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The Story of Two Dark Angels

Part 1

By Gothic Phoenix


"Ron! I'm not joking, get your ass down here!" Bill called, he was home for the holidays and their mother had handed all duties to him since she was at the hospital after a bad accident with one of the garden gnomes. Ron grumbled as he stomped sleepily down the stairs and sat down for breakfast, he wrinkled his nose as Bill slopped something into his bowl and hurried off. Ginny was looking dejectedly at the twins as they fought over the last of the cinnamon rolls that their mom had baked them before being hauled to the hospital. Percy was gone, Charlie was gone, and it was just he, the twins, his little sister and Bill, who didn't know how to cook. Ron soon walked outside, wondering if he should've just stayed at school this Christmas. He would have been with his best friend and at least he'd ha-suddenly Bill shouted something and Ron turned, walking back into the Burrow.

"What's going on?" Ron asked, looking around the kitchen.

"You guys are going back to school, I'll have one of the teachers come and get you. I can't do this," Bill exclaimed and walked off to the family owl in the alcove next to the door. Soon the remaining Weasley family was on their way to Hogwarts, including Bill. Professor. Dumbledore was waiting for them and they were all treated to a long awaited hot good tasting meal. They then all trudged up to bed, Bill apparating off back home. Ron stayed in the Hall, musing over the latest events, Harry was sure to come down as soon as the others got to the dorm rooms. Suddenly someone walked past him then stopped and backed up.

"Weasley, you're here," Draco Malfoy's drawl almost took Ron by surprise. The red head turned and looked up at the silver blonde Slytherin. Draco sneered down on Ron and tilted his nose up a little.

"Yeah, glad you noticed," Ron said gloomily and turned around.

"Well then, this complicates things…" Draco said darkly then walked off, leaving Ron to puzzle over what he meant.

Draco made his way down to the dungeons, a true smile slowly spread across his face. This was something to celebrate, and he knew just the person to celebrate with. Draco was the type of person to give many facades to the public. Many people thought him snobbish, cruel and he always had his two henchmen around and they were his only friends. In secret, Draco Malfoy was an entirely different person. He grew up always hiding things from his father and it came naturally that he'd continue it when he left home. Draco got to the secret entrance of the Slytherin dorms and whispered the password to the stone snake, it slithered to the side and the wall behind it opened up. Draco went inside and sat down in a green overstuffed chair and waited. Soon a dark red head with shining brown eyes and creamy skin appeared, he didn't outwardly take notice of Draco but continued on up the stairs to the rooms. Draco soon followed Blaise, smiling at Pansy as he passed her. She tended to be another of Draco's facades with a small twist, she was really more like Draco's outward character then even Draco.

"Zabini, you're late," Draco softly closed the door behind him, Blaise looked up from his desk and sighed then leaned back and stretched out his legs. Draco sat on Blaise's desk and looked down on the dark slytherin.

"I had a paper to finish," Blaise explained, Draco rolled his silver eyes and shook his head.

"Right, and I'm a House Elf, look Blaise, I don't like it when you just…leave," Draco slid off the desk and rested between Blaise's outstretched legs. He lightly placed his pale nimble hands on both of Blaise's thighs and looked innocently up at Blaise, he snorted and looked up.

"Is the door locked? I don't want one of those idiot trolls barging in like last time," Blaise looked back down at the pouting Draco.

"Yes, it's locked but you better watch out, I might have to find another partner. One maybe a little more fiery," Draco kneeled up and caressed Blaise's creamy dark cheek, Blaise leaned into the soft pale hand and closed his eyes.

"Weasley has his own, he won't drop his best friend over his enemy," Blaise said, opening his eyes to stare into Draco's.

"Really? And I thought you knew me best," Draco said silkily, leaning forward and planting a soft kiss on Blaise's nose and then tilted his head and kissed down Blaise's long neck. Blaise tilted back, giving Draco more access.

"I do but I also actually study Weasley instead of his ass," Blaise replied, Draco started sucking on Blaise's neck. "Let's take this to the bed, shall we?" Blaise suggested. Draco stood and held out his hand to Blaise, he grinned and accepted Draco's offer.


"Ron!" Harry called, running through the door; Ron stood up, a grin plastered on his face.

"Great to see you Harry," Ron said as Harry stopped before his best friend and lover.

"I missed you," Harry replied, Ron nodded and took Harry's hand and led him out. The two climbed the stairs up to the Gryffindor dorms then finally to their room.

"I'm sorry 'bout your mum," Harry said as he sat down on his bed.

"No big deal, she'll be back pretty soon," Ron said, flopping down on his bed and turning his head to look over at Harry. He smiled and studied Harry's raven black silk hair, dazzling emerald green eyes and soft skin. Harry blushed and looked away.

