and began applying it liberally to the sun abused shoulders and back of his overly dramatic friend. "I hope you're satisfied. You got your way again." Remus said, the words coming out in a tone softer than he'd intended. Or maybe not.

Sirius smiled to himself. "I always do, Moony."



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