For all Joy wants Eternity

Chapter One: Part B

By katzenhai


He still couldn't see the figure in the shadows that was calmly waiting for him to come closer, but somehow Severus knew where beyond the flickering torchlight the Dark Lord was standing. An infallible certainty seemed to lead the Death Eater's feet...until two spots of gleaming red appeared out of the complete darkness, right in front of him.

It took all of Severus's self-control not to stumble backwards immediately. In this very moment, all of his body strove to get away from he who was standing only inches away from him. The young Slytherin would never be able to tell what kept him from running when every fibre of his being was ready to do so...had it not been for this unknown part of him that overruled his first spontaneous reaction, mercilessly freezing him into place.

Voldemort's contented smile remained invisible, his face and body perfectly enveloped in darkness. With one brief movement of his hand, which suddenly held his wand, three of the four torches that gave only a very weak light anyway went out. Maybe it was due to the thus intensified darkness, or because of Severus's struggle to adjust to the new lighting conditions - but he completely missed that the door to the room had just opened at a short flick of the Dark Lord's wand, and had slid shut again just as silently, just before Voldemort's voice whispered through the moist shadows once more.

"Let me remind you that you're offering me this of your own free will, my Death Eater. Do you remember that?"

Severus was dead determined to finally overcome the weakness that seemed to dog him this evening for good. He could feel his breath rasping over his tongue and lips, ready to tell his Master the truth of his, Severus's, unconditional devotion and willingness.

"Yes, my Lord."

"So let me see what is waiting for me under those robes, sweet Snow White..."

It was as if Severus's fingers, mechanically unfastening the clasps holding the black cloth around his shoulders, did not belong to him. With the most disturbing feeling of his body and mind falling apart into two totally independently operating entities, Severus watched those strange hands that once had been his, leading him further towards a point of no return.

His robes fell to the floor first.

But it was a point he craved to reach, right?

Severus could see his shirt joining his robes.

A point that would mark the next and even more intense level of his connection with the Dark Lord, wouldn't it?

His trousers followed.

It was something he wanted!

The young Death Eater watched himself stepping out of his boots, taking off his socks.

It was something he *longed* for!

Wasn't it...?

When Severus looked again, his boxers lay on top of the little pile of clothes that had formed on the floor beside him.

And reality hit him full force. With its breath that was the cool, humid air of the room, brushing over his totally exposed skin. With its fingers that were darkness, reaching for and gripping his body with implacable determination. With its inevitability that was his Dark Master, devouring him with his glowing red eyes. Claiming and taking possession of him with just a stare.

And then inevitability smiled. A very lazy smile, almost patronizing.

"Come closer, Severus. *I* don't bite, I promise."

There they were. The first fluttering traces of fear, slamming their wings against the inside of the young Death Eater's heart, but still he managed to convince himself of his willingness to comply with his Master's wishes, and so he moved. Two steps was all it took before Severus felt the touch of *some* part of Voldemort's body against his chest, right above the continuously increasing trembling of his heart.

The young Death Eater had been touched by his Master before. Physical contact was something Voldemort used from time to time to make sure that he was in total control of whoever stood before him. And Severus already had had the impression for some time that with him, the Dark Lord made use of his hands more frequently than he did with any other Death Eater. And so far, it had never been anything he had experienced as unpleasant.

But *this* was totally different, though he couldn't tell for the life of him why this was so.

It didn't feel cold, or hot. There was nothing soft or rough about it. It was a touch that didn't indicate at all that there was a human being behind it. No human skin felt that way, was so...dry. And even though Severus knew that it must be Voldemort's fingertips that stroked his bare chest right now, it felt like being touched by parchment. Like being caressed by shrivelled autumn leaves. By a strong desert wind. And every touch seemed to suck the moisture out of Severus's own body, seemed to dry out his own skin as well, turn it into dust and sand that got blown away by that storm booming across it, transforming it into thin, transparent paper that he could actually hear rustling with every stroke of those sandstorm-fingertips that seemed to mark his body with a criss-crossing pattern of disintegrating lines of skin with breathtaking rapidity.

It was as if some kind of sluice had been opened somewhere inside Severus. Boiling Fear flooded in wild, crushing waves through his entire body, cutting off his conscious will from his mind and numbing his thinking. Which deepened the fright the young Slytherin felt even more. Never before had he experienced himself like this. Never had his brain let him down before, never had it completely refused to work as it did now. All that he was aware of, all that he could think of, was the desperate wish to get away from were he was. No matter where that would be, no matter what the consequences - but in his current state he wouldn't even get past the torch, to say nothing of the door...with his brain completely denying its cooperation, with his feet glued to the ground like that, with Voldemort right in front of him...