"I hate it when you do that, it's like you're sizing me up to eat me or something," Harry said, slowly looking back at Ron.

"Can't help it, I just…so want to eat you," Ron got off his bed and sat down next to Harry, who turned to look at him.

"You also say the dirtiest things," Harry reached forward and laid his hand on Ron's freckled cheek then shifted his hand to the back of Ron's neck and pulled him forward, kissing him softly. Ron leaned forward and Harry laid back as Ron spread over the boy wonder.

"You're a tease to," Harry said as Ron pulled back to pull off his shirt.

"At least I remember to lock the doors. I was afraid Neville was going to have a heart attack when he walked in. It's a good thing he knows how to keep his mouth shut," Ron grumbled, unbuttoning Harry's shirt and leaning down every once in a while to kiss the revealing skin. Suddenly Harry grabbed Ron's shoulder and pulled him up.

"I have something I want to talk to you about," Harry said, serious, Ron tilted his head.

"Can't it wait?" Ron asked, Harry paused then sighed and nodded, Ron smiled and went back to undressing Harry.


"Draco…" Blaise breathed, running his hands over toned muscles. Draco shifted and laid down, wrapping his legs around Blaise and drawing him closer. He kissed Blaise hungrily, nibbling on Blaise's rip lower lip, he suddenly sank his teeth into Blaise's bottom lip and Blaise dug his fingers into Draco's hip as his blood flowed into Draco's mouth. Draco slowly worked his hands down into Blaise's pants and grasped his member. Blaise moaned and leaned into Draco, forgetting the sore radiating from his lip. Draco pulled off Blaise's pants and chucked them with the other discarded clothing. The blonde then slid his hand down and grasped Blaise's hip, his other hand slowly entering Blaise. Draco then added another finger and another then looked to Blaise for permission.

"Just do it already," Blaise panted, grasping the rot iron headboard, Draco smirked and entered Blaise in one swift motion. Blaise hissed and arched up, seeing stars for a second. His knuckles going white as he grasped the dark metal desperately. Draco then started moving against Blaise, wanting to make Blaise feel everything…Draco ran his hands down Blaise's sides and grasped his hips. He soon climaxed and Blaise soon after. Draco slowly pulled out and caressed Blaise's long coveted legs then moved up next to the dark red head and kissed him roughly, opening the wound once more and making Blaise hiss.

"That's my dark angel," Draco whispered, twirling his pale fingers around Blaise's rust curls and settling next to Blaise.

"I hate when you do that. Now how am I going to explain this?" Blaise lightly touched his still bleeding bottom lip.

"Say a Ravenclaw did it. At least one of them are always going after you at any given moment," Draco replied, shifting closer to Blaise.

"But then again, I can't even look at anyone else in the first place," Blaise grumbled, Draco sighed.

"I just like to keep my precious gems to myself is all," Draco explained, wrapping his other arm around Blaise.


Ron slowly pulls Harry to him. He was spent, bonelessly spent as Ron traced soothing circles around Harry's shoulder and back. He really did miss Harry; the holidays had been uncomfortable around his two older brothers talking about girls all the time, Ginny sighing over Harry and Bill on the verge of screaming. Sometimes he wondered if he was even related to these people but they looked like him or he looked like them and sometimes he did actually fit but it was rare.

"Now can I talk to you?" Harry asked, timidness creeping into his voice, Ron knotted his brows but nodded.

"Well we've been together since…the summer right?" Harry began.

"Yeah," Ron voiced.

"Well I don't know Ron, maybe it would be nice if we went back to being just best friends. I don't want this to end wrong, I don't want things to go sour," Harry hurriedly explained, Ron blinked, stunned.

"What are you saying?" Ron asked slowly.

"I was going to tell you this later, when you came back from the break but Ron, I think we should see other people. I can't stand this; it's getting dangerous. I just want to be your best friend, stick by you, thick and thin, forever. The way this is going…" Harry trailed off, turning to Ron, he frowned and narrowed his eyes.

"I don't understand your reasoning, but fine, if that's the way you like it," Ron said, dangerously low and got up from Harry's bed. He went over to his own bed and pulled on some clothes then stomped to the door.

"Where are you going?" Harry sat up, scared.

"None of your business," Ron said before slamming the door behind him. Harry stayed there, frozen, shocked. That wasn't the reaction he had expected or hoped for.


"I'm kind of hungry, I'll be right back," Draco said, planting a soft kiss on Blaise's full lips and got up.

"Bring me back something would'ja?" Blaise said sleepily, Draco smirked.

