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'Write a snippet, drabble or ficlet based on your current default icon. No changing it! The one that's default as you read this. Just write it as it comes: no beta-reading or mulling over. Any fandom or no fandom at all, doesn't even have to match the fandom of your icon, just the general theme/feel/caption/etc. of it.'

Marking Territory

By Courtni


"My lord," the short and truly ugly creature crouched on the ground in front of the man who claimed to be a lord and kissed the hem of his robes.

"You better have good news for me wormtail," the voice was cold, laced with pure evil.

"My lord I can give you the location of James and Lily Potter."

The man smiled a smile that would make any human being shudder at the sight of it, what he planned to do to the Potter's would be much worse than any other death he had committed so far.

That night, after getting a Death Eater to make sure all three of the Potters were home, Voldemort apparated to the house they were staying in.

"James, James Potter," it was Dumbledore in the fire.

After closing the curtain to the lightning James Potter dropped to the fire and said, "Dumbledore! So great to-"

"James, he knows where you are, you must run! Run now before it's too late!"

The look in James' eyes was that of pure terror. "Lily!" he screamed and ran to find his wife and son.

Voldemort approached the house step by step, making nothing but utter silence as he glided over the wet grass towards the only ones who were holding him back.

"Lily, listen to me, you have to get Harry out of here," he put the boy into her arms, "he's coming Lily, Voldemort has found us."

Lily gasped in fear and grabbed baby Harry in her arms.

The door flew open, a dark shadow stood in the jamb.

"RUN!" James screamed to his wife.

Lily squeezed Harry and bolted up the stairs as fast as she possibly could.

"If you want them you will have to go through me first," James said through clenched teeth.

"Very well," said the cold voice as the dark lord edged closer, "Crucio!"

James Potter screamed and fell to the floor in pain, back arching the wrong way and arms flung back behind him.

Voldemort walked closer as he continued to administer the curse then grabbed James by the chest and let his wand hand drop back to his side.

James went limp, being held up only by Voldemort who pulled him to his feet.

"So you are the famous James Potter? Pathetic if you ask me," Voldemort flung James across the room with one swift movement.

He hit the wall with a bone breaking ‘crack' and fell to the floor.

Lily locked herself in her child's room and fumbled, trying to find her wand.

Voldemort picked James up with ease and pressed his back against the wall. "You can end this right now James, you have all the power here, all you have to do," he pressed his body against James', "is use it."

James felt cold fingers touching his cheeks sending spine-chilling shocks up his back.

Voldemort leant forward and pressed his lips to James' hard and held it for five seconds before pulling back, "just become one of my faithful followers."

James opened his eyes and looked straight into Voldemort's eyes, "over my dead body you slimy, sleazy fuck ball."

"As you wish," the voice was cold and harsh, he grabbed the front of James's shirt and flung him across the room again, making him run into a brick wall with an ‘oomph.'


Again James' body was bent at the completely wrong angles as pain surged through his body.

Once again Voldemort picked James up but this time pressed his front into the brick wall, is face rubbing harshly up against the sharp corners.

"It's much easier to give in James and become one of mine and rule the world," Voldemort pressed himself into James again, this time though pressing his hard prick into James' backside.

James remembered the pleasure a man can bring into another man's life but would not hand himself over to the Death Eaters so easily. "No way in hell."

Voldemort pressed James into the wall harder, leaning in to whisper into his ear, "make no mistake, when I have killed you, I am going to fuck the shit out of you, but I'm going to do it to your wife while she's still alive."

Tears swelled in James' eyes as once again he suffered the Cruciatus curse once more, but not for the pain he was enduring, for his wife and what she would no doubt be enduring in a moments time.

Voldemort stopped the curse to perform another.

The last thing James Potter saw before he died was a flash of green light.

As he said he would, Voldemort pulled James' pants down and leant him over the arm of the couch, parting the front of his robes, he pulled his dick out and shoved it into the inner most depths of the man.

Again and again he thrust as hard as he could, nearly bruising his balls on the corpse. Voldemort came inside James satisfyingly marking his territory.

The dark lord did up his robes and looked upstairs before heading straight to Harry's room.

Lily had put the baby in the crib as she looked for her wand.

"I know I left it in here," tears were rolling down her cheeks, downstairs was now completely quiet, which meant Voldemort was not far away.

The dark lord burst through the door and wasted no time in throwing the Cruciatus curse on Lily.

The young mother dropped to the ground in pain and screamed at the top of her lungs.

He stopped the curse only to scream, "Imperio!"

Under the influence, Lily started stripping off, although her eyes clearly displayed the fear she was in.

Voldemort undid the front of is robes again showing another hard on.

Lily tried with all her might to fight the curse but he was too strong.

He jumped onto the woman on the floor in front of him and kissed her hard on the lips, "so pretty, such a shame what I have to do to you," he licked her neck and breasts before jamming his dick into her as hard as he possibly could.

Lily exhaled quickly in shock.

Holding her legs he fucked her harder and harder, feeling the pleasure as his cock continued to pulsate.

Lily unwillingly started to moan in orgasm as he continuously hit her cervix with the tip of his dick but continued to fight on the inside and it was working, her arms started hitting him on the back as he raped her.

Voldemort bit down on her shoulder hard to stop her as he continued thrusting.

Lily screamed out more in self-control than orgasm before Voldemort came inside her, again marking his territory.

When Lily felt the warm liquid squirt out inside her, she couldn't help but throw up on the bastard.

He jumped to his feet and looked down at himself. "You bitch, crucio!"

Shockwaves of pain shot through her as she lay on the floor.

"Now," he dropped his hand and held it to Harry, "You will watch your son die."

Lily saw everything happen in slow motion, Voldemort lifted his wand, pointed it at Harry, that's when she jumped.

"Harry!" she screamed as she threw herself in front of the Avada Kedavra curse and fell to the ground dead.

"Foolish woman," Voldemort approached Harry in his crib, "your mother was a slut Harry, and your father was just as bad, you are no better."

Baby Harry looked up at the creature with his innocent eyes.

"Avada Kedavra," the cold voice drawled.

A blinding flash of light spread through the room.

Harry looked up, and the dark lord was gone.

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