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Contains male/male pairings- That's SLASH... you know, GAY

Harry Potter and the Parliament of Dreams

Chapter 9 – Dragon Star Rising

By Myr


The young man carefully landed his broom on the broad lawn in front of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry’s large castle.  He was wearing a black mask and a hooded robe.  He carried his broom as he crept quietly towards the slumbering castle.  When he was in range of the front door, he remounted his broom and cast a dark magic spell at the door.  The door shrieked loudly when it was struck and the young man violently kicked downwards, sending himself soaring into the sky.

He flew upwards and then turned back towards the castle.  He cast another spell on a window, causing it to shatter.  He could hear alarm gongs clanging all over the castle as he streaked north away from the school.

“That should be enough to scare that old Muggle-lover,” he grumbled aloud as he pulled his hood a little tighter to keep out the bitterly cold air.


“Where the hell did they go?” George asked in alarm.

“We should have been paying more attention to what they were doing.”

“How are we supposed to get any work done if we spend all our time babysitting them?”

“I don’t know.  We need to find out where they went because all my parchment says is ‘asleep at Hogwarts’.  What does yours say?”

“The same useless thing as yours.  We should tell the Headmaster.”

“Yes… what the hell is that?” Fred asked as candles burst to life around their room and a loud clamoring could be heard in the dorms around them.


Ron woke up around three in the morning with an urgent need to use the bathroom.  As he was padding quietly back towards his bed after completing his necessary business, he noticed that the curtain on Harry’s bed was slightly open.  He responded to his sudden need to check in on his friend, walking over to Harry’s bed.  He stuck his head into the small gap in the curtains and saw that Harry wasn’t there.

Ron was completely unsure what to do.  On one hand, he had a duty to cover for his friend.  On the other hand, there was the very real possibility something bad was happening to Harry.  The only two courses of action that he could think of were to report to Dumbledore immediately or to do nothing at all.

The decision was made for him when the entire dorm erupted in chaos.  All the candles burst into light and McGonagall’s voice could be heard loudly in the common room demanding all students to assemble there immediately.  He shook Neville awake.  The boy could sleep through just about anything.

Ron joined with Seamus, Dean and Neville as they all went downstairs.  A stern, yet very worried looking McGonagall stood in the center of the room.  The other students were gathered around and Ron saw Fred and George off to the side in a huddle.  It looked like they were writing something.

“There has been a breach of the magic protection spells on the grounds.  We need all students to move to the Great Hall immediately,” she commanded to everyone.

As Ron was moving towards the portrait hole, she dropped her hand on his shoulder, “Where is Potter?”

Ron squeaked, “I don’t know.  He wasn’t in his bed.”

McGonagall went completely white.

Ron’s eyes widened in surprise before he demanded, “What’s going on?”

McGonagall, not used to hearing that tone of voice from her student, looked at him sharply, “Mr. Weasley, you need to go to the Great Hall immediately.”

“I need to know what is going on with my best friend,” Ron said while firmly standing his ground.

“Ronald Arthur Weasley!  Help Miss Granger get the students to the Great Hall this INSTANT!”  McGonagall demanded sharply.

Ron withered and immediately started to herd the younger students towards the door.

Minerva stared at the empty Gryffindor common room for a few very short moments before rushing out the door to find Professor Dumbledore.  She almost immediately tripped over a pair of identical redheads.

“What are you doing up here?” She demanded worriedly.

“Please give this to professor Dumbledore,” George replied seriously while handing her a folded note.

She looked at him strangely for a moment before opening the note and reading it.

She glanced up form the note to question them only to find them gone.  She was only more confused as she hurried to find the Headmaster.


Madam Pomfrey woke up Justin, who was sleeping in the chair beside Percy’s bed again.

“Justin, we need to get Percy down to the Great Hall.”

Justin yawned before responding, “Yes ma’am.”

Justin woke up Percy by gently shaking him.

“What’s going on?” he asked groggily.

“We need to get down to the Great Hall,” Justin told him.