"Course, babe," Draco replied and slipped on some clothes then snuck off. It was after midnight and the dungeons were freezing outside of the dorms but Draco hurried on. He suddenly stopped, hearing angry footsteps coming down the main staircase. Draco ducked down into the shadows to wait. Weasley came into view, his whole body screamed, I'm angry, hurt, back OFF! Draco tilted his head, interested. A hunger pain jabbed into Draco's stomach and he suddenly remembered his sleeping bedmate in his bed. Draco slowly slinked forward and ran his eyes down Ron's backside. He let out a slight chuckle as he remembered Blaise's earlier words. Suddenly Ron whipped around to come face to face with Draco. His scowl darkened, great, this was all Ron needed, something more to fuel his anger.

"Evening Weasley," Draco drawled.

"Malfoy," Ron replied darkly, Draco tilted his head, his interest peeked and a slow smirk crawled across his face. Ron resisted the urge to whip that smug smirk off that pale git permanently.

"What brings you out of your high and mighty dorm and out of your best friend's arms?" Draco said softly, a sharp edge in it. Shock stole across Ron's face for a split second before blackening rage blossomed.

"How do you know anything about me, my best friend or the life I live?" Ron growled, his voice dripping acid, Draco frowned slightly.

"Tell me then but let's go down to the kitchens," Draco gestured to the secret door, Ron blinked, not expecting this turn. He suspiciously eyed Draco but went on to the door. Draco followed, fully checking out Ron once more but this time keeping his mouth shut. This one…this one deserved better then some boy wonder on an ego trip or lack of said ego trip. Potter didn't even know what lay in his hands but then again Draco always knew when a gem lay underneath rags. Look at that Hufflepuff he managed to transform into the most confident stripper in hogsmeade, okay, bad example. How about that-no, that was Pansy and that wasn't pretty either. What about that one time…yes, the first and probably last time Draco outwardly disobeyed his father. He had saved one girl, one victim from death of course she had to sacrifice the rest of her family but Draco managed to save her. She turned out to be one of his best spies and a perfect witch; she also gave a pretty nice bj. They finally made it down to the kitchens and set the whole sleeping house elves into a blizzard of activity. Draco and Ron were finally seated and eating comfortably.

"So, why are you out here?" Draco asked, leaning back from his plate, finally full, Blaise always did manage to make him hungry.

"Well since you do know about…us," Ron felt a blush working up his neck.

"It's actually quite obvious. Although it wasn't I who noticed, Zabini has an eye for that kind of stuff," Draco shrugged. And then there was Blaise; he was a prick in his first year, immature and cruel. Draco mostly stayed away from the fine ass jerk, watching him for any signs of talent though. Then surprisingly, Blaise managed to fool Draco, proving that he was just as sneaky as Draco himself was. They became equals, in and out of bed a couple years later.

"The guy almost all the girls go after except if their not already drooling over Harry," Ron replied, Draco smiled tightly.

"So where do I fit into that?" Draco said almost darkly.

"Sorry, you're third according to Herm," Ron smiled, actually amused.

"Granger never knows what she talking about unless she gets it out of a book," Draco grumbled.

"Some, like Parvati thinks you're second," Ron amended, Draco shook his head.

"Interesting, so how do you get all this information?" Draco asked.

"Gryffindor girls always talk about guys in the common room," Ron explained, Draco nodded thoughtfully. Ravenclaws usually talk about that stuff in the library according to a couple of his contacts. Hufflepuffs talk anywhere and usually everywhere and slytherins rarely talk outside their rooms about that unless it's Pansy but then again Parkinson usually fucks the guy she's talking about. Draco smiled, realizing he had a real contact into the Gryffindors. He'd been looking for a solid one for a while now ever since his last one graduated last year. He hadn't realized he was staring until it was too late though.

"So…um, wh-why are you being nice, Malfoy?" Ron asked uncomfortably, not used to the stare Draco aimed his way for the past few moment s, Draco snapped out of his daze and leaned forward.

"Oh, I don't know," Draco said evasively and turned to a waiting house elf and directed him to make Blaise's favorite treat, they now had something to really celebrate.

"Anyway, you didn't answer my question, why are you out of bed?" Draco asked, taking the offered wrapped chocolate dipped cherries from the house elf and standing, Ron followed him out.

"Well I was just hungry," Ron explained, Draco smirked.

"If you're going to lie, you better make it believable. You looked like you were about to tear off my head and I hadn't even done anything to you," Draco said over his shoulder.

"Well…" Ron thought furiously, this wasn't good, a heart to heart with Draco Malfoy, something was suddenly not right with the world.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to go run and tell the whole school. I would have already told the whole student body you were fucking Harry Potter if that was the case," Draco pointed out, Ron took a deep breathe.

