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Harry Potter and the Parliament of Dreams

Chapter 11 – Training Day

By Myr


Harry and Draco were facing each other, twenty-five feet above the pitch.  Hagrid signaled to Hermione, who promptly released the golden snitch.  It sat in her hand for a moment before it jetted into the air, flying around both Harry and Draco’s heads before flying rapidly away.

Harry rolled his broom to the right and shot off towards the north end of the pitch.  Draco broke left and shot off towards the south end of the pitch.  The group of spectators moved off to the side and then climbed up into the bleachers to watch the two boys battle it out. 

Harry dropped down to a few feet above the pitch and kept his speed up.  Draco matched paths with Harry as he passed.  He stayed about 30 feet up and behind from Harry.  Both boys were searching for the golden snitch as they sped around. 

“Do you see it Ron?” Hermione asked.

Ron, who was using his omnioculars, replied, “not yet, Hermie.”

Harry broke right hard and sped to the center of the pitch.  Draco followed him and dived towards the center of the pitch and Harry.

Draco narrowly avoided colliding with Harry as Harry swerved straight through Draco’s path and climbed rapidly.  Draco rolled over twice before righting his broom and taking off after Harry.

Harry slowed up and came to a near standstill fifty feet above the pitch.  Draco pulled alongside.

“You did that on purpose,” Draco accused.

“I did not,” Harry said back, startled out of his concentration.

Draco spotted the golden snitch buzzing around behind Harry’s right ear.

Harry heard something and swatted at it, causing him to roll 360 degrees to the right.  He came out of the sideways spin holding the golden snitch in his hand.

Draco’s eyes narrowed, “Do you always have such dumb luck?”

Harry shrugged, “Does this mean you are my servant for a week, Draco?”

Draco looked at Harry and then shrugged then drawled, “Fair is fair, Potter.”

Harry looked stricken for a moment at the coldness in Draco’s voice, “That was the agreement, Malfoy.”

Harry looked up to the stands to see Ron and Hermione cheering.  Crabbe and Goyle had upset looks across their sour looking faces.  He looked back to Draco and was surprised at the look on his face.

Draco realized he upset Harry and he panicked.  It was so easy to slip into old patterns, even when he didn’t mean them.  He looked up to see those emerald eyes locked on his own.

“I’m sorry Harry.  I didn’t mean to upset you,” he said earnestly.

Harry blinked then whispered quietly, “It’s okay Draco.”

Draco snapped his head around at the sound of approaching people.  He broke out of his conversation with Harry and headed to the ground.  Harry followed him down.

Hagrid, with his long strides, was the first one to reach them.  The others were only a few steps behind though, since they jogged.

“Well done ‘arry!” Hagrid bellowed while clapping said boy on his back, nearly flattening him.

“You couldn’t beat him just once, could you?” Goyle grumbled out.

“It’s not like I let him win,” Draco snapped back.

Goyle looked suitably cowed by the smaller boy.

“I expect that you’ll uphold you part of the wager?” Hagrid asked, looking at the three Slytherins.

Draco stared for a moment before nodding.  Crabbe and Goyle nodded after seeing Draco do so.

“Harry, Ron, and Hermione, get your lunch.  I’ll be expecting you around one o’clock,” Hagrid told them.

“Ok, Hagrid,” Harry replied.

“Why don’t you bring your new servant?” Hagrid asked, cocking an eyebrow at Malfoy.

Draco paled considerably.

“Good idea, Hagrid,” Ron said, looking delighted at the look of horror on Draco’s face.

“See you at one then,” Hagrid told them cheerfully, as he wandered off.

“Ron, could you take my broom?  I’d like to talk to Justin now, if he doesn’t mind?” Harry asked.

Justin smiled, “Now is a good time.”

Mickey grabbed a hold of Seamus and dragged him off.  Crabbe and Goyle went back to the castle, with Draco trailing them slowly.  Ron, holding the Firebolt, walked next to Hermione on their way back to the castle, careful to stay a good distance behind the Slytherin group.

Harry and Justin walked together towards the far end of the Quidditch Pitch, while soaking up the surprisingly warm sun.


“What did you think of that, Minerva?”

“Mr. Potter is the best seeker we’ve had in years.”

“And the bet?”

“Since Mr. Malfoy made it, I see no reason not to enforce it,” she smiled, looking more than a little sinister.

