Author's Notes: I did this fic before I found out Lupin's little secret.

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Snape's Healing Potion

By Malfoy


'Thank heavens,' my mind thanks Severus repeatedly as he sets down the smoking goblet.

I watch intently as Harry gives a hateful glare to Severus, quite the look I am expecting. Harry continues to stare down Severus as he explains to me the instructions of taking the potion.

"Thanks, again," I say as Severus leaves the classroom. I watch him leave, then my eyes travel back to Harry. He looks rather concerned about the contents of the goblet so I gently smile and explain what it is for. Although the reason I tell him is quite different from the real reason, he believes me.

"I've been feeling a bit under the weather, recently. So, Professor Snape made this potion for me since he strongly recommends it for these kinds of things," I explain. Oh, Severus recommending it is quite true. However, I am far from feeling any signs of sickness. Slight depression? Yes.

I suspect Draco Malfoy put an impotence potion in something of mine or done an impotence spell. How he got the ingredients for that type of potion or the words for that sort of spell is beyond me. But, the reason for his action is quite clear.

I know that Draco is a big fan of my lover, Severus Snape. I know that they're also lovers. How Draco knows Severus and I are together I'm not quite sure of. Perhaps Severus called him by my name once or he had seen us kiss somewhere in the hall or something.

Anyway, I learned through Severus that Draco is quite possessive. For that reason alone, Draco has decided to hate me and my class. Also for that reason, he made me impotent. I guess he hoped Severus would think he doesn't excite me anymore and leave me.

That didn't happen. Unfortunately, I learned of my little problem when Severus and I were about to make love in his dungeon the other night. Severus was quite surprised and so was I.

Fortunately, Severus almost immediately knew what was going on and decided to help fix the problem. I remember him hopping out of bed, nude and going over to one of his many bookshelves to look for a certain book.

"Ah, here we go, 'The Book of Potion Recipes for Sexual Healing,'" Severus joined me back in bed and opened the book. He turned the pages until he found the recipe he was looking for. "Ah, I'll need two mandrake roots, one hippogriff feather...," he began naming off the ingredients before I hushed him with a kiss.

I picked up the book and gently dropped it to the floor. Though I wasn't going to get much pleasure out of this, I decided not to let a good night go to waste for him.

I pleasured him with my mouth and hands before curling up beside him to go to sleep.

When I awoke the next morning, he was already gone and when I found him again, he was intently working on the potion.


As I drink the potion, Harry watches me as if thinking I'm going to die with each sip gone. Truthfully, it's the worst thing I've ever tasted, but I know it will work.

I listen to Harry explain how much Severus would love to have my job. I just kind of chuckle inwardly as I listen. I really don't think Severus would enjoy it. Lord knows how much he hates to deal with the miscellaneous creatures of this world. And, I know how much he likes to experiment with potions.

As I finish the last of the potion, I make a face at the goblet then set it down on the table. I can feel the effects of the potion starting to work and decide that it's a good time to send Harry on his way.

"Well, Harry, it's been great talking with you but I better get back to work. See you at the feast tonight," I say to him, hoping not to sound too eager for him to leave.

He says his good-byes then leaves the classroom. I lean back in my chair and sigh in relief. 'I wish that Severus were here now, I think as I feel my cock getting harder from the sexual images of Severus flooding my mind.

I unbutton my robe slowly, almost teasing myself. Then, I reach down to my pants and unbutton them then pull down the zipper. My hands push the fabric of my boxers down and I admire my erection.

"I've missed you," I say before wrapping a hand around my shaft.

"I missed you, too," I suddenly jump at the whispered voice in my ear. A chuckle shortly follows.

"Severus!" I say, surprised.

Severus stands behind me, his mouth close to my right ear. He allows a hand to move down the front of my shirt then wrap around my hand that's wrapped around my erection. He slowly starts moving my hand up and down my shaft. I shiver at the pleasure of the touch and the sight of this.

I close my eyes and lean my head back to rest on Severus' shoulder. He lowers his mouth to my neck and gently nips at my flesh. Severus pushes my shabby, patched-up robe off my shoulders and down my arms. Not really noticing, he's left me to masturbate for him.

I'm very thankful now that the children have gone to Hogsmeade for the day and I don't have any first or second year students today.

I sense Severus move around to face me and open my eyes whimpering at the sight of him undressing. My hand continues to stroke my erection.