"Um, Harry suggested we see other people," Ron spit out, Draco stopped suddenly, Ron realized Draco wasn't next to him and looked back at the stunned silver blonde.

"Really now?" An almost evil smile flittered across Draco's face for a split second, Ron narrowed his eyes. Blaise was going to feed him cherries after this.

"Why do I suddenly have a bad feeling?" Ron said hesitantly, Draco walked forward and grabbed the back of Ron's soft pale neck and pulled him forward. Draco kissed Ron hungrily, leaning the red head up against the wall and pinning him there. He invaded Ron's mouth, tasting pumpkin juice and raspberries. Ron moaned against Draco, slowly kissing back. Draco let go of Ron's neck and slid his hand down Ron's body then lightly slid up the other side of Ron's leg, stopping just below his crotch then suddenly Draco was gone. He had disappeared as suddenly as he had appeared leaving Ron thoroughly confused and half-aroused which couldn't be a good thing. Ron slowly pushed off from the wall and tried shaking the daze from his head, one minute he was hopping mad with the slytherin, the next actually being civil and then suddenly Draco was kissing him. It wasn't a bad kiss either, Ron tried not to go further down that alley, and he didn't need that at the moment, that just made all the confusion worse. He then slowly walked back up to his dorm room. Harry was already in bed, sleeping softly. Ron felt a pang of hurt run through him before he flopped into bed.


"Oh Bla-ise," Draco grinned walking into the dorm room, cherries in hand.

"You better have gotten me something good," Blaise looked up from reading a paperback thick novel. He was lounging on Draco's bed, naked. Draco slowly crawled up and sat the cherries down between them.

"Yep, you're favorite," Draco pulled back the plastic covering on the dish; Blaise set aside his book.

"Why the specials?" Blaise asked, picking up one of the tasty treats.

"Guess who I met on the way to the kitchens?" Draco shifted onto the bed.

"Who?" Blaise said around a mouthful of chocolate dipped cherries.

"The fiery hottie himself, Ron Weasley," Draco said smugly, Blaise choked.

"So?" Blaise swallowed his cherries and leaned forward.

"He was about ready to bite my head off, something interesting was up so I investigated. Turns out Weasley and the Boy Who Lived has broken up," Draco informed the stunned rust red head.

"No," Blaise shook his head, Draco smirked.

"Yep, wonderful isn't it? Pretty soon he'll be eating out of my hand. He'll be wrapped around my pinkie finger and loving it. He's the perfect informant also, close to everybody in the Gryffindor dorms, a Weasley for god's sakes," Draco laughed, turning over to stare up at the many opportunities. Blaise looked away, his brow slightly furrowed.

"Blaise?" Draco looked over at the slytherin; Blaise looked back at Draco.

"Yeah?" Blaise replied.

"Could you do me a favor?" Draco pulled one of Blaise's legs out and started caressing the inside of his thigh; Blaise shivered and leaned forward.

"Hmm?" Blaise murmured, Draco smirked.

"Could you keep the boy wonder and his trusty brain occupied for me? I know it won't be too hard since you…do have a certain…charm?" Draco smiled up at Blaise, he looked away.

"Sure, whatever," Blaise mumbled.

"I want him to feel betrayal…this'll be fun, don't you think? Once he sees his best friend off with another, he'll never even think about going back to him and Granger…she'll be easy to distract. Give her something else to think about other then her studies. I want that Weasley all to myself," Draco smiled evilly, Blaise frowned but hid it. This wasn't the time to start wearing his emotions on the outside. He wasn't about to have Draco Malfoy, the favorite of every slytherin even suspicious of him.

The next day Blaise walked through the halls, ever since last year people took more notice now that he lost his scowl. His father, one of Lucius Malfoy's greatest supporters had wiped that snobby out look from Blaise's features. He couldn't even fake a good snob lilt of the head with out looking slightly uncomfortable. Blaise wondered how Draco kept it up. They both went through the same thing only Draco's father was worse then his. Lucius tortured his son, making him go through everything while Blaise's father just made him learn and perform all the curses without demonstrating them actually on him. Blaise looked past the adoring eyes casted his way from the Ravenclaw table, a few from the Hufflepuff and straight into the fiery eyes of Ron Weasley. It was impossible not to be pulled into that gaze. Blaise frowned, why wasn't Weasley looking at Draco. Then Ron looked next to Blaise and he turned to Draco. He was eating slowly, like usual, Draco was playing it cool. Blaise then looked to Harry Potter; the guy had everything going for him except the girls' part. He did look very handsome though, raven black hair, dazzling emerald green eyes that could melt anyone and silky pale quidditch honed muscles. Harry just was one of those modelistic people; he couldn't go out with any girl not his equal. Hermione might if she got her nose out of those books but then you have the issue with Ron. Was Harry really that way or did he go both ways? Blaise started thinking about this, what an interesting start to a conversation. Blaise then lazily looked to Hermione. The girl was reading another large volume, she just oozed virginity. She slowly looked up, feeling eyes on her, she looked straight at Blaise, and he stared right back. She then blushed and hid her face in her book. Blaise smirked and went back to eating. This might actually be fun…

"So?" Draco grabbed Blaise after breakfast as they went down to get their books for class, Blaise sighed and looked to Draco.

