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R – for violence, language and adult content
Contains male/male pairings- That's SLASH... you know, GAY

Harry Potter and the Parliament of Dreams

Chapter 24 – Halloween

By Myr


Dumbledore had only walked a few steps towards Poppy’s office before McGonagall came up to him.

“How are they?” she asked worriedly.

“They woke up and I sent them back to sleep.  Would you be so kind as to stand watch over them for the rest of the morning?  I need to speak to Poppy and send an owl to the Daily Prophet.”

“Of course Albus.  Praise Merlin that they are ok.”

“Indeed, Minerva.  Indeed.”


George woke up at about eight in the morning. He felt quite groggy, so he followed his usual morning wakeup routine.  He got out of bed, grabbed his towel and went straight for the showers.  To his surprise, Fred and Zavien occupied the double shower stall.  They were only using one showerhead though, so he entered the stall and used the showerhead next to them.  He took the opportunity to study his twin’s new love.

Zavien stood at five feet eight inches, just two inches shorter than Fred.  He had a considerably lighter build though.  There was not an extra pound on the boy.  He was all lean muscle on his small frame.  He had a very nice looking arse though.  The teen was also quite smooth, unlike Fred and George.  He had only a pubic bush of dark hair.  Every place else was devoid of hair, except his head.  It made his smooth alabaster skin particularly appealing.  He had sandy blonde hair and piercing blue eyes.  Since Zavien was currently nuzzling Fred’s chest, he didn’t notice George’s intense inspection.  Fred did though and he smiled at his twin.

George smiled back and began washing himself under his own showerhead.  The noise seemed to have startled Zavien.  He looked over in embarrassment and surprise at George.  He even squeaked slightly.

“Relax Zavien.  We almost always shower here together in the morning.  It is just something to get used to with twins,” George said as he turned and looked at him.

Fred distracted the smaller boy from responding by locking his lips firmly on Zavien’s.  A squeak of protest quickly turned into a low moan.

George smirked at them.  He then returned his attention to his own shower, finishing quickly.  On his way out, he bumped into Mickey Finch-Fletchley.  The eleven year old only had a towel wrapped around his thin waist.

“George,” the boy called to him excitedly, “I’m supposed to ask you to give me some jokes to play on the Slytherins.  I bumped into Ron in the common room earlier and he said you’d be more than willing to help.”  The boy stared at George expectantly.

George favored him with a wicked grin.  “Absolutely.  Catch me after lunch today and I’ll hook you up with some prime stuff.”

Mickey gave him a big hug, “Thanks George!”

“Your welcome,” George replied to the boy’s quickly retreating back.  George shook his head in amusement as he made his way to his room. 

He dressed quickly and was just finishing when Fred and Zavien returned.

“We should get to breakfast and stay a nice long time.  I’m thinking this should be good.”

Zavien looked at George oddly, while the twins smirked at each other. 

“Don’t you need to talk to Zabini?” Fred prompted with his eyebrows raised.

“I… OH!  You’re right,” George replied with a smirk.  “I should get going right now.”


Pansy woke up feeling frustrated.  The healing she got yesterday was somewhat spotty in her opinion.  She had rather enjoyed the light show yesterday after the game but profoundly wished that Marcus Flint had been successful in his self-appointed mission.

Alas, the Boy Who Just Wouldn’t Die had managed to live yet again.  She growled at the mirror as she straightened her hair.

She spun on her heel and stamped off towards the common room.  There she collected a series of children that had Death Eaters for parents.  Together they went to the Great Hall for Breakfast. 

She sat down next to Blaise Zabini, the only other Slytherin currently at the table.  Her little troopers sat down around them.

“Good morning Pansy,” Blaise said pleasantly.

She looked at him oddly before replying slowly, “Good morning Blaise.”

“Professor Snape seems to be in a good mood,” Blaise said pointing.  Pansy and the others all looked up at the head table, as Blaise hoped they would.  He sprinkled something over the food that just appeared on Pansy’s plate.

“I wonder why he seems so… cheerful,” Pansy asked aloud as she turned back to her food.

“Perhaps he finally got laid?” a seventh year suggested lewdly.

Pansy snorted as she scooped a forkful of scrambled eggs into her mouth.  A second later, she gasped, grabbed her juice and drank the whole thing in one go.

“You feeling ok there Pansy?” Blaise asked with a straight face.

