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Harry Potter and the Parliament of Dreams

Chapter 28 - The Beast Within

By Myr


It had been twenty years.  Twenty years that Severus Snape had known.  Twenty years that he fought with his feelings because of it.  He had crossed the line that was so rarely crossed during his first year at Hogwarts.

Severus had been drawn to the brown haired boy the very first time he saw him on the train.  The boy was small and quiet.  He had a far away look about him.  Severus sat with him on the train and engaged him in conversation.  It took an effort.

When they got sorted, Severus ended up in Slytherin House and his new friend Remus ended up in Gryffindor.  They continued to meet in the library almost daily.  Remus was not very good with potions and Severus showed a particular talent there.  Remus was very strong with his wand work, especially in Defense Against the Dark Arts.  The combination proved very good.  Both boys helped each other out.

Over time, Severus started to notice a pattern of Remus disappearing for days at a time.  He never asked and Remus never told him, but Severus started to get suspicious.  After a while he started poking around.  Sirius Black told him about the Whomping Willow and how to stop the branches. 

After Remus disappeared Severus approached the Willow and was stopped just in time by James Potter.  The cynical side of Severus thought that James did it only because it would keep his friend Black out of trouble, but thinking back on it, Severus remembered all the cases when James Potter took the high road and always took the moral route.  He was a typical Gryffindor.

The discovery that Remus was a werewolf shook their friendship to the core.  Severus was only partially upset that Remus was a werewolf, he found that he was more upset that Remus didn’t tell him.  They had a falling out.  They still worked together in the library, but they didn’t really talk.

Severus was well on his way in the study of potions by the time he graduated Hogwarts.  His secret project had been working on the Wolfsbane potion.  He had a brief flirting with Voldemort and his Death Eaters, but was turned off almost immediately once he discovered the wanton cruelty that Voldemort used.  Voldemort had been a handsome man when Severus was recruited.  The cruelty was not expected and it was too late by the time he found the truth.  He had staggered back to Hogwarts a few months after he graduated and confessed his soul to Albus Dumbledore.  The old man listened with rapt attention.  He offered a proposal that would keep Severus out of Azkaban, much to Severus’s surprise.  He had expected that he would have been turned over to the Aurors.  It was after this that Severus was inducted in the Order of the Phoenix and Remus Lupin was his contact.  They rekindled their friendship to at least work together.

They were in the midst of trying to get rid of Voldemort when the baby, Harry Potter, somehow did it for them.  Severus went through his trial and was released.  No one trusted him… except Albus Dumbledore, who hired him on to replace the retiring Professor Bitwhipple, then Potions Master.

Severus had cultivated a strong desire for the Defense Against the Dark Arts course as he taught his Potions class.  When Remus had been hired on as the Professor for it, he was beside himself with anger.  Harry Potter’s activities and Sirius Black that year had Severus beside himself.  The Shrieking Shack incident only served to completely separate the former friends.

Over the next year, during the Tri-Wizard Tournament, Severus sent frequent owls to Remus.  They managed to work out their difficulties and come back to the easier camaraderie that they shared when they were still youngsters.  Severus felt life return to his heart after all these years.


Harry extended claws from his hand, his grin revealing extraordinarily sharp incisors to the other three in the room..

“You’re not supposed to be able to do that,” Percy complained.

Fur sprouted and grew quickly along Harry’s arms.  He was quite suddenly an upright cat-man.  “I can though.”

“Obviously,” Percy replied somewhat testily as Harry slid a claw over an incisor.

Draco let out a low growl from somewhere in the back of his throat.

Percy frowned at him and Draco looked at his feet.

Justin, who was in the room, quietly swung his feet back and forth while sitting on one of the room’s larger tables.

“Percy, I don’t understand.  I know that Animagi are supposed to be able to rapidly transform into their animal form and back, but I’ve never heard of a person that could become a hybrid,” Harry stated.