Long index fingers slowly traced two lines up and down the Death Eater's chest, merely touching the pale skin that covered twitching muscles, as if Severus's flesh desperately struggled to draw back from the dark Lord's hands. When Voldemort's travelling touches reached his servant's shoulders for the second time, his palms sank onto the body in front of him, and the languid stroking continued up Severus's neck and down his upper arms. The light pressure wandered back to the young Slytherin's nipples and further down to his hips. It glided to Severus's back, climbed up his spine, lingered a little at the pale nape and returned to the shoulders, where those hands had started their journey. The Dark Lord let one of his long fingers whisper over his servant's larynx in a playfully threatening caress.

Fighting the shudders that were about to take over his body, it took Severus some moments to notice the increasing pressure Voldemort's palms were exerting on his shoulders. This physical force was growing stronger every moment, and it was perfectly clear what it was indicating. One last glance into his Master's merciless eyes, and the young Slytherin helplessly obeyed. Giving in to those relentlessly pushing hands, Severus went down on the Dark Lord until he was kneeling on the hard stone floor. Cold sweat glossed his pale skin with an eerie sheen, enlightened by the twitching flames from the remaining torch, and he finally gave up on keeping himself from shaking. Petrified with fear, all Severus did was concentrate on the thundering sounds of his heart that echoed through his head. Desperately trying not to think about it, but waiting for what had to come next anyway. Watching the still-robed figure of his Master that rose before him.

He didn't have to wait long.

Black robes parted, and agonizingly slowly opening trousers revealed the Dark Lord's erection.

Two hands quickly buried their fingers with a dead grip in Severus's hair and kept him from jerking back. With his head held in place like that, tears running down his cheeks from the violent tearing of his scalp, he could see how the rock-hard cock before his eyes twitched with every single one of his now ragged breaths that struck its swollen flesh... Amid another surge of panic, the young Slytherin gave up struggling against Voldemort's hands and closed his eyes.

Gradually, the Dark Lord eased his grip around Severus's head. To a very gentle glance his Death Eater was not able to see, Voldemort let his fingers glide through the black mass of tangled hair, carefully combing it out of the face wet with sweat and tears. He regarded the kneeling young man a moment longer before he lifted Severus's head with a soft pull at the shivering chin, giving his servant the few seconds he needed to be able to meet the Dark Lord's red glance. "Sweet, unfortunate Snow White...there's no way back from here, I'm afraid..."

The soft, almost sympathetic whisper still echoed in Severus's head after that cock had slowly pushed past his trembling lips, driving into his mouth, over and over again, with an insistent rhythm. The hands, softly caressing the young Slytherin's hair while making sure that Severus could not get away from his Master's groin, were a strange contrast in their gentleness to the pitiless force of Voldemort's thrusts - though the Death Eater was far from noticing this. Aware of nothing else but a long shaft as hard as stone and its swollen head, slamming against the wall of his throat twice a second, the overwhelming nausea that had taken hold of him, body and mind, took Severus by surprise. Kneeling on the floor, his arms dangling at his sides, the backs of his hands brushing over the stone beneath his knees with every jerk the Dark Lord's thrusts sent through his naked body, Severus waited and prayed for this to be over.

When he finally felt the sudden warmth moistening the inside of his mouth and throat, the relief with which he took Voldemort's semen flooded his mind in a wave twice as hot and strong. All Severus wanted to do now was to get rid of the slightly acid, strange-tasting liquid in his mouth - and of the now limb mass of flesh that was still buried in his throat. He craved to inhale as deeply as he could, getting as much air into his spasming lungs as possible to make up for the past minutes of breathlessness. But Voldemort didn't move, and his Death Eater didn't dare do anything that wasn't explicitly allowed him. Once more, he felt fingers gliding gently through his hair, while the Dark Lord remained where he was for more tantalizing moments before he finally spoke. His voice as soft and caressing as his hands were.

"Don't you dare swallow, my dear Severus."

The younger Slytherin felt his Master's fingers curl around his shoulders as Voldemort withdrew his cock from his servant's mouth. He was painfully aware that they were not done yet. Not really.

He could sense the weight of the Dark Lord's gaze descending until it was level with his own. He didn't need the ruffling sounds of black robes to tell him that his Master had moved; hearing it only confirmed what the Death Eater already knew. Voldemort was here, *right* here, down on the floor with him.

And then his hands were resting on Severus's hips.

