Rating: PG-13

WIP: Split Personality

Classification: Lime

Warning: Disturbing Language

Pairing: H/D

Authors Notes: This is the first fic that I wrote but my second posted…but even then, I still have an excuse if it sucks…*evil laughter*…Please(!) give feedback! Me is needing it!!!! Thanks.

Summary: Draco makes a potion and it turns out to be something else…

Love Square

Chapter 2 - Malfoy

By ab101


Harry knew that what he had done that day had affected his and Ron’s friendship greatly. He knew that he had just broken the, what he thought, unbreakable thread that kept them together. He knew he had ended one thing that played a major, major role in his life, something he had since he was eleven, something that could not be replaced by anything; not even by Hermione.

The next day Harry woke up in his four-poster bed, he wondered why he felt so miserable when the memory of what happened the day before came back to him. He groaned. He put on his robes, he was about to say, “C’mon, Ron,” as he did everyday, when he remembered he had ended their friendship already.

Harry went to the Great Hall with a heavy heart. He was not used to walking alone to the Great Hall and since Hermione always woke up before he did, he was forced to go alone. It was a while before he noticed Ron walking just a foot behind him.

“Hey, Weasley,” Harry said to Ron.

Ron looked up, he looked as usual, red hair, freckles here and there, but there was something missing, something that was small but mattered a lot. There were only coldness, bitterness and disgust in Ron’s eyes, there was no warmth as it usually appeared there.

“Oh, back on speaking terms with me, are you?” he said coldly.

“Oh, don’t worry, Weasley, that was a one time thing. Besides I’m considerate enough to stay away from you so that you won’t catch my infectious ‘cheating disease’. And anyway, I’m sure that you’re really happy, not having any friends from your house, mm?” Harry said, with coldness to match Ron’s.

“Just proves my point, you do have a fucking disease, only it’s not cheating, it has something to do with your brain,” he mumbled, but Harry heard him. He grabbed Ron by the arm and pulled him to face the very angry looking Harry.

“What did you say?” Harry said quietly but with a deadly tone in his voice.

“I said,” Ron was almost shouting, but he was not looking at Harry. “What you just said proves my point. It proves that you really did cheat and that you have brain damage…” he hesitated. “Potter.”

“Really?” Harry said with sarcasm. “You were my bestfriend for four years and a half, Weasley. I know you have some brains in you to find out that what I just said is something normal people call ‘a sarcastic remark’.”

“Say that again and I’ll knock you off —”

“Your broom?” Harry said with a smirk.

“No, idiot.” Ron said coldly. “I’ll knock you off your backside.”

“Over my dead body.” Harry said, glaring at Ron.

“That can be arranged,” Ron grabbed his wand and pointed it at Harry.

“Expelliar —” but Ron was cut short by a bushy haired someone coming their way.

Hermione glared at Ron. Ron turned pink. Hermione raised an eyebrow and stared at Ron for about two seconds she then took Harry’s hand in hers and pulled him into the Great Hall.

Ron looked at them, first at their heads. Harry looked confused and Hermione looked beautiful. Wait a minute! Ron thought. Beautiful?! He shook his head. He looked down and then he saw something that made his jaw drop. ‘Harry’s hand . . . in . . . in Hermione’s!’ Ron took a step back, unable to register this fact in his mind. He turned scarlet and ran off; he knocked a few people down but didn’t stop. He felt tears in his eyes. ‘Harry and . . . . and Hermione.’ He thought. “No,” he told himself. “They can’t be . . . . Can they?” he thought while he was running toward the common room.

He finally got there. He went to the boy’s dormitories and stuffed his head in his pillow, unable to keep tears back, he cried in the dormitories until he fell asleep. He woke up realizing something he hadn’t before, it was quite stupid considering the way he acted toward what he saw.

“HOLY CRAP!” he shouted, he stood up. “I’m . . . I’m in love with . . . with Hermione Granger.” He hit himself in the forehead which caused him to fall back onto his bed. “I . . . . I can’t be . . . in love . . . with . . . with her.”

