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Harry Potter and the Parliament of Dreams

Chapter 20 – The Ragged Edge

By Myr


George was just about to the classroom he thought that Fred was using when all hell broke loose around him.  The portraits all started yelling in unison and the various suits of armor that were on display throughout the castle started to slam their weapons up and down on the floor.

George skidded to an abrupt halt in front of the classroom, feeling the pull in the pit of his belly again.  It was a pull that he always felt when Fred had been hurt or vice versa. He hesitated only a moment before bursting into the classroom like some sort of Auror hit squad.

“Lumos,” he shouted immediately, triggering all the various torches and candles around the classroom to burst into full light.

The sight that greeted him stopped his heart and his breathing.  He stood for what seemed an eternity in abject horror.


Severus Snape was just beginning his nightly patrol in search of students that were out of their dorms.  He was just coming around the corner from the dungeon stairs near the Great Hall when the intruder charms went off.  Something much more severe was also in progress as all the portraits started yelling and screaming, which meant that something very serious was occurring.

He drew his wand and transitioned from Potions Master into a battle weary former Death Eater, ready to defend his students with his life, if required.  His face was a mask of grim determination as he raced forward.

He was in time to see a figure dart out the large front door of the castle’s entryway.  Before the door slammed shut on its own, he saw the figure leap astride a broom as if he had been born to it and soar off into the night. 

Snape noted this and turned in the direction he determined to be most likely that the figure had run from.  He sprinted in that direction as fast as he could.  The portraits, seeing the professor, all started yelling for him to hurry and that he was almost there. 

“Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! You need to help them!” the portraits yelled at him as he increased his running speed.

He skidded to a halt in front of two fallen forms.  There was blood flowing freely and spreading entirely too quickly.  The younger boy, Colin Creevey, looked the worse for wear.  Creevey was a frequent guest in his photo lab and they had come to a sort of understanding.  The boy, frankly, was one of the better students in potions.  He felt a tug in his chest in a place he thought long since dead.  He rushed forward to try to help the ghostly white boy in front of him before it was too late.


George finally broke his hesitation and he ran forward, not to his brother but to the other boy.  In a quick glance, he could see the blood trail that Zavien had left while crawling to Fred.  Fred looked as if he could wait.  Zavien looked deathly pale and was breathing raggedly. 

George, who had some slight training in medicinal magic (it helped with some of their jokes, believe it or not), turned Zavien over slowly and carefully, immediately spotting the stomach wound.  He cast the most powerful healing spell he knew, which reduced the hole to an oozing wound instead of a flowing one.  He realized immediately that he needed to get Zavien to Madam Pomfrey or another highly trained Mediwitch.

He conjured a stretcher and levitated Zavien on to it.  He cast a guilty look over his shoulder at his twin and started moving rapidly out of the classroom.  It was at that moment that Percy burst into the room like a red tornado.

“A portrait said you went in here to find Fred,” Percy gasped out, noticed his younger brother on the floor and rushed over to him.

“He’s had a right nasty crack on the head,” Percy announced immediately.  He looked over his shoulder just in time to see George rush out, with another boy on a stretcher.

“Right then, I’ll take you Fred,” Percy said to himself as he flawlessly conjured a stretcher.  He levitated Fred on to it and then rushed out the door, the stretcher gliding along quickly behind him.


Severus crashed to his knees next to Colin in his rush to get to the boy.  Colin’s skin was clammy and pasty looking.  Snape rolled the boy over and saw the knife wound and cursed aloud.  He immediately yanked a potion vial out of the belt pouch that was hidden under his robes.  He uncorked the vial and let three full drops fall onto the center of the wound.

The wound festered and fizzled like firecracker for a few moments before closing over.  Once the wound was closed he looked closer at the boy and realized that his breathing was too shallow.  He quickly put the stopper in the vial and then reached into his pouch and pulled out another vial.  He uncorked it and poured the entire contents into the boy’s mouth and then held his mouth closed.  He rubbed the boys neck, which caused him to swallow immediately. 

