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Key: “speaking”


Summary: Severus waits for his two lovers in his private rooms in the dungeons at Hogwarts.

Author’s Notes: I haven’t read any other stories of this triad, but if anyone knows any, let me know!

They are my favourite characters. I find that you can’t help, but love Harry (my opinion), and being a Slytherin (I was sorted into Slytherin at the official site) I love Snape and Draco too. I did before, but being a Slytherin gives me an excuse. Not that I need one.

I’ll be honest, I’m not British, and I don’t know much - very little that is - of their slang. Nor do I know much of the magic, and such, but I am trying. This is also my first Harry Potter fic, be nice, or at least constructive with flames. Also as a warning - like any Slytherin - I don’t get angry, I get even. *narrows eyes dangerously as a sinister smile curves on my lips*

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By Drakon Sword


I let the soothing drink caress its way down my throat as I lean back in the overstuffed chair by the fireplace. I close my eyes blissfully as the heat provided by the spark of flames calms me. I do not withhold the sigh of pleasure as my muscles are finally able to relax.

Those students are monsters.

I don’t know why I am still here at Hogwarts as Potions Master, Head of Slytherin – the greasy bastard down in the dungeons. Voldemort is gone now and has been for over 8 months. I’m free to do as I please now, but Death Eaters still litter the world. Voldemort was able to round up quite a lot of them, before he was finally defeated and they are still glued to his image and vision.  

Pathetic lot.

Then again, I know why I haven’t left. It’s because this is my home. Every inch of these dungeons represent me in some way, shape or form. Doing something for me that the Snape Mansion has never been able to do. The Snape Mansion is cold, unfeeling – just a place where pictures of ancestors are placed. I hold no ties with that place other than my upbringing, blood and ancestry. I’ll leave the place to my older half-sister, Eugenia and her brood.

If I hadn’t been a male, she would have received the place, but the Snapes needed an heir, and I was born to play that role, much like Draco Malfoy was to play his. I didn’t - and don’t - play the role now, and unfortunately (I’m heartbroken) the Snape name will not be carried on because I find my pleasure within my own sex instead of the opposite.

Draco is the same – following in my own footsteps instead of his father’s.

He never listened to his father and I do believe with good right. I looked up to Lucius Malfoy while growing up because he seemed to have everything. Many fellow Slytherins felt the same as I did, and many did with Draco as well. They tend to think money buys everything.

I had the name, the blood and the money to make me an equal to Malfoy, but I didn’t have the looks, personality, or charm that he had. He could manipulate people to do whatever he wanted, whenever he pleased, and did so with enjoyment, because like most Slytherins (I think every Slytherin) he craved power. He wanted power in magic and to be in complete control. I preferred to feed my desire for power with knowledge. That was how Voldemort lured me to his Death Eaters. He promised me knowledge and I believed him till Albus showed me how wrong I was.

It was then that I realized Voldemort could teach me nothing that I wanted to know.

Eugenia and I have never been close, but we get along as siblings do. She’s older than me by 7 years, and is only my half-sister because her mother died at birth. Then father re-married, and they had me. It was only partially because of the age difference that we didn’t get along, but we were opposites down to the last.

She was sorted into Hufflepuff after her mother, for Merlin’s sake!

Anyway, she refused to speak with me when I was with Voldemort, before and during my occupation as a spy for Albus, and didn’t contact me till after the truth of my involvement was released – when I was to be convicted a Death Eater.

Her husband was killed in one of the many Death Eater massacres before the actual last battle, and I have offered her the mansion, but she refuses to take it. Partially because her husband’s family would not be pleased, but also because it is rightfully mine. She respects me more than she’ll ever admit, and not only because of my deeds, but as the heir, much like our parents did. She still expected me to take my place to carry on the name and gave me the cold shoulder often, because she didn’t approve of my orientation.

I don’t want the name, the responsibility or the mansion. My dungeons are my home. These walls hold everything that matters to me. All the books I desire, unless of course they are new, my potions that I treat with such delicacy, and my memories.

That is what the Snape mansion does not have.

My memories.

There are unpleasant ones of course, but that is to be expected. Times when Lucius dropped by, proving his power over me, or times when Albus came to me telling me of the loss of another student, or just simply just losing myself in the frustrations of life. Not all memories are beautiful, for it is necessary to remember the evils as well as the goods of life. The balance is needed to survive.

Then there are the memories that I love to bring to mind. They were in their 6th year and it was the summer before their 7th when Albus gave them to me. They could no longer return to the places that they called home and they were two of the most important players in the last battle that was to come. They needed discipline, training and a proper mentor to teach them to control their magic and minds. They needed intellect as well as an imagination.