Percy’s brow furrowed as he thought.  “There has been several cases throughout history where a very powerful wizard was able to transform into a hybrid.  In every case, the wizard also had multiple animal forms.  If that is any indication, then I’m guessing you’ll eventually be able to transform into more then just a panther.  What concerns me is that you are able to transform parts of yourself but not into the full panther yet.  It is very… odd.”

Harry nodded, while Draco looked on.  Draco had a lovely set of whiskers, but no other sign of transformation.  Justin had several feathers sticking out of his hair from his attempt to transform into his owl form.

“Perhaps it is best that we call it a night.  Please try to concentrate and return to your fully human form.”

Harry was able to change back quickly.  Draco took a little longer, but suddenly was no longer sporting his handsome whiskers.  Justin’s feathers disappeared as well.

Percy nodded and smiled to the others as he gestured towards the door.  He and Justin split off from Harry and Draco almost immediately.

Harry and Draco had only made it to the other side of the massive floor when they were interrupted.

“If it isn’t Saint Potter and his little rich pet,” a snide voice said from the shadows.

Draco growled as he spun around.  Harry was no less slow, though his eyes slowly morphed into a cat’s and glowed green in the dim light.

“Is there something you wanted Adrian?” Harry asked with a slight hiss, not unlike an angry feline.

“Would it be too much to ask for you to be a good little boy and just die?”

“I’m afraid so.  Perhaps there is something else?”

“You are aware that the Dark Lord is most displeased with you?”

“That’s nothing new, he has been for some time.  Though it was my understanding that he didn’t want to risk any more of his followers in futile attempts to kill me.  Are you perhaps disobeying your master?”

A growl answered him.

“Do you have your mark yet or are you just a wannabe Death Eater?” Harry purred dangerously.

Draco couldn’t keep the smirk off his face even if he wanted to.  He didn’t want to.

The other young man disappeared into the shadows.

“Was it something I said?” Harry asked as the claws on his hand retracted.

“It was probably your breath.  You had too much garlic at dinner.”

Harry captured Draco’s mouth with his own in a kiss.  After he broke away he murmured to Draco, “Is that so?”

“Mmhmm.  It’s just as well that I had a lot of garlic with dinner too,” Draco smirked.

Harry rolled his eyes before replying, “It’s been a long day.  We should get to bed.”

“After you, Saint Potter.”

“So long as you follow, rich boy.”


The temperature had dropped sharply in the next few weeks and the snow had come fast and heavy, leaving all of Hogwarts cloaked in a thick blanket.  It was a winter wonderland come true.  The tension that had been building for months seemed to evaporate with the heavy snow.  Dozens of people participated in a snowball war on the Quidditch pitch.  It ended up being Slytherin and Ravenclaw versus Gryffindor and Hufflepuff.  Slytherin had the most standing when Professor McGonagall finally chased everybody back inside.

Professor Dumbledore again reminded everyone that with the popularity of the previous year’s Yule Ball, he had decided to hold another.  It would be held the night before everyone left for Christmas break instead of during break, however.  Fourth years and above were required to attend and dates could be invited from the third year.  Otherwise, all first through third years would be having a party in their respective house’s common room.  Everybody scrambled to make sure his or her formal robes were properly pressed.


“I can’t believe that the Yule Ball is tonight!” Seamus whined again as he combed his hair.

Colin was hovering nearby, already dressed in formal robes, his hair in perfect condition.  He didn’t say anything.

Seamus finished with his hair.  “All set.”

Seamus walked over to Colin and hooked his arm around Colin’s and off they went.


“Are you sure you want to do this?” Draco asked again as he finished perfecting his hair.

“Yes already,” Harry replied impatiently, his hair more wild then usual in stark defiance of his efforts to tame it.

Draco turned and smirked at Harry before he drawled, “You know you look very sexy in your dress robes.”

“You blonde, tow-headed git.  Of course I do,” Harry drawled back imitating Draco perfectly.

“Shall we then?” Draco asked formally, offering his arm.

“I would be delighted,” Harry replied with a little bow before taking Draco’s arm.

“You know this will end up in Witch Weekly?”