Percy nodded and tried to rise.  Justin had to help him to his feet. Together, they started for the Great Hall.  Percy found that he had recovered a fair bit of strength, so once he was moving he only needed Justin to keep him steady.  They arrived behind the last group of Gryffindors.

“What’s going on Ron?” Percy asked his brother when he saw him.

“Professor McGonagall said that there has been a breach of the protection charms and Harry is missing.”

Justin paled, “Where’s Harry?”

Ron turned and looked at him for a moment, “I don’t know.”

“I’m sure he is fine,” Percy said firmly while laying his hand on his brother’s shoulder

“Thanks Perce,” Ron said warmly, smiling at his older brother.

Percy felt the rare warmth that Ron offered to him.  He enjoyed it a lot and would have enjoyed it more, had it not been so serious a situation.

Percy started to feel woozy as he stood still, so Justin and Ron guided him over to the newly conjured fluffy purple sleeping bags.  Justin spread one out for Percy, while Ron watched with no small amount of interest.

After Ron saw that Justin had gotten his brother settled he turned his attention to the small group that included McGonagall, Snape and Dumbledore.   Snape and McGonagall both looked worried and Dumbledore had concerned etched into his face.

Dumbledore looked up suddenly and locked eyes with Ron.  Dumbledore motioned with his eyes to the floor.  Ron took the hint and got into his sleeping bag.  He watched as all three of the professors walked out of the Great Hall.  He looked around again remembering that he hadn’t seen Fred and George since he was rushed out of the Gryffindor Tower.  He didn’t see them before all the candles in the Great Hall winked out, leaving only the gentle starlight and moonlight from the ceiling. 

He slept uneasily for the rest of the night.


Harry woke up the next morning to the sound of Draco whimpering beneath him. 

‘Huh?  Sleeping on Draco?!’ were Harry’s very first thoughts. 

Judging by his hunger, Harry figured that it had to be near breakfast time.  The room they slept in did not have any windows, so he couldn’t see daylight so he could tell for sure.

Harry got up and started looking around the room.  The room was definitely very Gryffindor.  The decorations in the room had many lions and griffins in every different kind of pose.  Harry was startled to hear people in the hallway outside as he passed by the door.

He walked back over to the door and cast a sound enhancement spell and suddenly he could hear voices that he recognized.

“We have searched the entire castle, with the exception of some of the randomly moving rooms and the Chamber of Secrets,” McGonagall stated.

“Where could those blasted children have gone?” Snape demanded angrily.

“I don’t know.  We weren’t able to find who took down some of the defenses either.  I know the boys are still in the castle.  I just don’t know where they are,” Dumbledore replied matter-of-factly.

“What is it about the Potters that they are always getting into trouble?” Snape said hotly.

“I think that is quite enough out of you,” Minerva said sharply, giving Snape and equally sharp look.

“I’m worried about Draco,” Snape managed to reply weakly.

Harry had enough of eavesdropping on his professors and decided to risk their wrath for being out of his room at night.  He pulled the handle on the door and it swung open to reveal three very stunned faces.

Snape’s face quickly turned an angry red, McGonagall looked relieved and Dumbledore still looked surprised.

“I’m sorry we weren’t back in our dorms.  Draco and I were talking and we must have fallen asleep,” Harry said while studying his feet.

“Draco is in there then?” Snape demanded, while also looking a little more relieved now.

“Yes, sir,” Harry said slightly above a whisper, while still looking at his feet.

Since he was looking down, he missed the blatant look at the room and the raised eyebrows on Professor McGonagall’s face.   He also missed the little nod that Dumbledore gave her and Snape.

Snape and McGonagall responded to Dumbledore’s nonverbal order and left at once to get the school day running as normally as possible.

Dumbledore looked over Harry’s head at the room, spotting Draco still sleeping on the couch.

Harry stood patiently, waiting for the headmaster to say something to him.

“Harry, do you know what this room is?”

“No, sir, other than it is obviously decorated in the colors of Gryffindor House,” Harry replied.

“How did you get in?” Dumbledore asked, eyes intent on Harry.

“It appeared on the Marauder’s Map,” Harry said while looking down.  He missed the look of surprise that crossed Dumbledore’s face.