They needed me.

They were both in their prime at 16, but slowly nearing 17. Bursting at the seams with potential power and were not unaware of what they would have to do. Unlike other teenage boys their age, they had seen the evil of the world. They disliked it, already knowing that they had a large role to play, and wanted to prepare for it.

As much as they wanted the power, they loathed and feared it. When they did have the power, could they control it? Would they do the right thing? Could they save those who were important to them? Could they truly handle all this responsibility?

Would they die?

One disliked me for the way I had treated him during his first years at Hogwarts, and I admit that it never truly gave me pleasure to treat him that way. I did it so that I wouldn’t bring Voldemort’s unwanted attention to me. I had enough as it was.

He was also in Slytherin’s rival house, famous before he could walk and was the offspring of a man whom I loathed. The boy didn’t have many brownie points with me, and I could continue to list his flaws if I so chose, but those are the main reasons. I still disliked him, but I found that I could overlook most of these grudges because of his attractiveness and my overwhelming weakness for him.

He knew this, and was more than willing to play to his strengths.

The other boy was also just as attractive, but in a very opposite way. He had won my favour long before. He was in my house, the son of a person I admired for a time, and I could favour him without punishment because his father was at Voldemort’s side; his father often made it clear that I was to give his son top marks to avoid punishment from him. I obliged, and treated the young boy with care.

I found that it was not a punishment to do so.

Though the two disliked each other, and never agreed on anything, they both had to admit that they respected me to a degree.

Even if it was grudgingly.

The summer was certainly one of my more entertaining ones. When I was not breaking them apart from their latest spat, I was punishing them for insolence. The two were impossible. Especially together, but they grew close. We all did that summer. Things were never to be the same again.

When school started, things went back to normal, or at least back to relative normality. Various students had been killed in attacks by the Death Eaters while the houses and remaining students started to pull together. Including Slytherin, which caused the two boys under my care (Albus had pretty much made me their guardian till they were of age, since neither had any family that could care for them at the moment) didn’t fight as often, nor did they harbour scathing feelings toward me. 

We had found a mutual understanding it seemed.

The school year passed quickly. Almost too quickly, especially since neither of them were prepared for the world, but they were lucky they couldn’t join their friends in the big scary world because they weren’t of legal age. They couldn’t leave Hogwarts yet and Albus had requested that both of them stay under his protection till Voldemort was destroyed. They still needed training, and so I was once again placed in charge of the two.

I spent many evenings, weekends and holidays with them, but this time they were placed in the dungeon with me. Albus used one of my closets, and used a room charm to create a little hallway with a room on each side with a bathroom between them. One room for each, and a bathroom to share connecting to my own room.

Now before this I had noticed the stray touches, lick of lips, and lustful looks at each other. I suspected they were sexually involved even though they never agreed on anything. It was a continuous tug of war between them, and neither of them was ever willing to give up. I often wondered if they ever got along in bed.

My suspicion was proven correct when I often checked on them and found that one bed was empty while the other held two that were sleeping together, or doing other things. One time, I caught them, but didn’t interrupt. Instead, I found myself watching the magnificent sight, and found that they fought for control in the beginning, but one would eventually succumb and nothing but loving touches would be exchanged.

Outside of the bedroom, they continued their rivalry for reasons I never fully understood.

So, their charade continued, and I didn’t question. I simply let them do as they pleased, gave them the privacy they desired, and never made any comments as to their orientation, not wanting to destroy what they had, nor in any shape or form let them know that I knew. Their relationship seemed to find the small amount of care that I hid away inside. I simply continued treating them as the students I knew.

However, as much as I wanted to treat them as students, I was finding I was treating them as equals. I was treating them like men because I was beginning to see them as men. They weren’t students anymore and I found that I couldn’t treat them as such either. They were two young men.

Two very attractive young men.

Harry James Potter and Draco Lucius Malfoy, were indeed just that.

Harry was first to turn 18 on July 31, a Leo, quite fitting. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if his rising sign is Scorpio, or Gemini. It would explain his Slytherin traits. Scorpios are sneaky, vengeful, and mysterious while Gemini are two-faced. Not that he is two-faced, but it would explain why he has two sides. Gemini’s have one dark, dangerous side to represent the Slytherin as well as a light, caring side that would be the embodiment of Gryffindor. However, Astrology wasn’t something I ever put a large amount of thought into. Never very reliable, but certainly interesting.

Harry was free to leave, but didn’t. He stayed till Draco was 18 on November 9 (A Scorpio with a Capricorn rising sign. I’ve checked.), but neither left and they talked to Albus about staying longer. Albus was relieved that they wanted to stay because the war was approaching a climax and he feared for their lives. Harry being the Boy Who Lived, and Draco being the son of a Death Eater, who refused to take his place at his father’s side.