“I’m surprised it didn’t after the Halloween Ball.  I guess our disguise was good enough, because no one even hinted.”

“I think that it was more that people didn’t want to talk about it to us.  That obviously won’t be the case when I show up blatantly with the Wizarding World’s hero.”

“Don’t forget that I’ll be showing up with the Wizarding World’s richest, most eligible bachelor.”


“Well, yes, that too,” Harry replied slyly.

They quieted down for the remainder of their walk.  Professor Snape was standing at the door to the Great Hall, checking to make sure everyone that arrived individually was fourth year or that at least one of the couple was fourth year or above.

“Mr. Potter and Mr. Malfoy.  You two will be creating enough of a stir tonight arriving together.  Please do not do anything that will result in an Infirmary visit by either of you or anyone else.”

“Yes Professor,” Harry replied quietly.

Snape smiled slightly as he opened the door for the two boys.  They walked in together, Harry still on Draco’s arm.

A hush fell over the area around the door as the couple was recognized and everybody did a double take.  Dean Thomas was overheard telling his date Padma Patil “I told you so.”

Colin and Seamus came in moments after and walked over to Harry and Draco.

“You two look great tonight,” Seamus said while Colin nodded.

Draco had a pleasant smile on his face from the compliment and felt compelled to reply in kind.

“Do you think someone was stupid enough to date Parkinson?” Ron asked, walking up with Hermione on his arm.

“Ron, be nice,” she immediately chided.

“Speaking from experience, I pity the fool who would,” Draco chimed in.

Ron snorted and so did Harry.  Hermione glared at them while muttering something under her breath about boys. 

“Do my eyes deceive me?” asked a flamboyant man in a bright yellow robe.  “They don’t!  Harry Potter is hanging off the arm of Draco Malfoy!”  A flash went off marking the event.

“I work for Witch Weekly.  Do either of you have any comments?”

Harry shook his head, but leaned in to kiss Draco’s cheek.  The flash went off again when Harry connected.  Draco’s face was lit up in pleasant surprise.

The photographer practically squealed.  “Hogwarts two most desirable boys are dating each other.  This week’s paper is going to sell like Butterbeer on Saint Patrick’s Day!”

Hermione caught the eye of Professor Lupin who was hovering nearby.  He came forward and saw the reporter.

The man looked over and noticed the gray-streaked brown-haired man towering over him.  He slid away without making any further comments or taking any more pictures.  Lupin smiled at his students.  “There is a slow dance coming up,” he told them with a wink.

Ron was in the process of rolling his eyes when he received a sharp elbow in his ribs from Hermione.  Harry and Draco snickered quietly to themselves until they noticed both Ron and Hermione’s sudden glares.  They decided to slink off too.  Seamus had already dragged Colin off to the dance floor.

They went out to the dance floor and began to slow dance.  Draco led and all the practice they had in the last few weeks in private showed.  Harry did very well and was a good match for the socially sophisticated Draco.

The crowd around them danced without really paying any attention to them.  Nearly everyone was out dancing and totally focused on his or her partner.


It had been a very busy month so far for George Weasley.  His experiments with potions had been keeping him busy.  Blaise Zabini had spent all of his free time with George as well.  George, more often then not, got something simmering in a cauldron and then left it unattended to spend time with him.  They discussed running the various operations around Hogwarts a lot.

Word had spread quickly to those that needed to know, that Blaise spoke for “The Boss” as George and Fred were both known.  It was very convenient for the twins, as most people could not tell the difference between the two.  It also meant that “The Boss” could be in two places at once.  They had long since worked out arrangements with certain people, like Lee Jordan, that would act as cover for them when they needed it.

Blaise had found the new power at school rather thrilling.  It certainly appealed directly to his Slytherin nature.  He had trouble twice with some mouthy people in Slytherin.  Some of the Slytherins that handled the more… prurient… pursuits did some well-timed intimidation.  They knew that the Weasleys ran interference for their enterprises and that upsetting them would leave them highly exposed.  They had seen more then a few mysterious circumstances where careful people had been caught and punished harshly.  They could never prove that the Twins had anything to do with it, but it couldn’t be discounted either.  They felt that they helped their own interests in laying some muscle on the blockheads that were harassing The Boss’s man.