Ron’s day did not improve. No one wanted to be with him or even stand his presence anymore. He felt unwanted and friendless, which in fact reminded him that he was. For the first time in his life he wanted to be under the shadows of The Famous Harry Potter; at least there he was safe and he had friends. Now, Ron had no friends, and knowing this made it hard to accept the truth.

He felt so helpless, it reminded him of their fourth year, when he was jealous of Harry’s fame of being a Triwizard Champion. Now, he was also not friends with Harry, but more than that. When he and Harry fought in their fourth year, they had just avoided each other, but now. . . .

Now he had to suffer Harry’s torments, like the one in the Great Hall. It reminded him of someone he knew and disliked, someone who judged people by their families, that someone was Draco Malfoy.

Yes, Draco, for Ron, had always and will forever be the root of all evil in Hogwarts. Considering the fact that he’s a Slytherin, he was a snob, selfish, spoiled, a rat and an all time git.

Ron wanted to be friends with Harry. Not, just Harry, but Hermione too. More than ever now, he wanted to be back at Harry’s side, he wanted to be friends with Harry. Yes, he might have changed his mood at the very last second, but after thinking about the consequences, he came to the conclusion that if were to be Harry’s friend again, he would have his friends back again. If he made Harry suffer, on the other hand, he’d have no friends and probably be sent to Azkaban. So, it was no competition, Ron needed to be friends with Harry (and fast). But how? As of that, Ron had no idea.

He made a grab for his schedule, suddenly realizing that he didn’t know where to go next; it had always been Hermione who had been dragging him and Harry to where ever.

“Oh great, there’s something to look forward to,” Ron said sarcastically to himself. “Double Potions,” He moved his eyes downward, and added with a sigh, “with the Slytherins.”

Suddenly, someone bumped into Ron. ‘Oh gads, what did I do to deserve this?’ he thought because he saw who had bumped him; it was Draco Malfoy. Draco straightened up.

“Weasley.” He said, turning to Ron.

There was a moment of silence.

Ron heaved a sigh. “Malfoy.”

“Wait a minute,” Draco said with a smirk. “There’s something missing.” He eyed Ron carefully, circling him. Ron stiffened.

“Get off, rotten little scum bag.” Ron said under his breath. Draco didn’t hear.

“Well,” Draco continued. “You still have hand me down robes, still nothing round and shiny in you pockets, they’re called Galleons, in case you didn’t know, I expect you haven’t seen one, am I right, Weasley.” Draco was using this opportunity to embarrass Ron as much as he can.

“Oh! I see!” Draco said in a mock happy voice. “Scar head and Mudblood aren’t with you! Say, Weasley, where are they?”

“I don’t know and I don’t care.” Ron said shortly, he tried to get out of this situation before it could get worse but Draco got him by the arm.

“Tell me, what did you just say, Weasley?”

“It’s not my fault you’re deaf, Malfoy.” Ron said, starting to lose his temper. “And I don’t take orders from Death Eaters.”

That had done it. Malfoy took hold of his wand and said, “Expelliar—”

“Stop it, Malfoy.” Said a voice from behind.

Out of the shadows came a person whom Ron didn’t know if he could make the situation worse or better. It was (yep, you guessed it!) Harry Potter.

Malfoy, to Ron’s surprise, put his wand down. “And who’re you to tell me that?”

“Duh, Malfoy!” Harry said with a well practiced smirk, after all, he has been the recipient of the very same smirk for four years. “I’d thought you’d know the name of your nemesis by now!”

“You’ve no right to tell me what to do, Potter.” Malfoy said through clenched teeth. “Fuck off.” He was now grinding his teeth.

Ron and the rest of the people watching were watching the match like a tennis match; their heads were following the person who was speaking.

“Well, Malfoy, you don’t have the right to tell me what to do either.” Harry said coldly.

“Okay, okay,” Hermione said. All heads turned to look at her, even Draco and Harry’s. “Can we please just stop telling each other that we can’t tell each other what to do?”

Seamus, Dean, Neville, Ron and a couple of other Gryffindors and Slytherins, not including Malfoy, scratched their heads. It seemed that it took a while before the message was absorbed it their heads.