Two traitors, like myself.

Albus had been on pins and needles when Draco turned 18. He was afraid that they would leave and end up dead. We had no say in what they did anymore, but the two didn’t seem to want to leave yet. They still lived in their rooms, asking for me to continue with their training, and helping out when they were needed. Often being various teacher’s assistants for a day or helping out with Quidditch practices. Harry stayed loyal to Gryffindor even though he lived with two Slytherins, while Draco stuck by his Slytherins with me at his side.

We often betted on the game results.

Another year passed, and I was starting to notice that their affection towards me was becoming less and less innocent. Before they had often sat with me at a fire, discussing personal things intermixed with words of care, but nothing sexual. Not till they were over 19.

It started with occasional brushes of the hand during a lesson, an arm around the shoulders (they had both grown quite tall, but neither quite reached me height), and teasing, but almost loving nicknames that I found myself excusing and almost liking. The change wasn’t sudden. It had been happening slowly over the time of a year, but it wasn’t till the year had passed that I remember these events with such clarity.

Now that I did realize it I brushed it aside with the ease of familiarity. They had lived with me for about 3 years, and we had come to an understanding relationship. Neither had really ever experienced much warmth or loving from their families in their upbringing, but I offered them affection (very little, but compared to what they did receive growing up, it was easily the most they had ever received in their short lives) that their parents, or relatives had ever shown them.  

I didn’t realize that the affection they wanted and were giving was not platonic.

No, I didn’t know till Draco took the last final step of warm affection, the first step to sexual desire one day. I was simply helping him with a potion that he had found in one of my various potion books. Potions had always intrigued him, and my favour for him wasn’t completely biased. Draco was a very good student in potions, while Harry followed his mother in Charms and Transfiguration.

Draco simply asked me for my assistance, and I leaned over to help, but I found my hand suddenly taken into his grip. Confused and bewildered, I scowled as his fingers traced up and down my long, pale fingers. I was about to say something when he murmured something about me being sexy before his tongue replaced the soft fingertips.

That’s when I was lost.

I tried to find the will or control to pull away, and scold the young man, but I had been denying my affections to him for so long that I let him pull me into a lustful embrace. Letting his warm, seductive lips touch mine, and his manipulative tongue (in more ways them one) leave trails along my skin. I returned the pleasure enthusiastically, letting my wanting hands steal their way under his robes to find the smooth skin that I had longed to touch in such a manner for so long.

I was losing control quickly.

Maybe I never had it.

It wasn’t till we lay in my bed, that I started thinking about what happened. I still wasn’t thinking coherently, but I was more than aware of the gasp that erupted at the doorway. I was about to yell for the person to go away till I turned to face wide and hurt emerald eyes.

That’s when I realized what I had done.

I had slept with Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter’s lover (or something along those terms), and they were both under my care. I had found refuge in one that I cared for, but in my turn I had hurt the other that I also felt great affection for. I was lost, slowly falling into regret as Draco stirred beside me.

“I win.” Were Draco’s simple words to Harry – that had me blinking in confusion as Harry’s shoulders slouched and his eyes narrowed.

“We weren’t going to officially start till tonight, bastard!” Harry retorted, stalking into the room as his eyes flashed. Draco simply propped his head up on an elbow and licked his lips, becoming the embodiment of sexuality.

“They put me in Slytherin for a reason, Gryffindork. I still won.” Draco replied, not at all disturbed by Harry’s sudden anger. Both seemed to be ignoring me.

“Won what?” I asked, tersely as I sat up. I didn’t like the idea that I was some prize. I had been used so many times before, that I was able to hide the hurt at the idea and I think they both recognized it without me fully realizing it.

“A bet.” Harry answered, while removing his robe, and then his white t-shirt. Revealing his well-developed muscles from Quidditch, covered in the tanned skin.

“A bet?” I echoed, my voice already hardening.

“To see who got you in bed first.” Draco said, his fingers starting to walk up my chest as he kissed my shoulder. I gently pushed him away.

“So I was some sort of prize of another one of your many challenges. To prove who was the better seducer. To gain another step ahead of the other.” I partially asked, partially stated. I didn’t like the idea that I was part of another one of their many games.

It hurt.

“No.” Harry exclaimed as he suddenly straddled me. He placed his hands on my shoulders as his clear emerald eyes caught mine, watching me. “We’ve been together for a while, and I know that you know that. Draco and I love each other, even though we don’t act like it. We challenge each other, but we trust each other. We wouldn’t have, or be any other way.” Harry explained as his nimble, callused fingers traced patterns on my skin, as Draco came up behind him, nibbling Harry’s neck.

