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By Merlinís Dragon



"Yes Draco."

"We have to go over our guest list."

"Well alright then," Harry replied as he reached for the marmalade.

Draco fastidiously spread syrup on his pancakes while he watched Harry roll up his baggy sleeves.

"Of course all our usual friends will be there," began Draco.

"You mean Ron, Hermione, Pansy, Crabbe and Goyle," interrupted Harry.

"No Harry that's our bridal party," continued Draco.

"I meant people like Millicent, Blaise, Dean and that Irish boy. Shaney or whatever his name is."

"Seamus," corrected Harry.

"Yes, Shanehead," replied Draco.

Harry frowned at Draco.

Draco spread syrup on another pancake.

"So anyway," continued Draco. "I've been writing out our guest list and I want you to read it and check if there's anyone missing."

Harry took the parchment Draco was proffering and drank a swig of cocoa. As he read the list Harry concentrated, trying to remember if anyone had been left off.

"Firenze," Harry said.

"Sorry, what?" asked Draco.

"Firenze is missing," replied Harry.

"Harry, perhaps all the stress of planning a wedding has addled your brain. There is no one at Hogwarts called Firenze," Draco retorted, puzzlement creasing his face.

"Yes there is," replied Harry nonchalantly.

Draco held his fork mid-air, halfway to his mouth.

"Are you trying to be funny or should I give you some muggle aspirin and force you to have a lie down?"

Harry smiled and shook his head. "Firenze is a centaur."

Draco looked exasperated.

"He lives in the Forbidden Forest," Harry added, by way of explanation.

Draco scowled.

"You are not going tromping around in the Forbidden Forest to look for a wedding guest."

Harry looked affronted.

"Well of course not."

"What are you planning doing then, flying around on your broomstick till you find him?"

"No." Harry pouted and looked put out.

"Well?" Draco prompted. "What is your plan then?"

"Um, I was going to call him."

"Call him?"

"Er, yes."

"And how exactly were you going to do that?"

"Well, I was just going to kind of..." Harry blushed.

"Kind of what?" Draco demanded.

"Well I don't know. I was just going to kind of stand near the forest and call him."

Draco stared at Harry for a second before laughing.

"And what were you going to call out," Draco mocked, "here centaur, centaur, centaur?"

"No," replied Harry folding his arms and jutting out his head.

"Well what then?" Draco sneered.

"I was just going to call out his name and wait around for a while and hope that he comes out of the forest," defended Harry.

"And you think that would work because?"

"Well Firenze is really good at reading stars. Maybe he'll have read that I'll be there and be waiting for me anyway."

"So let me get this straight," Draco smirked relentlessly. "You think that our wedding invitations are written in the stars."

Harry pouted some more, his blush creeping across his face.

Draco leant forward and ruffled Harry's hair.

"Send him an owl, you prat."

Harry was about to protest that he wanted to see Firenze in person again, but then he realised that he could send a meeting time by owl as well.

"And while you're at it," Draco said thoughtfully, "find out what centaurs sit on and what they eat."

Harry's features shifted in surprise. He'd been so tied up in entertaining thoughts of having Firenze at the wedding that he hadn't given the notion any practical consideration.

"I'm not a prat," Harry said finally.

Draco simply smirked wickedly and gave Harry a short syrupy peck..

Harry felt pleased with Draco's quick thinking and the fact he'd accepted a centaur at the wedding so readily, so he decided to mention the other guests that he wanted to invite.

"Well," Harry smiled, "I can't leave out Nearly-Headless Nick either."

"A ghost? Have you gone mad? And a half headless one at that! You don't see me trying to invite the Bloody Baron."

"That's because the Bloody Baron is creepy and socially inept," Harry returned. "Nick is my friend. He's helped me out heaps and he invited me to his deathday party, I can't leave him out."

Draco looked unconvinced.

"There's no need to make sympathy invitations you over-emotional Gryffindor."

"I don't make sympathy invitations," Harry snapped. "I told you he's my friend. It's not as if I want to invite Colin Creevey."

Draco broke out in to a slightly shocked smile.

"Well thank heavens for that. Alright, the ghost can come. But we are not having ghost food or ghost entertainment."

"That's alright." Harry thought that if he ever heard musical saws again it would be too soon.

Harry smiled and leaned in to Draco's side.

Draco gave him a tolerant smirk and drank his tea.

Picking up the list again Harry said, "I also need to invite Dobby."

Draco came very close to spraying tea all over the table and leaned away from Harry.

"I do hope you mean him to be there as one of the house elves that prepare the meal."

"Draco," Harry snapped, "of course I don't want him to work at the wedding. He's going to be a guest."

"But what will my friends say?" Draco gasped. "What will my mother say? A house elf at my wedding!"

"Our wedding," Harry corrected.

"Our wedding," Draco repeated. "But Harry, a house elf? What next? Will you be inviting portraits?"

"Well actually..." Harry trailed off uncertainly, as Draco stared at him, mouth open and unblinking.

"The Fat Lady wanted to come and I told her we'd hang her where she could see for the day," Harry finished weakly.

Draco buried his head in his hands.

"Draco," Harry ventured, grasping Draco's shoulder.

Draco dropped his hands and looked at Harry.

"Honestly Harry, I should have known that cupboard would have affected you somehow. What do you do, make friends with anything that moves?"

Harry smiled benignly. "So I guess now is not the time to ask if my favourite spider from the cupboard at the Dursley's can come to?"

Draco looked disbelievingly at Harry and Harry burst out laughing.

"Really Draco, I couldn't invite a spider. Ron's scared of them."

This seemed to brighten Draco slightly, and he leaned forward and pulled Harry in to a hug.

"You can invite whomever you want," he murmured in to Harry's hair. "And when my friends ask I'll just chalk it up to your madness."

Harry smiled and gave Draco a long, long kiss.

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