“I see.  These rooms are very special, Harry.  Only a few people know that they even exist.”

“Oh,” was the less than intelligent response that Harry muttered.

“It seems that that magic of Hogwarts wished for you to use it, no matter what the rest of us might have thought.  This flat belonged to Godric Gryffindor.  Only a true Gryffindor can access this room.  It has been hidden for a very long time now,” Dumbledore added as the twinkle returned to his eyes.

“Is it okay that we use it every so often, sir?”  Harry asked.

“I think that might be a very good idea.  This is probably one of the safest rooms in the entire castle.  I think having you in here would not be counterproductive,” Dumbledore rambled the last bit to himself.

Dumbledore walked over and gently shook Draco awake.

Draco’s eyes popped open and when he saw Dumbledore, he yelled, “AHHHHHH!”

Dumbledore quickly clamped his hand over Draco’s mouth, cutting off the yell.  “It’s okay Mr. Malfoy, Harry was just explaining a few things.”

Draco nodded and Dumbledore removed his hand.

“I do believe that you two wanted to talk to me about something?” Dumbledore asked as he settled down in a chair across from the couch that they had slept on.

Draco clammed up and looked frightened beyond words.  This was a totally unexpected thing for Harry to see, as he was used to Draco being cold, and more recently a little more open.  He hadn’t shown fear like this since they served detention together in the Forbidden Forest their first year.

Harry looked at him for a moment before looking Dumbledore straight in the eye, “Draco is being brutally beaten by his father.  It would be very bad for him to go home,” Harry said in a rush.

Draco curled into a small ball on the couch.  Harry pulled the slightly smaller boy into himself and comforted him.  Dumbledore looked lost in thought as he watched the two boys before him.

Draco was whimpering like a kicked puppy and Harry was holding him tight.  It took quite awhile before Draco was calmed down.

“I’ll make arrangements for him not to return to his parents.  He’d be in danger of becoming a servant of the Dark Lord anyway,” Dumbledore said, somewhat briskly after sitting quietly the entire time.

Harry stared at him over Draco’s head.  “I have recently discovered that Draco has a very good heart, buried under the years of Lucius Malfoy’s mistreatment of him.  Did you not tell me once that it is the actions that make the person?”  Harry replied firmly.

Dumbledore smiled, “I did indeed, young Mr. Potter.  I stand corrected.”

Harry realized suddenly that Dumbledore was testing him, “That was not necessary.”

Dumbledore became serious, “This is a war that we are in Harry.  The war is for the freedom of all wizards everywhere.  We are not targeting just the one man, but his entire network of supporters and associates.  Draco’s father is a very prominent member of those associates.  You already knew this.  I was checking to see if you really understood what you were getting into.”

Harry went back to comforting Draco and whispered back at Dumbledore, “I think I do sir.”

“I think you do too.  I’m going to see about some other arrangements.  In the meantime, you can use this room when the two of you need to be away.  Is that understood?”

“Yes sir.  Thank you,” Harry replied.

“It is time for you two to get ready for class, I believe.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Oh, and boys?  I think it would be best if you both answered that you don’t remember where you were last night.  Ok?” Dumbledore asked.

“Ok,” Harry said quietly.

“Yes, sir,” Draco said a bit stiffly, still very wary about having the Headmaster know anything personal about him.

“Cheerio then boys,” Dumbledore chortled on his way out the door.

“We should get going,” Harry said to Draco as soon as Dumbledore was out of the room.

“It’s Friday, isn’t?” Draco asked.

“Yes.  It should prove to be an interesting day,” Harry replied.

“Can we meet here tonight?  I really want to talk with you, okay?” Draco asked looked completely helpless.

“Yes, of course,” Harry told him.

“Ok, thanks Harry,” Draco smiled at him.

Harry stood and helped Draco up.  They left the room together, but separated shortly after getting out of the room to head to their respective dorms. 


Harry walked into the Great Hall about twenty minutes after everyone else but Draco had returned.  The students were all whispering as Harry walked quickly passed and sat in his seat.

“Where have you been Harry?” Hermione admonished immediately.