“It was a bet, but it was because we finally admitted our growing desire for you to each other. We want you, and have for some time now. It just somehow ended up as a bet to prove some sort of manliness.” Draco continued explaining as he placed his chin on Harry’s shoulder, shrugging.

“You want me?” I scoffed, trying to sound harsh though I could feel my chest constrict with something that I didn’t fully understand.

“Yes.” They said together with an urgency that had me blinking. Harry then softly smiled as Draco smirked.

“We both have for a while, but you were so untouchable in the beginning. We had discovered each other, but still longed for you.” Draco said, his voice taking the huskiness that was enough to have anyone crawling to bed with him in desire and lust.

“We want you, if you’ll have us.” Harry whispered, his cheek taking on a rosy tinge as he looked at me beneath lowered lashes. With a growl, I took them both in my arms, and we made love together.

I was lost then, and I still am to this day.

I never gave much thought to threesomes, or triads. Threesomes are believable for one night, but not for years. Or at least I thought.

I needed them, and they needed me. I think we had all been growing to this. Since that first day we shared the room together back when they were 16 – I think the attachment was then first strung. Their hurdle to each other was easier to jump over, since they were the same age, but I was harder to reach because I was older, their teacher, and I had closed myself away tightly.

However, as time passed, I slowly opened myself to them and they to me. They found each other, and together they hurdled the last obstacle in their path to reach me. Together they took me, made love to me, and fell in love with me.

I was more than willing to participate.

At first, I was always wondering how long it would last. When would they leave me, and find a life together somewhere else? I had figured it was just a temporary thing – they were indulging in a fantasy or their teenage hormones. I didn’t realize that it would become permanent.

It wasn’t till a few nights before the last battle that Harry uttered those three words of utter devotion to me while slowly falling asleep on my chest, as Draco curled around me. Draco lazily kissed my shoulder while adding the words ‘me too’ before letting the blanket of sleep fall over him.

Without fully realizing it, I returned the words of love, and I realized that I would give my life before I would let harm come to them. I needed them. I would die without both of them. I loved them.

They were mine even if they didn’t know it.

Then the long awaited day arrived, promising death. It was the last battle, and one attack that I had heard nothing of, mostly because they planned to kill me with them. They had come to the conclusion that I was either a spy, or I wasn’t worthy of being a Death Eater anymore. Either way, I was to perish with Albus.

Well, we weren’t going down without a fight.

We all fought as the waves of Death Eaters came at us, attacking with vigilance as Voldemort cackled behind them. Fear rose in my heart, not wanting to lose my lovers nor any of the teachers that I respected and had come to care for as friends (even though I rarely ever showed it). I wasn’t going to let Voldemort win.

The three of us fought side by side, till we were suddenly separated from Harry. We didn’t realize till we heard him cry out. Draco then took off to where the cry had originated from, and we found him encircled within a dark mist as he writhed in pain, Voldemort smirking over him, curling his lip in pleasure.

Together Draco and I threw the last, and most unforgivable curse at him while Albus, who had mysterious showed up from behind, did the same – throwing another killing curse at him, causing the Dark Lord to fall.

We had finally won.

But so had Voldemort in many ways.

Many lives had been lost, even though the Death Eaters had fled. There were many losses on either side, and some more significant than others.

I cannot name all that we lost, but I can name many that I knew well. We had lost Professor Sprout, Hagrid, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black (I disliked the man, but not enough to wish a painful death), Ron Weasley, The Weasley twins, Hermione Granger, Pansy Parkinson, Cho Chang, and many others. I was hurt by the losses, mostly because in some way I may have been able to stop them, but also because many of the losses hurt my lovers.

Especially Harry.

Harry didn’t know though. He was in the infirmary in a coma as we fought to figure out what dark magic Voldemort had used on him. Draco and I both cursed his goddamned Gryffindor courage, and wished that he had stayed with us. He may not have been in that state if he had.

Draco needed comfort more than I, for he had killed his parents for the good side. As much as he proclaimed to hate them, I know that it was bravado. It was hard to hate the ones you unconditionally love. Killing them is hard, even if it is the right thing to do, but I knew Draco would not let any other kill them. It was his job that he intended to fulfill.

A month passed before the spell that was on Harry was finally broken. He had finally beaten it and everyone was overjoyed to see the Boy Who Lived, live up to his name once again. It was that day when I was thankful that it was his name, and that he had fulfilled it once again.

