Heaven Someday

By Yourslasher


Every now and then
We find a special friend
Who never lets us down
Who understands it all
Reaches out each time you fall
You're the best friend that I've found


Harry looked around him. The field was dead. It was cold. He could smell the after-scent of the battle that had taken place just moments before. He had defeated Voldemort. They'd won. He felt the blood stains on his face mingle with the cool touch of snow falling from the sky. It touched his cheeks and forehead, wiping away the remnants of the tough battle. He had survived. But for how long?

He stayed there, kneeling over the black daub on the ground, slowly being covered by the snow. There was hope. Now that Voldemort was gone, there would be hope. But the paradox of it all stemmed from his heart. It was that he felt so weak. He felt so empty in the heart. It seemed like the white glories of the sky rejoiced as he wept. Why he cried, he didn't know.

But behind the questions, deep inside, he knew what it was. He was slowly accepting it, but right now, he couldn't take it. Inside his head, he heard a voice say, 'But you could' and yet, he could not.

As he despaired he recalled happy moments in his life. 'So this is my life flashing before my eyes,' he thought. He could not stop the memories replaying in his head like marathons of endless movies, endless laughter. He remembered the pain, the troubles, the friendships, the dreams. And the love. His love.


Nobody thought it possible, but the impossible happened. Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. Lovers. Can you see the twisted reality in this? Then again, the squabbles over the four and a half year course showed something more than hatred to some.

Draco. Ever since they had become a couple, he met the hidden side of the fiery dragon. He found that the Draco he knew was only a facade. That he wasn't truly the Draco Malfoy that was carved by life. It was the protection that the boy ran to when life seemed cold to him. It was the only flame he could find. But since Harry found Draco, the blonde boy found an even warmer refuge in his arms.

Never had Harry found someone who he could relate to best. Though they didn't share the same experiences, the core of it originated from one thing. The similarity they had was one of the foundations of the relationship they had built.


I'll make a wish for you
And hope it will come true
That life will just be kind
To such a gentle mind
And if you lose your way
Think back on yesterday
Remember me this way
Remember me this way


All these things Harry's mind repeated for him to ponder over. But as he did, his heart began to ache. Like an insatiable hunger. He started catching his breath as he put his hand over his chest. He knew what it was, he wanted Draco's touch right now. But then, Harry didn't know where he was, much less, if he was still alive. For all he knew, he could've... No. Draco was much stronger than that. He said it like a mantra, not caring if anyone heard or not. All he knew was that Draco had to be alive. He fought the Dark Lord for many things, and one of the most important was for Draco to be happy. For Draco to be proud of him. For Draco to live a better life. For Draco to be able to pursue his dreams without fighting the Dark Lord himself. For Draco.

He fought for vengeance. For his parents. For his friends. For the whole wizarding community. For the muggles. All for them, he fought.

The thought of a dead Draco was possible. Harry could've sworn he heard Draco's cry of pain sometime in the battle. But he felt Draco's life force alive and he just wished he was alright.

Harry contemplated many things over and over. How would he be able to live if Draco had passed away. How? His thoughts were cut short when he felt a sense of frailty wash over him. He suddenly became aware of the fact that he was defenseless and vulnerable. And not only that. He could feel his own life slipping away.

But then again, he saw it coming already. It was as if he knew that he'd feel this way. It was as if he knew what was coming. Would he die? Now? Later? Soon? Whenever didn't seem to matter. He just wished that he could see Draco before he lost consciousness.


Draco was being treated by a few medi-wizards. He may have seemed alright to some, but for those who knew him well, he was aching terribly inside. Medi wizards said he was hanging on the thin, white line and that he desperately needed rest. All the rest he could get. But to others, it wasn't rest he needed. He needed someone.

'Harry.', he thought. 'Where are you?'

He could feel the same ache Harry was feeling. The same emptiness, the same craving, the same hunger. The cold wind that blew on his face, together with the falling puffs of snow embellished the bareness he could feel. A lone tear made its way down his cheek. Weird. He didn't even frown. His face was indifferent.

His cool and calm faŤade was playing tricks on him again. The little game he knew he played expertly was turning itself around on him. He realized this when he couldn't seem to show his emotions.

