Author's Notes: Another Harry Potter fic ^_^ Kind of like my other one where Harry is troubled. I always love reading and writing stories where Harry is depressed. Though I love just about any kind of DracoxHarry story ^_^ Unless of course they don't end up together. :) Anyway, tell me what you think of this one. I usually write in first person, so it would be of great help to me if you tell me you thoughts on this one. ^^

Protection Against the Nightmares

By Redrum


Pain, chains, whips, blood, screams, pain...

Woman bound by shackles, screaming in anguish as blood pools around them. Magical finger shaped bruises appear on intimate parts. Men bound to crosses (a cruel reminder to lost faith), as enchanted whips lash at them, blood oozing from cuts. Silent tears escaping even the most masculine of them. Children standing off to the side, watching. Tears streaming down their faces as they watch helplessly, stupefyed to the spot. Everyone in the cold dungeon is shivering with fright, pain and lost hope. They'll never escape from the dungeon. The only way to go is a long and horrible death. And the only one who seems to be enjoying all the suffering around him, Lord Voldemort.


Harry shot out of bed, tears streaming down his face. Wrapping his skinny arms around his bent legs he whimpers quietly. Trying not to remember the dream, the nightmare. It's the shame every night, the only thing that seems to change are the amount of people being punished (probably because their slowly dying off) for a crime they didn't commit. Unless innocence is a crime..

He tries not to feel the searing pain in his forehead, tries not to wake up his lover who is curled beside him in sleep. None the less, his lover wakes up. Seeing the look on the boy's face he says nothing. Wrapping his arms around Harry he tries to offer the boy all the strength he posses. Trying to comfort him he rubs the boy's back soothingly, he does not whisper meaningless words.

"When will it stop? It's to much... help me Draco. Please." Harry's voice trembles, his body shaking he tries to seek protection in his lover's arms.

"It will stop when he is dead, you know that. Until then theirs nothing you can do. You have to fight him Harry. When you finally face him for the last time you have to be strong, you can't let these nightmares cloud you vision. You have to be strong. And if you ever feel like your not strong enough, just use my powers. Our bond will help you in the end."

Harry's crying subsided as he was gently rocked by his lover. Draco laid them back on the bed and kissed Harry on his head. Raven hair tickling his nose as he whispers to Harry, who was starting to drift off into a deep and peaceful sleep in his blond lover's arms.

"I love you. And I'll always be here for you. We'll beet him in the end Harry, you and I. We'll finish him for good. And maybe then, we'll finally live peacefully. Away from the nightmares, away from the pain. I'll love you forever, Harry Potter." Draco sighed contently and drifted off into an undisturbed sleep.

"I love you too Draco Potter. I'll love you till the end and more."

The two slipped off into a peaceful sleep. Even the screams and blood shed from Voldemort's victims could not reach them, as they lay in each others warm embrace. At peace for the time being.

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