Another Harry Potter fic ^_^ I may continue this, since I did leave an open end. But I fear that if I do it'll end up looking like all the other fics where Draco saves Harry from his nightmares and stuff, though I really (really) want to do a fic like that. Oh well *le sigh* Tell me what you think of this please :)

Disclaimer: J.K Rowling owns Harry Potter and The Malfoy :)

A New Shade of Green

By Redrum


To the naked eye he looked happy. Grinning from ear to ear, talking excitedly to his two friends, and a certain aura around him radiated happiness.

But to the trained watcher (a very fine one I do say so myself) his shoulders were slumped, as though the weight of the world was resting on them (which it probably was). His jet-black hair was in more disarray then usual (which is saying a lot!), his eyes held luggage, probably not a wink of sleep all year. His skin was paler then before, his thoughts must be stuck in the past and any sleep he does get lets him see Voldemort's new 'victims', I'm sure it's not a lovely site.

But his emerald eyes were what stood out to me the most. I'm quite surprised his two closest 'friends' haven't noticed the slight drop to his eyelids, the tinge of redness around them (too many nights spent crying?). And the spark that I had always admired him for (the one he had no matter what bad things could become of him), along with many others was gone. Instead his eyes were glassy (maybe trying not to cry in front of everyone and live up to his expectations), and they were a darker shade of green. A sickly shade.

I'm ashamed that his friends wouldn't notice this, why me of all people? Why did I have to notice that he seemed depressed. Well... it's to late now. I've already seen it, and I know his 'friends' aren't going to do anything about it. Malfoy's never back down from a challenge, and this was one hell of a challenge. One I definitely wanted to conquer, and I really wanted the prize that comes along with it. I'll win, I know I will.

I'll be the one to lift his shoulders when the world gets to heavy.
I'll be the one to care for him when no one else can see.
I'll be the one to hold him when nightmares plague his mind.
I'll be the one to restore those beautiful emerald orbs.

All he has to do is,
trust me
be with me
love me.
And I'll love him in return.

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