Severus stared worriedly at the boy for a few moments before he turned to look at the other.  This Gryffindor, an Irish boy, was one of his least favorites.  The boy was always far too cheerful, no matter the circumstances.  Severus was chagrinned to notice that the world seemed somehow wrong without this boy smiling and laughing.  He felt a strangely powerful compulsion to reexamine what he felt towards the boy.

“I’m getting soft in my old age,” Severus mumbled to himself.

“I wouldn’t say that Sevvy,” Remus spoke from right behind him.

Severus was startled enough to jump and then he cursed, “Remus!”

Remus lay a calming hand on his friend’s shoulder before leaning down to check over the boy.  “The portraits directed me here.”

“I stopped his bleeding so I think he’ll be ok.  Another minute or two and he’d have been lost,” Severus gestured towards Colin, true concern in his voice.

“And Seamus?” Remus asked about the boy they were leaning over.

“I think his skull is cracked along with a broken nose and a destroyed shoulder,” Severus replied slowly as he examined the sandy-haired youth before him.

“We should get them both to Madam Pomfrey immediately.  The portraits are saying that there was another attack as well,” Remus said.

“Another?  Who?” Severus asked sharply.

“They are saying Fred Weasley and Zavien Higgs.  I’m not sure of their conditions.”

“We need to get these boys to the infirmary and find of the status of the other two.”

“We need to find who did this,” Remus replied a little more sharply than he intended.

“The culprit has already escaped the grounds on broomstick.  He knew the castle very well from what I saw.  I was not in time to stop him.”

Remus growled lowly from the back of his throat.  The noise reminded Severus sharply of the nature of his friend.

Remus, without further words, conjured a stretcher and levitated Colin on to it.  He left the room at a brisk pace and Severus had to scramble to keep up.  He quickly conjured a stretcher for Seamus and levitated the boy aboard it and made haste to follow Remus to the infirmary.


The young man in black flew far enough away from Hogwarts to safely land.  He apparated as soon as he touched the ground.  Apparation from mid-air was a chancy thing at best.

“You survived, I see,” a cold, high-pitched voice hissed.

“Yes, my lord,” the young man bowed as low as he could.

“And the mission?” Voldemort asked, his lip curling upwards slightly in a mockery of a grin.

“Like the last entry into the castle, sir.  I set off the alarms as ordered.”

“And the second part of the mission?”

“I found the boy and punished him.  He’ll likely survive, as he was with one of the meddlesome Weasley twins.”

“Weasley?” he hissed, “He was made to suffer for it?”

“Yes my lord.  He shouldn’t be permanently damaged.”

“Anything further to report?” Voldemort asked, his red eyes narrowing dangerously.

“I had opportunity to attack a Mudblood and a half-breed on my way out.  They were both Gryffindors.  It should further the cause of reining terror on the school.”

Voldemort’s mouth pursed dangerously as he stared down his minion.

The young man’s confidence faltered and his voice a trifle higher when he asked, “Have I done something wrong, Master?”

“You were to do only as I said boy,” Voldemort growled.  “Crucio!”

The young man fell to the ground twitching violently.


A black-haired youth hundreds of kilometers away sat bolt upright in his bed.  His mouth was open in a silent scream of pain as his hands clutched at the scar on his forehead.

Draco felt the echoes of pain reverberating down the link from Harry as he too jolted into wakefulness.

Draco clutched Harry as close as possible as his mind suddenly lurched and saw and heard what Harry could see and hear.

“You will learn to follow orders and do only as I say.  As important as it is to torture and kill Mudbloods it is far more important to follow orders.  Your orders specifically said you were to attack Lawrence Higgs and anybody that was with him.”

“Yeh…yes my lord,” the teen managed to squeak out.

“Your rash actions will cause that besotted fool Dumbledore to tighten the defenses at Hogwarts to such a state that we would need a full team to even get near the grounds.”

The boy twitched violently.

“Get out of my sight before I forget that you at least disobeyed me by torturing a Mudblood.  That is the only thing that saved you.  Do not disobey me again.”

“Yes my lord,” he said as he scrambled out of sight.