“You have a dark streak Professor McGonagall,” Albus chortled lightly.

“Why thank you, Professor Dumbledore,” she smiled at him.

“We could put them into a special training program.  I’ve already talked it over with Severus,” Albus mused quietly.

“We could?  Do you mean to actually encourage them to…” she trailed off, looking a little flushed at that thought.

“It would be best if Draco and Harry’s connection completed its development.  We could ask Percy Weasley to do special training for them at nights in the old Advanced Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom.  Justin Finch-Fletchley could use the extra training as well.  I’m sure that Harry will work out the issues between them.”

“Albus, do you seriously intend to encourage two couples to spend a large amount of time alone together.  Three actually.  If you keep Harry busy, then Ron and Hermione will have time together as well.”

“It will be the closeness and companionship that defeats the Dark Lord,” Albus responded, his eyes twinkling.

“As you wish, Headmaster,” Minerva bowed her head.

“It will work out, you’ll see,” Albus said to himself as Minerva walked out.


When Justin and Harry reached the far side of the Quidditch pitch, they climbed high up into the stands so that they could sit and talk and not be overheard.

“I’m really sorry for attacking you the other day.  There is not reason at all for my actions,” Justin started and then trailed off sounding choked up.

“Are you okay now?” Harry prompted.

“I think so.  I feel so empty now that the anger is gone.  Percy has been a real help though,” Justin blushed lightly when he mentioned Percy.

“Ah,” Harry smiled.

“What do you mean ‘ah’?” Justin asked suspiciously.

“You blushed when you said Percy’s name,” Harry smiled at him.

“I’m… we are starting to feel something for each other,” Justin said barely above a whisper.

“Good.  You both deserve someone,” Harry stated.

“What about you?” Justin asked, looking at Harry closely.

Harry blushed.

“Do you have a boyfriend now?” Justin asked as his eyes narrowed a bit.

“I guess you can say that,” Harry coughed out.

“What does that mean?  Who is it?”  After a moment of silence, he added quietly, “Is it Malfoy?”

“It is hard to explain,” Harry temporized.

“It’s a yes or no question.”

“Something happened that connected Draco and I,” Harry started.

Justin looked surprised, but said nothing.

“Professor Dumbledore hasn’t said it, but I think the connection is likely to be permanent.  We can share energy and images,” Harry stumbled, feeling embarrassed.

“Do you love him?” Justin asked quietly.

“I’m starting to,” Harry replied, looking in his lap.

“Is there more to him than the insufferable git that we have all come to loathe?”

“Yes.  I think most of that is just a shell.  With Lucius Malfoy for a father, let’s just say that his childhood was less then desirable.”

“I guess this means that if I spend time with you, that I’ll inevitably be around him.  Are you sure he isn’t a Death Eater?”

“No, he isn’t.  I’ve even checked his arm,” Harry replied.

“For your sake then, I’ll do everything I can to behave.”

“Have you heard from the Weasleys about adoption?”

“They sent a letter asking if we wanted to stay with them permanently.”

“Do you want to?” Harry asked.

“They are absolutely wonderful people.  Having more brothers is a plus and they are all supportive.”

“They are the best,” Harry smiled.

“What about you?” Justin asked.

Harry looked startled, “I don’t know.  My only living relatives are the Dursleys and they don’t want me.  My Godfather is indisposed.  I hope I can live with the Weasleys.”

“They haven’t told you?”

“I think as far as the wizarding world is concerned, Professor Dumbledore is my guardian.  He has been the one deciding where I am and what I do,” Harry shrugged his shoulders.

“Oh.  Are we all square then?” Justin asked.

“Of course.  Please just talk to me about your problems.  I’d hate to see you hurt or have you hurt someone again.”

“I promise I’ll talk to someone if I feel angry again.  Are you ready for lunch?”

“Lead the way,” Harry replied smiling.


Both boys went straight to the Great Hall, but separated to go to their own House tables.  Ron and Hermione were already there, so Harry sat down with them.

“How did the talk go then?” Ron asked, looking away from Hermione for a moment.

“I think we worked out a few things.  It seems that he is dating your brother Percy though,” Harry smiled.

“He’s what?” Ron sputtered.

“Haven’t seen your brother much?”

“Well I… you know…” Ron sputtered out.