She started to reply, but she cut off with a gargled sound.  She had sprouted whiskers and there were now ears on top of her head.  Her face altered slightly, making it look more bulldog-like. 

The next noise she made was sound of a kicked dog, halfway between a whine and a bark.  Suddenly there was bright green and yellow steam whistling out of her two new ears.  The noise and colors attracted everybody’s attention.

The Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws all started roaring with laughter.  The Slytherins that were at the table were staring.  The Slytherins that were just walking in the door, which included Crabbe and Goyle, also broke out into raucous laughter.


Professor Snape had been drinking tea when he heard the whistling noise.  His tea sprayed out of his mouth in surprise as he stifled an intense urge to laugh along with all his students.  He immediately cataloged the effects and calculated out what must have gone into the potion (as any competent Potions Master would).  He could think of approximately five people in the school that had the skill to produce something of that complication.  One was in the hospital wing, two were at the teachers’ table and two were at the Gryffindor table. 

He looked at the Gryffindor table and his eyes locked with none other than George Weasley.  George raised his juice glass in toast and he smiled a little knowing smile at him.  Severus was feeling in an awfully good mood and the joke had been rather enjoyable.  He quirked the corner of his mouth up slightly and gave a slight nod in acknowledgement.

He then shouted above the noise, “Ms. Parkinson, if you’d kindly keep the noise down, some of us are trying to eat!”

That comment sent the rest of the school into hysterics and Albus looked over at him.  He smiled coyly at the old man.  Dumbledore responded with a loud snort and a chuckle.

McGonagall stared at them both like they were completely nutters.


The potion lasted for ten minutes.  During the entire time, everybody was laughing and pointing at Pansy.  George was quite surprised that she hadn’t run out of there.

He left for his private little lab as soon as he finished eating.  He slipped into a secret passageway and he didn’t notice another teen slip in behind him.

The boy crept up behind him and then suddenly shoved him into a side room off the passageway.  George tumbled into the room in surprise and spun around to see who his attacker was.

“Blaise?  What the hell are you doing?” George asked as the other boy stalked over to him.

Blaise walked right up to him, looped his hand behind George’s head and yanked him into a lip-crushing kiss.  George let out a startled squawk.  Blaise just kissed him harder in response.

George was able to pull away a little from the aggressive boy after almost a minute.

“I thought you liked girls,” George gasped out.

“I do.  But I like redheads more,” Blaise replied, clamping his lips back over George’s mouth.

George gave in all at once and returned the kiss.  They embraced and continued snogging for some time.

“I thought I heard something from in here,” Fred’s voice filled the room.

George broke away with a little reluctance.  Blaise had a glazed over look on his face.

“Blaise decided he wanted to get to know me a little better,” George replied quietly, a distant expression on his face.

“I’ll find you later,” Blaise said as he made his way out the door.

“Be sure that you do.  We need to talk,” George replied to his retreating back.

“Well dearest brother of mine, I must congratulate you on your fine demonstration.  Both of them actually,” Fred chuckled.

George glared at him with “The Look”

Fred held back a smirk with effort before replying, “Right, that product should be a big hit.  We just need to figure out what we should call it then.”

“I’m sure it’ll come to one of us.  In the meantime, I believe you wanted to demonstrate a new product of your own?” he asked, ignoring Fred’s earlier comment.

“Indeed, after you, brother mine,” Fred purred sweetly.

George rolled his eyes and headed out the door.


Harry’s awareness slowly focused.  He was in the hospital wing again.  He was holding Draco.  His eyes popped open.

“Potter, you’re awake,” a dark voice purred.

“Professor Snape?” Harry queried as he searched around for his glasses.

Harry froze as a hand pressed them gently onto his face.  He stared in shock at the owner of that hand.

“Good morning Mr. Potter.  I trust you are feeling well?” Snape asked quietly.

“I don’t think I am,” Harry replied in a puzzled tone.

Snape smiled softly.

“Why are you being so nice?” Harry asked suspiciously.

“Do you remember what happened?” Snape asked, his voice just as silky.

Harry’s face blanked a bit, as he seemed to go inside and look over his memories.  “No.  I don’t remember a thing.  Only what Professor Dumbledore told us.”

Draco stirred and looked over to the professor.

“Do you remember what happened Draco?”

“No, sir.”