The rest of the Gryffindors were all staring at him and cool as a cucumber, with his Seeker’s game mask on, he replied, “I don’t recall.”

There were looks of disbelief amongst all the faces at the table.  The only thing that saved Harry from further questions was, at that very moment, Draco Malfoy sauntered into the room. 

Draco looked every inch of the stuck up aristocrat that he had always acted as he made his way to the Slytherin table.  He sat down and completely ignored everyone around him.  The only thing he did do was ask Pansy Parkinson, what their first class was.  She answered with a look of disbelief on her face.

Harry followed the example by diving straight into his food and ignoring the stares and questions tossed at him.  Ron suddenly had a sly look on his face, which Harry didn’t catch.

They all stood when the bell rang, to make their way to class.  Ron whispered in Hermione’s ear and she nodded.  They both flanked Harry on either side and guided him forcibly out of the way of the rest of the students. 

As soon as they were out of the way Ron laid into him, “Harry, you had us worried to death.  Where were you?”

Harry looked suitable chagrinned, “I was safe.”

Ron turned a darker red, “We are your best friends.  Why won’t you tell us where you were?”

“I’m sorry Ron.  Professor Dumbledore told me not to tell anyone where I was,” Harry said sadly.

“Can’t you trust me?” Ron pleaded, looking pitifully sad.

Harry reached out and pulled Ron into a sideways hug, “I’m sorry Ron.  I don’t want to hurt either of you.”  He looked sly for a moment before adding “I’ll show you two where I was.  I need to talk to you about something anyway.”

“Are you sure that you won’t get in trouble?” Hermione asked quickly.

“He said I wasn’t to tell people where I was.  He said I could go back there when I wanted.  He didn’t say I couldn’t show you,” Harry replied grinning as his bending of the suggestion handed down by Dumbledore.

Ron cheered up visibly, “You’d do that, mate?”

“Yes Ron!  You are my best friend.  So are you Hermione,” Harry replied, looking at both of them in turn.

“We should get to class then,” Ron said smiling.


The rest of the day passed quickly and the only event worth noting was a short incident in Care For Magical Creatures.  Hagrid had Dobby and a few other house-elves down near his cabin for the class.  Dobby had treated ‘Master Draco’ very nicely indeed.  Harry resolved to question that later that evening.

Dinner came and passed quicker than usual.  Harry, Hermione and Ron got up after quickly eating their food.

Harry led his two best friends through the halls of Hogwarts all the way up to the Astronomy tower.  As soon as he was across from the stairs to the top of that tower, he walked to the depression hiding the door to the secret apartment.  He whispered the password and the door swung open.

He walked in with Ron and Hermione trailing behind him, their mouths agape.

“What is this room?” Ron asked in awe.

“This is like the offhand description of Godric Gryffindor’s rumored flat in the Hogwarts: A History.  The book said that only a Gryffindor can open the door,” Hermione said while staring intently at Harry.

“Harry is in Gryffindor House, so that makes sense,” Ron said while nodding to himself.

“No Ron.  A Gryffindor, not a student in Gryffindor House,” Hermione said firmly.

“What do you mean?” Harry said, looking at her sharply.

“According to the legend in Hogwarts: A History, only a true descendant of Godric Gryffindor can get into this room,” Hermione replied as her eyes got wide realizing the implications.

“Dumbledore knew then!” Harry shouted, suddenly looking cross.

Ron just stared in shock as he realized that Harry had overshadowed him again.  He quickly suppressed that feeling and went over and gave him a side hug of support.

“Do you remember what happened during our second year in the Chamber of Secrets?” Hermione asked Harry.

“How can I forget it?” he replied, sharing a pained look with Ron.

“You got the sword out of the hat.  What did Dumbledore tell you about that?” Hermione prompted Harry.

“He said that only a true Gryffindor could pull that out of the hat.  He was talking about my doubts of being sorted into the right house though,” Harry replied.

Hermione looked triumphant, “What if he meant more, and you just assumed that’s what he meant?”

“I suppose.”

“What did he tell you about this room?  I mean, he told you not to tell anybody this was where you were, right?”  Hermione asked.