“Don’t be daft Ron, you told me the other night when we slept in this Hall that Justin was doting on your brother,” Hermione spoke up, reminding her boyfriend.

Harry smiled.

“That’s right, I did,” Ron said as he smacked his head in frustration.

“I swear, boys are so thick,” Hermione grumbled into the air.

“Aye that we are.  Girls are so whiny though,” Seamus said as he sat down next to Harry.

Hermione glared at him, but didn’t say anything further.

“Where’s Mickey?” Harry asked Seamus.

“He’s spending time with some of his first year friends today.  Good thing too. Dean was starting to grumble about not spending time with him.”

“Where’s Neville?” Hermione asked suddenly.

“I think he is doing a project with Professor Sprout today,” Dean spoke for the first time.

“Good.  He needs something to balance out his abysmal Potions grade,” Hermione replied.

“Harry?   Why is Malfoy glaring at you again?” Dean asked.

“He’s upset because he lost again to Harry’s seeker skills,” Ron said, cutting off Harry’s chance to answer.

Harry looked up to see Draco was glaring at him.  He matched the glare with a blank look.  Draco went back to eating.  So did Harry.

The conversation slowed while everyone actually ate his or her meal.

The meal ended when Seamus nearly snarled, “What do you want?”

Draco, who walked over and was standing behind Ron, replied menacingly, “I’m here to pay out part of my lost wager.”

Harry smiled to the table in general before replying slyly, “Shall we be going then?”

Ron and Hermione both stood in response.

The three friends left with Draco trailing slightly behind.

Seamus turned to Dean, “What the hell is going on?”

“I have no idea,” Dean shook his head.


The walk down to Hagrid’s hut was a quiet one.  Ron and Hermione were holding hands and Draco was walking behind Harry.  They were all feeling rather distracted.

Harry knocked on the door to the hut and Hagrid opened it immediately.

“There you are,” he smiled gruffly at them.

“We told you we’d be here,” Ron piped up.

“Aye,” Hagrid muttered, “have a seat.  Up Fang!” 

Fang opened one eye long enough to look at Hagrid before he went back to sleep.

“Stupid mutt,” Hagrid muttered.

Ron sat down next to Fang and started scratching behind his ears.  Fang’s tail banged roughly on the floor.

“Don’t you go spoilin’ him Ron,” Hagrid muttered gruffly.

Draco was standing by the door looking very uncomfortable.

“I see you decided to come down here with Harry,” Hagrid directed at him.

“You said I should,” Draco replied in a pout.

“Aye.  Dumbledore told us about yer um… connection,” Hagrid directed to both Harry and Draco.

Draco went completely pale and stood absolutely still, “Who do you mean by ‘us’?”

“You’ll find out later, I’d imagine,” Hagrid replied gruffly.

“What else did they say?” Harry asked quietly.

“That you and Malfoy are not to be reprimanded for traveling in the hallways at night.  Wait a minute.  I wasn’t supposed to tell you that,” Hagrid mumbled to himself.

Harry snickered lightly, “How did the meeting with the giants go?”

“I can’t tell you that.  That is between Lupin, Dumbledore and myself.”

“Professor Lupin had a part in the negotiations?” Harry asked surprised.

“I really shouldn’t have told you that!”

“Relax Hagrid.  Who are we going to tell?” Harry asked.

“Aye.  That reminds me,” Hagrid said, locking gazes with Draco.  “Draco Malfoy, you will not hurt ‘arry Potter.  Do you understand me?” 

Hagrid commanded a presence that he had not used in front of Harry since he warned Vernon Dursley not to insult Professor Dumbledore, all the way back on his eleventh birthday.

Draco, who still had not recovered from his first shock, looked ready to pass out.  “I can’t.  We feel each other’s emotions,” Draco replied simply.

“Good.  Come ‘ere and get some tea.  You look dreadfully pale,” Hagrid continued, treating him like he treated the others.

The atmosphere for the rest of the meeting was pleasant.  Draco was feeling like he really belonged somewhere for the first time in his life.


It was about three o’clock by the time that Harry and the rest left Hagrid’s hut.  Harry was looking back over the letter he received at lunch and he realized that Professor McGonagall wanted to talk to him before dinner.  The letter had said to just drop by the transfiguration classroom, as she was planning on being there until dinner.