"Yeah, it'll be a piece of cake, consider Weasley all yours," Blaise replied, thankfully Draco didn't notice or care about the lack of emotions in Blaise's voice.

"Harry Potter," Blaise drawled, leaning against the door of the showers, Potter jumped and whipped around then turned back around and looked over at Blaise reproachfully.

"This is the Gryffindor locker room, what are you doing here?" Harry almost sneered, Blaise shrugged elegantly.

"Just curious," Blaise said casually, not looking at Harry at all.

"About?" Harry asked, turning off the water and going over to wrap a towel around his waist, Blaise smirked slightly.

"Oh just wondering if you are…partial to men," Blaise looked up then leveled his gaze squarely on Harry, he suddenly looked extremely uncomfortable.

"What do you mean, Zabini?" Harry asked, suspicious, Blaise's full lips turned into a wry grin.

"Well…what do you…think I mean?" Blaise walked forward, standing right in front of Harry, he reached out and slid his finger down Harry's chest, leaving a dry trail through the wet skin. Blaise then looked up at Harry then slowly got even closer and slid his hand up, cupping the back of Harry's neck and kissing him lightly. Harry slowly returned the kiss, Blaise opened his mouth in invitation and Harry dipped his tongue in, tasting Blaise hesitantly like any second Blaise was going to try chomping on his inquisitive tongue. They then got closer, hungrily wrapping around eachother and battling tongues. Blaise maneuvered Harry against the tiled wall and slipped off his towel, sliding his hand up Harry's thigh and grasping his cock. Harry moaned into Blaise's mouth, wrapping his arms around Blaise's neck. Blaise started pumping Harry cock then broke the kiss and slid down Harry's body. Stopping before Harry's hardness, he then licked up the underside and took the whole thing into his mouth. Harry moaned and arched into Blaise's mouth. Blaise then started sliding Harry's cock in and out of his mouth, grasping Harry's hip to keep him still. He swirled his tongue around Harry's head and blew on it, Harry shivered and thrusted forward.

"Down boy," Blaise grinned up at Harry then took in his cock once more, finishing off the job. Harry groaned and released in Blaise's mouth. The dark red head then stood up and pressed up against Harry.

"Why?" Harry panted, staring deep into Blaise's intense brown eyes, they slowly turned auburn.

"Because," Blaise replied and walked off, leaving Harry leaning against the wall confused. Blaise smiled darkly and went off back to the dungeons.

"Well?" Draco asked as soon as Blaise walked in the door.

"He's like my slave," Blaise flopped on the bed, stretching out his legs the looked over at Draco. "Of course I'm a little…horny after the flawless seduction. He was too easy," Blaise slid his hand up Draco's leg.

"Sorry, gotta go get your own. I'm off to go play with my red headed toy, fuck that cute Ravenclaw that's been hanging around the common room," Draco kissed Blaise's lips then got off the bed.

"So that's it? You just waited for me to get back then leave. I should of just got it over with and fucked Potter," Blaise leaned back, Draco looked back over at the red head, feeling a slight gush of possession then dismissed it, he had Ron to conquer. Blaise wasn't going anywhere.

"If you really want to you can go back to him and 'get it over with' as you say," Draco said before leaving. Blaise rolled his eyes and got off Draco's bed and went over to the door, grabbing the knob, he suddenly stopped.

"Who's there?" Blaise said softly, he turned, looking around. He then pulled out his wand, scanning the room once more.

"Revealius," Blaise hissed, there was flicker of somebody next to Blaise's bed. He went over and reached out, catching on fabric and tugging. A sandy brown head popped out then angry eyes, Hermione.

"Granger," Blaise growled, she scowled.

"Zabini," she growled back.

"What are you doing here?" Blaise asked, a dangerous edge entering his voice. That's something else he learned over the summer, complete cruelness, he could fake it perfectly and sometimes it wasn't pretend.

"I was looking after my best friends after I saw Malfoy kiss Ron, I had to find out what your little game was," Hermione answered, Blaise tilted his head.

