By Meredith


He didn't expect it to happen like this. He had an idea in his head, a perfectly planned idea of what a first kiss was supposed to be like and what a first kiss was not supposed to be like. And this was definitely somewhere on the not list.

The wall behind him was cold and the back of his skull throbbed where it had smacked against unyielding stone only moments earlier. A shiver worked its way up his spine and he wondered if he was bleeding out his brains through a small crack in the back of his head. Mum always told him he had an overactive imagination. However, his mouth seemed to be the only thing bleeding, lips torn where his teeth had cut through flesh when Malfoy's fist came into contact with his face.

He definitely never thought there would be blood involved in his first kiss. But there was Malfoy in front of him, his mouth covering the bloody lips, a sharp tongue flicking over the corner of his bloody mouth. Malfoy's eyelashes were white blond like the hair on top of his head. He expected them to be dark and had never noticed before that they weren't.

Sometimes he lay in bed in the lazy afternoon sun and thought about his first kiss. He imagined pinning Remus down to his bed and pressing their thin chapped lips together and kissing kissing kissing until Sirius walked in and everyone's cheeks turned red. Sometimes he sat in the Gryffindor stand at the pitch and watched Lily trace random patterns through the sky on her broomstick. He thought about meeting her when her feet finally touched the ground and wrapping his arms around her waist to pull her into a surprising first kiss. He imagined her lips would be soft and taste like cherries.

He felt somehow robbed of his first kiss. This wasn't the way it was supposed to be, he'd rather be pulled into a sloppy experimental kiss by Peter and not look at him for the rest of the week until they both laughed it off than have Malfoy shoving his tongue down past bloody lips and into his mouth. He realized he hadn't moved and lifted his arms to push Lucius away, only half surprised when they circled around his waist instead.

After he finally came to his senses, he felt himself kissing Lucius back, his tongue moving against the other tongue in his mouth hesitantly, not quite sure what he was supposed to do in a situation like this. Classes at Hogwarts didn't prepare you for anything like this. Malfoy's back molars tasted like chocolate and a low, rumbling moan spilled into the blond haired boy's mouth before the kiss was roughly broken.

Sharp steel eyes fixed him with a glare as he stood there, mouth puffy and red with spots of blood in the corners of his lips, eyes slowly focusing on the pointed face before him. He meant to smile, he meant to ask Lucius out on a date to Hogsmeade, he meant to lean in and kiss those smirking lips again, but before he could do anything Malfoy's knuckles were knocking up against his teeth for a second time that night. He groaned as fresh blood spilled over his kiss swollen lips and heard a mumbled "don't you tell anyone, Potter" before Lucius was turning on his heels and heading down the hallway with a flutter of black robes.

James watched the boy disappear down the hall before lifting a shaky hand to his mouth, fingertips coming away smeared with blood and spit. He could still taste chocolate in his mouth and the sharp scent that was distinctively Malfoy lingering in his nose. With a slow nod and a push away from the wall, James headed down the opposite way in the hall and to the classroom where Sirius, Peter and Remus were waiting for him, deciding that for firsts, this wasn't too bad.

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