Soon after the young man left, Voldemort raised his wand and sent a curse hurling towards a desk near the wall of his study.  The desk was ripped asunder by the power of the spell.

“Fools.  They are all fools.  It is time to deal with that double-crossing fool of a potions master.  Dumbledore will pay for turning such a useful man. 

The presence of the room faded as Voldemort’s heated anger banked itself and they lost touch with the man’s feelings, thoughts and actions.

All awareness faded away as both boys collapsed into the bed.


It was Thursday morning just before sunrise and Severus was red-eyed with exhaustion.

The only boy of the four that showed signs of waking up was Colin Creevey.  Both magic and potions were used to repair the damage to Fred Weasley, Seamus Finnegan and Zavien Higgs.  Severus and Poppy had worked all night on them.  Severus had to make a particularly difficult potion that reduced swelling of the brain.  Seamus and Fred both needed it.  Zavien Higgs was also stable now, though he was in a deep coma.  George Weasley had saved his life with the spell and by getting him to the infirmary so quickly.

All four were expected to recover eventually.  Severus looked around the room.  George Weasley was passed out in a chair, his head touching his twin’s on the pillow.  Snape looked away in sudden embarrassment.  He felt as though he was intruding on a family moment.

He warily went over the story that the portraits told.  The boys had been attacked and the attacker had obviously meant to cause pain and terror more than death.  After all, if he meant for them to be dead, it is fairly obvious the attacker could have aimed for something more vital than the stomach.

Then there was the Golden Trio and Draco.  When the alarm charms went off, the door to the Gryffindor flat sealed itself and a silencing charm went off over the door.  Nothing they could do could breach the room.  They even had tried to send Dobby in, and he was unable to enter the room.  It was surmised that the four students were safely within; blissfully unaware of what had happened during the night. 

Severus turned when he felt a strong gaze on him.  Moony had returned.  Severus smiled slightly feeling genuinely glad to see his friend.

He was about to give a greeting when he felt an unwanted burning sensation on the inside of his left elbow.  The Dark Mark was glowing hot signaling that he was being summoned.  The Dark Lord wanted to be attended to immediately.

Remus missed nothing and bowed his head in silent encouragement.

Severus made it to the hallway before a wide-eyed, half naked Harry Potter accosted him.

A similarly unclad Draco Malfoy and a clothed Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger trailed him.  The latter two looked extremely aggravated and had their wands drawn.

Draco too had a wild look to him.

“Professor!” Harry yelled, “Beware of a trap!”

Harry reached Snape and fell into the man’s arms, twitching in some sort of seizure.

Draco, his head twitching as well, staggered to Snape and looked into his face, “The Dark Lord knows of your duplicity.”  Draco collapsed on top of Harry, causing Snape to topple backwards under the sudden dead weight of the two teen boys.

Ron Weasley stared confusedly at the tangled pile of his best friend and the two people that were highest on his dislike list.

Hermione, her head ever on her shoulders, immediately cast stupefy on both boys causing their seizures to cease. 

Snape had recovered from his surprise by this point and had lifted Draco bodily and turned and walked the few meters back to the infirmary.  Ron, seizing the moment, picked up Harry and carried him in behind Snape.

Snape set Draco on one of the few remaining empty beds.

Ron did likewise with Harry and then noticed his brothers; one pale and the other passed out with his head touching his twins.  Ron had seen this before and he went immediately to his brothers and lightly touched them both.  Concern was etched on his open face.


Sunrise found Severus Snape in Dumbledore’s office with Hermione Granger, Dumbledore and Remus Lupin.  Severus’ stomach was tied in knots.

“Okay, you spent the night,” Remus confirmed with Hermione, “what happened this morning?”

“Harry woke us with a tremendous yell from their bedroom.  Ron and I were both jolted awake and I rushed into their room immediately.  Harry was thrashing around on the bed yelling as if in a nightmare and Draco was doing the same.”

“They were both thrashing around in a nightmare, at the same time?” Dumbledore interrupted.

“Yes.  Harry sat up abruptly and said he had to warn Professor Snape.  He bolted out of the room wearing only his boxers.  Draco flew out of bed a second later and sprinted after him.  Ron and I both chased after them.”