Harry said goodbye to his friends and went to his meeting.  He walked into the classroom and McGonagall was sitting in her seat at the front of the classroom.

“Ah, Mr. Potter, I was wondering when you’d be joining me,” she said.

“I was having tea with Hagrid,” Harry responded as he stopped in front of her desk.

“I know.  I also know about the little wager you had with Mr. Malfoy,” she said this looking over her glasses at him.

“It wasn’t a real wager Professor.  It was simply an excuse for us to be seen together,” Harry replied honestly.

Minerva, who was expecting a dodge was silent for a moment, “Be that as it may, you shouldn’t even be pretending to wager.”

“Yes, Professor,” Harry demurred quietly.

“Follow me then, so we can talk about Quidditch quietly,” she said with a smile on her face.

She stood and walked out.  Harry followed her out into the hall.  He had not been to her office in a long time, but it hadn’t changed much.  She waved her wand at the door and it opened.  She sat at her desk and waved Harry towards the chair across from her.

“As I’m sure you are already aware, you are replacing Oliver Wood as team captain.  Since he was keeper, we need to replace that position.  We also have to replace Alicia Spinnet since she expressed her desire to not play as chaser in her last year.  I’m leaving the selection process up to you.  I would recommend tryouts next weekend.  Whatever you do, however, you have to create a winning team,” she concluded.

“Seamus Finnegan has expressed interest already in the chaser position and Ron Weasley has mentioned wanting to tryout for keeper.  I haven’t seen Seamus play yet, but I’ve seen Ron.  He is very good at the keeper position but he doesn’t have his own broom.”

“The school brooms would be too slow,” McGonagall said more to herself.

“If he is good enough on a school broom to make the team, could you arrange to get him a newer broom, like a Nimbus 2000?”

“Who would pay for it?”

Harry looked a little cross, “I would, of course.  I have more than enough after all.”

“I can make the arrangements, but you will have to deal with Mr. Weasley’s pride.”

“I think Hermione can help me with that,” Harry replied deep in thought.

“That’s settled then.  I will make an announcement on Wednesday for people interested in tryouts to be ready at ten A.M. on Saturday.”

“Thank you Professor,” Harry replied.

“I’ll see you in class, Mr. Potter,” she said in dismissal.

Harry left her office and went back to his dorm.  He was feeling tired so he went straight to his bed.  He lay down, leaving the curtains open so Ron would be sure to wake him in time for dinner.  He slumped off to sleep almost immediately.


Harry was right in his assumption that Ron would wake him, since he woke up to Ron shaking his shoulder.

“It’s time for dinner Harry.”

“Thanks Ron.”

Ron and Harry joined Hermione, Neville and Dean, who are all standing in the common room.  Together, all five went down to dinner in the Great Hall.

Dinner was unremarkable until the end.  Harry was watching the room and had just looked at the headmaster when Dumbledore caught his eye and nodded.  Remembering his other letter, he nodded his head in reply.  Harry watched as Dumbledore also caught Draco’s and then Justin’s eye in a similar fashion.

Professor Dumbledore, and Percy Weasley left the teachers table together, disappearing through the faculty door in the Great Hall.

Harry said his good byes and reminded Ron about his meeting with the Headmaster.  Ron nodded and went back to flirting with Hermione.

Harry walked out the main door and was just about to head to Dumbledore’s office when Draco caught up with him.  Justin was out a few moments later.

“Hey Potter, where is the Headmaster’s office?”

“You were summoned as well?”  Harry asked, only partially surprised.

“Yes.  The letter said that you’d show me to the Headmaster’s office and that you’d have the password,” Draco replied quietly, now that he was standing next to Harry.

“My letter said the same, Harry,” Justin broke in.

“Oh.  I’ve been there a few times, as I told you the other night Draco.”

“Let’s go then,” Draco prompted as Justin looked on.

They walked the short distance to the gargoyle that Harry had become familiar with over the last few years.

“What’s the password?” Draco asked.

“It is always some sort of candy,” Harry replied his forehead crinkled in thought.

“I thought you knew the exact password?” Draco asked somewhat confused.

“Lemon drop,” Harry said.  The gargoyle leapt aside revealing the doorway and staircase.

“You did know…”

“That is his favorite muggle candy,” Harry shrugged his shoulders.

“I like them too,” Justin smirked slightly.