“Just as well I suppose.”

“How long do we have to stay here?” Draco asked.

“That is one of the reasons I’m here.  We’d like to get you moved back to your flat.  You’ll return to class tomorrow, though you should take it easy,” Snape explained. 

“Why are you telling us this?  Where’s Madam Pomfrey?” Harry asked tiredly.

“She is resting after a long night of checking up on you two.  I’m also going to escort you to your flat,” Snape replied firmly.

“Why?” Draco asked sitting forward.

Snape looked distinctly uncomfortable.

Ron and Hermione arrived at that moment.

“We received your note Professor,” Hermione told Snape.

 “Good.  Professor Dumbledore would like the two of you to stay with Mr. Potter and Mr. Malfoy today while they recover.”

“Yes sir.”

“Let’s go,” Snape said, narrowing his eyes at the two boys.

Harry and Draco got up slowly while Ron and Hermione watched.  Professor Snape hovered around them like a large bat.

Hermione walked forward to assist Draco when he looked a little wobbly.  Ron did the same for Harry.  She was just steadying Draco’s shaky attempt to stand upright when Pansy walked in.

“Spending time with the Mudblood, Draco?” she growled snarkily.

Snape opened his mouth to say something, but Draco got there first.

“There is a line between pure bred and inbred Pansy, dear.  You’re on the wrong side of it,” Draco replied with false cheer.

Snape’s mouth snapped shut.

Pansy snarled and was about to hit Draco, but Hermione caught her arm mid-swing and then landed a resounding slap across her face.

Snape just stared at them in shock.

Several moments passed in silence before Harry said dryly, “Parkinson, that is a nice rosy cheek you have there.”

She was about to retort when Snape finally said something, “Ms. Parkinson, it would be best if you found somewhere else to be.”


“Right now,” Snape growled.

“We should get these two upstairs while they can still walk,” Hermione said into the uncomfortable silence following Pansy’s departure.

“A very good idea Ms. Granger.  I’ll join you shortly,” Professor Snape replied.

Snape watched the quartet leave before stepping over to Poppy’s office and having a short conversation.  He then caught up with his four students and joined them on their long trek to the Gryffindor Flat.


George gave the password to the Fat Lady and stepped into the common room.  Lunch had passed quietly enough, though some of the Slytherins seemed to be in foul humor.  Professor Snape wasn’t one of those however.  He was seen laughing at the teacher’s table as he was speaking to Professor Lupin.  George had been shocked.

As soon as George walked into the common room, a small boy assaulted him.

“George!  It’s after lunch now.  Can you give me something to trick the Slytherins with?” Mickey asked excitedly.

“Of course.  Come with me,” George replied before he turned around and walked back out of the Gryffindor dorms.

Mickey followed the older boy as closely as he could.  At time George though he had a second skin, the boy was so close to him.  As they neared their destination, George brought the boy around in front of him and pulled him in close. 

“You’ll need to close your eyes and be quiet for a few moments while we step through this small portal.”

The boy nodded and closed his eyes, trusting George completely.

George sighed quietly to himself and hugged the boy to him tightly for a moment.  He then tapped the wall in a certain spot and pushed Mickey straight through the wall.  George followed him through less then a step behind.

They were in one of the many storerooms Fred and George had employed over the years.  Its shelves were loaded with different jokes and knick-knacks.  George looked around before spotting a little box on the edge of one of the shelves.  He smirked and went over to it.  “Weasley Wizard Wheezes: Jokes and Gags for First Years”

“He you go Mickey.  These are good jokes for your year level.  This box was one of our prototypes, but everything should still be good.”

“Thanks George,” the younger boy replied, giving George a tight hug.  George hugged the boy back in a brotherly fashion.

George led the boy back to the main hallway and sent him on his way.  He looked around briefly before ducking behind a suite of armor and into another passageway.  He reappeared a few minutes later in front of the Dueling classrooms. 

As soon as class was complete, George slipped out into the hallway to ambush Blaise Zabini.  He spotted the other boy almost immediately.  He was walking out towards the exit.  George approached him from behind in a stealthy manner.  He ended up following him for a few minutes, allowing Blaise to drift away from the group.  As soon as he did, George approached quickly and shoved him through a secret door.  They ended up in a hallway that George knew well.  He grabbed a firm hold of Blaise and strong-armed him into a storeroom.  This old room had a very comfortable davenport that many people had used over the years for nefarious purposes.