"So you did witness that, wish I could've seen that," Blaise said, slipping his wand away and putting the invisibility cloak over his arm.

"Well then, I think I now know what is going on. Malfoy is using Ron and you're after Harry. You're trying to get close to them, corrupt them, find their weak spots and destroy them," Hermione spit out.

"Hermione, Hermione, Hermione, you've got us all wrong, well Draco all wrong. He truly wants Ron, he excels at getting contacts and turning people into something useful," Blaise rolled his eyes at that. "I play my own game of course my goals are different from his. I don't exactly want Harry but whatever make's Draco happy. I just think of it as a good fuck," Blaise finished, Hermione tried slapping Blaise but he caught her wrist and smiled.

"I don't think so," Blaise pushed her back and she landed on the bed.

"What are you going to do to me?" Fear started to creep into Hermione's voice as Blaise pointed his wand at the door and mumbled a locking spell then turned back to Hermione and smiled.

"Nothing you won't like," Blaise flung the cloak on a chair and approached Hermione.


"Weasley?" Draco said as Ron passed him, Ron stopped and went back, seeing Draco in an unused classroom. The red head hesitated for a second then went in.

"I just want to know something," Ron said, walking forward, Draco tilted his head.

"And that would be?" Draco asked, smiling slightly.

"Why…why did you kiss me?" Ron asked, Draco's smile turned into a mischievous grin.

"I wanted know something," Draco replied, Ron frowned.

"That would be?" Ron demanded, Draco stood up from the chair in the corner and walked forward.

"To know if all red heads are fiery kissers," Draco grabbed Ron and kissed him hard on the lips. Draco then slammed Ron up against the wall and pressed up against him. Ron moaned into Draco's mouth. Draco then let his hands wander down Ron's body, his hand slipping into Ron's robes and down his pants. Ron gasped and wrapped his arms around Draco's neck. Draco then Pulled Ron over to the teacher's desk and helped him lay on the top. Draco then slowly undressed Ron and himself and finally spreading out over the red head.

"Draco…why are yo-" Ron started but Draco cut him off, kissing him harshly. Draco then kissed down Ron's body and stopped at his cock, taking the length in his mouth and sucking. Ron moaned and grabbed onto the sides of the desk as Draco licked and sucked up and down Ron's length. Soon Ron's orgasm burned across his senses, rushing over him and making him almost forget everything in his head. Draco swallowed and sat up then looked to Ron.

"Ron…I'm going to fuck you now," Draco announced almost darkly, Ron blinked, letting that sink into his head. He almost thought he might protest but something wasn't there to make him voice it. Maybe it was that side of him that liked feeling that fullness or maybe because he needed something beautiful wanting him again. Draco looked into Ron's eyes and smiled.

"You are terribly underestimated. You're beauty alone would be enough," Draco breathed then slowly slid his hand down and helped Ron turn over. Draco then slid his fingers down Ron's spine and into his hole. Ron shifted, feeling Draco's finger dig deeper and deeper into him then another finger was added and then another. Draco then slid his fingers out and shoved into Ron. The red head grunted, feeling the pain lance through his nerves, Draco waited for Ron to adjust to his length then slowly moved against Ron. Ron relaxed, feeling the pleasure start to build in him as the pain relaxed its hold. Soon Draco moaned and filled Ron, the silver blond then pulled out of the red head and got off the desk. He then grabbed his clothes and started dressing.

"So that's it then," Ron said, slowly sitting up and grabbing his own clothes, Draco looked up at him.

"Of course, you're mine now, don't forget that," Draco stood up and hungrily kissed Ron then pulled Ron's ripe lower lip between his teeth and bit down, hard. Ron cried out and pulled away from Draco, his hand flying up to cover his bleeding lower lip.

"Why'dja do that?" Ron demanded.

"Because you…are…mine," Draco said darkly then caressed Ron's cheek and left.


"What are you talking about? Why would I like anything you do?" Hermione pulled away from Blaise as he walked closer to the bed.

"Oh trust me, you'll like it," Blaise got on the bed and crawled toward Hermione. "Don't tell me you're not right now enjoying the fact that you, Hermione Granger a fifth year Gryffindor is in my bed," Blaise stopped right in front of Hermione.

"Well…" Hermione trailed off, looking away from Blaise's intense brown eyes; he smirked and suddenly grabbed Hermione and pulled her to him, kissing her soundly. She let out a surprised noise and pulled away from Blaise, staring up at him as he forcefully spread her out on his bed. Blaise then slowly trailed his hand up Hermione's leg, she suddenly started shaking and recoiled but Blaise held her from flying off the bed.

