Warning: Draco POV, incest

Speak Softly To Sleeping Demons

By spheeris1


How quiet the house seems without you here.

Without your voice caressing the dark wooden walls, without your pale and cold fingers flicking over tattered pages, without your eyes seeking out all the weakness inside of me.

How silence burns my ears. How silence only amplifies my heartbeat.

How my heart beats, so loud and so strong.

It echoes off the floor.

It resonates off the ceiling.

And the house seems dead without you.

And I seem dead without you.

You made me the man I am and you made me love you and you made me hate you and you made me fear you.


Where you saw porcelain, I saw air.

Where you saw a shining light, I saw ash.

Did you see inside me like you promised you could?

Could you see the darkness curl around my heart at your touch?

And how I trembled. How I shook.

I ripped sheets away from that bed and burned them. I tore velvet-soft duvets into shreds.

I let you inside of me

And you saw only yourself.


Love makes you warm.

Desire makes you hot.

Anger makes you cold.

Fear makes you…it makes you…..

And I run down the hallway. Into your room. Into your arms. Into your lips. Into your body.

And I feel all of the above.

My little boy heart beats with the blood you gave me.

And you left me broken, on your ivory sheets.


I let you inside

And you saw only yourself



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