Author's Notes: My first NC-17 fic, yay me! Not my favourite pairing of all time, but they're a good subject for practice. Written when I was sick (haha how could you tell), and I needed some fluff and a gift for my honey.

Herbal Scented Dreams

By Tabi-chan


Harry Potter was a determined young man. Whether it be to catch the Golden Snitch, defeat a band of the Dark Lord's evil (and often times melodramatic) followers, or just getting from one class to another and keeping all of his limbs, whatever he set out to do he did it or would die in the process of trying. This time would be no different in his mind, though the situation and mission this time was far from what he had encountered before.

Lugging a cumbersome bag under an arm, Harry made his way as silent as he could down the dark stone steps and hallways of the castle leading to the dungeons. He knew his destination, though had found it with a great deal of hunting; the person he was after wasn't too keen on the house visits he himself was about to administer.

Shifting his cargo to his free arm to get the circulation running in the limb again, Harry found himself thinking up more and more interesting curses against his target. "Sodding looney, taking a room way down here, what the hell was he thinking... Walk a person to death before you even get to his door. What's he hiding down there, Wizard Wenches Weekly and a leather torture rack?"

Still muttering to himself, he didn't even notice until he had completely passed by the door. Almost ramming his face flat into a wall he stopped and looked around in confusion. "What the bloody hell, why would they remodel down HERE for God's sa... Oh,"

Flushing red and feeling like an idiot Harry skittered back as gracefully as he could until he was at the desired door, therein lay his desired target. Thinking of desired targets, Harry cursed weakly as his heart gave a little leap and flutter and his head began the process of melting into butter on a burner. He couldn't hear anything going on the other side of the door, and his perverted little demons who liked to pipe up at the worst times with comments, usually during a test or an oral presentation, presented themselves. They immediately filled his head with the image of Snape, long pale body wondrously spread out amongst the bed sheets, slender hand wrapped around his attentive manhood, head thrown back in ecstasy. Unable to stop the onslaught of torture, Harry's mind quickly replaced his potion's master's hand with his mouth, tongue flicking out to taste and tease.

All the blood rushed so quickly to the boy's head and groin he was sure they were having a contest to see who could explode first. What a way to go, caught outside your professor's door and having your crotch blown out. Rita would have a field day with THAT one.

Fighting back the dizziness and sudden arousal, Harry shifted his robes so his sudden protrusion wouldn't be TOO visible and raised his hand to knock. He nearly screamed like a girl and jumped ten feet in the air when the door was yanked open. On the other side stood Severus Snape, wrapped up in a fuzzy black robe, fluffy flippers on his feet, and looking sleepy, disgruntled, and amused.

"Well well, Mr. Potter. I should have known my day could have gotten worse," the older wizard tried to drawl, but a stuffy nose made him sound more weary than annoyed. "And I see Mr. Weasley hasn't come with you, unless he's hiding under your collar and that's his hair all over your face," he arched a brow and eyed the teen's crimson countenance.

Harry would have blushed even more, but he didn't have any spare blood in his body and his erection wasn't about to share, regardless of how embarrassing it might be. "I-I was just..." he tried to stammer out a good excuse when the door swung open wider and Severus moved aside, "Inside Potter, probably the only thing that could get you to stay back would be an army of ferret Malfoys, and frankly I'd rather not conjure up a mess with that magnitude of hell attached,"

It took a second for his brain to catch up with his body, which was already striding into the room and the door swinging closed behind him. Harry got yet another mental image, this time of his brain trying to ooze it's way after him and getting smacked head on with the heavy wood. It was when the heavy bolt slid back into it's catch with a heavy metallic thunk that he was brought back to the reality that he was standing alone with Severus in his room, and he in only a bathrobe and fluffy slippers.