They walked in together, the gargoyle jumped back into place as soon as they were inside.  Harry led the way all the way into Dumbledore’s office.  The Headmaster was seated at his desk with Percy sitting across from him.  There were three empty seats next to Percy.

“Please, sit down and make yourselves comfortable,” Dumbledore said with the customary twinkle in his eye.

Justin sat next to Percy and Harry sat next to him, leaving Draco on the end.

“I’ve asked all four of you here to discuss your futures,” Dumbledore started out.  “You will all have to agree to strict secrecy before we can continue.”

“I agree sir,” Harry stated immediately.

“I do as well, sir,” Percy replied.

“I do as too,” Justin spoke quietly.

They all turned to look at Draco. 

“I agree.”

“Most excellent.  As some of you are no doubt aware, there is a movement of wizards that have sworn themselves to the defeat of the Dark Lord.  We call ourselves The Order of the Phoenix.”

Fawkes chirped merrily at Harry when Harry turned to look at him.

“Our purpose is to defeat the Dark Lord, using any and all methods available to us.  It is our intention to make the four of you members of the Order assigned here at Hogwarts.  You would be responsible for various tasks, the most important of which is training right now.  Is there any questions so far?”

“Why us?” Harry asked.

“Percy, because he has already proven himself to be a great help and a loyal wizard for our cause.  We would like Justin because of his connection to the Weasleys and because he is in Hufflepuff.  The reason we would like Draco and yourself is your influence in the student body.  Gryffindor sides with you Harry and you know Slytherin well Draco.”  He held up a hand forestalling Harry’s comments.  “Your unique gifts are also desirable to the cause.”

“So we would be mainly responsible for learning and spying on our fellow students?” Draco asked.

“Ah yes, there is that.  It will be helpful to know who is likely to join the dark side.”

“I think that is fair,” Harry said.

“You are not to discuss this with anybody else under any circumstances.  Is that understood?”

“Yes sir,” Harry and Draco said at once.

“Yes sir,” Percy added afterwards.

“Yes sir,” Justin added last.

“Percy, could you please bring Justin, Draco and Harry to the room I told you about and begin instructing them on Dueling?  They will need it for tomorrow,” Dumbledore said with a sly grin.

“What do we have tomorrow?” Draco asked feeling puzzled.

“You have your first Dueling Class.  Slytherin and Gryffindor are paired up for tomorrow only,” Dumbledore replied with a grin.

“Are we expected to duel each other?” Harry asked, looking over at Draco.

“I’d expect that Professor Snape will want to see that, yes.  That is why Percy will be giving you some instructions this evening,” Dumbledore replied, his eyes twinkling madly.

“I’m sure I’ll be able to show them a few things,” Percy said pompously.

“I’m sure you will, but I have no need to levitate the coins out of Harry’s pockets,” Draco said snidely.

Harry backhanded Draco in his stomach.

“Just kidding, no reason to pummel a guy,” Draco said, rubbing his belly.

“Off you go then children.  I have to help Professor Flitwick with some charms to help protect Hogwarts,” Dumbledore said, waving his hands at them.


Percy led them to the fifth floor of the North wing of the castle.  He stopped in front of a large statue that was built into an alcove.


The entire statue and alcove rotated to reveal a corridor behind the wall.  Percy stepped through and the other three boys followed.  The corridor went in two directions, Percy turned left.

They passed several doors long the way and finally stopped in front of a large door.  Percy pulled out a small pendant from under his robe and waved it in front of the door.  The door unlocked and creaked open.  He turned and smiled at the other boys, and then stepped into the room.

“Merlin!  What is this room?” Draco exclaimed.

Harry looked around with his eyes wide, but did not say anything.

A wide-eyed Justin exclaimed, “Wow!”

Percy, a knowing smile on his face started to explain, “Hogwarts, from time to time over the centuries, has been used to train Aurors for Defense Against the Dark Arts and other advanced magical subjects.  This room is shielded to allow us to cast all forms of magic.  It is used occasionally to train selected students in Advanced Defense Against the Dark Arts.”

“When you say all forms, does that mean we can learn to apparate in here?” Harry asked.

Percy disappeared from his place next to the boys and reappeared on the other side of the room.  “You can.”

“Is that one of the things you’ll be teaching us?” Harry asked.