Maybe he was afraid? Because Harry wasn't around.

In total truth, his insides were screaming for Harry. He felt sick to the stomach and his one cure was the one causing him all the pain. And he couldn't take it anymore. Wouldn't take it anymore.

He stood quickly as the medi-wizards left. It was beyond anyone's mind how he managed to even stand. He was beat to the bone, literally, and he could still stand, if not, barely straight. He followed his instincts, somehow sensing where he'd find Harry. They'd built up a bond that, in no way that could be explained, was involuntarily surrounded with magic. How it happened, nobody knew, but it served them quite well.

He didn't go too far as he saw a faraway figure in the heaps of injured wizards. The distinct one that he could hear screaming his name.

His chest ached more, and he felt the confinement of his lungs too much to bare. But he did.

He hurried over to the spot. You would say he was fine with only minor injures if you saw him. It was as if he was racing for his life, and for Draco, he was.

But Harry was so far. So close, but then, so far.


And I'll be right behind your shoulder
Watching you
I'll be standing by your side
In all you do
And I won't ever leave
As long as you believe
You just believe


Harry could feel Draco coming. In his head, he could hear Draco's faint voice speaking to him.

'Harry! Please, don't die! Wait for me!'

But then, he couldn't hold on much longer. He could only feel the ounce of what energy there was left in his body and he knew that he was nearing his end.

The ache in his chest was there, and it seemed like it was the only thing that made him hold for life. That and Draco, of course.

Maybe it was time for him to go. He knew that if he let go now, he could spare Draco's eyes. 'He won't have to see me slowly wither away,' he thought to himself.

His eyes moved to where Draco was. Draco was bleeding all over. Hair disheveled, barely clothed except for his pants. Through the helpless look Draco had, Harry could see the beauty within. The beauty of sorrow. Never had he seen it before, but the tears somehow showed something beautiful. Could it be their love? The fact that he held onto it and so did Draco. It helped them defy the natural. It helped Harry prolong his life, waiting for Draco and it helped Draco move his barely alive body, helped it reach his love in time.

Draco was almost there. Harry could see as he turned. Suddenly, he smiled. He didn't know why or how he could've, but he smiled. He could feel his tears streaming down his face. Then he felt the ache in his chest fade slowly.


Draco was terrified. Harry smiled at him. It was the worst thing that could have happened.

'Don't smile. No!'

Draco couldn't contain it. He broke out into a fit of yells, all directed at Harry.

"Goddamit, Harry! Don't even think about it! You fucking hold on or I'll kill you! Please!"

All throughout, his voice cracked. He himself was cracking. His tears flew away from his eyes now, too weak to hold onto his skin. He was running so fast, the tears that welled up in his eyes barely made it to his skin.

His incessant screaming attracted many people. They turned to watch the scene. The magic that made the couple's hearts ache spread to those who watched. To those who witnessed the commotion. And oh, how their hearts throbbed.

Draco saw Harry close his eyes. He was frightened that he might not make it.

"Bloody hell, Harry! Get a grip on yourself! You bloody listen to me! I'll be there! I promise I'll be there!"

Draco held his tears back, but when Harry turned to him and mouthed 'I love you', which he heard even in his mind, he couldn't help the tears. He let them flow freely.

"Goddamit Harry, I love you! I fucking love you!"

Draco's voice was weak. He stumbled on the uneven ground and the snow that covered the earth jumped to his legs. He didn't quit though, and still ran. He was only a few meters from Harry.


Harry knew it was his end. That moment. He heard Draco say that he loved him, and maybe, just maybe, it was what Harry had waited for. Not the presence of Draco, not the heat that emanated from Draco's body, but what Draco really felt. And he got what he wanted. In truth, that was what he really did want. To know that Draco loved him, even in this time.

Then, Harry heard himself chuckle. He thought to himself, 'I love you Draco. Remember my smile. Please.'

Draco was only a few steps away when Harry... He... He fell to the ground, cold and lifeless.

Draco stopped dead in his tracks. He hadn't reached him in time. He couldn't... Just... Just. 'I was so near.' He could've made it. But he didn't. He heard a little voice inside his head whisper, 'I love you Draco. Remember my smile. Please.'

'Goddammit Harry.'



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