“He said that this was Godric Gryffindor’s flat and that only a true Gryffindor could open it,” Harry replied and then his eyes widened as the familiar phrase registered.

“What does this mean?” Ron asked wide-eyed.

“I don’t know,” Harry replied after a minute of silence.  “There is something else that is really important that I have to tell you about,” Harry said, while looking at his feet.

“What’s wrong Harry?  You already told us that you were gay.  Nothing can be harder than that, right?” Ron asked, trying to cheer Harry up.

“This is harder.  It is going to be especially hard on you Ron,” Harry replied, while looking sad.

“You can tell me mate.  You’re just like another one of my brothers,” Ron said firmly.

Harry looked at Hermione, who nodded at him to continue.  “Have you noticed any change in Draco Malfoy?” Harry tossed out.

Ron darkened quite a bit, but sounded civil when he replied, “He hasn’t been such an insufferable bastard since the very first time I saw him this year.”

“You’re right.  He hasn’t harassed any of us one time, since we got back to school,” Hermione replied.

“I take it that you haven’t given it much thought?” Harry asked them.

They both shook their heads.

“I talked to Draco on the train.  I have also talked to him every day since we got back,” Harry said quietly.

“I’m not sure I like where this is going,” Ron replied, turning pale and sitting suddenly on the davenport.

Hermione joined him on the couch before asking, “Is there more?”

Harry nodded.

Ron got some color back before prompting Harry to talk on.

“Professor Dumbledore isn’t sure what happened exactly,” Harry started off until he noticed the confused looks on his two best friends.  “Draco and I have become connected,” Harry stated before looking Ron in the eyes.

“Connected?  How exactly?” Ron coughed out.

“Professor Dumbledore called it a lifebond.  I guess you can say he is my soul mate.  But that doesn’t cover everything.  We have a magical connection as well.  That is why Draco collapsed when I did after casting that Patronus,” Harry explained.

“You love Draco Malfoy?” Ron managed to squeak out.

“Yes, I’m starting to,” Harry replied quietly, while still looking Ron in the eyes.

“But…” Ron started then stopped, looking deeply troubled.

Hermione looked deep in thought, but did not say anything.

“Harry,” Ron started, a look of determination on his face, “I don’t like Draco Malfoy.  I do like you Harry.  You are my best friend.  If you really, truly love Malfoy, then I will do my best to support you.”

Harry felt overwhelmed by emotion again.  Tears came unbidden to his eyes and he couldn’t say anything.  Ron was up in a flash and he pulled Harry into a hug.  A real hug. 

“Harry, I love you like I love my brothers,” Ron whispered in Harry’s ear.

Harry nodded into his shoulder.  He felt another pair of arms engulf both of them.

“Harry, I love you like a brother too,” Hermione whispered into his other ear.

All Harry could do was smile and cry.

It was sometime later that Harry awoke with a start.  The three of them were still together, but they were all on the couch.  It wasn’t very late.  It was only nine, according to the old grandfather clock near the wall.

Harry was wondering what woke him up when an image of Draco outside the door entered his head.  Harry smiled to himself as he headed over to the door.  He opened it suddenly and pulled the surprised Draco into his arms.

“Hi Draco,” Harry grinned at him.

Draco looked spooked.

“What’s wrong?” Harry asked.

“I think someone was following me.  I kept hearing noises, but every time I turned around there was nobody there,” Draco said shakily.

“You should sit down,” Harry replied and started to lead Draco towards the free chair in front of the fireplace.

Draco let out a frightened squeak when he saw Ron.  The noise woke Ron up.  Ron stared at Draco for a moment before getting up and walking over to him.  Draco was visibly shaking.

Ron looked at Draco for a moment before he slowly stuck out his hand.  He left it there waiting for Draco.

Draco looked him in the eyes, surprise evident on his face.  He reached out and clasped Ron’s hand in his own.

“I’m doing this for Harry, Malfoy.  There is too much between us right now to talk about it tonight.  I just want you to know that I consider Harry my brother.  You had best treat him right,” Ron said firmly.  The look on Ron’s face clearly said what would happen if Draco didn’t treat Harry right.

