By Libertine


Drive. Ginny unbuttons Pansy’s shirt, unfastens Pansy’s pants, sticks her head through the loop of Pansy’s arms without disrupting her grasp of the steering wheel. Pansy has these nice firm breasts that taste like cigarette smoke and feel smooth as brand-new chrome. Ginny’s fingers slide away across thighs as creamy white as the backseat upholstery. The engine purrs, Ginny purrs, Pansy purrs, and it’s crude, it’s fast, it’s feverish, and it feels like fucking, Pansy, it feels like cunt.

‘Oh baby,’ Pansy moans, and her foot stumbles against the accelerator.

‘When?’ says Ginny, and waits for it.

‘Weasley...’ Almost pleading. Almost.


The car jets across the sky, and Pansy’s hair falls free of the cap, all crinkles of blonde and matted at her temples. Pansy’s mouth a wide and hapless O, an open invitation for Ginny’s tongue. Forget the car, thinks Ginny, forget mum and dad, forget Ron and Harry and Neville and Draco and the rest of them. The word itching through her brain right now is suspension, because that’s what this is: suspended between earth and sky, suspended on the mechanical brace beneath them, suspended in the sacred silence between whisper and zenith.


Pansy panting: coming up for air.



Nose-diving, and Ginny grips the wheel before they plummet into the heart of the city, drags them back up to level sailing. Silence for a while. Pansy breathes against Ginny’s shoulder, swallows a chuckle: it sounds like a cat’s mew. Ginny looks down at the city, watches the lights dissolve into a blur of motion. The car is a womb, Hermione once said, because you’re safe inside it, you’re safe and it feels like home.

‘What are we going to do?’ Pansy asks her. ‘Weasley, what are you going to do?’

Ginny navigating the cloudscape, Pansy toeing the pedals. A fair and reasonable arrangement: I choose the direction, you determine the speed. It isn’t safe by any means, but it occurs to Ginny that safe was never what she was looking for in the first place.

‘Drive,’ says Ginny Weasley, kissing Pansy’s face. ‘Just drive.’



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