Harry had said that his mother saved him the first time, but the second time it was Draco’s and my own devotion and love towards him that did it. We were always at his side, talking to him to bring him back. Harry proclaimed that we gave him hope and a will to live. That we created a light for him to follow.

That we were his light.

Together we were again, and we were safe, but had a lot of emotional wounds to heal. Harry was suffering quietly from his loss of good friends and what he considered family. The Death Eaters had probably purposely gone after Harry’s closest friends to get to him. I suspected they would, and I think I remember distinctly hearing that once. It was to break Harry, they had said.

Well they were successful in breaking him.

Draco and I were able to gather the pieces and put them back together eventually. I was hurting the least, so I was often there for Draco in his times of need, and Albus was also taking his turns with each of us. Harry the most, because Albus had taken a place as Harry’s grandfather a long time ago. Albus had done it on purpose because he felt for the boy. Much like he had done for me at a time.

Finally, we were remotely put back together, but we each had a different path to follow. Draco took a job in the ministry, which I felt suited him. He was very charming, and manipulative. He could hide his emotions, and intentions well – making him a worthy political speaker. They wouldn’t know what hit them.

Harry then went off to his training as an Auror. As much as he proclaims we saved him from the coma, Albus tells me that it was Harry who broke Voldemort’s practically unbreakable spell with the power he had yet to realize or learn to control. The job would also suit him well.

I stayed at Hogwarts as the Potions Master, where I felt comfortable. None of us were together, but we were still a triad after all these years. I wear the silver and gold ring around my left ring finger as proof.

Out of the three of us, Draco was the last I ever thought sentimental in such a way (I though he may fear showing weakness, but his fear of losing us seemed to outweigh it.) I thought Harry would be the one, but Draco had lost his family, and needed us. The fear of losing Harry had scared him more then he was willing to admit. He didn’t want to lose either of us, but as charming as he was, he has trouble saying the words.

So, he used symbols instead.

It was a few weeks after Harry had awoken that he had gone out, promising to return soon. I didn’t question, and Harry was spending time with Albus, so Draco was free to go without much hassle. Only I questioned his time to return, and cautioned him for safety, for the Death Eaters were still about and possibly seeking revenge.

That evening after proving our love for each other once again, Draco told us the purpose of his dangerous visit to Diagon Alley. It was only symbolic, but it was enough (wizards have yet to allow marriage for triads). All three of us wear the ring of twisted silver - to represent Slytherin - and gold - representation of Gryffindor - on the ring finger of the left hand. It has three ropes, two silver and one gold, wrapped around each other. Three represent one for each of us. Two silver for myself and Draco, and one gold for Harry. Draco had always been very clever.

That was the day I really realized how serious we were.

I was never letting them go again.

Even though we are parted, we try to see or talk to each other every day. Mostly by owls, or every once in a while one will pop up in the fireplace as I sit relaxing after a hard day of classes. Long-distance relationships do work as long as the people try, and are devoted. If we have anything, it is devotion.

I knew the instant he arrived.

I’m not sure how he comes in, but he has always been a sneaky one. That is one of the reasons he is a Slytherin. I wouldn’t have known he was there if it wasn’t the fact I can feel the vibrations of his movements. Animagus forms tend to give your human form stronger abilities depending on what your animal form is.

That was one of the things they had both demanded. Draco and Harry both thought it wise to be Animagi in case they got caught in a bad situation so that they could transform, and get away, hopefully, safely. They felt it would be a wise idea for them, considering their positions, and places in the war.

I had to agree.

So the three of us worked on their forms. While we worked, they thought carefully about their forms. You didn’t become one too strong, too weak, too small, or too slow, but one that suited you, and had the abilities you felt you would need. It took a while for them to make their decision, but mine was fairly easy.

I had chosen a viper.

Fitting for the Head of Slytherin, no?

Actually that was only part of the reason for my decision. Considering the thin line I was walking with Voldemort, I thought it wise to choose a creature small enough to hide, but fast. I could transform into my form, dodge into a crack, and slither my way out. A viper was also still strong enough to protect itself, if it did get caught, with its poison, so I thought it to be perfect for me, and many agreed.

Draco, and Harry both agreed with my decision. They thought it to be wise for my position, but they were still considering their own positions. They had to choose wisely, for their lives also may have depended upon it.

Albus was behind us one hundred percent. He actually suggested it with undertones, of course. I told him once what we were doing, but then Albus told me he wanted to hear nothing more of it. He wanted us to keep it a secret between ourselves because if it got out we would have to report ourselves to the Ministry, which would give anyone access to find out who we were, and defeat the whole purpose of becoming an Animagus.

To this day only we and Albus know of our forms.

Which is probably why Draco and Harry can get in all the time without hassle.