“You don’t know why they collapsed?” Remus asked.

“No,” she replied.

“It is probably simply exhaustion.  Harry has always displayed a significant drain after an episode of seeing with Voldemort.  Draco has obviously been connected close enough by their link to be suffering from the same symptoms.  Severus said that they both gave information on this event?” Dumbledore looked to Severus for confirmation.

Severus nodded, but didn’t say anything.

“Severus, I think it is time to remain Potions Master.  It is no longer worth the risk to your life.  You shall remain here.”

Severus stared blankly at Dumbledore.

“Severus, you have done your part.  It is time for you to focus on protecting your students,” Remus urged.

After a very long silence Severus said, “Yes, Headmaster.”

“Ms. Granger, I think it would be prudent if you returned to bed for a few hours.  You are excused from your morning classes.”

“She has potions,” Severus snapped.

“That’s nice,” Dumbledore replied pleasantly.  “Potions classes are canceled today.”

Severus looked sharply at Dumbledore and was about to say something when he noticed the powerful blue-eyed stare.  He acquiesced with a bow of his head.

Hermione missed nothing in this exchange.


Harry woke up around sunset to find himself in the infirmary.  He groaned aloud when he tried to sit up.  He felt totally drained.  His slight movement was enough to attract the attention of Madam Pomfrey, however.  She descended on him like some sort of military raid, poking and prodding and then shoving a potion under his nose.  He had little choice but to drink, as she looked ready to force-feed it to him if he hesitated any longer.  He drank it as quickly as he could, his mouth puckering at the sour taste.

It took about two seconds before he sat straight up in his bed, steam pouring out of his ears.  He felt wide-awake again at least.  Pomfrey smiled at him.

Harry looked around and noticed that the infirmary was full.  Fred was in a bed and George was asleep in a chair next to him.  Zavien was in a bed next to Fred, looking dreadfully pale.  Next to Harry was Seamus, who looked feeble and pale.  Next to Seamus was Colin, who had some color, but still looked miserable.  Harry looked to his other side and saw a pair of gray eyes staring at him.  He smiled at them and they lit up from within.

“What happened?” Harry asked, his voice slightly husky.

“There was an attack on the castle last night and you seem to have had some sort of vision,” Madam Pomfrey said.

“And Draco?” Harry asked nodding his head towards his boyfriend.

“You both had the vision,” she replied.  “Don’t you remember?”

“I… hmmm,” Harry started and then trailed off.

“You gave your warning to,” she began but was cut off by Harry.

“Professor Snape,” he shouted, “I have to warn him.”

Madam Pomfrey physically restrained him while saying soothingly, “You already have dear boy.  Relax and be quiet.  You will disturb the others.”

Harry went limp at once, his potion-induced energy draining quickly.

The shout woke George up.  The first thing George did was to touch Fred’s forehead with his whole hand.  He held his hand there for a few moments before pulling it away.  “He’ll be awake soon.”

Madam Pomfrey heard him and crossed the room in three strides, “Are you sure?”

“Yes.  I think within the hour.”

“Thank goodness.  I hope the others wake up soon as well.”

“I’m sure they will,” George murmured lightly.

Draco moved a little and moaned.

Madam Pomfrey was next to him in a heartbeat.  “What’s wrong?”

“My head is killing me,” Draco whined lightly.

She strode away and rifled through a cabinet before finding what she was looking for.  She returned a moment later with a small orange vile, which she opened and handed to him to drink.

Draco drank quickly and sighed a few seconds later as the medicine kicked in.  He slumped backwards into a gentle slumber a few seconds after that.

Harry, feeling rather feeble at the moment, spoke up, “Can I get some of that too please?”

Harry also received the medicine, which is why when Fred woke up a few minutes later he was sound asleep.

“What happened?” Fred asked weakly.

George, who was holding Fred’s hand, replied, “We wanted to know that from you.”

“I have no idea at all George,” Fred whispered back, still feeling too weak to talk.

