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Warning: Draco/Harry, rated R for sexual situations, slight angst, and oddness of course.

Notes: The inspiration was from Death Kitty! So this story is dedicated to her!

Golden Star

By Jade Maxwell


The night was cool, with the kiss of the day's warmth seeping out of soil and a breeze to keep it just right. Draco had been out for over an hour, near the lake mirroring the bejeweled sky above. His slate gray eyes trained above him on the stars as he laid upon the cooling ground. An expression of utter reverence and subservience on his pale face would have rocked anyone who saw him to the core. Luckily, he was alone to his thoughts of the stars in all their cold observations of the earth. And think he did, while his arms lie limply next to him, his legs incapable of movement.

He had stopped thinking about little things, such as school and his fellow students in his sixth year. Stopped worrying over what the student next to him was thinking about him. It was a waste of time and energy for Draco and he refused to be apart of it. Now, being at the end of his seventh year he only thought of nothing and everything. Such as what he would do with his life after he graduated. His mother was dead, at his father's hand and Lucius had disappeared when Voldemort came back to power. The Malfoy fortune was transferred to his trust account, as they could find no trace of the elder Malfoy. Leaving him an orphan much like Potter.

/Without being raised by muggles that is!/ His inner smug voice chimed in and Draco growled quite openly. The voice went away and he sighed. A wisp of a rain cloud was moving across the sky slowly, bringing behind it a trail of gray clouds to cover the stars. Draco smiled, wishing fervently it would rain, cleanse his soul with something so natural and pure from the heavens themselves. Hastily he stood, ignoring the pinpricks of sleeping limbs. Then he tilted his pale head back, a spill of silver-gold falling over his back.

The clouds kept to their promise, and a spatter of surprising lukewarm water swept over his face. Followed by a torrent of heavy clear rain. Plastering his robe to his clothing, which was soon damp enough to cling to body. Yet, he still hadn't moved anything but his eyelids, letting them fall over silver. Pale lashes dusting his cheeks as the rain waterfalled over his forehead and into his mouth. Down his neck, under the school robes and his simple white muggle tee. Water pooled into the shells of his ears, then down onto his shoulder. A mass of water darkened silver-gold hair clung to his neck and robe. Draco practically moaned at the sheer intimate caress of the rain-washing over his willing body hungrily.

Harsher rain swept over him, colder at that as well and Draco shivered delightfully. The pricks of the drops leaving only enough pain to be remembered until the next drop trickled across his face. This was far better than thinking, contemplating. This was liberation. Liberation from the hatred of himself, of Potter, of the Hogwarts School in general. So, feeling quite liberated as it was, Draco removed his school robes with a sigh. Heavy cloth falling unceremoniously into the mud. The once barely damp clothing plastered itself immediately to his every curve and the Slytherin was suddenly happier for it. After momentary contemplation of the cascading rainfall he bent over to take off his shoes as well, followed by the socks that were muddied immediately.

A strange sensation of cold then warm mud between his toes made him grin wildly and he spun in a circle. Arms spread to each side of him in complete abandon of his cold persona. The Slytherin son of a Death Eater father, presumed willing to go to the Dark Side the moment the opportunity arose. An opportunity, which had diminished with his mother's murder. He shook his head to clear his thoughts of the brief sadness always waiting to be free, sending heavy wet hair across his forehead. Only to be pushed back with the rain. When he stopped spinning it was to find the most amazing pine forest green eyes meeting his almost shyly in front of him. He was standing a bare foot in front of the other.

Draco didn't say anything, feeling properly humiliated by the other teen catching him so unawares. /And soaking to the bone at that!/ Neither one said anything, so Draco, not feeling up to a squabble walked back to his waterlogged and mud slimed robe and shoes. Picking them up so the mud stayed off his white shirt he turned to leave when Potter took a hesitant step forward. Followed by another. Leaving Draco unprepared for the unguarded way Potter approached him. Unclasping his school robe and dropping it carelessly to the mud slick ground behind him. Revealing sun kissed skin from much Quidditch practice. His breathing hitched before he realized it and her scowled.

