Saw this at rushlight75's LJ, and thought it was interesting:

'Write a snippet, drabble or ficlet based on your current default icon. No changing it! The one that's default as you read this. Just write it as it comes: no beta-reading or mulling over. Any fandom or no fandom at all, doesn't even have to match the fandom of your icon, just the general theme/feel/caption/etc. of it.'

Rendevous After Midnight

By Redrum


Harry moaned when Severus unclasped his jeans, drawing the zipper down with his teeth. Tipping his head back against the wall, Harry sighed in the near darkness --his eyes having long since gotten used to the dark after walking the halls to meet Severus here.

He gasped when Severus brought his prick out while he shoved his large nose into Harry's pubes, inhaling deeply like he was testing a new potion. He brought his head back and licked the slit where a drop of pre-come was beading. Harry moaned, bringing his head down to his chest, unable to keep it up. Severus wrapped his lips around the mushroom-shaped tip and sucked, curling his tongue around the bottom; making sure to stroke the rigid veins there.


Suddenly the sensations all stopped.

"Shh. Did you hear that?" Severus whispered, standing up and turning around fluidly, his wand already out with Lumos glowing at the tip.

Another sound echoed down the hallway, sounding suspiciously like the padding of feet. Or paws. Harry frowned. "What was --mmmpf!" he was silenced by a tongue being shoved down his throat and the light going out again.

He moaned into Severus' mouth as he tasted himself on the man's tongue and the large nose nudged the soft flesh beside his own nose. His lover backed off with a quiet wet-smacking sound and whispered, "We'll continue this in detention tomorrow Potter."

"Yes sir," Harry responded, grinning in anticipation. Harry could just make out the Potion Master's form as the elder backed away and whipped around to walk down the hallway toward the dungeons and his private chambers; his long robes billowing behind him quite effectively, even in the dark.

Harry smiled while swooping down to grab his Invisibility Cloak. Wrapping it around his slim frame dwarfed by the well-worn, hand-me-down clothes, Harry hummed softly on his trip back to the Gryffindor tower.


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