"Look, Hermione, calm down," Blaise said, holding her still then reached up and caressed her cheek softly, her eyes slowly looked up into Blaise's.

"I-I've never done anything like this before," Hermione admitted.

"That's okay, that's fine. Just go with it," Blaise said soothingly, slowly caressing Hermione's leg then going slowly higher and higher. He then leaned down and kissed her softly, his hand skipping lightly up her thigh and resting on her underwear. She shivered but didn't do anything more. Blaise then started undoing her robes and pulling then pulling them off. Underneath was a dark vest, white blouse and a black and red kilt. Blaise then pulled off her vest and pulled off his own robes. He then started in on the buttons on her blouse; he looked up at her. Her whole face seemed uncomfortable and nervous. He kissed her forehead then her nose and finally her mouth, plunging his tongue in. He then opened her blouse and looked down to inspect the usually totally disguised figure. She blushed slightly as he stared down on her; he smirked, deliberately letting his eyes wander over her breasts. She actually did have a nice figure, not as good as Cho or Pansy's but those two regularly showed off and worked on theirs. Hermione was through and through an academics girl but she was blessed with a good body. Blaise then pulled off her blouse and let it fall with her other discarded clothing and unhooked her bra then let that join her other clothes. He slid off her skirt and pulled her up and moved around behind her, letting her lean back into him. He then moved her hair aside and started kissing and sucking on her neck and collar bone, his hands going up to her breasts. She moaned and grasped his pant leg. Her knuckles going white as his hand traveled down to her underwear. He watched his hand disappear into her white undies; his lips firmly clamped on Hermione's neck. She moaned again, arching against him as he slipped a finger into her virgin hole. He let go of Hermione's neck and added another finger, her nails suddenly digged into his leg and he winced as he finally added another finger, she was hurting. He could see it from the stiffness in her body and the way her face was screwed up.

"It's alright, you just need to relax," Blaise murmured, shifting around, she flopped back and Blaise pulled off her underwear slowly. He then undressed and spread her legs. "This is going to hurt but then it'll feel really good. Just trust me," Blaise said soothingly, she nodded and Blaise slowly entered her. Feeling the barrier in her fall away as he buried in deeper. He then started moving against her, she started to make little sounds and arch up against him. He soon came inside of her and pulled out; she gave a little protesting noise but then turned on her side and curled up slightly.

"Told you, you'd like it," Blaise said pulling her to him and wrapping his arms around her. She looked over at him then back at the wall.

"Hermione, please," Blaise sat up, she turned to him. "This isn't anything bad," he reached forward and cupped her cheek. "Just get a pregnancy prevention spell from the library, hell you can even get a memory erasing charm and a restoring potion if you really didn't like it," Blaise trailed his hand down to her shoulder. She looked down then back up at Blaise then blushed.

"I liked it…just…you're," Hermione trailed off, Blaise sighed and got up and gathered her clothes up.

"A Slytherin, Blaise Zabini, the son of a suspected Death Eater and a pureblood. Right, not your idea of the guy you wanted to take your virginity," Blaise shoved her clothes at her.

"Well no, I-you," Hermione sighed, frustrated. Blaise shrugged.

"I guess then that this is essentially a one night stand," Blaise said, Hermione jerked her eyes up to look at Blaise, tears suddenly welled up in her usually sweet eyes and she looked down.

"You…don't mean that. I-" Hermione shook her head then started getting on her clothes.

"Hermione, there's a reason why I'm scorned by the Slytherin girls and loved by the Ravenclaws. Someday I might tell you that story but for now, just…don't tell anybody what we did. I don't want the whole of Slytherin after my blood," Blaise kneeled down in front of Hermione, she looked to him.

"What about Malfoy?" Hermione breathed, hurriedly wiping her eyes.

"Draco is different, he can fuck anyone he chooses and it wouldn't matter. He didn't-" Blaise broke off, not about to let Hermione in on everyone of his secrets.

"You better get going," Blaise helped Hermione to the door. She stopped just short of the open door and turned to Blaise.

"Just answer one question, truthfully and I won't bother you ever again," Hermione said, staring up at Blaise.

"Alright but just one question then never again can you ever ask me a single question," Blaise smirked, Hermione smiled slightly back.

"Why were you put into Slytherin, I mean you're not the type…" Hermione trailed off, Blaise looked away.

"Truthfully, I was put into Slytherin because it was the only thing that stopped my father from putting me in Durmstrang. I saw Hogwarts as my only way away from my father but I had to convince the hat that I was right enough to get into Slytherin. My ambitions weren't enough you see, sometimes…sometimes I truly believe I am evil," Blaise looked up at the ceiling then back at Hermione. "No more questions," Blaise gestured to the door, Hermione pecked Blaise on the lips before hurriedly walking out.


