Author's Notes: I've taken a new interest in Harry Potter, or rather Harry and Draco ^_^ There's so many possibilities between them, and it got me thinking that I should try writing them. They seem to have the same kind of relationship as Squall and Seifer. Anyway, this is just a description bit, so I can lay out what they look like a little bit better.

Hero and the Troublemaker

By Redrum


Golden strands are so slick with gel that they do not move in the small breeze. His cheeks are ruby red, his green and silver robe sweeps the ground he walks on, his stylish running shoes don't make a sound as his powerful strides take him to the dorms.

He doesn't notice the shadow that is following him. His bright red robes should have given the stranger away, if not for the Invisibility Cloak draped around the boy's slim figure. Piercing green eyes watch the blond behind black framed glasses. Chunks of jet black hair hang in his vision, but nothing would block the tall figure that he is following.

Suddenly the blond turns, his intelligent silver eyes staring straight at him, or is it through him? It seems like he can see the boy. Almost like he could sense him.

They do share a certain bond. The hero and the troublemaker. If only they would get past their rivalry. If only they could come to terms with who they are.

Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. The would be rivals.

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