Draco nodded and Ron released the handshake.  Ron turned around and woke Hermione up.  He ushered her out the door, leaving Draco alone with Harry.

“I think there is a few things we need to talk about Draco,” Harry said as he pulled Draco towards the couch that Hermione had just vacated.  They sat together, with Harry behind holding Draco.

Draco pushed back into Harry, causing as much body contact as was possible.  The feeling of contentedness filled them both.



“There is apparently more going on that I thought,” Harry said quietly.

“Is there?”

“I’m finding myself thinking about you a lot,” Harry continued.

“I’m glad I’m not alone in that feeling,” Draco responded dryly.

Harry dug his hand into Draco’s side causing Draco to arch back and press Harry against the couch.  Harry let up as Draco was squirming and giggling.

“That’s not a sound I’d ever thought I’d hear.  Draco Malfoy giggling happily.”

“I’ve giggled before, Harry,” Draco replied with a smirk.

“Not with me. Draco?”


“I love you, Draco Malfoy,” Harry stated with conviction.

There was a short pause before Draco replied, “I love you too, Harry Potter.”

“According to some recent speculation, I think I might be the Gryffindor heir,” Harry let out quietly.

Draco’s body stiffened when he heard that, “What do you mean?”

“This is Godric Gryffindor’s flat.  According to Hermione, the Hogwarts: A History has a legend that only a Gryffindor can open the door.”

“You’re in Gryffindor House,” Draco said in much the same way that Ron did earlier.

“Not a student in the house.  A real live person with Gryffindor ancestry is required to open the door.  There are other indications that this is true.  The end of the second year, in The Chamber of Secrets, something happened,” Harry explained.

Draco cut him off, “You were in the Chamber of Secrets?”

Harry looked surprised, “I had thought you’d have heard about that.  I mean your father was involved in it all.”

“He was?  I didn’t know,” Draco looked dreadfully confused.

Harry explained in detail what happened in the Chamber, “… so you see, Dumbledore said that only a true Gryffindor could pull the sword out of the sorting hat.”

“You were almost sorted into Slytherin?” Draco asked with a stunned look on his face.

“It had something to do with me being a Parseltongue and a bit ambitious to prove myself,” Harry replied shortly.

Draco’s hand found Harry’s, “I didn’t mean to insult you Harry.”

Harry held his hand, “I know Draco.”

“So, the sword also plainly states that you are of Gryffindor blood?”

“It would appear so.  It would explain why Voldemort, Slytherin’s heir, wanted me dead,” Harry said with a cold anger in his voice.

“Harry?  Please don’t get cold.  Being a loving, caring person is what makes you better than Voldemort,” Draco said quietly.

Harry stared blankly at the back of Draco’s head for a few moments before pulling him into a bone-crushing hug.  “Thank you.  I needed that.”

“That’s ok.  That is what friends are for.  That feels both weird and great to say to you, Harry,” Draco replied.

“I’m really beginning to enjoy hearing that,” Harry said as he pulled Draco into him yet again.

“If you keep doing that, I’m going to require more attention I think,” Draco said with a little laugh.

Harry leaned forward and placed his lips in that spot where the shoulder meets the neck.  He licked a little bit, tasting Draco’s smooth, pale skin.  It tasted a bit like cinnamon, the small part of Harry’s mind that was still rationale noted.

Draco moaned and shook with the unexpected feelings running through him.  The feelings were intensified tenfold a few moments later through the link.

Harry turned the tasting into a kiss.  He had stopped and managed to flip Draco over in his lap so that they were both facing each other.  They both came together and locked their lips in a kiss.

A few minutes later they broke apart and stared at each other, panting.

“That was, intense,” Harry panted out.

“It was,” Draco agreed.

“What are we going to do about everyone else?” Harry asked quietly.

“I don’t know.  The other Slytherins will skin me alive if they knew what I felt for you,” Draco stated sadly.

Harry looked worried for a few moments, “I don’t know what to say to that.  Will you promise me that you’ll let me know if you need help?”