That when the Silver Fox stepped out of the shadows into my view. I finished off my brandy, and arched an eyebrow as I turned to look at the smooth creature. It wasn’t very big making it very fast, agile, and giving it advantage to slip into smaller places. The colour gave advantages in camouflage, and I thought it suit Draco very well. He had made a very sufficient choice, I believe. 

“Good evening, Draco.” I said nodding to the Silver Fox, who curled its lip to represent a smirk. The gleam in its silver eyes was unmistakable, and Draco then let himself relax for the transformation back to his human form.

“Greasy bastard.” He muttered as he shook his black robes of dust and dirt from his run. He was angry that he didn’t get past me. It was something of a game between us. They were always trying to surprise me by becoming sneakier, quieter, or faster, but were never able to do it.

At least, they were getting better in their forms, and I was still staying on guard.

“What brings you here tonight, Draco?” I asked, pouring a glass of brandy for him. I hold it out to him as he strides over to me. He takes the glass, and promptly sits on my lap, straddling my thighs.

“Can’t I come visit my old Potions professor?” Draco asks mockingly as he sips the brandy before putting it down. He licks his lips to catch the drip that appeared on his upper lips. I feel a wave of desire run through me as he places the brandy on the table beside us.

“No. Not without a reason or purpose. “ I answer, my voice even and stern as always. Not at all betraying my arousal for him and my current position.

“True, because I do have a purpose.” Draco murmurs against my throat, letting his warm breath heat my skin before kissing it with his lips. I close my eyes blissfully at the sensation, withholding a groan of satisfaction from my lips.

I’ve always had a lot of self-control.

I heard another enter my quarters, and turned my head to give Draco more access, but also for me to see the new arrival. I gave a small smirk as the black panther strolled in. The emerald eyes narrowing when it saw Draco, and the lightning scar barely hidden by the black fur.

It seems Harry Potter has arrived.

“This rots!” I heard Harry muttered after he transformed into his human form. Draco didn’t waver his attention from my neck, but I could feel him smirk against my skin. He knew Harry had arrived, and simply wanted to play with him more.

Besides, he had won again.  

“Hmmm?” Draco purred in his throat as he gently pulled away. His lips slightly red with their earlier play. “Oh Harry. You’re here.” Draco said, acting like he hadn’t known he was here yet. A satisfied smirk appeared on his lips as Harry crossed his arms.

“Ya! Ya! Ya! Gloat while you can Draco.” Harry scowled as he flopped into the opposite chair, with a certain casual grace, and I watched him as he pouted. Twenty-two and he still pouts like a 5-year-old.

It was rather endearing.

“Oh! Is that a threat, Potter?” Draco asked, mockingly as he slipped off of my lap. He then strutted over to the pissed and pouting Potter, and ran his hand through the untamed dark locks. “I believe I do win again, Potter. You are either getting lazier and slower, or you like losing.” Draco cooed as he titled Harry’s head so Harry would look at him.

“Fuck you, Draco.” Harry snarled, as he curled his lip back. They rivalry between them it seemed would never disappear, but I don’t think they would have it any other way.

“Actually Potter, I believe it is the other way, don’t you think?” Draco blinked with mock innocence as he pursued his lips. Harry simply narrowed his eyes, his lips tightened to a thin white line as I watched them advertently.

You see - it’s another game that they play. They always contact each other before coming to meet me, and they race to be the winner. They are both aware that I enjoy watching them, and often put a show on for me. Somewhere along the line they created this contest; for the first one to arrive was in control of the loser for the show. The loser had to do everything the winner asked.

It seemed that Draco was the winner again.

“Now, I know your Gryffindor pride and courage won’t let you break the rules, nor back away, so let’s get started.” Draco drawled, breezily as he walked to the bedroom. Harry glared after him, but I could see the glimmer of desire in his emerald eyes.

I think Harry liked losing.

“Well~l?!” Draco called from the room, and I could hear shuffling in the room. Probably preparing, and making sure everything he needs is already there.

“Coming.” Harry sighed as he stood up, obviously over his little pout.

“Not yet, I hope.” Draco drawled, and Harry rolls his eyes as he walks to me. He then reached out, and took me by the hand.

“I didn’t get to properly say hello.” Harry murmured sweetly as he pulled me into a passionate kiss, which I returned in earnest. I let my long fingers run through his unruly, but soft hair as he nibbled at my lips. I can feel my knees turn to jelly as his hands stroked my sides over my robe.

“Is that how you say hello to everyone, Potter?” I asked after he pulled away. Harry just grinned and shook his head. “I should hope not because there would be quite a scandal.” I continued in my ‘Professor Snape’ voice.

