Fighting Silence

Chapter 9

By lierdumoa


Hollow rage screamed through Harry's mind as he threw on his invisibility cloak. The anger propelled his fingers towards the doorknob. It carried him out the door and halfway down the corridor.

And dissolved at the sound of Draco's words - "Pansy found out about us."

Harry turned slowly, letting his cloak fall back to reveal his face. Draco's voice had lost its cold composure. He sounded...defeated.

"She saw us by the lake. She figured out a way to leak the information to Voldemort."

Harry blinked.

"Just vindictive, I guess. He arranged with my father to have a dinner. I was summoned to the manor. I went."

Draco let out a shrill peal of bitter laughter. "Stupid me. Thought I could figure out his plan. Turns out I just helped it along. He put some sort of potion in my drink. Poison, maybe. I don't know."

*Fuck, Harry. I can't even dump you properly. The moment you start to walk away I go into a blind panic and start blurting every secret I can think of to keep you from leaving me.*

Harry said nothing for a moment. Finally, he spoke. "And I'm supposed to believe this?"

Draco let out another peal of laughter, sounding slightly more hysterical than before. *If you believe this, then you'll stay,* he thought. *You're not safe here. Not with me.*

"No Potter. You're not supposed to believe this. It's a total fabrication."

Harry frowned in confusion. "I don't understand."

Draco only laughed harder. It sounded like wailing. Harry yelled at him to stop, begged for him to stop, but the blonde was completely convulsed with hilarity. Finally Harry walked towards Draco and seized him by the shoulders.

And the laughter ended abruptly. Draco grabbed Harry by the lapels and hauled him back into the dorm room, pulling the door shut with his foot. He then slammed the Gryffindor against the nearest wall and surged upwards to smash his mouth to Harry's.

It was a savage kiss, all clashing teeth and stabbing tongue. Draco bit hard into Harry's lower lip, eliciting a breathy whine. He sucked Harry's tongue into his mouth in one consuming inhalation. Harry's hips bucked violently, the evidence of his arousal stabbing painfully into Draco's upper thigh.

Draco shoved himself back a few inches, quickly pushing his robes aside and unfastening his pants. He then reached down with nimble fingers to part Harry's garments and undo the belt clasp on his jeans. The oversized castoffs bunched around Harry's ankles. Draco yanked him from the wall and spun him around to face it. Sensing his intention, the Gryffindor obligingly spread his legs as much as his encumbering garments would allow. Draco then licked two fingers and pushed the wet digits into Harry's arse, scissoring against the tight muscles of his rectum. In under a minute, Draco pulled back his hand. He spat into his palm and slid the moisture over his erection. Then, in one swift, brutal motion, Draco impaled Harry. The Gryffindor bit off a scream.

And all was quiet. The blonde stood frozen, not daring to breathe. Harry clutched at the wall in front of him, slight tremors moving down his spine as he waited for the pain to ebb. Minutes passed. Slowly, slowly, Harry brought his hands down to grip Draco by the thighs. He began to move his hips, rocking back and forth over Draco's member. The blond let out a strangled whimper. He slid his fingers down Harry's stomach and around his erection, gripping the flesh in a fist, jerking at it in tandem with the Gryffindor's undulating hips.

Movements became more frenzied, more uncontrolled. Loud, erratic breathing filled the room. Suddenly, Draco arched his neck, bit down on Harry's shoulder, and came *hard,* letting out a long, hoarse moan. Harry followed suit, finding his release in one thrashing spasm, gasping out his pleasure as he climaxed.

The pair crumbled gracelessly to the floor. Overcome with exhaustion, the two found themselves without the energy to separate. They sat entwined, unmoving.


Harry was the first to stir, bracing his arms on the floor and gingerly levering himself off of Draco. He turned his body to straddle the blonde, making sure not to put undue pressure on his much abused posterior. Draco looked up at him with a sort of dazed expression. Harry grinned at the sight. He cupped the Slytherin's face in his hands and leaned down for a deep, languorous kiss.

He drew his lips away, and Draco moaned at the loss of contact. "Not going to start cackling like a lunatic again, are you?"

Draco ducked his head in embarrassment and murmured a soft "No."

"Lovely. Then you can explain to me what the hell is going on with you."

Draco made a sound partway between a groan and a whine. "Can't this wait till tomorrow?"

Harry gestured towards the clock. "It's already tomorrow."

"The day after that, then?"

Harry let out a frustrated growl. He pushed Draco onto his back and pinioned the blonde's arms over his head. "Now, Malfoy."

Draco's lips parted in shock at the sudden reversal of positions. A frisson ran down his spine as he was caught by the intense gleam in Harry's eyes. He swallowed nervously. "Where's your patience, Potter?"

Harry leaned down to whisper seductively against Draco's lips - "Good question." In an abrupt motion, he snapped his head up, released the Slytherin, and sat back on his haunches. His next words were curt and sarcastic. "You might try asking it when I'm not bleeding from the arse."

Harry let out a short, rueful chuckle. "Seriously - I think you broke me."

Draco's face lit up with worry. He pushed himself up onto his elbows and then reached out with one hand to touch Harry's face. "I didn't mean to hurt you."

Harry found himself smiling at Draco's unguarded show of concern. "You didn't. I'm alright." The smile faded. "Don't see how I can mount a broom like this, though. Quidditch practice is going to be a bitch."

Draco pulled Harry back down to lie atop him, burying his nose in the black hair inhaling the scent of sweat and soap.

"This wasn't supposed to happen. You were supposed to storm off and never speak to me again. I was supposed to -"


"Voldemort knows, Harry. He'll use me to hurt you."

"What's this then? You kicked me out because you were trying to protect me?" Harry chuckled. "How chivalrous of you, Draco."

"Oh, sod off." Draco shoved Harry off of him. The Slytherin did not take kindly to teasing. He hoisted himself onto his feet, and with a huff, spun around to give the Gryffindor his back.

Still positioned on the floor, Harry looked up at the blonde. He was surprised to see a striking bruise covering Draco's right shoulder blade. The purpled area of flesh stood out starkly against Draco's pale, unblemished skin. It was the last visible remnant of Draco's confrontation with Voldemort.

Harry swallowed thickly at the sight, and Draco's fanciful tale about Pansy and Voldemort solidified into a horrifying reality in his mind. He stood, reaching out a hand to trail his fingers softly over the abused skin. *Gods, Draco - why couldn't you just have been fucking with my head?*

"I suppose I have no choice but to believe you now."

Draco stiffened at the touch. He stiffened further as Harry's words registered. He'd forgotten about the bruise. He hadn't thought it might end up as evidence corroborating his story.

Harry pressed his lips against the injury. The Slytherin groaned and arched towards the heartbreakingly gentle caress. He then reluctantly pulled away. Dawn was coming.

"Go back to your dorm, Harry. You don't want your mates to wake up and find you missing."

Harry moaned in regret, and turned Draco to face him. He caught Draco in one last consuming kiss before the Slytherin again pulled away and gently nudged Harry towards the door. A quiet moment passed. Then Harry gathered up his clothes and grabbed his invisibility cloak. "Talk to Snape about whatever potion it was you drank. He's Dumbledore's spy. He's...trustworthy."

Draco's eyes widened upon hearing this. Apparently Harry considered Draco trustworthy as well - this wasn't exactly common knowledge he'd just revealed. "Alright. Ah - thanks."

Harry finally turned and headed back towards Gryffindor tower. Draco found himself alone with a throbbing erection which refused to go away, in a room that smelled too much like Harry. He cursed at the injustice.

And wondered if there were some way to bottle the scent.



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