Part Two

By Drakon Sword


Albus sighed feelings tired after the long day. It had been a month since he been the battlefield and he was planning to visit Harry again soon, but he still wasn’t sure what to say to convince Harry to come back.

They had been rumours that people had seen Harry haunting the graves at the field. Probably when Harry wasn’t aware that he was a ghost and made himself visible when he wanted to comfort people, or when he was grieving at a friend or loved one’s grave. However, Harry was only ever seen on the anniversary, thus people came to the idea that it was Harry’s time to grieve and if he was a ghost -- it was his day to haunt, thus no one visited that.

All except Albus.

Albus was treated with the same reverence as Harry. Only those two people were allowed to walk along the graves being the ones that destroyed Voldemort and saved them all. However, also making sacrifices – Harry’s life being the great one.

Albus knew nothing of this and found himself curious and decided to come around eleven a.m. instead of noon when the battle had officially ended after 3 long days. Harry being used to seeing his Headmaster at noon was doing his own visiting of the graves and not seeing the Headmaster till he was beside him.

Harry was surprised at first, but then angry for being so careless. Harry hadn’t wanted anyone to know of his demise. He believed it would be easier for everyone to handle his death as it was and continue on. Albus wasn’t fooled though. Harry had also done it for himself. It was too hard for him to see people living as he wished he could. Harry didn’t want to die on the field, but knew he would. Harry had longed to have a life of normalcy when Voldemort was gone. He just wanted to settle down with his lover and find peace in the place he felt that he belonged.

However, it was ripped away like many had feared and others had hoped.

Now Harry was a ghost and he hated it.

No one understood the way of spirits and ghost – not even themselves. Albus could never begin to explain why Harry was a ghost and no other of the hundreds of people that had died on the field, weren’t. The way of the ghost was a mystery to begin with.

Albus saw the pain in all of Harry friends every time he was mentioned or something reminded them of him. They all felt like they had failed. Albus, himself, also felt it, but Harry being a ghost changed that. As much as Harry was depressed, he could also help close the doors that were still wide with regret and pain that lie in others, but that was only when Harry could do it for himself – which he maybe able to do if he came back.

Harry death was hard on everyone, but now Harry could offer friendship and companionship if he came back. He could still offer his soul and that was all that mattered.

Harry just had to see that first.

Albus opened his office door, knowing that he still had some papers to sign before dinner and found himself slightly surprised when he saw the bluish transparent figure sitting in one of the chair across from his desk.

“Harry.” Albus murmured as a smile of great warmth and the twinkle in his eyes were enough to blind a person and show his happiness of Harry’s arrival.


            “I decided it was time.” Was all Harry said with his own smooth smile. Harry knew it would be hard, but haunting the place he considered home would be better than haunting the cold and deary battlefield.

“I’m glad. I was planning to visit you after dinner, but it seems I don’t have to.” Albus sighed as he seated himself behind his desk and Harry stood up, starting to pace with nervousness and worry.

“After you left I did some thinking. I may not be able to touch anyone, but for Merlin’s sake, I can offer everything else and I more than willing to share that! So I can’t reach out and touch people, but words soothe the mind. And besides, I’m tired of seeing nothing but unhappiness. I want to see people laugh again. I want to see people smile. I want to see the world that I fought to save happy again.” Harry finished as he longingly looked out the window.

“It is good that you see that, Harry.” Albus said, stippling his fingers and Harry turned to him with a knowing smile. Harry knew that was what Albus had been trying to tell him for an entire year.

“May I stay and haunt Hogwarts?” Harry asked, politely and Albus laughed.

“Of course, my boy! I think you would be a nice addition to our resident ghosts, don’t you think?” Albus asked with a hardy chuckle that soothed most of Harry worries.

“I came now because of the weekend. That way I have two days to . . . to see everyone again.” Harry murmured, running a hand through his tousled locks.


            “A good idea, Harry. Hermione Granger-Malfoy is our Muggle Studies professor and as you know that she married, Draco Malfoy, who is now our Defence Against The Dark Arts professor. Ron Weasley is our Quidditch instructor. The Weasley twins still own their joke shop in Hogsmeade. Sirius is a free man and continuing his career as an Auror with Remus and the teachers that taught you still remain here as they always have. Including Severus.” Albus explained because Harry had refused to hear most it all before. Not wanting to know what he was missing.

            Harry winced slightly as if he was pained when he spoke Severus’ name. Out of all the people he would see, his lover, Severus, would be the hardest.


            “I suppose I should see him first?” Harry asked, sounding sad and slightly frightened at the thought. Which he was because he wasn’t sure how Severus would react. Harry was afraid of rejection. Just because Albus said Severus hadn’t looked another person, didn’t mean Severus wanted to see Harry again.

“It is up to you, Harry.” Albus replied, simply with his smooth voice that betrayed anything that he thought. Harry smiled wryly at the voice.

“Though I would be able to see them on my own?” Harry asked and Albus sighed, considering for a moment.

“I suppose, but I would like to announce your arrival tomorrow at dinner at the latest. The students won’t be there, but I think it’s important that all the staff know at once. Students can learn later, but if you wish to see Severus – you should do it soon.” Harry sighed at those words, knowing that he must see his lover before. It would be rude and unwise to let the person who meant the most to him, be forced to endure him with people speculating.

Besides, Severus was a very private person. Whatever must be said, must be before hand so that Harry knew where they stood.

“Does his last class end the same time when I was a student?” Harry asked as he stood up and Albus gave a small reassuring smile as he looked up at his pupil – proud to see the Gryffindor trait of courage, honesty and righteous shine through.

“Yes. You will wait till then, won’t you?” Albus asked, knowing it was needless and Harry nodded.

“I think I will watch him –  invisibly of course -- while he teaches. I haven’t seen him for so long. He only visited once, you know. He planted those white roses for me.” Harry whispered with his head bowed.

“He did it because he dislikes public places as you know. To Severus, you are in his heart and that is all the matters. I think he also considers the fact that very few people knew of your relationship. It never had a chance to become public.” Albus murmured and Harry nodded with a weak smile.

“I know and I understand. Most people only did visit once. Graves are impersonal, but memories and places that the person loved are proper places to visit. No one can mourn forever.” Harry sighed, shaking his head.

“You were going to.”

Harry closed his eyes. Yes he mourned everyday for what he lost and the people he felt that he had failed. His friends and family.

“But I have a lot more time to waste, don’t I?” Harry said, humourlessly as he face bore a mirthless smile. “I shall see him, Albus. I only hope that all you’ve said is right. I don’t want to hurt them – I only want to have peace and give them peace.”

“Do as you wish, Harry. I wish you the best.” Was all the Headmaster said and Harry took a deep breath before walking through the wall to go down to the dungeons. Albus sighed, rubbing his temples knowing that a lot of chaos would be the first reaction to Harry’s ghost form.

The press was going to go nuts.

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