Severus grins at me when he unbuttons his pants. He takes the hand I'm masturbating with and licks my fingers free of pre-cum. Severus lets go of that hand then reaches forward to loosen my tie and remove my clothing. Once I sit nude in my chair, Severus pulls me up and leads me to one of the students' tables.

"Sit on the table," he whispers in my ear and I follow his request.

He puts a hand in my light brown locks then leans forward to kiss my lips. His lips are so soft and gentle, though the way he treats his students sometimes may say differently. His tongue continually probes my mouth and explores every corner. As he pulls out of the kiss, he licks my upper lip slowly. He trails his tongue over my bottom lip, over my neck and down my chest.

His mouth stops at my belly button. He lays me back on the table and dips his tongue inside.. Severus blows a stream of cool air on the moistened, making me jump in pleasure.

"Severus, lower, please," I beg, getting a sly grin out of him as a response.

He leaves a trail of kisses down my lower stomach until I feel him brush a hand over the light brown curls that surround my cock. He gently nips at the flesh of my inner thighs and I spread my legs farther apart as he moves up to take my sacs into his mouth. I choke out a whimper of pleasure and allow my right hand to snake down my body to stroke my cock again. I can feel it throb with a need to explode with ecstacy.

Severus continues to graze his teeth along my sacs until I beg him to take me into his mouth.

His tongue then travels up the underside of my cock, sending a rough chill of pleasure through my body. I lift my head to see him take me completely into his mouth.

"Uhn," the incoherent word leaves my lips prompting Severus to continue.

I dig my fingers deeply in his ebony locks and arch my back at the sensation shooting up my spine. He holds my hips in place then begins moving his mouth slowly up and down my hardened flesh.

One of my hands travels from his hair and back up my body, accidently brushing against a hardened nipple and causing me to cry out at the wonderful sensation that attacks my groin. Severus continually moves his mouth up and down my erection only pausing to twirl his tongue around the head. My hand quickly moves up my body and I bite my index finger's knuckle to keep from screaming out in pleasure.

I feel my hips jerk up suddenly, letting us both know I'm about to climax. Severus then takes one hand off my hips and lowers it to rub against my entrance. That's all it takes for me to cry out in ecstacy. I release my seed into his mouth. I watch Severus swallow it all then look up at me, grinning.

Without giving myself time to bring my heart rate down a few beats, I sit up and pull Severus into a breath-taking kiss. My hands move quickly to push down his pants and boxers. He then pulls me off the table and continues to kiss my lips.

I place my hands on his chest and gently begin to play with his nipples. My mouth shortly follows suit. My lips wrap around his left nipple and my tongue playfully flicks back and forth over it. I hear him gasp loudly when I bite down on it.

Severus suddenly grabs my shoulders and turns me around, forcing me to separate from him.

He pushes me forward a little and I put my hands on the table, raising my ass in the air. Severus runs a hand down my spine and over my ass then moves his fingers to my entrance, causing me to spread my legs farther apart.

Next thing I know, his tongue rubs over my entrance followed by a finger entering me. His finger probes my entrance and his tongue trails up my back as he moves up my body.

"Where is it?" He whispers into my ear.

I point to the desk. "Bottom drawer, in the back," I reply then whimper at the sudden absence of his fingers.

I barely hear him rummaging through my desk over my heavy breathing, but I do notice when he returns to me. I let out a moan when he puts his slick fingers back inside me. Severus thrusts his fingers into me over and over again, stretching my inner walls.

Then, he pulls out and I whimper slightly but am granted pleasure again when he thrusts his cock deep inside of me with a low, long moan. I bury my head in my arms; the immense pleasure running through my body is almost too much to take.

He thrusts in and out of me slowly until I beg him to move faster. Both of us moan with each thrust. Within minutes I can feel myself ready to come again.

"Se-ve-rus," I say his name, each syllable separated by a thrust in, "I... I...," I'm cut off by my own muffled scream as I come over the table.

The feeling is heightened by the sound of a low growl then the feeling of being filled with Severus' seed. He leans over me and I turn my head to him and kiss his lips.

"I think I love you," the words escape before I realize what I'm saying.

Severus just looks at me and grins, "Don't go that far, yet, Remus." He kisses my forehead before pulling out of me.

I chuckle, not feeling hurt or rejected by his words. I stand up and go over to my desk to grab my wand. I wave it and immediately, the area of our love making returns to the way it was before.

We dress ourselves in silence. As he's ready to leave, he kisses my lips.

"Happy Halloween," he says with a smug grin on his face then leaves the room.

I sit down behind my desk, "Happy Halloween to you, too," I sigh into the air before going back to work.

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