Lucius Malfoy And The Gift Of Mercy


By Libertine


"So you can understand exactly why I did what I did," said Lucius Malfoy. "It would have been terrible to imagine you would continue your life feeling indebted to Harry Potter – a debt which no doubt you'd repaid him in full during your years teaching at Hogwarts. But – alas. I wasn't aware you would find out the truth, and nor did I ever imagine you would take it all so badly. You must be aware of how many strings I had to pull in order to keep you out of Azkahban."

"Yes, Lucius," said Serverus.

"And it is such a shame you won't ever be able to get another job in the wizarding community," said Lucius. "Such a mind like yours – but I doubt people will ever forget what you tried to do. That poor girl, that poor –innocent-," he lingered over the word, "is very lucky to be alive. Thank goodness Potter got to her in time."

"Yes, Lucius," said Serverus.

"Of course – I am ever generous to my friends, especially those I've known for so long," said Lucius. "I am – too merciful, perhaps? in spite of their many flaws. I am a giving man; altruistic, benevolent. You made one little mistake, and it hardly seems fair to have you suffer for the rest of your life. Which is why I have – at no small cost to myself – decided to offer you work here at the manor. Naturally, you'll be provided with no salary, and be forced to live in the basement with the Veela, but I don't think there are any other viable options left to you, now that Albus has fired you. And living in the manor is a far better alternative than the streets, isn't it?"

Serverus winced.

"My dear man, don't look so pained. Things could have been very much worse for you, if I hadn't been around."

"Can't you at least loosen the shackles?" Serverus said, quietly.

Lucius laughed. "I think that would be rather silly of me," he said. "After all, you did make an attempt on my life, didn't you?"

He reached over and cupped Serverus' face in his slim fingers. Serverus tried to look away. Lucius leant closer; Serverus could feel the man's cool breath against his cheeks. Serverus flushed, and struggled unhappily against the bonds of the ouchie-chair.

"Oh, don't be ashamed. You're a Slytherin; and we are never ashamed. Even if we do some very stupid things, from time to time," Lucius chided him.


The voice came from the ouchie-chair beside Serverus'. Lucius released the Slytherin slowly. The Veelas giggled in unison.

"My dear Mr. Lupin – I wish you wouldn't curse so. It does make the Veelas rather excitable. And you remember the last time they got excited, don't you?"

Remus turned pale.

"And if you do continue to annoy them, I might send word to Cornelius, and tell him I am no longer willing to play host to the accessory to my would-be murder. You do remember how torn up Sirius was about his spell in Azkahban. You wouldn't like that to happen to you, would it?"

"I did not try to murder you," Remus whispered.

"Perhaps. But you were there, waiting for me; and you do hold a grudge against me. Motive, certainly. All those years, and I never knew you still carried a flame.."

"I don't carry a bloody –"

"Hush. I'm afraid it's incontesible evidence, now. Despite all that Potter has tried to offer in your defence. You're as guilty as Serverus is in the eyes of the Ministry of Magic. You should be thankful that I was so merciful, and let you stay here. In fact, I think you should thank me again, right now."

Remus stared at his hands.

"Lupin – you don't want me to let out the Veelas again, do you?"

"Thank you, Lucius" said Remus, through gritted teeth.

"Good dog," said Lucius, ruffling his hand through Remus' matted hair. Remus resisted the urge to try and bite him. Lucius smiled – no doubt aware of what was going through Remus' mind, and withdrew.

"I will send the house elves down with food, later," he told them both. "And now – I do think I'll leave you alone, and let you think over all the terrible things you've done. Good evening, Serverus. Stay – wolf-boy."

He left. They waited until they heard the trapdoor close.

"..asshole," said Serverus, voicing the thoughts of both.

"I can't believe they let him get away with this!" Remus tore miserably at the straps about his wrists. "I can't believe it! How did he do that? He wasn't even there!"

"Lucius told Fudge that he'd sent Potter off to save his bloody dominatrix," Serverus spat. "That might have had something to do with it."

"I – how are we going to get out of here, Serverus? I can't – how long is he going to keep us?"

Serverus shrugged. "Probably forever."

"He can't! He won't! He simply –"

"He can and he will," said Serverus. "In fact, we're probably lucky. We aren't too popular up there right now. He showed me a copy of the Witches Weekly. Apparently they're burning us in effigy on the streets of Diagon Alley."

"What? For trying to kill a Malfoy? I'd have thought they'd be praising us for our services to humanity. Gods – these shackles are cutting into my wrists.."

"It helps if you don't struggle," Serverus offered.


"Yes. But I think it's chicken and gravy tonight. That's always nice."


"It could be worse." Serverus shrugged.

"Only if he was forcing us to have sex with him."

"Actually, Lupin, I think that comes after the gravy."




"Something like that," Serverus agreed.


Upstairs, Narcissa was waiting for her husband, her hands on her hips. She smirked as Lucius emerged from the basement. "Gloating again, my love?" she asked.

"I never tire of it," Lucius admitted, watching the bolts click automatically into place. "It all has worked out rather well for us, wouldn't you say? Better than even I anticipated. Good luck favours the wicked, as they like say. Or as I like to say." He offered his hand to her, and she moved to him, slipping her arms about his waist. "I must say, your performance with Cornelius was very convincing. As was your anti-werewolf rally on Diagon Alley. What did they call it? A mother's plea for justice? How utterly – touching. I would have wept, if I wasn't laughing so hard at the time."

"We are so bad," Narcissa purred into his neck.

"We are terrible," Lucius agreed. "I'm almost certain we'll be reincarnated as slugs in the next life."

"But very attractive slugs, darling," Narcissa said.

"Of course. Could we be anything less?"

"Shall we snigger now?" she asked.

"Most definately."

Arm in arm, the Malfoys turned, walking in perfect step with each other through the halls of the manor.

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