Blaise had told George early in December that he wanted to go to the Yule Ball.  George agreed readily enough as he was fairly easy going about most things. 

When the ball finally arrived, it took Blaise nearly forever to get ready.  George was far more practical and rather traditionally male in his outlook.  He simply straightened his hair and put on his dress robes.

Professor Snape waved them through the door with a small smirk on his face.  It was a disturbing sight.  It was almost as disturbing as Professor Snape with a smile.  Almost.

George and Blaise enjoyed several uninterrupted dances.  After that, it was all business.  George sent Blaise off in one direction and he went in the other.  They were both selling Weasley Wizards Wheezes.  The items were especially popular in Slytherin, where the third year boys were busy having a war of pranks.  They were also discretely chatting with some of their more special customers.  All was well.


Kevin Entwhistle, a fifth year Ravenclaw, made it his job to track everything and everybody.  Well the important things and people anyway.  He found it very intellectually challenging.  He crept around at night with an enviable touch.  He knew all that could be found out about the underground activities at Hogwarts.  He knew about the Weasleys highly successful imports business and bookie business, which he participated in from time to time. He knew about Slytherin fifth year Trevor Nott’s takeover of Slytherin seventh year John Derrick’s sex service (which he didn’t partake in).  He knew the names of the morally loose boys and girls that worked for them.  He knew about their recruitment techniques, which were fairly unpleasant.  He knew which boys were flying on both sides of their brooms and which boys they were secretly meeting with.  There were a multitude of girls doing this as well, though he was less interested in keeping track of them. 

It was the boys that were playing around that got his attention.  Many of the ones that were on his list as important, also were on his list as being at least bisexual.  Some of them were secret, and some of them were quite open.  Kevin attended the Yule Ball alone mainly to find out who was with who.  His sharp, photographic mind cataloged everything so that he could sort it out later.

Sooner or later he would know exactly what was going on.

Kevin focused his attention most on the Weasley Twins.  He had already tumbled onto the Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy pairing earlier in the year.  Once he realized they were together, it was very obvious from just looking at them.  He saw them enter together and saw the picture being taken of Harry kissing Draco.

Kevin loved it when his hunches were right.  He also knew about George Weasley and Blaise Zabini.  He was surprised at the second pairing, but they had obviously grown very close.  They body language together just screamed that they had already bonked each other a few times.  He wondered if they were together as convenience or if they really loved each other.

Kevin felt a tap on his shoulder and was looking into the face of the other Weasley twin.  “Let’s dance Kevin,” Fred commanded quietly.

Kevin was about to object when he saw Fred’s boyfriend, and his housemate, Zavien indicating for him to go.  They walked out on the floor together as a slow song started.  Fred pulled Kevin in close and started talking in his ear.

“Kevin, I’ve been allowing you to track us to some degree for a long time now.  I want to know why you do it.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” Kevin replied nervously and tried pulling away a little only to discover that the Gryffindor Beater had very strong arms.

“Of course you do Kevin.  I want you to be a very good boy and tell me the truth.”

Kevin shuddered in Fred’s arms and Fred held him rigidly, but for all appearances, they were merely enjoying the dance.

“I just like watching people and figuring out what they are doing.  You and your brother are most interesting.”

“Indeed.  We will talk after the Ball.  Meet me at my rooms.  If you don’t, I’ll come and get you and I won’t be happy about it.”

“Up by Potter’s room at the Astronomy tower’s entrance?” Kevin asked.

Fred’s reply was a sharp nod as he escorted Kevin back off the dance floor.

Kevin was left standing alone by the punch.  Tony Goldstein, who was a fifth year Hufflepuff that was in many of Kevin’s classes, walked up to Kevin.

“I didn’t know that your wand bent my way Kevin.”

“Huh?  What do you mean?” Kevin replied a little confused.

