Disclaimer: Is there any cross-dressing in Harry Potter? No? Then I still don’t own it.

Notes: Was flipping channels on the radio, heard a snippet of a song which I know nothing about, and this thought hit me over the head. I think I should’ve done it as a ficlet rather than a poem, but whatever.

Feedback: I’m a feedback whore.

Kiss #1001

By Kick Flaw


Sometimes He’s black
Sometimes I’m white
Sometimes He yells
Sometimes I’m quiet
Sometimes He’s hot
Sometimes I’m cold

Sometimes He asks to talk about it as I leave

Sometimes He changes his mind

Sometimes He over reacts
Sometimes I fail to
Sometimes He sings along to the radio
Sometimes I turn the volume up
Sometimes He cooks
Sometimes I’m not hungry

Sometimes He wants an apology as I want one too

Sometimes He refuses

Sometimes He doesn’t think
Sometimes I think too hard
Sometimes He smiles
Sometimes I glare
Sometimes He wants to go to the beach at two a.m.
Sometimes I have work in the morning

Sometimes He opens his door as I close mine

Sometimes He closes his first

Sometimes He loves
Sometimes I hate
Sometimes He does
Sometimes I don’t
Sometimes He hurts me
Sometimes I hurt him too

Sometimes his tears begin to fall as mine dry up

Sometimes He wipes them away

But every other time I love him like the déjà vu of one kiss after a thousand
Every other time He loves me like a quickening heartbeat

And every other time is all that matters

* * *

What? Don’t look at me like that.


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