Draco was about to say something to retort Hermione’s sentence, but Hermione held up a hand and said, “No, Malfoy, what I said was not a command; it was request.” She smiled at him sarcastically. Harry raised an eyebrow.

Malfoy glared. “I’ll get you for this, you filthy little Mudblood.”

“Oh yeah? You just try, you rotten little scum-bag!” Ron said. Everyone looked at Ron, eyeing him as if it was his first time to speak in this moment, which reminded him, it was. Harry and Hermione raised their eyebrows in unison. Ron gulped, he smiled weakly.

Malfoy, seeing this action, said, “And what exactly are you going to do, eh, Wesley?” he drawled. “Get my money, oh, it’s all right! Get all you want, my father has decent job, unlike like yours. Or perhaps get new robes? It’ll do me no harm, but it’ll do well to you, I’m sure; you’ll have a better appearance, if that is actually possible. Or, mmm, what else can red-head do? You can, fear that I’ll get you Mudblood girlfriend? That’ll do no g —”

“She Is Not My Girlfriend!!!” was heard in tune with; “He is not my boyfriend!!!” which was heard with; “Why didn’t you tell me this, Hermione! You’re his girlfriend?”

“Well, well, well,” Draco said, obviously delighted that this was happening. “Gryffindor’s got themselves a love triangle between Weasel, Scar-Head and Mudblood! How sweet! I must say, I didn’t know you were so popular in Gryffindor, Mudblood, but don’t come near me, I’ve just washed.” That did it.

“Say Hermione’s a Mudblood one more time, and I’ll kill you, Malfoy!” Harry and Ron said in unison. They stared at each other. Harry looked at the ground and Ron made a face that said, ‘well, that was coincidence!’ There was a long silence. Broken by —

“My Remembrall!” Neville exclaimed. Everyone turned to look, shocked by the sudden out burst.

“Blimey!” Dean said. “We’ve Potions today!”

“So do you!” Seamus said to the Slytherins.

Hermione’s jaw dropped and her eyes widened. She grabbed Harry and ran for the Dungeons.

“We’re no done yet, Malfoy!” Harry said. “And whatever happened, Weasley,” Ron looked up. “It doesn’t mean we’re now friends! It does not fix anything!”

Finally, they got to the Dungeons.

Harry and Hermione were the first to arrive, next came Dean and Seamus; followed by a reddening-faced Neville Longbottom. Shortly afterwards came Parvati Patil with Lavender Brown. Malfoy came smirking in with Crabbe and Goyle, abruptly followed by an unaccompanied Ron. He was briefly followed by all the other Slytherins. In a while came Professor Snape, his cloak billowing in after him.

“Today,” he began. “we will be concocting the Veritaserum.”

Harry saw Malfoy nod coolly toward Crabbe and Goyle. Harry glared.

“Mr. Malfoy,” Snape said turning to Malfoy. “what is the use of a Veritaserum?”

Malfoy stood up. “The Veritaserum,” he began. “is a potion with very complex ingredients. It makes the victim tell anyone who inquires whatever he or she wants to know. Also, the Veritaserum can make the victim confess all his or her deepest and darkest secrets. It produces power that can make the victim say everything about his or herself without him or her even knowing. It is a clear liquid that may look risk-free but can definitely control one’s life.”

“Very good Mr. Malfoy,” Snape looked very pleased. Malfoy smirked. “20 points to Slytherin.

“Now, you will be paired with one of your classmates, but,” he smiled a wicked smile. “I will be the one telling you who your partner is.” Malfoy smirked turned quickly into an open mouth. There was a big fuss around the room, everyone except Ron, Harry and Hermione seemed to be talking.

“SILENCE!” Snape said.

“Your assignments;”

Nearly everyone held their breath. “Will be posted on the board on lunch time, and I assure you,” he turned particularly to the Gryffindors, “you will have a pleasant time.” He smirked.

“Grrrr,” Harry said as they got up after Potions. He noticed Malfoy pack his things and glanced at him.

“What’s the matter Harry?” Hermione asked, sounding concerned.

Harry actually smirked. “Malfoy.”

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