“Quite, professor.” Harry teased, before leading me to the bedroom. There, Draco was sitting on the bed waiting patiently. He tilts his chin up as we walk into the room. I let Harry’s hand go as I sit in the chair in the corner preparing for the show I know I am silently promised.

“Undress.” Draco commanded Harry with a wave of his hand, and Harry then moved to undress himself. Now, Harry doesn’t do it dully. Harry likes to do things with a bit more class. He moves, and arches his body in such ways that if anyone else is watching him they become instantly aroused, or are simply upon him before he finishes. Luckily, Draco and I have enough self-control to watch the show in earnest and wait for the right moment to move.

Harry kicks off his shoes, and peals his socks off; letting both Draco and I get a nice view of his round, tight derriere. He then unbuttons his green robe and lets it side off his shoulders in a seductive manner to show he was wearing nothing, but boxers underneath. He gives me a sly glance as he licks his lips, letting his fingers tease at the waistband on his boxers. I can feel myself coming to attention at this, as does Draco.

“Hurry up! Then undress me.” Draco commanded, sounding a little bit more impatient. Harry just smiled a secret smile as he slipped his boxers off, tossing them to the side. I found myself biting my lips as I looked over his tanned body, as Draco gives a small gasp.

Oh how we have missed him.

Harry then walked over to Draco, and tugged him into a standing position, proving that robes can’t hide erections as well as everyone likes to believe. Harry unbuttoned the robe, and then let his fingers trail down Draco’s arms as he removed Draco’s black robe. I can see Draco’s skin prickling at the sensation of Harry’s callused fingers stroking it. Harry then tugs Draco’s light blue shirt over his head, letting his fingers wander down Draco’s smooth chest.

I can almost feel Harry’s fingers on my skin as well.

Harry then got down on his knees, in a very provocative manner, and slowly took Draco’s shoes and socks off; quickly followed by his black dress pants. Harry then kissed his way up Draco’s legs, and begun to pull the light blue boxers down, not letting his gaze waver from the Draco’s impressive erection. Harry’s smirks as Draco lets out a uneven breath as Harry breathed on the straining shaft.

I have to say, Harry may lose - quite often actually - but he does it well.

“Suck me.” Draco demanded, his voice airy but husky. He is losing control of his commanding stance as Harry proceeds to work his magic that I know so well, and it’s not with a wooden wand. I shifted quietly in my seat as Harry licked at Draco’s length, before taking it fully in his mouth.

I watched as Draco’s eyes fluttered and Harry’s head bobbed up and down. Harry let Draco thrust into his mouth as he pleased, and kneaded Draco’s behind with his fingers as Draco’s hands entwined in Harry’s hair. My own erection strained at the picture they make.

“Stop.” Draco said, hoarsely as he pulled Harry away. Harry whined in protest, but Draco pulled him onto the bed with a deep passionate kiss, and with a slight shove, Harry instantly took the mandatory position on his knees. Draco reached under the covers, and pulled out the tube of lubrication, squirting a little on his hands.

“Oh god!” Harry whimpered as Draco lets his cool fingers enter him. I smiled as Harry squirmed as Draco massaged the tight muscle, letting his fingers occasionally brush Harry’s shaft and velvety sacs.

It seems Draco has again taken control.               

“Does that feel good?” Draco asked, his voice drawling with desire, and Harry simply muttered something incoherent, but it’s enough for Draco, who entered Harry swiftly, gasping in pleasure. Harry moaned as I find myself panting for air.

“Draco . . .” Harry sighed as Draco ran his hands down his back to relax him. Licking, nipping, and kissing the tanned skinned of Harry’s back before pulling out and thrusting back in.

“You’re so tight, Harry.” Draco gasped while he started to thrust with meaning, while stroking Harry’s erection, causing Harry to groan and moan with pleasure, which added to my own.

I have to hold myself back with such force as I watch them. The light and the dark. Draco’s skin pale, like porcelain and unmarked while Harry’s skin is tanned, scarred from various close calls in his life, and callused. Harry’s hair is unruly and dark contrasting with Draco’s light golden blond hair that is always slicked back with such perfection.

The two are gorgeous together.

All I can hear is their shared moans as they move together. It takes all myself control not to reach for my own throbbing erection, because I know that they will want to take care of that later.  They were greatly upset that one time I touched myself.

Harry was first to come as he wailed Draco’s name, but numbly stayed in position for Draco, who wasn’t far behind. They collapse in the bed, panting for breath as they share kisses, murmuring words of love, and devotion.

I stood up and made my way over, sitting beside the pile of limbs. I reached out and brushed a lock of Harry’s hair away from his eyes as he turned to look at me. Draco sat up beside me and with deft fingers began to undo my clothes.