Said Professor didn't stop to ponder this miracle, choosing instead to shuffle back to his waiting chair, blanket, and novel. Harry stopped and stared as Severus wrapped up in the fluffy quilt and set back, watching his student. "Now what, pray tell, has brought you and that suspicious bag down to my quarters,"

Now's the time, Potter ol' boy, do or die! Steeling himself with this thought Harry broke out of his reverie, strode over and set said bag on the table next to the novel. Opening it with a click he began to empty it's contents, most of which Severus eyed with amusement. Setting the last object down Harry straightened and looked at the older man, smiling slightly.

"Health candles, thermometer, muggle heating pad, water bottle, tea, throat drops, cough syrup, and..." he frowned and picked up the little white bottle and squinted at the label, "Aspirin?"

"It's a muggle thing, supposed to help bring fevers down and alleviate headaches," Harry flushed and shuffled his feet.

"Well for one thing I don't have a fever, and two, what gives you the damn fool idea I want to be mothered when all I've got is a little cold?" he tried to look foreboding but only made himself cross-eyed and dizzy. That alone was enough to send Harry into action, and he went to the kettle and filled it with water, casting a heating spell on it as he put in the tea bags, all before Severus could protest.

Lighting the candles next, the teen risked a glance at the master, surprised and amused to see that he had bunked down in his quilt and glared, only his head above the bridge of his nose visible. Holding back his chuckle Harry found a clean cup and filled it with tea, handing it to his professor, who glared but accepted, taking a small sip and making a face.

"For the love of God, I'll kill whoever made this blasted concotion..." he muttered into the cup as he continued to suck on the hot liquid. Much to his annoyance he felt his poor abused and sore throat was soothed by the drink, and for a fleeting moment felt a light fluttering at the thought that Potter had made it for him.

Harry smiled and settled in a chair across from him, watching him with eager, happy eyes, forcing them to stay on his teacher's face. It wouldn't do any good to be checking the man out in his own room when he didn't even think of the teen that way. He was thankful that the other half of his blood had left his face and gone on to other parts of his body, though his other problem was becoming more and more difficult to bear with, especially as he watched Snape's mouth touch to the edge of the cup, draw in some of the steaming liquid, and his throat move beautifully as he swallowed. He realized with a start that the older man was talking to him now.

"Huh?" he blinked, trying not to appear too dumbstruck.

Severus hid his grin with his cup, amused with Harry's distraction, knowing all too well it's cause, "I asked, why are you doing this?"

"Oh!" which translated into, "Oh, shit!" Harry wracked his brains for anything that wouldn't sound suspicious or cheesy or just plain stupid, totally oblivious to Snape's amusement. "Uhm, er... well, you see... I was worried?"

Severus arched a brow and looked at him flatly, "Worried."

Ohhhh shit. Well, it was better than saying he wanted to win his trust and then fuck him senseless... ACK! OH GOD, bad Harry, no biscuit!! Don't you DARE open your mouth again!! Mmm mouth... WHACK.

Snape watched with a degree of mild alarm as Harry turned bright Gryffindor red and proceeded to beat himself with a fist. He set the cup down and stood, leaning over the teen and grabbing his wrist, cursing how weak his illness had made him. His mere touch worked just as well as a body-bind, and the instant his too-warm, slender fingers wrapped around his student's wrist Harry stopped and looked up, wide-eyed and bright red.

"And what could have you so flustered, Mr. Potter," Severus' voice, despite the cold, seemed to turn to pure soft velvet, purring in delight as he rubbing his fingers along the teen's soft wrist and drawing a gasp. Shifting ever so slightly he allowed the top of his robes to fall open, revealing to unbelieving and hopeful green eyes his smooth, pale chest and waist, lean and gently muscled.

With a trembling hand Harry reached up and laid his hand on that creamy skin, surprised to find it soft and smooth to the touch. Fascinated he trailed his hand down, delighting in the purr that it drew forth from Severus. It amazed him, but Severus was actually purring, arching his back with an even more cat-like gesture.