George nodded to his twin, “Ok Freddie, get some rest.  Now that you’re awake, we’ll be able to give you some medicine.  Then you can sleep.  Ok?”

“Ok, Georgey,” Fred whispered back, using the old name for his twin.

Colin and Seamus were the next to wake up.  Colin informed Madam Pomfrey of all he remembered while George sat and listened.  His face was a mask that was barely concealing an intense anger.

Madam Pomfrey gave them both potions which allowed them to go back to sleep.

Zavien was the very last to wake up.  He came around quickly once he started though.  He was still pale and pasty.  Madam Pomfrey and George were by his side as soon as he stirred.

“Fred?” Zavien rasped.

“I’m George.  Fred is still recovering,” George said quietly.

Zavien nodded.  “The attacker told me that I shouldn’t have betrayed my family.”  His voice sounded distant and pained.

George grasped his hand and held it while Poppy prepared some potions for him.  George held Zavien’s hand until he was asleep again.

“I am getting tired of these Dark Arts families,” George growled.

Poppy made an affirmative grunting noise.

George didn’t acknowledge the grunt.  He was suddenly on his feet and out the door.  He barely missed colliding with Professor Snape.  For once, the man made no mention of house points or detentions for the near collision.

He didn’t need Harry’s empathy to see how upset George was at the moment.

He strode into the room with his usually panache, “Poppy, Albus asked me to relieve you so that you could go eat your dinner.”

“Thank you Severus.”

Snape nodded.  He then walked over to a chair that was between Harry and Draco’s beds.  He settled in quickly and relaxed as the boys around him slumbered on in their induced sleeps.  After his long day, he found himself quite tired as well.  He nodded off shortly afterwards.


Poppy walked into the infirmary and saw Severus sleeping on the comfortable chair that was between Harry and Draco’s beds.  He looked truly worn out, even in his sleep.  She decided to let him sleep and went to keep herself busy in her office.  She stayed there for a few hours before retiring to her nearby living quarters.


It was quite some time later when Severus started awake.  His breath hissed in and out in the dark and he felt an immeasurable terror pressing around him.  He sat gasping for a few moments before he realized the fear was not coming from him.  It was coming from Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. 

Severus looked over the situation and realized he was directly between the two boys and must have been getting blasted from both sides by their emotions.  It was not a very strategic place to be.

Harry sat upright, his mouth open in a silent scream of absolute terror.  His whole body started to shudder so violently that Snape thought he was convulsing again.  He leapt out of his cozy seat and placed his hand on Harry’s shoulder.

Harry tried jumping off the bed and running, but Snape held his shoulder firmly.  Still shaking violently, Harry spun around and buried his face in Snape’s chest.  Snape’s whole body went rigid in surprise.

Images immediately flooded his mind.  Bodies.  Horribly mangled bodies of men, women and children filled his mind.  The images triggered memories from his past as a Death Eater.  He suppressed his own urge to shake.  In a maneuver that would have been natural to any parent, Snape wrapped his arms around Harry and held him tightly.

No fifteen year old deserved to see those images.  Even someone he disliked as much as Harry Potter.

He freed one hand from the hug and waved his wand at the chair he had been sitting in.  The chair morphed quickly into a very cozy little couch.  He sat in the center and guided Harry to one side.  Less than a minute later, the silvery blond boy joined them.  Severus sighed deeply as he let fate take its course.

Severus conjured a large, plushy blanket that he carefully arranged around the boys so that only their heads were exposed.  It became immediately apparent that the boys felt safe in his embrace.  The fear they had been radiating was replaced with contentment.  The feelings that it generated in Snape were almost intoxicating.  Severus had never felt anything so relaxing as the contentment and safeness that was permeating him now.  He followed the boys back into slumber moments later.


George nearly plowed Professor Snape over when he stormed out of the infirmary.

He didn’t have a clear idea of where he was going.  He just felt an overwhelming need to pound something into oblivion.  Since it wasn’t very late yet, there were still a lot of students wandering about in the castle.  George didn’t bother to duck into any secret passage as he normally would.  Instead, he walked straight down the center of the hallway glaring at anyone that dared to get in his way.  Most of the students he encountered dodged out of the way after one look at his face. 