"What are you doing out in the rain, Potter?" Draco's voice was cold. The other boy's hair didn't take well to being wet obviously as it stood almost rebelliously against the pounding water. He was greatly tempted to tell him he looked like a drowned rat, but the words froze on his tongue as his eyes traveled over the Gryffindor now soaked body. A simple dark blue muscle shirt, the Runic Symbols for "H" and "P" stitched into it. Loosely belted jeans that sagged under the weight of the lukewarm rain soaking them. They looked about ready to fall around his ankles at any minute. When his eyes met Potter's again, they were softened just barely. A lock of dark silver-gold fell across his forehead.

"I could ask you the same thing, Malfoy." Potter's voice was edged with quick anger. He took a deep breath, which tightened the wet blue shirt fetchingly across his chest. "I won't though..." His deep voice broke off and he tilted back his head, his glasses were nowhere in sight and Draco was glad. He looked much better without the ugly round glasses.

"Hn..." Was all the Slytherin replied, while tracing the young man's jaw line and neck. Suddenly he remembered one of his reasons for being out here tonight was to think about his "feelings" for the Gryffindor, The-Boy-Who-Bloody-Lived, Harry Potter, his rival all during school. This was his chance to find out what he truly wanted. And he very well wasn't going to let it slip by with the swiftness of the golden snitch. "Well, since I don't plan on leaving and you appear not to either." He gestured to the fallen robe, dropping his own with a smirk. "Care to join me?"

Harry blushed softly and shrugged, trying to keep his own eyes on Draco's face, Draco noticed with a wider smirk. "Sure, Malfoy. what could possibly go wrong that hasn't been done already?" So he moved closer to Draco, but a pale hand held up stopped him. "Eh, Malfoy, what?"

"Shoes. Off. Now." Then he turned and spun through the slick mud, arms askew, hair fanned out behind him, while a brief smile graced his pointed features. Before stopping near the lake's edge, his head back as the rainwater worshiped him. After he had stopped the dizziness he turned silver eyes on the Boy-Who-Lived, who was bent over taking off shoes and socks. He was surprised he could see at all in the ethereal gloom of the rain. "Now, feel liberated. Let the Rain be your music." Draco called over the rain and Harry squinted to see him.

"You lost your marbles finally, Malfoy?" His voice was resonate and rhythmic with the rain falling harder than ever. He didn't move from his spot facing Draco. And the Slytherin, never being one for much patience carefully sauntered nearer to the other boy. Then he took a hold Potter's wrist. "What the bloody hell?" Harry exclaimed, not sure what to do about the slender hand holding him.

"You said you were gonna join me!" Draco almost pouted and then glared at the pleading the tone in his voice. Disregarding the protest the other made, he wrapped his free hand around the other's free wrist and spun them around. Knowing the dangers of the slick mud underfoot and feeling giddy. Then he let go of Harry, who spun to a stop. His green eyes wide before he collapsed to sitting on the ground. Draco laughed and spun around him, forgetting momentarily that they were "mortal rivals". Just breathing the air of freedom that was scarce to find. A small smile graced his face.

A hand around his ankle caught him by surprise and he tripped into a still sitting Harry. Sending them backwards into the slippery mud. Splashing watery mud all around. Then Harry was laughing as if it were the funniest thing that he was getting covered in mud and that Draco had a single splotch of mud on his cheek. Perhaps it was; and the laughter, being contagious, had Draco bending his head down over Harry's neck. Trying his hardest to quell the laughter as much as possible.

"You git... that wasn't very nice." Draco recovered enough to say and Harry giggled at that. His chest pressed tightly into Draco. And they both realized the position they were in at the same time. One of Draco's legs pressed down between Harry's and vice versa. Chest meeting chest, hips crushed to hips; while Draco's mouth was dangerously close to the pulse of Harry's quickening heartbeat. Harry's arms moved, stilled, moved closer to Draco, stopped again and fell to his sides. Draco didn't notice, he was so entranced with the pulse along the other's neck. A deep breath of Harry's neck made Draco lean in closer, running his nose along his jaw line up to his ear. Where he swiped his tongue across the lobe and shell. Tasting rainwater and Harry all at once.

