Author's Notes: AU, and slash.  Draco/Harry, Lucius/Draco (non-consensual), bits of Harry/Sirius, nad OC/OC.  Many parts of this are HEAVILY influenced by the anime/manga ‘Angel Sanctuary’ by Kaori Yuki.  I do not own it, nor do I own Harry Potter & company.  The song ‘Revolution Man’ and the lyrics included here are the property of Union Underground etc.  Please give me some feedback on this one, constructive criticism is a beautiful thing.

Revolution Man

Part 1

By Darkangel Rose


One more time and you’ll be dead
Least, I think that’s what they said
Oh, no...
Forty days won’t break a man
It was a bullet in his head
Oh, no...

~ Sometimes there are things much worse than pain. ~

The boy’s eyes closed bitterly as those words floated across his mind, blurred with the half-formed thoughts and his pulsing red hatred.  He swallowed a bit of the blood pooling in his mouth from his chewed-up lips, willing himself to black out, or die, praying also for someone to finally come to rescue him like he knew they never would.

~ Why do you not scream? ~

The voice entered his mind without preamble, ringing through his head in a strangely unsettling way.  He tried to ignore it, imploring every deity he could think of that he was finally loosing his mind, that he would finally be able to escape this all.  But the reality remained, as harsh as ever.  He could not deny it, could not ignore the hot breath on the back of his neck and the stabbing sensations penetrating deep into his core, burning like a spike of hot steel.

~ Why do you not run from this place, if you are so abused? ~

The voice sounded distinctly old-fashioned, and profoundly puzzled.  Draco hung his head a bit lower, the tips of his silver hair brushing against the blood-red sheets.  His eyes were shut tight, blocking out the world, though he could not blot out the sound of the panting above him: nor the feeling of his father’s teeth piercing the vulnerable skin at the curve of his neck.

~ Go away! ~ Draco thought, hoping the voice could hear him and would leave, ~ This is none of your business ~

~ It is ~ the voice insisted, ~ Why do you not scream?  Is it that you wish for your own father to violate you? ~

~ No! ~ Draco snapped ~ What do you think? But this is just the way it is... ~

~ Idiocy.  Who cares how it is? ~

Draco’s wrists were growing red and raw from the cold handcuffs biting into them.  He suppressed a whimper as his father came inside him, disgusted at the well-known feeling of his father’s seed staining him from the inside out.

~ I could make you a deal ~ the voice implored ~ You would never have to put up with this again ~

Draco was about to tell that mysterious voice just where it should shove its deal before he stopped himself.  After all, he didn’t have that much to loose.  Maybe this was the precious insanity he had been awaiting.

~ What? ~ His young mind-voice was tentative

~ I need a body ~ the voice said ~ with which to carry out my mission ~

~ ... mission? ~ Draco interrupted ~ What mission? ~

At this he felt the most bizarre sensation as the voice growled inside his head, ~ It is not your place to ask such questions, human.  Do you accept?  If I may have the use of your body, I will grant you any wish you may have ~

Draco considered this.  The offer was very tempting ... but he was afraid to consent to such a thing.

~ What will happen to me while you are ... er ... using my body for your top-secret mission? ~

~ You won’t die, human child, do not worry.  You will watch.  I will control what the being people think is Draco Malfoy will say and do ... but you will be aware of everything.  You will be separate from my entity, thinking your own thoughts and feeling your own emotions.  But you will only be able to watch, until my mission is complete.  Understood? ~

Draco being young and rather eager to escape his present situation nodded, before realizing the being could not see him, ~ Yes, go ahead ~ he answered, and the last thing he saw before the light consumed him was a bright celestial figure with 7 midnight black angel wings.


Something in the -
Something in the way
The way - you were...
So wrong, my friend,
Revolution -
Revolution man,
Imagine all the people...

~ I want nothing ~ a boy’s voice rose from beneath a lake of infinitely black water.  The perfect mirror rippled as a liquid silver tear hit it with a small plunk.  Draco tapped his foot against the surface, but it did not budge.  It felt as a glass wall would, only freezing upon his small, bare feet and shining ... plus it seemed to thrum with a hidden energy.  He was standing with his feet directly upon the water’s surface, looking down at his ‘reflection’.  The reflection, though, was of someone altogether different than himself.  An angel – or a devil, he wasn’t quite sure anymore, with long flaxen hair.  From his back there sprouted 7 great angel wings, with feather darker than midnight.  His eyes were the colour of steel.

~ Are you sure? ~ the being asked.

~ I wish only that no one is hurt ~

~ Why? ~

Draco looked down, or up, at the being, trying to understand how to explain ~ You can’t understand, much.  You aren’t human, I’ve gotten that.  But what are you? ~

~ Nosy mortal... ~ the being murmured, ~ I have no reason to answer that question ~

Draco put on a fake pout, ~ Oh but I wish you could! ~ he whined, making sure to put extra emphasis on the word ‘wish’.  The being sighed heavily, the most human gesture it had executed yet.

~ My name is Artificial Seraph Ezekiel ~ he answered ~ I was not created an angel, but I was made this way.  The one who made it possible for me to Ascend, to become an angel, was an angel named Jericho.  He was a high being in Heaven, until he was betrayed and ruined by the hand of God for his rebelliousness.  Because he created me.  He has been condemned to a thousand million mortal lives of eternal suffering.  He is reborn again and again, and each time I find him, and try to make the pain a little less. ~

~ Is that your mission? ~ Draco asked, entranced by the story.  He could not understand why the man would be so devoted to a single soul unless...

~ Yes ~ Ezekiel said quickly ~ That is my mission.  Every lifetime he is born into the worst of situations.  Often the preferred form of torture seems to be forbidden loves.  I must be there to make sure he isn’t torn apart too much. ~

~ You must love him very much ~ Draco said, looking away from the enormous pain he saw in the angel’s ethereal eyes.  He heard another tear fall, but he was sure it was not his this time.  The silence said more than words ever could.

~ You do understand me, then.  I love everyone very much, and I don’t want any of them to be hurt. ~

Ezekiel nodded, ~ Your father is coming back ~ he announced, ~ are you ready to begin your new life? ~

Draco braced himself, before giving the faintest of nods.  Whatever he was getting himself into, it was too late to go back now.  He just hoped he would not regret it later.

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