"Had a fun time?" Draco appeared in the doorway, Blaise frowned and turned away.

"I liked that answer but tell me Blaise, sometimes?" Draco walked forward and slid his hands down to rest over Blaise's cock. He had put on a pair of pants sometime during Hermione's dressing.

"When you're evil, you feel it all the time," Draco whispered in Blaise's ear, Blaise tore out of Draco's hold and went over to his bed.

"Did you do it?" Blaise said from his bed, the curtains were drawn, their hunter green thick velvet muffling his low voice.

"Of course, do I ever fail to conquer?" Draco sat down on his bed; Blaise opened his curtain to stare at Draco.

"You haven't conquered me," Blaise growled.

"Oh, yes I have. I haven't broken you though. You're too valuable to me the way you are," Draco pulled his silk covers back and looked over at Blaise.

"Oh, stop pouting, I already know you're thinking about leaving me behind forever. It won't happen, you want me too much and I still need you," Draco got up and walked over to Blaise and laid his hand on Blaise's cheek. The red head jerked away and retreated deeper into his bed, Draco followed him.

"I don't want you anymore," Blaise hissed, the darkness covering him. Draco's silver blonde hair made him visible to Blaise. Draco laughed and reached out, sliding his hand along the covers, searching for Blaise. Suddenly his hand snapped out and caught Blaise's wrist. He gasped and tried prying his wrist away from Draco's iron grip.

"You do to, do not deny it," Draco pulled Blaise to him, the red head tried struggling but it was no use.

"All you are is a spoiled brat," Blaise growled, straining against the blond, Draco growled and launched himself at Blaise, pinning him down.

"Brat? I thought you knew me, Blaise," Draco spit out, his face one inch from Blaise's.

"I know what you are capable of," Blaise replied, relaxing for the moment, Draco tilted his head.

"Then why are you doing this?" Draco demanded.

"Because I need to know if you'll actually do it," Blaise replied dangerously, his auburn eyes staring deep into Draco's soul.

"Do what?" Draco tightened his grip on Blaise's wrists, the red head cringed.

"Think," Blaise growled dangerously, returning to try and get Draco off him, Draco suddenly blinked.

"Do that? Blaise…I told you, I don't need you broken," Draco smiled evilly down on the red head.

"Who said that would break me? I'm just testing you and obviously, you failed," Blaise finally worked his legs up and kicked Draco off him and ran out the door. Draco sat on the edge of Blaise's bed and stared after the retreating dark red head.

Blaise ran as fast as he could, his mind racing faster then even his legs as he breezed past the common room and out of the dungeons. He ran up flight after flight of stairs until he was in one of the towers, far from Draco, far from any Slytherin. He finally made it to the top, the battlements stopping him from going over the edge. He panted, staring out on the Hogwarts grounds far below. He felt the cold, solid stone beneath his hands and felt the icy breeze whip over his skin. The wind lifted his long rust curls away from his face, they reached his chin, a little longer then Draco's locks but his were thicker. Blaise then let his brown eyes wander up to the stars above, his breathing calming down. He climbed up onto the battlements and leaned against the stone, one leg dangling above the far below ground the other tucked under his chin. He stared out onto the peaceful scenery, loosing himself in his ever-darkening thoughts. His ears then picked up the door swinging open and he slowly turned to glare at the intruder.


Owari…for now




Gothic Phoenix: Bwahaaahaah! That was awesome, totally awesome…

Tracy (My muse): Whatever…

Phoenix: What's that supposed to mean? Yeah, it's not perfect but then again nothing is perfect.

Tracy: That was not perfect.

Phoenix: I know that I was just pointing out that it was better then my last attempt at HP fanfics. Much better infact you couldn't compare the two.

Jasmine (my multi-colored dragon assistant): That sucked, it's improbable.

Phoenix: Improbable? You mean that Hermione would actually let Blaise do that…or?

Jasmine: Blaise is an underdeveloped character. He or she should stay that way.

Phoenix: Blaise just happens to be mostly my creation, so what? I was curious about him and so I developed him. Besides, JK Rowling didn't look like she was going to develop Blaise in the first place and he seemed a likely candidate to be in this fic.

Tracy: I think it was good.

Phoenix/Jasmine: be QUIET!

Phoenix: Look, you don't need to go off on me about Blaise, one of my friends already did that. I realize what I am doing and have noted your complaints. Besides, I want to finish this, I agree with Tracy, it is good.

Jasmine: Well we'll think what the other people think before you go jumping off into ego waters.

Phoenix: I wasn't going to. *Pouts*

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