“You were dancing with that Gryffindor hunk, Weasley.  One of the twins.”

“Oh.  He just wanted to talk.”

“You’re not gay then?” Tony pressed.

“I’m bi,” Kevin replied, when his head cleared.

“Good,” Tony replied and dragged him off to the dance floor again.  Kevin didn’t resist.


It had taken Kevin some time to shake himself free of Tony.  He was forced to admit to himself that Tony was a rather enjoyable guy.  He ended up having a lot of fun dancing.  However, the stern order from Fred Weasley was still bouncing around in his head.  He claimed tiredness to Tony and slipped away.  As soon as he was sure he wasn’t being followed, he took a circuitous route to the Weasley rooms.  Just in case.

Kevin found himself facing a Weasley wall when he went to knock on the portrait.  The aforementioned Weasley pulled him into the room and led him to a chair near the fireplace.  Once Kevin was seated, he found himself staring at both twins.

“You wanted to talk to me?” Kevin asked nervously.

“You could say that,” George replied.

“Well?” Kevin asked quietly after nearly a minute of silence.

“We were wondering what it was you were up to?”

“Nothing,” the boy stammered.

“You have been following us around for months.  In fact, you have been following around everyone that is working covertly.”

“I was just curious.”

Fred gave George a sly look before commenting, “Typical Ravenclaw just wants to know everything?”

“I guess.”

“Would you tell anyone what you know?” George asked quietly.

Kevin felt a chill run down his spine at George’s tone of voice.  It was decidedly un-Gryffindor.

“No…  I wouldn’t tell anyone,” Kevin replied earnestly.

“Not a Death Eater?”

“Definitely not!” Kevin responded angrily.

“What about a Professor?” Fred asked.

“No.  Not unless it was an emergency and someone’s life was in danger and I thought that they needed to know.”

“A fair response.”

“Indeed, Forge,” Fred agreed.

“We’re going to let you go now.  I’d suggest that you mind your own business.  Or perhaps you should date Goldstein?  He was all over you at the dance.”

“I’ll stop bothering you,” Kevin assured them nervously.

“Good night then,” Fred replied in dismissal.

“Good night.”

As soon as the door closed, Fred turned to George.  “Should we keep track of him or leave him alone?”

“I think that we’ll just leave him alone for now.  He won’t bother us again for awhile I think.”

“I hope so.  Is Blaise staying tonight?”

“Yes, he’s moving in sometime soon.  He’s off collecting information from the portraits.  He’s due back anytime now.”

“Good.  I’m going to go to bed.  Zavien is staying in Ravenclaw tonight.  I’m sure he’ll keep an eye on Kevin too.”

George snorted.

Fred shrugged and tapped a pattern on the wall as he went towards his bedroom.

“Good night to you as well Fred,” George told his brother with some warmth.


Witch Weekly
Special Edition… Saturday December 23, 1995
The Boy Who Lived Dating Malfoy Heir

In a shocking turn of events at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry’s Yule Ball, The Boy Who Lived, Harry James Potter, publicly outed himself.  His date was none other then Draco Lucius Malfoy, heir to the Malfoy fortune.  Neither boy had a comment though Mr. Potter happily posed for a picture for our readers.  They are quite the handsome couple.

One can’t help but wonder how these two got together.  By all accounts their relationship previous to this year has been highly adversarial.  Then there are the continued rumors that the senior Malfoy has never been able to squash about his involvement in the whole You Know Who situation. It would be considered quite strange company for the Boy Who Lived to keep, no doubt.

We here at Witch Weekly would like to wish our best to both boys.


“He is dating Harry Fucking Potter?!  How could any Malfoy stoop so low?  I’m going to kill the little ungrateful bastard!” Lucius screamed as he threw the Witch Weekly into the fire and slammed his hand down on his desk hard enough to knock over several glasses on it.

“Perhaps it is merely a ploy to gain Potter’s trust?” the senior Crabbe suggested meekly.