“Time to explain what you were up to this morning, Zabini,” George said as he pushed the smaller teen onto the davenport.

“It wasn’t anything,” Blaise replied, blushing.

“I wouldn’t call that kiss this morning nothing.  Now, explain what’s on your mind,” George said firmly.

Blaise looked down at his hands, which were folded in his lap.  “I was just tired of being alone.”

“So you decided that a Gryffindor two years your senior is what you wanted?” George asked.

“You’re safe George.  I know that there is no way you’d support the Dark Lord.  I can’t trust anybody in Slytherin, except perhaps Malfoy.  But now Malfoy seems to practically be in Gryffindor anyway.  You’re safe and I know that you like guys as well as girls.”

“You don’t care how I feel about it?” George asked neutrally.

“I never thought it through.  I’m sorry George,” Blaise replied dejectedly.

George, who was sitting next to him on the couch, pulled the smaller boy into him and wrapped his arms around him tightly.  Blaise slipped down low enough where George could rest his chin on top of Blaise’s head.  Blaise sighed in contentment and snuggled into the embrace.  They stayed like that for some time in silence.

“This is nice,” George finally broke the quiet that had settled in the room.

“Mmmhmmm,” Blaise agreed.

“What is it you want out of whatever it is we are sharing at the moment?” George asked, not sure what words to use.

“I want to feel safe and loved.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt loved before,” Blaise trailed off.

“That doesn’t sound very Slytherin,” George replied without rancor.

“I’ve never been a typical Slytherin.  Though I should point out that there are plenty of people in Slytherin that want love and commitment just as much as any of the other houses.  We all just tend to have cunning and a very strong desire to succeed at whatever we do.”

“That’s true enough.  Also add that most of you will do whatever it takes to succeed.  That’s where the problems lie.”

“Perhaps.  Either way, I’ve declared my support for Dumbledore and the side of light.”

“Was it because it was what you believed in?  Or was it family? Or was it because you thought that You Know Who was going to lose?”

“Pleasantly enough, it was all three.  I won’t deny that I have a strong desire to be a success in life, but I want to work within the rules.  I’d also like to exploit a ready market of naïve people that we call Muggleborns.  Why kill them when you can do good business with them?”

“Well that sounds a bit morally ambiguous, but I’m glad you don’t hate Muggleborns.”

“Why does it matter to you?  You’re a pure bred wizard,” Blaise asked, genuinely trying to understand.

“I like people.  In fact, I like almost everyone.  As you are no doubt aware, I probably do the most business with all of the other houses in the school.  That includes extensive deals with Slytherin students.  What difference does it make really?  I treat everyone with respect until given a reason not to.”

“I guess that makes sense.  So, what about us?”

“I’m not seeing anybody in a serious fashion at the moment.”

Blaise turned to look at George.  “What does that mean?”

“A Ravenclaw boy recently wanted to explore his sexuality and wouldn’t take no for an answer.  It was understood that it was a one time thing though.”

“Ah.  I wouldn’t suppose you’d help me explore my sexuality, would you?”


George locked his lips over Blaise’s and then moved his hand into Blaise’s lap.  Blaise squirmed and then started moaning into the kiss.


Harry, Draco, Ron and Hermione stayed together in the flat for the rest of Sunday.  Harry and Draco went to bed early and slept soundly until Hermione woke them up for breakfast.  They decided to eat breakfast in the flat, rather then the Great Hall, so they could avoid the rest of the school as much as possible.

They arrived at the Potions classroom just ahead of everyone else, except Professor Snape.

“Good of you to show up for class,” Snape said condescendingly.  He then added in a pleasant tone, “You are feeling better I trust?”

“Yes sir,” Harry replied, while Draco just nodded in response.

“Good.  Ms. Granger, Mr. Weasley, please lend me your assistance in setting up for today’s class.”

“Yes sir,” Hermione replied.

They followed Snape to the back room, while Harry and Draco waited comfortably on their stools.  The rest of their classmates wandered in.

“Harry!  Are you feeling okay?” Seamus asked as he, Dean and Neville crowded around them.

“Are you feeling okay Draco?” Blaise asked, concern poorly masked on his face. 

Crabbe and Goyle looked him over and then settled next to him, nodding their heads to themselves.