The breath the Gryffindor took was shaky. "What are you doing, Malfoy?" Harry's deep voice resonated across Draco's ear shell and he shivered. Then he moved his head back enough to capture the slacken lips. That was all Harry needed for an answer and he wrapped his mud slicked arms up around Draco's back, pulling him closer. Both reveling in the texture of water and mud slicked skin against skin. And slowly Harry opened his mouth to the caress of an insistent tongue and moaned as it slid along his bottom lip, across his teeth and gums, then down across his own tongue. Intense tentacles of electric pleasure raced along Draco's nerves as the kiss deepened more than humanly possible.

And he knew this was right, deep down, he knew it and felt it and wanted so much to always be a part of this electricity coming from the one and only Harry Potter. The Boy-Who-Lived and was crushing them together with his strong arms. Finally Draco needed to breath deeper than short gasps against the hot mouth under his and reluctantly dragged his lips away. Water rolled down his cheek and onto Harry's face, looking much like a tear.

"No regrets, Harry?" It was whispered across Harry's chin as he kissed down towards his exposed neck. Running an agile tongue along the side of his jaw, nipping the skin softly.

He didn't answer, so Draco locked his lips onto a particularly sensitive spot on his neck, right under his ear. The boy arched up, a small gasp breaking free. The Slytherin smirked into the flesh and started to drag his even teeth along the side of his neck, down to the collarbone etched against the dark wet cloth of Harry's shirt. Here, he let his lips hang just above the skin when he talked. "Answer me, Harry Potter, no regrets?"

This time Harry answered, albeit in something barely above moving his lips. Draco moved to stare down into the pine forest depths. He couldn't tell if Harry was crying or if it was the rain. "No regrets, Draco..." Then he pressed the other boy close and kissed him tenderly, just a mere brush of lips and then Draco was making his original path down the other's boy's neck. Nipping and sucking every now and then until he came to the top of the muscle shirt. A growl rumbled in his throat and he attempted to push it up and away. Harry helped by pushing himself up into a sitting position, shifting Draco around his hips with a brief smile. Then Draco was pulling the sodden shirt away and throwing it somewhere near the other rain and mud drenched clothing.

No more words were exchanged as Draco started his worship of Harry's upper torso with his hands. Palms flat and memorizing the way each individual muscles tensed with pleasure when he made contact with it. The way Harry's breathing hitched into his throat when Draco dragged his nails along his sides. Never had Draco felt so in control of another's body, yet not in control of his own at the same time and it thrilled him when he lent into the solid form before him. Wanting more contact, needing more than just simple kisses and reverent palms that ran along his back. And he sighed as the sopping white tee-shirt he was wearing, the barrier between skin on skin contact, was finally removed. Rain cold and mud smeared hands caressing his chest admiringly before a hot cavernous mouth was on his neck. It took all of Draco's control not to fuck him right then and there.

Then Harry's hands were tracing where his jeans were pressed into his waist and Draco's rocked up into he body. Pressing himself flush againt the golden boy of Gryffindor wantonly. Making them both painfully aware of their arousals. Momentarily they were frozen, letting the vestiges of the shocks of pleasure lie back down. Then it was trailing hot kisses and tongues, fingers groping to remove the rest of their clothing until Draco was stretched across Harry's body. He traced his fingers over the sun golden skin, trailing down to his hips. Here he skimmed the skin wonderingly, letting his hands find their own path along the smooth, if wet and still slightly muddy, skin. They circled down along the inner thighs, where tight muscles shuddered and Draco smiled. Finally, knowing that teasing the man before him for to long would be dangerous for his health, he wrapped a pale, slender hand around Harry's straining erection. Loving the gasp it wrought before he turned his head down and ran his soft pink tongue around the tip.