There was fire in Lucius’ eyes and spittle on his mouth when he smashed his bottle of Odgen’s Old Firewhiskey across Crabbe’s head.  The large man crumpled to the floor with a moan of agony.

The senior Goyle, also in attendance, was smart enough to say nothing.  He still had to dodge a glass that was thrown at his head as Lucius continued his tirade.

Lucius was literally foaming at the mouth when the Dark Lord himself walked into the room.  The manlike creature with red eyes stared balefully at his servants.  Lucius took no notice and continued to utter things that would make a sailor blush.

“Lucius, if you are quite finished?” Voldemort asked in a dangerously quiet voice.

The light of reason returned to Lucius’ eyes moments after he snapped, “What is it now?”

Voldemort’s face held a look of faint surprise and amusement.  The amusement grew as Lucius realized what he had done and scrambled over his desk to bend over and kiss his robes.

“Are you quite finished now Lucius?”

“Yes my lord.  My apologies.”

“Be sure to carry out your orders on December 26th.  We’ll meet you at our base in France.”

Lucius bowed.  “As you wish.”

“Be sure to control your temper.  I don’t want your boy or the Potter brat touched.  I’ll only lose servants and give Weasley more reason to tighten security in Britain.  He’s already contacted the bloody colonists in America.  The President of the American Magical Government, Walker G. Shrub, was no friend of Fudge, but Arthur Weasley seems to have won him over.  For the first time in over fifty years there will be full cooperation between the British and American Magical governments.  I’m giving support to an old friend so that he can destabilize them, but it will take a while.”

“I’ll leave them alone.”

“A most wise decision.  Crucio!”

Lucius twitched in pain on the floor for several seconds before Voldemort let up.  “That was a gentle reminder.  Be sure that you don’t forget.”

Lucius could only nod.


Christmas morning was dark with heavy snow falling.  Harry woke up early and crept out of bed.  He was standing next to a very large Christmas tree with a ton of presents under it when Draco came out of the room.

“Where did the tree come from?”

“I have no idea.”

“Look at all the presents!  I think everyone’s is up here.  There are some to Fred, George, Ron, Percy, us, Professor Snape, McGonagall, Dumbledore and Lupin too.  I guess we are hosting the morning party,” Draco mumbled to himself.  “We should get dressed.  I bet they’ll all be turning up soon.”

“Good idea.”

They had barely gotten dressed when the door opened.  Fred and George entered with their respective boyfriends.  Ron and Hermione were next.  Mickey and Justin showed up with Percy.  Professor Snape showed up with Professor Lupin.  Professors McGonagall and Dumbledore came in together.  And that was everyone that was friends with Harry and Draco that were still in the school.  Ginny had gone home with Neville to meet his grandmother and family.  Seamus had gone home with the Creeveys.  Dean had gone home to his family as well.

“There they are,” Ron mumbled.  “I woke up and there were no presents in the Gryffindor tower.  There was only a note to come up here.  When did you two decorate?”

“We didn’t.”

There was a crack as Dobby appeared.  “Dobby was the one that did it.  Dobby hopes that Master Draco and Master Harry Potter likes it.”

Harry looked into Dobby’s large eyes before smiley largely at him.  The little elf squeaked with joy.

Dobby proceeded to pass food and drinks out to the assembled witches and wizards.

“I thought it best that we meet here instead of alone.  There are so many people away from their common rooms that this is the best place to meet.  While Minerva and I don’t usually intrude on our student’s Christmas activities, I thought it would be best this year for us to join you.  It has been difficult this year and a little attention from adults who care is not remiss.  I asked Severus and Remus to join us as well.  Severus is not a very Christmassy type, but he’s improving.”

Snape stared sourly at the others with the colorful red elf hat on his head cocked to one side.  Remus was wearing a matching hat in green.  Remus smiled at Severus’ sour look.

“Merry Christmas everyone,” Harry said happily.