“I’m feeling fine guys.  I’m just tired is all,” Harry told his fellow Gryffindors.

Draco gave a similar response to Blaise. 

Professor Snape reemerged from the back room with a box full of vials, Ron and Hermione trailing behind with similar burdens.

“Take your proper seats.”  He waited for the rather quick shuffling of seats.  “Since we have Double Potions today, we will be making a healing and restorative draught.  Pay close attention.”

Snape quickly and thoroughly explained the procedures, placing the instructions on the board.  “The ingredients that aren’t found in your standard potion kits are up here on my desk.  Take only one per group.”

Snape spent the rest of the class wandering from table to table, correcting students quietly, instead of using embarrassment and harassment.

Near the end of class, Professor Snape strolled over to Harry and Draco’s table and peered into their cauldron.

After a few moments he smirked lightly.  “Mr. Malfoy, that is a very nice job.  Ten points,” he paused gathering students’ eyes, “to Gryffindor.”

Pansy mouth moved like a landed fish as she stared at Professor Snape.

Snape had an evil looking half-smirk on his face as he stalked over to the next table.

A noise that sounded suspiciously like a snigger filled the silence that was only broken by the bubbling of cauldrons.


The rest of the day had passed fairly quickly.  Draco and Harry decided to attend dinner in the Great Hall, instead of alone in their own rooms.

Professor Dumbledore stood as soon as all the students had assembled in the Great Hall.  “My I have your attention please?  Thank you.  Do to the events of this past weekend, the other staff and I thought that the school could use a distraction.  Since tomorrow is Halloween, we have decided to have a holiday from classes.”

The entire school broke out in cheering.

When the hall quieted down, Dumbledore continued, “We will also have a costume ball here in the Great Hall.”

More cheering erupted in the hall.

“Due to the short notice of the costume party, Professors, Prefects, and upper level students will be helping the younger students perform transfigurations of the many costumes that we have in storage.  The House Elves are delivering these costumes to the Common Rooms as we speak.”

The students cheered again.

“I’d also like to remind our Muggleborn students that the wizarding world does not have the same issues with same-sex pairings as the Muggles do.  You are therefore encouraged to bring the date you are most comfortable with.  As a reminder, any rule breaking, including harassment, shall be dealt with by our dear Mr. Filch, who has my permission to use the chains.”

Argus Filch stood by the Teachers’ table with an evil smirk on his face.  He rubbed his hands greedily and the kids nearest him shuddered as they heard him mutter, “I can’t wait to hear the screaming again.”

The look on his face was enough to make every other student in the hall cringe.

“To accommodate the dance and party, breakfast and lunch will be delayed one hour and dinner shall be canceled.  Party food will be provided.  You may now commence eating your dinners!”

The students cheered again as their dinners appeared on their plates.


Harry and Draco were sitting on the couch watching the crackling fire when there was a knock at the door.  They hadn’t closed it all the way this time, but had closed it enough that anyone coming through the portrait would stop to knock on it.

“Come in,” Harry called out.

Professor Snape, Professor McGonagall and Percy Weasley came in.  Percy was carrying several bottles and vials in a wooden box.

“Percy has informed me of the animagi form you boys will assume and Severus and I decided to assist you for tomorrow night’s dance.  It will conveniently kill two birds with one stone.”

“Professor?” Harry asked, while Draco smirked knowingly.

“What are esteemed Transfiguration professor is trying to say is that you two will need to practice being in partial animal aspect before you can become animagi yourselves.  I’ve spent most of my free time today with Mr. Weasley here, instructing him on the potions you will need.”

“Under normal circumstances, we wouldn’t use these potions.  It is preferable to train you slowly over an extended time.  In this case, however, we don’t feel we have the extra time.  The accelerated program for learning is more difficult, but I’m quite confident you two will not disappoint me,” McGonagall explained.

“The potions will give you aspects of your animagi form.  A hybrid, if you will.  Having this Halloween party will be a convenient excuse to explain why you two are different for eight hours.  We have the short transform potion that will last about an hour for you to test under the supervision of Mr. Weasley.  Assuming all goes well, you will use the large vials tomorrow for the costume ball.  You should drink them later in the day, just before heading to the party,” Snape explained.

“Good luck boys,” McGonagall said, looking stern, but with a twinkle in her eye.

Both McGonagall and Snape left, leaving Percy alone with the two boys.