The younger Slytherin didn't want to hear the command, nor did he intend to wait until he would be pushed into his new position. Accepting the inevitable, Severus, his lips dripping from his Master's semen that was still in his mouth, slowly turned around until he was facing the door on the opposite wall of the room, barely visible in the weak torchlight. He lowered himself onto his elbows, and the small, but content moan behind his back told him that he obviously had regained the successful anticipation of his Master's will that thus far had failed him so momentously this evening. On the other hand, those hands on his hips had been a more than obvious message; even a moron like Pettigrew would have known what was to come next...

...fingers, of which Severus had no idea with what they were coated, but they were slick as they should be to not hurt while they prepared him for the next step of Voldemort's taking his Death Eater's body. To possess him irrevocably, unalterably, absolutely, as he owned his soul.

It seemed to Severus that he was widened and stretched for hours, before he finally felt the Dark Lord's once more hard cock glide inside him smoothly, taking those fingers' place. Taking him. For the second time tonight, his body was penetrated with the frequent thrusts Severus already knew by now, not fast at all, but all the more forceful. All the careful preparation notwithstanding, Severus felt a stinging, searing pain every time that cock drove into him. His face was shining with tears that were running down to his lips where they mixed with that part of Voldemort's cum Severus had not been able to hold inside. The struggle against the overwhelming urge to vomit, the hot pain and the undefined fear of *something* he was sure still had to come choked him. Breathing became impossible, and his entire body seemed to gradually shut down. Severus watched his visual field becoming smaller and smaller, being reduced to a very narrow tunnel that seemed to be filled with flickering torchlight. Waves of fire and ice seemed to wash over him by turns, and his legs and arms were no longer willing to support his weight, to take the thrusts that crashed through his body...

It was Voldemort's voice that dragged him out of that wildly roaring sea of panic and probably kept him from collapsing.

"Now look at that, my lovely Snow White...we have company."

Automatically, Severus raised his head - to find himself face to face with two brightly gleaming, yellow eyes. Eyes embedded in a flat, scaly reptilian head that very slightly swayed from side to side on a long, endless neck. A split tongue dashed forward from a wide, fanged mouth and just nudged the tip of the Death Eater's nose.

Severus rose to his knees immediately. Desperately trying to get away from the giant snake that lay before him, he slammed right into Voldemort's body, who gripped the younger Slytherin's hips with both hands to keep him impaled on his cock.

Slowly, the serpent followed, edging her head closer to Severus's body...and closer...and there was no way to escape, no matter how hard Severus tried to retreat against the Dark Lord's chest...The thrusts of the cock in his arse grew a little faster, a little more violent... suddenly, he felt the desert-wind touch of a dry finger against his chest, to the left of his heart, and that fingertip took its time to draw some lines on his skin...and still the snake drew nearer, now lingering right in front of the finger on his chest that seemed to have completed the pattern and withdrew...and bright yellow eyes stared one more moment into horrified black ones, before the reptile descended on Severus's body with a twitch of her head, fast as lightning, burying her fangs in the Death Eater's flesh.

To the left of his heart.

Just where Voldemort had started marking Severus's skin.

The young Slytherin was not able to hold back a small scream at the initial pain of the bite, nor a sharp intake of breath when he felt the snake's venom enter his body like liquid ice. He involuntarily swallowed the remnants of Voldemort's cum he had tried to keep in his mouth, just as his master had demanded, and coughing wildly, he spread semen all over his face. While he desperately fought for air, somewhere in his head, behind a thick wall of pain, and fear, Severus heard the Dark Lord speak to his snake. He didn't understand Parseltongue, but it must have been some order, because those razor-like fangs retreated from the wound they had left until only the tips of them where still inside Severus's body.

And then the serpent began to redraw the pattern Voldemort had given with her teeth.

Severus lost track of time after the first bloody inches that those fangs cut into his flesh. The icy cold that spread from the pattern that was driven into him completely numbed his feeling and thinking. He didn't realize it when the snake withdrew from his body, he didn't see how Voldemort dipped his left index finger into his own cum that still stuck to Severus's face and followed the now clearly visible, shining red lines on his Death Eater's chest. To the left of his Death Eater's heart. He didn't feel how the Dark Lord covered the wound with his left hand afterwards, nor how that hand rubbed blood, venom and semen deep into the cuts as Voldemort continued to fuck him, fast and hard. Only when his Master climaxed for the second time this night did Severus awake from his trance with a start to the sounds of the triumphant hissing of a snake, the feral moan of the Darkest wizard, his own painful cry - and the desperate, pleading voice of a young witch who had died at his hands tonight.

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