Everyone smiled at each other before they made a move at the presents.  Molly Weasley must have been informed ahead of time of the people that would be there.  There was a handmade sweater for every last person in the room.  Harry excused himself for a moment and went to change into his.  Draco did the same.  Eventually everyone did.  Snape’s sweater was in a dark green with two very stylized S’s embroidered into it.  He actually smiled slightly when he returned from changing.  No one passed out, though Hermione downed her drink too fast and coughed a little.

Everyone had a good time for a couple of hours.  Then they went as a group down to the Great Hall to join the other professors and students that were still at school.  They drew some odd looks in their sweaters, but they ignored them.

Snape stared at some of his own house’s students and they took a sudden pointed interest in their plates rather than his sweater and hat.

Overall, it was a wonderful Christmas for everyone.


Malfoy Manor Malbury
(Just North of Wilshire)
December 26, 1995

A loud explosion rocked the night and a cloud of dust and debris launched into the air.  The sounds of metal groaning under strain and chunks of masonry crashing to the ground followed shortly after.  Clanging bells, and a high-pitched wailing occurred moments later.

Lucius Malfoy surveyed the wreckage of what had once been the sitting room his dearly departed wife frequented.  In the end he had used the death curse to save her pain.  He had done that before destroying the room and the gates.  He had also transfigured a rock into his own dead body.

As soon as he was satisfied that the body would pass inspection, he cast an anti-apparation trace spell.  He then calmly disapparated, staring at the body of his dead wife.

The villagers took nearly thirty minutes to get up to the manor and to find Narcissa and the Lucius doppelganger.

They used the fire to contact the Ministry of Magic.


Harry and Draco had barely been sitting for an hour doing their homework when Orty went wild at the door.

“Harry! Draco!  Hurry!  You must report to the Headmaster’s office immediately.”

Harry and Draco exchanged looks, dropped their quills and picked up their wands.  They nodded to each other after they were both sure they were ready and then they got under way.  They hurried along, though they did so without attracting much attention.  They walked up to the gargoyle, which promptly stepped aside.  They stepped onto the moving stairs and waited.  As soon as they were at the top, they knocked on the door and walked in.

The portraits of all of the past Headmasters were all in their portraits tonight.  Harry had not seen them the last few times he was in here this year.  He assumed that they had been busy.  Every last one of them looked unusually grave.

Dumbledore looked old and strained as he sat on behind his ancient desk.  Harry could feel the distress radiating off of him.  Harry sat heavily and Draco sat next to him.

“I’m sorry to summon you.  I know you’ve been busy with your homework.”

“What’s going on?” Draco asked quietly.

“Your parents were found dead in Malfoy Manor.”

Draco had a completely blank look on his face.  He stood abruptly and walked out.

Harry watched him leave before turning back to Dumbledore, “What happened?”

“We think it was a Death Eater attack.  No Dark Mark was seen, but that doesn’t mean anything.  I’ve asked that Mad Eye Moody examine both bodies thoroughly, along with several other people from the Order.  The incident is rather suspicious.”

“What does this mean for Draco?”

“Professor Snape is his Godfather and has been assigned custody.  Draco has officially inherited all of the Malfoy fortune.”

“I should go see to him.  Does Professor Snape know?”

“I informed him.”

Harry nodded before thanking him, standing up and walking out. 

“Accio Marauder’s Map.”

A minute later he was holding the map.  “I solemnly swear I’m up to no good.” 

The map quickly formed Hogwarts. He looked around quickly for Draco and found him in the Dungeons.  He was in Professor Snape’s office to be exact.  He set off at a brisk pace.  “Mischief managed.”  He tucked the map away.

He was in the dungeons approaching Snape’s office when he was intercepted.  It was Montague, one of the Slytherin Chasers.  The older boy pushed him up against the wall and held him there.

“What are you doing down here Potter?”

“I was revising for remedial potions and had to ask Professor Snape a question.”

A confused look passed over the older boy’s face.

“Don’t believe that one?  How about:  I’m here to kill you,” Harry stated in a dangerous purr.

Montague continued to hold Harry against the wall, though he seemed to be shaking a little bit.

“What is it you want anyway Montague?” Harry asked quietly.