This time, Harry moaned and attempted to arch his hips farther towards ecstasy. Which furthered Draco to wrap just his lips across the head and then run his tongue down to meet his hand before coming back up. When he met Harry's eyes this time, he was the one left breathless. The depth of emotion was too deep for his lusted mind to comprehend so he leaned up, kissed him delicately, while creating a harsh rhythm with his hand. Soon, Harry was arching his back, head pressed into the slick mud under him and hips rocking into Draco's hand instinctively. And as the rush of an orgasm was coming upon him, much like the rain falling around them, Draco pulled his hand away with a smirk.

A frustrated Harry snapped his head up surprisingly fast as the wonderful friction stopped and watched half angry at being left so cruelly unfinished and half fascinated as Draco settled between his legs. Then he was blushing softly and had to glance up into Draco's eyes to calm down. Draco smiled gently and leaned down, capturing his bottom lip with his teeth and sucking the soft flesh in his mouth before plundering the Gryffindor's mouth ravenously. Trying to quell the need that swelled inside of him to just blurt everything he felt for Harry. Miraculously it worked and he was ready for the next part of their rendezvous. His lips trailed down his chin, across his collarbone and onto a nipple, while his hands helped Harry's legs maneuver around his hips. Then one hand went up to Harry's open mouth. His gasps of pleasure from Draco's mouth on his nipple sending warm wisps of air over Draco's hand.

Harry caught on quickly when he noticed the hand tracing his bottom lip and he sucked it into his mouth, covering the digit with saliva before he sucked another into his mouth. Which in turn made Draco moan deep in his chest. When he was satisfied that his fingers were saliva slicked enough he reached under Harry to find his entrance. Where he ran his fingers along the crack until he slid one slowly in, not sure if Harry was ready yet. Apparently he was, cause he loosened quickly and Draco pushed the other finger in slowly as well before he started thrusting shallowly. He sat up, forgetting that he was still on Harry's nipple, and moved his other hand to copy the motions from earlier.

When the other man moaned loudly, Draco knew he was ready and removed both his hands. Then carefully he pushed his on straining erection into Harry. Thankful for it raining to make the next best thing to lubrication. Finally he was deeply embedded in Harry and the need to tell the other boy everything he felt increased again and he started to thrust to keep himself quiet. And Harry moaned as he arched back, rocking back against Draco.

Soon all they could think of, as if they were thinking anything else before, was the incredible sensation of being two as one. Completed with each other and Draco had never felt so right before. The rhythm was fast paced, splattered with rain and mud, cries of passion and when they orgasmed together nothing had ever been as good. They cried each other's name, not really hearing what the other said, but knowing what it was nonetheless.

Draco collapsed his worn body on Harry's, feeling sated and more than a little happy. "I think I've fallen for you, Harry Potter..." then he blinked. He hadn't meant for that to come out. His silver eyes clouded darkly as he sat up, horrified with himself. And then a warm arm was wrapped around his waist, pulling him up to his feet.

"I think I have too, Draco Malfoy." He kissed the back of his neck, not caring that they were stark naked and drenched in rain, covered in mud, and looking much like sex driven teens. All he cared was for the cool body of the Slytherin pressed against him so willingly.

A smile, beatific in its rarity, turned in the embrace and kissed the lips near his. Of course, he knew this would be hell tomorrow. Traveling the halls without being able to shout to world that the Boy-Who-Bloody-Lived was his, and his alone would be torture. That they would have problems, he knew, but whatever happened after this would be worth it. The rain slackened with his decision, and the clouds disappeared, leaving them under the brightness of the moon. Draco's gaze drifted upwards, the heavens seemed to be smiling. And as Draco watched the stars he saw a particular star that was gold in color. Next to was a green one, that seemed to wink down on them as if knowing this would all happen. Or maybe planning it.

Finally both boys pulled away to look at one another. Before they started laughing. "Oh Harry, you look like a drowned rat!" Draco laughed as he bent over to pick his clothing up.

"Better than a drowned ferret then!" And Harry quickly picked his clothes before running away. Laughing over his shoulder as Draco chased him towards the school. Both forgot their lack of clothing.





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