George made it as far as the third floor corridor in the North wing of the castle when he was able to think clearly enough to pick a place to work out his anger.  The Self-Defense classrooms would be empty at this hour and had fighting dummies to pound.  He altered his direction accordingly and ended up in the large room several minutes later.

George found the room empty, just as he expected he would.  He immediately took off his robe, so that he was less restricted.  He then pulled off his sweater and then his shirt for the same reason.  He pulled his wand out and transfigured the pants he was wearing into shorts.  His wand landed on top of the clothes pile a second later.

He immediately approached one of the many stuffed fighting dummies that were arrayed around the room and he started to beat on it with all his fury.  He hit the dummy as hard as he could with several rights followed by several left hooks.  George then started to alternate so that the swaying of the dummy was timed perfectly with his violent punches.

It took nearly a half an hour before he had completely exhausted himself. 

Michael Corner, one of the fifth year Ravenclaw boys, usually spent the last hour before curfew on weeknights in the Self-Defense classroom to try to bulk up a little bit.  Since he was a smaller boy, he never quite felt secure with himself and the extra training made him feel better.  He arrived in the room just before George collapsed on the floor next to the dummy.  He watched with sick fascination as the older redheaded boy pounded the stuffing, literally, out of the dummy.  The stuffing from the dummy was spread out in a circle around him.

When George collapsed on the ground, Michael ran forward.  George was completely drenched in his own sweat and he was breathing shallowly.  Michael ran into the attached locker room and grabbed a large towel from the stack that the house-elves kept in there.  He returned to George quickly and started to wipe him down.  The chilly air in the chamber was great for giving colds to sweat-drenched teens.

George’s eyes popped open about the time that Michael was finishing.  His eyes were unfocused as he stared straight ahead.  “What’s going on?” he grumbled as Michael finished up the task of drying him off.

“You were upset about something and you beat the stuffing completely out of the sparring dummy.  You collapsed not long after I got here and I thought it wise to dry you off before this cold air helped to make you sick.”

George’s eyes focused on the other boy, “Thanks Michael.”

“It’s nothing I wouldn’t do for anybody I saw that needed some help.  Besides that, I owed you a bit of a favor for the other night,” Michael replied, blushing slightly.

George stared past the other boy for a moment before focusing on him again.  “You don’t owe me anything for the other night.  We walked out of there fairly well even, I’d say.”

“But I pushed you into it,” Michael started.

“I don’t think you could have made me do something I wasn’t willing to do, so don’t feel bad about the coercion you used to get what you were looking for.”

“What if I want more?” Michael asked, his voice deeper and sounding fairly seductive.

George, who was underneath the other boy and covered in the towel, stirred slightly and looked deep into Michael’s eyes before replying, “I’d suggest then that you found somebody that you love and that loves you back so that you can take things further.”

“I’m not ready for a relationship.  I just want to have sex.  It doesn’t matter with whom, it doesn’t matter where, but it does matter when.  I want it now,” the boy replied, rubbing against George.

“You best be careful Michael.  That kind of thinking can lead down a steep, slippery slope straight into the abyss.  You are too good of a young man to start sleeping around with anything with a dick.”

“I don’t want a bloody lecture Weasley!  I want you to fuck me!” Corner growled.

“Why?” George asked in an annoying, know-it-all voice.

“I’m offering you a chance at my virgin arse and you want to know why?” Corner asked incredulously.


“You want to know why?  I’ll tell you why.  I want to have sex.  I’m tired of being the boy that everyone ignores.  It’s my body and if I want to sleep around, then that is my right.”

“It is your right to do that Michael, but it is that line of thinking that has given rise to the sex for money trade that goes on in the dungeons.  I think you’re better then that.  You need to find one guy that you like and devote your energy to him.  Gratuitous sex feels great; there is no doubt about that.  However, sex with someone you love is a thousand times better than that.”

“How would you know?” the boy grumbled.

“Think about it.  What is your goal in this?  To get off, right?”

Michael nodded.