“Percy?  What were they talking about?” Harry asked, looking completely puzzled.

“To become an Animagi, you need to practice a lot.  This potion will allow you to jump ahead by giving you some of the attributes of your animagi creature.  In this case, you are both large panthers.  Here,” he said handing them each a small vial, “drink this and we’ll see what happens.”

Harry took the vial and upended it in his mouth.  Draco and Percy watched in fascination as the potion kicked in.

Harry’s clothes disappeared, along with his glasses as a thick, dark fur burst out all over his body.  A tail burst out from his back, growing long enough to touch the ground.  His hands became almost paw-like, though he still had his opposable thumb.  His feet widened and looked distinctly like large paws.

“Wow!” Draco exclaimed.  “How do you feel Harry?”

“Purrrrfect,” Harry grinned, showing the sharp incisors common to large carnivores.

Draco went to slap him upside his head for the stupid comment and found his arm locked in Harry’s firm grasp.  Harry’s surprising long tongue snaked out and tasted Draco’s hand.  Draco was more than a little shocked.

“Draco… this is very… intense,” Harry said after a few moments.

“You look very cool Boy Wonder,” Draco whispered in response, his mouth quirking into a smile that was meant solely for Harry.

Harry pulled Draco against him and Draco reached up to trace the scar on Harry’s forehead. 

“Is that still there?” Harry asked with some annoyance.

“You are a rather nice looking black color.  But you have a large white lightning bolt on your forehead and you have a much smaller white mark on your chest.”

“Time for you to test this out then,” Harry replied.

Draco looked into Harry’s larger, bright green eyes and smiled again.  He took the offered vial from Percy and drank it down quickly.

Draco was the mirror image of Harry, except for the eyes and the forehead.

Percy smiled brightly, “You two look very good.”

Harry and Draco both turned to smile at Percy for a moment before turning back to face each other and having a very long snog.


The day passed by very quickly with everyone preparing his or her costumes for the evening.  As soon as the Great Hall cleared after lunch, Professors Dumbledore, Flitwick, Lupin, Snape, and McGonagall set to work altering the room.

When the room was all done three hours later, McGonagall turned to Dumbledore, “Are you sure this isn’t too scary for the smaller children?”

A large black grim walked over and sat in front the two professors, “Of course it isn’t.  Right Snuffles?”

The large dog nodded his head.

“If you two think so,” she sighed, shaking her head.

“Hello professor,” Arabella Figg said as the walked in.  “Very impressive.”

Professor Snape, who finished his part of the decorations, walked over and asked somewhat shortly “What are you supposed to be?”

“This is Halloween.  I’m dressed up as the Wicked Witch of the West,” Arabella replied.

“Well that’s appropriate,” Snape replied dryly.

“You watch it Mister,” Arabella shook her finger at him and then said in perfect imitation of the Muggle movie, “Or I’ll get you my pretty, and your little grim too.” 

Snape stared somewhat blankly while Dumbledore chuckled, “Our Muggle-born students will appreciate the humor.”

“Why is our favorite team here this evening Albus?” Snape asked.

“These two will be providing extra security this evening for the band among other things.”

“Why did we enchant the pumpkins to play music if we are having a band?”

“We will be mixing Muggle music in with the Wizard music.  That way everyone feels like they belong.”

Snape nodded and then shrugged.

“I do believe our students shall be joining us soon, so why don’t the rest of us get into our costumes?”

“I still don’t like…” Snape’s voice trailed off as he received a glare from both Dumbledore and McGonagall.  “Right, I’ll go get ready.”


“Are you ready then Harry?” Draco asked as his tail twitched with impatience.

Harry padded silently into the main room, “Yes, I’m all set.  I just wanted to make sure nothing was showing.”

“The fur covers it all quite nicely.”

“So I’ve noticed.  Let’s go.”

Both boys left their flat and went straight down to the Great Hall and joined the queue of people waiting to enter.

Hagrid, dressed normally, was standing at the door to the Great Hall.  “Please make sure you’ve left your wand in your room.  There will be no wands in the Great Hall tonight.”

Many of the people ahead of them groaned and left the queue.  Harry and Draco stepped forward.

“Harry, Draco, you two look very catty tonight,” Hagrid chuckled.  “Go on in.”

Hagrid closed the door behind them.