“I just wanted to know what was so special about the famous Boy Who Lived,”

Montague replied after a few moments of silence.

“I’m a dangerous lunatic that likes attention.  I’m working on being the next Dark Lord.  That’s why Voldemort keeps trying to kill me.  He’s just not strong enough though.”

“Don’t say his name!” Montague hissed.  “What do you mean, the next Dark Lord?” loosening his grip.

“I’m just trying to confuse you.  Since you are a Slytherin, it’s pretty easy.”

“You son of a bitch!” the boy yelled and tried to punch Harry in the face.  Harry ducked out of the boy’s grip as he was taught in class and then turned and slammed his fist into the other boy’s stomach.  Harry backed off and waited.  His fingers slowly extended into claws without him knowing.

Montague stood up after a few second of coughing.  He caught sight of the sharp, obsidian claws and held his hands up in defeat.

“Please just leave me alone.  I’m getting tired of people pestering me,” Harry said into the air as he continued on towards Snape’s office.

When he got there, he knocked lightly.  He heard a muffled invitation to enter, so he did so.

“We’ve been expecting you,” Professor Snape said quietly. 

Draco was in the chair next to Snape and his face was buried in the man’s robes.  He pulled away slowly.  His eyes were red, but they were dry.

“Are you okay Drake?” Harry whispered.

Draco nodded.  Snape looked on with a thoughtful expression.

“We should get back to our room.  Maybe go to bed early?” Harry asked.

“I think that would be a good idea, Harry.”

Snape nodded and wished them both a good night sleep.  They wished him one as well and moved slowly out of his office.  They passed by Montague, who was loitering in the hall.  The other boy made no move towards them nor did he say anything.

George Weasley detached himself from a shadow and stepped behind Harry and Draco and walked with them.

Montague’s face looked very troubled as he realized what George was doing.  He turned around and found himself face to face with Blaise Zabini.

“Just what do you think you were doing with Potter earlier?” Blaise asked quietly.

“Nothing,” the Chaser stammered.

“It didn’t look like nothing to me.  Potter is dangerous if he loses his temper.  Don’t you realize that?”

“I’m starting to,” he replied, half to himself.

“You’re only going to get yourself hurt or worse playing with fire.  I suggest you don’t.”

“Who are you to lecture me?” Montague demanded after a few moments with a blank look on his face.”

“Nobody at all.  It was just a friendly warning,” Blaise replied before walking off to the Slytherin common room.


The Daily Prophet
Thursday December 28, 1995

By Newton Isaac Figg

Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy were found dead yesterday, apparently victims of the death curse.  Neighbors in the small wizarding town of Malbury (just north of Wiltshire) reported explosions and lights over the Malfoy Manor.  They found the gates to the Manor blown off their hinges when they went to investigate.  The Ministry of Magic immediately responded to the urgent summons of the villagers.  Both Malfoys were found dead within.

The Minister of Magic, the honorable Arthur Weasley, commented after accepting the report, “It deeply saddens me that young Draco Malfoy has been left an orphan.  Hogwarts Headmaster Albus Dumbledore has been appointed arbiter of the Malfoy estate at the request of Draco Malfoy.  Professor Severus Snape, Hogwarts superb Potions Master and Draco Malfoy’s Godfather, has been appointed guardian.”

The Minister of Magic deflected any questions as to who was responsible for the deaths, saying only that it was under investigation.

Draco Lucius Malfoy is now the richest wizard in Britain.  As he is currently a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he could not be reached for comment.  Speculation is rampant that this was an attack by You Know Who or his supporters. 

Lucius Malfoy pleaded to being under the influence of the Imperius curse during the fist uprising of You Know Who.  The Wizengamot dismissed charges against him, though suspicions were raised again by Harry Potter following the death of Cedric Diggory, during the Tri-Wizard Tournament Debacle.

Ron looked up from reading Hermione’s paper.  It was quite obvious that everyone that was still here for Christmas break had heard the news.  He stood up and went off to find Harry and Draco.

End of Chapter 28

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