“In a loving relationship the goal is getting your partner off, while you get to tag along for the ride.  It’s not selfish that way and it feels a lot better.”

Michael’s eyes narrowed, “I suppose so.  I haven’t thought about it like that.”

“I’d imagine not.  You just want to go from person to person making yourself feel as good as you can.”

“When you say it like that, you make me sound like a conceited arse.”

George just looked at him.

“I want you to fuck me… surely that makes you feel better than me.”

“That’s not the point.  The point is it’s all about what you want.  Not about what your potential partner might want.”


“I could drag you off to the locker room and bend you over the bench and have my way with you until I was exhausted, but why?  I’m still angry and it is never a wise thing to ask an angry person to have sex with you.”

“I’m willing to risk it.  I know you wouldn’t hurt me.  You’re not that type of person.”

“I suppose that you’ll never listen to reason.  You want to have sex?  Fine.  This is the last time though.  I’d recommend that you find someone you really like and stick with him.”

Michael’s eyes widened as George hopped up and seized a hold of his wrist with one hand and his own wand with the other.  He then dragged him towards the locker room.  He barely had time to register that he was about to get what he wanted when George started to strip him in a fast, almost angry manner.

Michael was started to realize what George had meant a few moments ago about angry people and sex and was about to say something when George laid his finger against his lips.

“This is what you wanted.  So be quiet and bend over like a good boy,” George said briskly.

Michael squeaked in protest as George pushed his head down, forcing the boy to bend over.  George let go of his head and stripped off his own clothes.  He lined himself up for entry into in the soft, pale cheeks of the boy in front of him.  Michael had lost his cocky attitude from earlier as he turned his head around to look at George, though not moving appreciably from his position.

George looked him in the eye for a long moment before saying something.  “This isn’t what you wanted, was it?”

Michael shook his head slowly.

“What you wanted was a nice gentle, and mutual sexual experience?” George asked.

The boy nodded again.

“That’s what I thought.”

George waved his wand at the bench and it turned into a soft couch that Michael fell onto.  He then sent a locking spell at the locker room door, which promptly slammed shut and locked with a resounding click.

George carefully laid himself down on top of the smaller boy, pinning him to the couch.  He very slowly and seductively moved his hands over the younger teen’s smooth, soft body.  Michael moaned from deep within when George touched him in just the right spot.  Both boys were quickly as hard as iron.  George clamped his lips over Michael’s and sucked the boy into a deep kiss.  He broke away after a few minutes.

“Is this what you wanted Michael?” George asked seductively.

“Yes,” the boy gasped in reply.

“Do you still want me to bugger you?” George asked.

“Please… but be gentle about it,” the boy pleaded.

George took a deep breath and nodded.  He moved the boy around so that he was positioned conveniently.  He cast a couple of quick spells and then lined up.  George entered the teen slowly and carefully, causing the boy to moan loudly.  George was very careful to provide the maximum amount of pleasure to the other boy while he was enjoying himself.  They spent over an hour doing different things together, and they were both quite satisfied when they were all done.

A few minutes after they were done, George kissed Michael once more, got up and padded silently to the shower.  He turned the hot water on full blast and stepped under it.  He washed quickly and left.  He picked up his various clothes on the way out and dressed.  As soon as he was fully dressed, he ducked out of the large classroom through a secret passage.  The passage connected with another that he used to get to the Hufflepuff door area.

He stepped out of the secret passageway and walked straight up to the picture of his ancestor and asked to be allowed in.


Poppy walked into the infirmary the next morning and was quite shocked at what she saw.  She was just able to stop herself from gasping aloud as she stared at the unique sight before her.

Severus Snape, the most unapproachable professor in Hogwarts, was sound asleep on a small couch.  Harry Potter was on his left and Draco Malfoy was on his right.  Their heads were touching as they lay on Snape’s chest.  Harry and Draco’s hands were also entwined and resting across Snape’s knees. A blanket covered all three and they all looked quite comfortable.

‘There goes that heartless bastard image he has cultivated for the last thirty years’ she thought to herself as she retraced her steps back to her office.

End of Chapter 20

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