The room was very dark with hundreds of large pumpkins floating in the air.  There was a small stage all the way up at the head of the room and there were almost a dozen people on it.  They were still setting up.  There was a large dance floor set up right next to the stage.  The pumpkins above the dance floor were casting different colored lights on the floor in time with the music.  Just inside the door there were tables full of food and candy. 

The walls had a lot of weird ghostly shapes and all sorts of different designs all glowing eerily in the dim light.  Lightning flashed from the ceiling every so often with bolts flying about.  Rumbles of thunder could also be heard dimly.

The overall effect was very creepy.  Draco and Harry smiled at each other.  They stood off by the food table as people poured into the room.

All of a sudden the pumpkins, which had been moving randomly in the room, all stopped and flashed together in synch.  They then all started to let out a loud creaking noise.  Then they started to emit music and the sound of a wolf howling.  The music got suddenly louder and had a nice strong beat.  All of the pumpkins started to move with the beat, projecting lights out on the walls and floor.

“This is a Muggle song!  Dudley used to watch the video on the Tellie.  It is very spooky,” Harry explained to Draco.

“I guess they are providing a live band in addition to some Muggle music,” he replied as he watched the band continue to get ready.

They were quiet for almost a minute.

“This is a pretty neat song.  Very good beat.”

“Want to try dancing Draco?”

Draco just grabbed a hold of Harry and pulled him out onto the dance floor in response.  Normally, Harry had two left feet when it came to coordination.  However, since he had a lot of cat attributes at the moment, he was also awarded with a cat’s grace.

The Gray Lady and the Bloody Baron floated by the two and then went up and started to dance above the dance floor.  They were very good and obviously had centuries of practice.

The boys danced through the entire Muggle song with a very large crowd of other teenagers.  With the dim lighting and the costumes, it was impossible to tell who was who.  It sure was fun though.


Severus Snape looked in the mirror one last time, sighing heavily to himself.

“It looks fine Sevvy.”

“Easy for you to say Wolfman,” Severus grumbled good-naturedly.

“You should talk tonight, Severus,” Remus chuckled.

“How do you ever put up with being able to smell this well?  I can smell the little urchins from here,” Severus complained, whilst looking at his snout in the mirror.

“You’ll get used to it fast enough.  Just ignore it.  We do need to get going,” Remus replied, opening the door.

Severus shook his head and followed the other man out of the room.


Harry and Draco danced the next dance as well, which was another Muggle tune.  They were getting ready to go back to the food table when a tall figure stepped forward on stage.

“Students, Attention please,” the man called.

There was oohs and aahs from the audience when they saw his costume.  It was a very ancient looking robe, dark purple in color with various moving starbursts and moon shapes.  He looked like the most famous wizard of all.

“I’d like you all to give our guest band a warm round of applause to welcome them to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,” Dumbledore called out.

The students cheered.

“Here they are, the Coffin Diners and their vocalist group the Crypt Kicker Five!” Dumbledore roared out.

The students cheered loudly, especially the Wizard-born students.  They were a group almost as popular as the Weird Sisters.

The group broke into their set immediately, causing chest-thumping bass to roll out over the students.  Harry and Draco stayed with the group on the dance floor and started another dance.

Several songs later, when Harry and Draco were getting some food from the tables near the entrance, a small commotion occurred near the door.  Two men had entered the hall, costumed as two-legged wolves.

“Hey Draco, it’s Professor Lupin!” Harry pointed out the two that just walked in.

Draco gasped as he looked and so did Harry.  The green-robed figure next to him could only be…

“Snape!  As a wolf?!  That’s a bloody irony if I ever saw one,” Harry coughed out.

“I see we aren’t the only ones making use of this potion then,” Draco smiled slightly to Harry.

They were interrupted by a loud cackling from above as a green witch, with a large wart on her nose, flew over their heads on a broom.  As the witch flew above the crowd, the pumpkins that were floating in the air danced out of her flight path and then back into their positions.

The Muggleborn students, including Harry, all recognized her from the Wizard of Oz.  All the younger students were delighted.  So were many of the older ones.

The band resumed a few minutes later, playing a slow intro to a more romantic song.

“Will you have this dance with me Dragon?” Harry asked, smiling.

“Of course Boy Wonder,” Draco grinned back.

The two boys joined everyone else in the slow gyrations on the dance floor.

End of Chapter 24

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