Author's Notes: It says in the book that the potion helps Lupin keep his mind during transformation. So, I used that. Very short, moves fast. 1st attempt at SB/RL for me but I'll try writing more of these later cuz this was fun... just I'm more of a SS/RL shipper.^_^

DISCLAIMER: None of the Harry Potter stuff is mine. It belongs to J.K. Rowling-sama. I'm just borrowing them *evil grin* I'll return them when I'm finished with them. Which for Remus, may take a while. ^^;

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Dogs and Werewolves

By Malfoy


The moon becomes full tonight. I can't stop it even though sometimes I wish I could. The only thing I have to keep me sane now, is Severus' Wolfsbane potion and that isn't even enough anymore. I think my body's growing some sort of tolerance for it.

"Don't you think you'd better go?" I hear from the doorway.

I look up from my desk to see Severus there. "Yeah, I should," I stand up and straighten the parchment I was grading. "Could you do me a favor and watch my class tomorrow if I'm not back by breakfast?" I ask Severus as I make my way to the door. I'm not sure if I'll be able to teach tomorrow since last time the transformation made me so tired.

"Another chance to disappoint Potter?! It'd be my pleasure," Severus grins as I go by him.

Severus walks with me to the front doors to keep me company and maybe get some kids in trouble for being out past their bed time. He sees me off at the door, seeming rather anxious to get me to leave. I hurry off to the Whomping Willow then search the ground for any slender, long stick I can find to poke the knot.

Once the knot is poked, I hurry inside and follow the long corridor until I see a faint light surrounding a door. I go up the couple of steps then open the door.

I'm greeted by a big, black dog that I call Sirius. He nuzzles my leg then steps back and before my eyes, changes into his human form.

"Good evening, Remus," Sirius gestures and moves toward me. He embraces me and kisses my forehead.

I hug him back and rest my head against his chest. I sigh at the comfort and close my eyes, "It's going to be another long night, Sirius."

He moves a hand up and strokes my hair, "I know. You took your potion, didn't you?"

I nod against his chest then pull away. I glance at the old, rundown clock across the room. I have exactly five minutes before transformation. I listen as the clock ticks four times around the clock's face then kiss Sirius' lips.

Once again, Sirius takes his Animagus form of the black dog. I close my eyes tightly and brace myself for the transformation.

The last thing I hear is a single chime of the clock before a sharp sting of pain shoots up my spine. I drop to my knees and yell as the transformation takes place. Before I know it, my nails that were digging into the floor boards have turned into claws, my low, billowing yell has become a shrieking howl and my body is covered in dark grey fur.

My vision blurs for a few seconds then everything intensifies itself times ten. I blink my eyes once to get used to the difference in vision. Then, Sirius lets out a bark that sounds loud enough to shatter my ear drums. I hate the fact that all my senses intensify when I become a werewolf.

Sirius nuzzles my face and I growl softly. Sirius looks at me with caring eyes and I calm down. I nuzzle him back; then, release a distressful howl into the room. I sit on the floor and look at Sirius. He barks again as if replying to my howl. I wish there was some way we could communicate in these forms instead of having to judge the tone of a bark or howl.

Even though it's not as strong as it used to be, I still feel like tearing this place apart. I've learned to control those feelings but sometimes it gets to be really difficult.

I hear a faint purr next to me. I look down and there's Hermoine's cat, Crookshanks. I turn swiftly and growl at him then bat him with my paw, careful not to release my claws. Crookshanks hisses then Sirius barks. Sirius jumps off the couch and barks repeatedly at Crookshanks until Crookshanks slaps him with a paw, claws and all.

I snap at Crookshanks and he takes off running. Sirius then jumps back on the couch and I sit on the floor. We continue like that for a good portion of the night.

Then finally, the moon is gone and soft light is coming into the room. I release my last howl for the night as my body is injected with pain. Sirius jumps off the couch and watches me change back into a human. He gets close to me as if to comfort me and I growl the meanest growl I think I've ever produced. He backs away and all goes black.


I awaken with a sigh. I open my eyes then shut them again quickly, blocking the brightness of the light. I open my eyes again and see Sirius before me, in his human form. I lay nude beside his fully clothed body.

A hand strokes my hair. Sirius leans forward and kisses my forehead. I sigh again then move closer to Sirius. I put out a hand and turn his face so I can see his left cheek. There are three long scratch marks right below his eye. I run a finger over them then kiss each one individually. I lay back down and Sirius runs a hand up and down the length of my body with long, gentle strokes.

"Sorry," I say to him, apologizing for growling at him like I did.

"Don't worry about it, Remus. I still love you," Sirius kisses my forehead again.

"It's getting really painful to transform. It's more painful than it was before I started taking the potion."

"Then perhaps you should have Severus make the potion more potent," Sirius suggests and I nod.

"I wish there was some way to get rid of all of it. I'm sick of transforming. I've been going through it since I was a little kid. It's been fifteen or twenty years since I was a normal human being," I explain as Sirius continues to stroke my body.

He holds me close to him and I feel his chest rise and fall as he breathes. He moves my head under his chin and sighs, "I know, baby. You've been through a lot with this. Hell, more than a lot. I'm sure someone will eventually come up with a cure. Hopefully, sooner than later for your sake."

"Yeah, I hope so. I can't wait to be a normal wizard again. Ya know?! After they discover a cure and I'm cured, we could fix up this place and make it look really nice," I say with a hidden smile. Talking about freedom from this wretched curse always seems to make me feel better.

"Well, just remember, Remus, I love you werewolf or not," Sirius reminds me.

I wrap an arm around his waist and close my eyes. "I love you, too, Sirius. Even if you are wanted for murder," I laugh and then lose myself in sleep, wrapped in Sirius' arms.

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