Warnings: implied molestation of a minor

Head Girl

By dented-sky


The Sorting Hat had said, Hmm, a strategic mind. You'd be good in Ravenclaw.

And Terry Boot said, You should be in Ravenclaw.


(Well,) Hermione told them both she wanted to be elsewhere, Gryffindor, because Dumbledore had been in Gryffindor and (of course because I had read it) that meant Gryffindor was the best House. (Is the best House.) But if she had been put in Ravenclaw, (oh the possibilities), but she suspected the girls were clones of Lavender and Parvati, which meant they were superficial and cared about cute boys and only studied hard because they were under the impression that studying would make them popular, somehow, (I don't understand.) She wasn't like them.

Besides, she was, (and is,) in Gryffindor. And thank Merlin because she had two wonderful best friends all because she had been Sorted into the not-quite-right House. If she had been Sorted into Ravenclaw she would not have become good friends with Ron and Harry and not fallen in love with them.

Because when you spend all your social time with two boys and you're a heterosexual girl, you tend to fall in love with them. And so what if it was immoral, that society could not understand, that everyone believed you could not fall in love with two people at the same time? (They think love is split in half, and not in even peices either. But I love them, so so much.)


(I love the little things Harry does, such as push his glasses up with one finger even when they haven't slipped down. I love his shaggy black hair and his Death Curse green eyes. I love his strong shoulders and his anger. I love his strong hands and the scars. I love Ron too, as he too has beautiful hands with long fingers. I love his long nose and his brown eyes and I love his dot-to-dot freckles, and I feel that one day I will join all the dots together like a child's puzzle and it will unlock him, open his chest for me to see and touch. I love Harry's hesitation and I love Ron's jealousy.)

(This is why I am Gryffindor.)

Harry said, It's the choices we make, which sounded suspiciously like Dumbledore's words, and she knew he did not really believe them. (Because it's not like I have a choice!) Her heart broke when Ron asked out Lisa Turpin, (stumbling over his words), and she realised Harry was secretly seeing someone, (who, I suspect, is male,) which broke her heart even further, if that was even possible.


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