The potion's master reached down and untied his bathrobe, letting it fall open completely and reveal the rest of his body. The teen's eyes traveled down the lean body, flushing slightly as he came to rest at his black curls and long, curving manhood, of which was already half-hard. His hand finished its travels and came to rest on a slender hip, running his thumb through the mass of hair. Snape groaned softly and arched his hips forward, offering more to touch.

Shivering softly at the sound, Harry reached down and grasped that beautiful cock, slowly pumping it with the tight tunnel that his hand had become. Leaning forward he flicked out his tongue to rasp along the moist head, tasting the fluid that was gathering there. The taste and scent of his professor's arousal brought his mind back to his own, and groaned as he reached down and rubbed his aching erection through his robes.

He whimpered when Severus suddenly drew away, reaching out for him again. Severus grinned and batted lightly at the grasping hand, barely keeping himself in check from jumping on the boy. "Come now, I'm only going to bed..." he left the sentence hanging on the air like a silver thread, and Harry caught a hold of it instantly, up out of the chair and following him willingly.

Once there he pushed the teen into the soft sheets and blankets, claiming his mouth is a sweet kiss. Harry gasped and moaned at the contact and found his tongue caught in a hot wet battle of passion, to which he answered with zest. He hardly noticed as Snape's quick hands deftly stripped him of his robes and uniform, leaving him naked and panting under his teacher's own nude body.

The older man gazed down what was offered to him, taking in the toned muscle developed from hours of Quidditch, all snug and settled into smooth tanned skin. Reaching down he took Harry's cock into his hand and massaged it gently, drawing forth a cry from the teen as he arched his back in pleasure. Harry whimpered as he continued the gentle torture, practically writhing underneath him, "God, Sev, please! I want you so badly!"

Severus chuckled softly and leaned down to kiss the smooth column of his throat, sucking gently on the pounding pulse there as he dug around in his bedside table for the bottle he knew was there. "So impatient..." he murmured as he popped the cap off, pooling some of the cool liquid into the palm of his hand. With slow movements he smeared the sticky wet solution over his full erection, groaning softly in anticipation. Harry nearly cried as he slipped his hand between his firm cheeks and spread the rest of the lubricant at his entrance.

"Just relax," he murmured in the teen's ear gently as he lifted his hips, setting his cock firmly between his legs. Harry whimpered softly and nodded, holding onto Severus' forearms tightly, looking up at him with trusting and waiting eyes.

He smiled slightly and thrust suddenly, sliding deep into Harry's hot, velvety passage, moaning deeply as he seated himself fully. Harry let out a sharp cry of pain as Severus entered him clutching the man's arms tightly as he struggled to fight back the sudden tears of pain and force himself to relax. Sev leaned down and kiss him gently, murmuring soothing words, promising that it would get better soon.

Soon he could feel Harry's taunt body relax under his own and he thrust gently. The boy sucked in a sharp breath but moaned low in his throat, moans that soon turned to near-screams of pleasure as Severus thrust into his body again, driving up the pace with each movement. Wrapping a hand around Harry's straining erection he pumped it hard, wanting to see his face contorted in the ecstasy of orgasm under him as they both came.

Harry let out a sudden sharp cry as his back and hips arched, spilling his seed all over Severus' pumping hand, calling out his name. Sev felt his control break at the sound of the sweet cry, calling out in answer as he let go deep inside of Harry. They laid together in a tangle of sheets and limbs, panting and holding the other, sneaking in gentle kisses and soft caresses.

"See...? Mothering isn't so bad," Harry grinned slightly, tugging on a lock of hair that hung across his neck. Severus scowled and batted at his hand, "Hush..."

Harry chuckled and smiled, closing his eyes and curling up in his lover's tight embrace, the both drifting away on sweet herbal candle scented dreams.


"Dammit, Sev, that stuff tastes like SHIT, I'm NOT drinking it!"

Severus rolled his eyes at Harry's whining, popping the thermometer into his mouth, "Can it and sit still. It's your own fault for shagging me while I was sick,"

Harry muttered a muffled reply around the thermometer and shot a nasty glare as his lover poured out the herbal tea. Payback was a bitch.

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