Safe House

Chapter 1

By Moonstone_mystyk


Harry was sitting on his bed, in his bedroom at number four Privet Drive. His Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon, and his cousin Dudley had gone shopping to replace Dudley’s computer that he had thrown down the steps. He was looking at on of several copies of Playwitch (the wizarding equivalent of Playgirl) he had gotten from Hermione and Ginny.

Ginny had taken Harry’s announcement that he was gay better than Ron and Hermione. She had become his best ‘girlfriend’ and tried to convince him to let her set him up. Harry had decided that he would keep the information of his sexuality to himself at school. He didn’t need every bloke fourth year and up trying to relieve him of the burden of his virginity. Ron still hadn’t come around, he kept sending Harry notes that said stuff like ‘You’re Harry-Bloody-Potter, how can you be gay?’. The rest of the Weasleys had been very understanding, he had received letters from Fred and George offering their services, and welcoming him to their world.

Mrs. Weasley had been slightly disappointed that he wouldn’t be marrying Ginny, but she had pointed out to her mother that Fred and George were gay so she could still hope to have Harry as her son-in-law. Mr. Weasley had sent him a short note from Egypt, where he and most of the family were visiting bill, asking if he was alright and reminding him to owl someone if he needed anything or if the ‘muggles’ were treating him badly. Remus Lupin had been the biggest surprise, when Harry had sent him the owl with his announcement, he hadn’t expected a reply. Instead of an owl, Remus had come to the Dursley’s and spent the day with him.

He had told Harry about his relationship with Sirius, and gave him information about sex. Harry had come back to Privet Drive that day feeling much more comfortable with his sexuality. That had been two weeks ago, and tomorrow was his seventeenth birthday.

He was just about to unzip his pants and take care of his raging hard-on when he heard it. A loud whistling filled the air, and he could feel the magic that surrounded the house, it seemed like it was being squeezed. He jumped up from the bed and ran to the window. The house was surrounded by black cloaked figures in white masks, each pointing a wand at the house, Death Eaters.

He threw his things into his trunk, grabbing the small bag of special floo powder that Remus had given him, shut the trunk, and pulled it down the stairs and into the living room. He threw a handful of the glittering powder into the empty, unlit fireplace. Instantly, red flames jumped to life in the cold grate, Harry pulled his trunk into the flames with him and shouted, “Emergency!” Before he even had a chance to take a breath, he was spinning, not knowing his destination. The powder had been created by Professor Dumbledore, it sent Harry to someone he knew, but it wasn’t random. There was a spell on the powder that would seek out the safest destination and then shut down the floo connection for travel. Wherever he was sent could use the floo for communication only, until Dumbledore thought that it was safe to get him.

After spinning for several minutes, Harry fell out of the fireplace and into a small, dark room. Before he could pick himself up from the floor, there was a wand pointing in his face. “Who are you and what are you doing here in the middle of the night?” a voice asked.

“I’m Harry, and I had to use my emergency floo powder because there were Death Eaters,” he answered.

“Lumos,” croaked the voice. “Bloody hell, Harry, you scared me.”

Harry looked up and saw Charlie Weasley grinning down at him.

“Charlie!” Harry said, and then he dropped his head. “I guess you’ve heard.”

Charlie reached down to help him up, “I’m not quite sure what you’re talking about Harry,” he told the boy as he pulled him up from the floor.

“That I’m gay,” he said.

Charlie laughed, “Oh that.” He waved his wand at the stove and a kettle began whistling. “I’ll make us some tea, and we’ll talk.”

Harry brushed off his clothes and pulled his trunk away from the fireplace. A few minutes later they were sitting at the table with steaming cups of tea in front of them.

“Don’t look so worried, Harry. I’m not going to act like Ron,” Charlie said. “It would be pretty hypocritical of me, considering my preferences.”

Harry looked at the older man, not quite understanding.

Charlie laughed at the look of bewilderment on Harry’s face. “I’m bi-sexual Harry.”

Realization dawned in Harry’s eyes.

“Guys, girls, doesn’t matter to me,” he smiled at the dark haired young man. “So have Fred and George started hitting on you yet?”

Harry laughed, “As soon as they found out.” The two sat in companionable silence and finished their tea.

“Come on Harry, I have a chair in my room that I can transfigure into a bed for you,” he said, leading him to one of the doors in the room. “I’ll fire call Dumbledore in the morning and tell him where you landed.”

“Where exactly am I?” Harry asked.

Charlie patted him on the back, “At a dragon sanctuary in Romania. You’ll be staying in one of the safest places in the world.” Charlie smiled at him, “No one in their right mind would try to get into this place.”

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