Draco stared into Harry’s face, studying the look of concern on Harry’s face, “I promise you that I’ll ask for your help.”

“Do you want to explore the flat?” Harry asked.

“Most certainly.  I wonder if the bed is as comfortable as the couch,” Draco replied with a suggestive leer at Harry.

Harry smirked back, “I’m sure it is.”

The first door they opened led to a combination office and library.  Both boys’ eyes bugged out a bit at the titles of some of the books in the library.  Some of the books here put the books in the restricted section of the Hogwarts library to serious shame.  They did not stay in the room very long, as both were eager to explore the bedroom.

The next door they opened was a water closet.  There was only a toilet and sink in this one, so it really was closet-like.

The final door led them into Godric Gryffindor’s bedroom.  The room itself was impressive.  There was a king-sized four-poster bed in the center of the room.  There were several walk-in closets and the mightily impressive master bathroom.  It was a slightly scaled down version of the Prefect’s bathroom.  The bathroom was bright and clean.  It either had some powerful charms on it, or the house-elves had been through here earlier.

The boys both went to the bathroom before heading to the giant bed.  Harry stood at the left side and Draco stood at the right.  They looked at each other across the great expanse of scarlet and gold bed.  Harry started first.  His robe hit the floor followed by his shirt, his tie, his shoes, and then everything else.  The only piece of clothing he was left wearing were his cotton boxers.

Draco stared at Harry’s boxers with his mouth slack.  They were a brilliant scarlet color with little golden snitches and black bludgers on them.  Draco noticed a growing bulge on the front of the boxers and quickly looked up into Harry’s face, both of them turning red.

“Are you going to get ready for bed?” Harry rushed out.

“Um… yeah,” was Draco’s intelligent response as he too stripped to his boxers. 


Ron was getting ready for bed and he noticed that Harry had not come back.  He walked over to Harry’s bed and closed the curtains, so that the other boys wouldn’t notice that he wasn’t there.

Ron sighed to himself.  He had no idea how exactly he was supposed to handle all this.  It was fairly obvious that Harry was spending the night with Draco in the Gryffindor flat.  He stopped all speculation right there so mental images did not pop into his head about what they might be doing besides sleep.


In the Slytherin dorm, Gregory Goyle was staring at Draco’s empty bed.  The young man was slow most of the time, but he wasn’t exactly stupid.  He walked over and closed the curtains on Draco’s bed.

Goyle was often a blind follower of Draco.  If Draco wanted or needed to be out of his bed at night, then it was his job to ensure that Draco wasn’t caught doing it.  Professor Snape himself had told him to do so, just a few short hours ago.  Professor Snape was not a man he wanted to cross.


“The boys are together again?” the voice asked quietly.

“They are,” a slightly raspy female whisper returned.

“This is working out better than I hoped.  I knew those boys needed to work together, but the depth of their togetherness is quite surprising,” said the first voice.

“It would appear that Justin Finch-Fletchley and Percy Weasley are starting to hit it off as well,” the female voice said dryly.

“Another benefit for the side of light.  See to it that Mr. Weasley is given a flat in the area close to the Hufflepuff House,” said the first voice.

“As you wish, Albus.”

“Good evening to you, Minerva.”


As soon as Draco was down to his boxers, he stood still and let Harry look him over, as he had done to Harry. 

Harry liked Draco’s boxers.  They were made of silk and were forest green with little silver snakes on them.  As he stared, it looked as if one of the snakes in the front was getting bigger.  His eyes widened and he turned red in embarrassment.  He looked up quickly to Draco’s face.  Their eyes locked and they held each other’s attention as they crawled into bed together.

Draco held out his wand and whispered, “Nox totalus.”

The candles in the room all went out, leaving the room pitch black.  In the dark, Harry set his glasses and wand on the nightstand next to the bed.  Draco set his wand on the other nightstand.

They met in the middle of the bed with a gentle kiss.

The room was quiet for a few minutes.  The silence was broken by Harry’s wavering voice, “Uh… Draco… what… are… you… doing?”

“Shhh Harry, I want to show you something,” Draco replied, his voice heavy with lust.

End of Chapter 9

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