“Yes, but not right away.  Tonight, we are going to go over a few spells for Dueling.”

“When do we get to learn the powerful stuff?” Draco drawled.

Percy, with a knowing look on his face, replied, “Who said what I was going to teach you isn’t powerful?”

Draco’s eyes narrowed at Percy.  Percy smirked back at him.  Justin watched in silence.

Harry interrupted the staring contest with a cough.  The other two both turned to look at him.  “I don’t suppose that we can get started and stop staring at each other?”

“Right.  Good idea Harry.  For tonight, Justin is only going to watch. What I’m about to demonstrate is a very powerful spell.  Despite its rather limited applications, it is a very useful spell.  It is cast in order to confuse an opponent in either a dueling situation or a battle situation.  For this spell the proper wand movement is absolutely critical, otherwise you will create a dreadful mess.  Ready then?”

Percy shouted the spell words and flicked his wand just so.  There was a brilliant flash of light and a loud bang.  When the other three boys’ vision settled, they were stunned at what they saw.  They all looked shocked and stood absolutely still.

“I told you, didn’t I?” Percy asked Draco.

“Is using this spell in a duel cheating?” Draco asked with a smirk on his face.

“No.  Like I said though, it is an excellent way to confuse your opponent.”

Draco shook his head and the then replied, “You can say that again Weasley.”

“How long does the spell last?” Harry asked.

“It lasts until it is counter-spelled by the caster or until the caster is knocked unconscious.”

“I suppose that makes sense,” Harry responded.

Percy cast the counter-spell and the spell effect disappeared with another flash of light and bang.

“I’ll also show you a more powerful version of the Flipendo spell.  It’s commonly called the ‘blasting’ spell.  Harry already used it I’m told.  I’ll help you refine the use of it and I’ll teach Draco how to do so,” Percy said, a bit condescendingly.  “Justin, you should also pay attention, though I’m not sure you’ll be able to do it.”

Justin looked a little hurt.

“Hey Perce?” Harry asked

Percy looked a little surprised at the familiar use of his nickname, but nodded at Harry to go ahead.

“I know that we don’t have as much experience as you, but the training will probably go easier if you don’t talk down to any of us,” Harry told him quietly.

Draco looked at Harry and then turned to Percy and nodded.  Justin still had a frown on his face.

Percy looked sheepish, “It’s not my intention, really.  Please let me know when I’m doing it and I’ll try not to.”

Harry smiled, “Thanks Perce.”

Percy blushed a little and nodded.

Percy spent the next three hours drilling both boys in the use of the two spells while Justin watched.  Draco concentrated on the blasting spell, so he could be on par with Harry and Harry worked on the other.  After many interesting miscasts, Harry was finally able to cast the spell successfully.  Draco managed to become quite proficient with the blasting spell. 

Both boys spent the last half hour perfecting the spell casting. 

“It looks like you each have one spell down perfectly,” Percy said with a smile.

Harry nodded and smiled, looking a bit worn out.

“Thanks Weasley.  I think I’ve got a handle on this one now,” Draco drawled quietly, also exhausted.

“I think you two should go to bed,” Percy observed critically.

“Good idea.  We have dueling class together tomorrow, right?” Harry directed at Draco.

“Yes.  I know Dumbledore wants us all trained properly, but having class on Sunday isn’t very nice,” Draco drawled again.

Harry, who was weaving about on his feet, mumbled good nights to the others before wandering out of the room.  Draco mumbled in return and followed him out. 

Percy stood alone in the room with Justin.

“I’m sorry about earlier.  I didn’t mean to imply that you weren’t good enough to cast the spells.”

“I know.”

“Harry and Draco are a very special case.  No one is sure what exactly is happening with them.  What we do know is that they are both powerful wizards in their own right and that they are somehow combining their skills to make them both ever more powerful.  The spells I taught tonight are normally beyond the ability of a younger wizard.”

“Harry explained some of it to me earlier when we talked.  We’ve worked past my stupid actions, so I think everything will be okay.  I’m glad that Harry is so understanding.”

“Harry is a remarkable young man Justin,” Percy said quietly.

“He’s our only hope against the Dark Lord, isn’t he?” Justin asked in a voice hardly above a whisper.

“I don’t know Justin.  I just don’t know,” Percy replied somberly.

End of Chapter 11

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