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A/N: Just something that grew from an idea in my head about one of the famous sayings.

Never The Same Spot Twice

By Redrum


They say lightning never strikes the same place twice. Can the same be said for other things as well? Other things that are just as electrifying, if not more dangerous?

Your kisses rain down on me, they drown me in their ever consuming love. You take away my breath until I think it will be my last. You fondle me with tenderness. Your smooth hands flow over my body with the grace of a true pianist. Your breath takes away my own, it ghosts over my naked flesh. Your hips grind into mine like a rolling wave. Your lithe body pushes down on me with every other thrust. My tan skin melds with your own pale. Your slate grey eyes weave over my flesh like the water weaves in and out of the rocks. Your teeth leave marks on my skin that soon vanishes like water cascading over sand, taking away any trace of life. Your groans sound like claps of thunder, the closer they are together the closer your climax will release itself into me. Your sweat pours down your skin, landing on my own heated flesh. Your hands grip me tightly, leaving bruises that will be cleverly hidden the next day.

Your sweet essence gushes out of you and into my own deep passage. You stop thrusting and land with a thud against my chest, my own climax having already taken place not long ago. You are at peace with yourself and me in these moments of silence. Silence that is comfortable yet not. Your grey eyes loss the slightly clouded look and soon look like the thunderous clouds outside. You place kisses upon my exposed flesh. Your kisses are hard, urgent, passionate and loving all at the same time. You leave trails of saliva in their wake. You never kiss the same spot twice. My lips are the only thing to have had your continues kisses. My body is exposed as your silk lips press down on me. I let them rain down on me. A shiver passes through me when a large flash lights up the room. You stop suddenly, and move beside me to hold my body in your arms tenderly. The raging thunderstorm outside does not quiet. It does not silence itself for anyone, not until it deems itself ready for the silence of the night.

They say lightning never hits the same spot twice. So far it has been proven correct. Or maybe their not looking in the right spots when the lightning does hit. The eyes can play tricks on you. But I am afraid that it may be true. And if my fears are correct, then your kisses will soon leave me. For you will no longer have any virgin skin left to kiss that you have not done so already. Will you go against what they say? Or will you act like the storm outside and deem when you are ready to stop kissing me, when you think you are ready for the loneliness. When you think you have tortured me enough with your false love, when you are completely satisfied at the amount of salt I spill. The amount of salt you taste on my lips continuously. The salty tears only you can produce. The tears only that kind of thunderous storm can create. Your slate grey eyes will be done with looking into my own emeralds. Your lightning fast kisses will soon bore with my forest. For they say you are not to play in the forest when lightning lights up the skies. But when have you ever done what they said?

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