“You were wonderful, love.” I cooed at Harry, who nuzzled my hand like a cat - or panther - in response. A deep purring in his throat as my caresses journeyed downward onto his jaw, neck, and chest.

“He was, wasn’t he? So tight, and hot.” Draco murmured in my ear from behind. His hands reached over my shoulder, and caressed their way down my partially opened black button shirt that he had already undone.

Harry sat up, straddling me as he finished unbuttoning my shirt. He kissed me deeply as Draco worked at my neck, pulling at my shirt and robe, tossing them aside once I was bare-chested. Draco then let his seductive lips play with the skin of my neck, and lick my ear as I returned the Harry’s kiss.

“Take it off.” Harry demanded, his lips moving against mine as he tugged at my pants that were restraining my throbbing erection.

I was more than happy to comply.

I stood up while Harry held tight, wrapping his legs around my waist, and I held him while Draco divested me of my pants, briefs, socks and shoes. I soon found myself as naked as they were, and was not complaining in the least.

I lay back down with Harry underneath me – licking and nipping at his hard nipples, as his arousal became more and more apparent. I could feel Draco move behind me, and he let the palms of his hands move over the globes of my behind. I reached behind me to catch a hand as I sat up.

While Harry still lay underneath me, I tugged Draco to me, and quickly found his lips. I felt his nose brush my cheek as I let my tongue wander in to explore the cavern of exotic heat I knew so well. I could taste the little bit of brandy mixed with Harry’s sweetness.

Draco was the mysterious, exotic one, while Harry was sweet and loving.

Two opposites that loved each other, and complimented my tanginess and bitterness so well.

The sweet, the exotic, and the tang and bitter like vinegar.

I heard Harry move as I was pressed back against the bed by Draco. I could see Harry behind Draco when I looked over Draco’s shoulder. I wasn’t aware what he was doing till I felt a cool, lubricated finger entered me.

I gave a small gasp that Draco took advantage of that. Letting his own tongue move in to taste me, while the fingers caressed my heat. I knew they were Harry’s fingers. They were callused but gentle and soft; unlike Draco’s teasing, silky ones.

I moaned as the finger retreated, but was soon joined by another. I couldn’t help, but move my hips, letting my erection rub against the silky skin of Draco’s abdomen. Draco smirked against my skin as he kissed up my jaw, while I groaned again. Harry’s finger continued to work their magic as the two were joined by a third.

Draco’s hands wandered down to my pulsing erection, letting his finger tease over the tip as I bit my lip. His fingers then ran down the underside of my shaft, and massaged the skin around it, making me buck in pleading insistance.

I wanted more.

“Do you want me to be inside you, Sevvy?” Draco asked, his usual drawl filling his voice, but I could hear his own desire. I opened my eyes to look in his silver ones that were practically glowing in the dimness of the room.

“Yes~s.” I hissed, temporarily ignoring the nickname that he had given me that I hated so. ‘Sev’ I could deal with, but ‘Sevvy’ was asking for a lot of pain. However, at the moment I didn’t give a shit.

It was swift, and mostly painless when he entered. I arched my back as I moaned in pleasure as his hands wandered down my sides. He adjusted himself so his knees rested under my thighs to hold me up as he retreated from me, before pounding himself back inside.

“Draco!” I called as he did it again, shudders of absolute pleasure washed up and down my spine as I felt two hands pinch my nipples, while Draco’s rested on my hips.

I looked up to see two dark emerald eyes look down at me. A warm, yet seductive, smile on his lips as he moved to straddle me, but not letting his skin touch mine other than his hands. His hands ran over my face, and through my hair. I closed my eyes as I nuzzled my face into his hand, while the other combed through my ebony locks.

Harry then placed his hands on either side of my face as he leaned down to catch my lips in a demanding kiss. Draco continued to move in and out of me with purpose as I arched myself to brush my demanding shaft against Harry’s tantalising skin.

“Want to be inside me?” Harry asked, whispering in my ear as his fingers wandered down my arm in a ghost of a caress. I could feel goose bumps prickle at the sensation as I moaned when Draco hit my prostate again.

“God yes, Harry.” I muttered, wantonly. Harry simply chuckled as he kissed down my skin, working his way down into position.

“Oh Sev, you’ll love it. He’s so tight and hot.” Draco murmured sexily over Harry’s shoulder as he reached up to help Harry down. Holding Harry’s hip, while Harry gripped my erection. Draco stopped his thrusting while Harry pushed me into him. He threw his head back as he gasped when I was fully inside him.

I couldn’t help, but do the same.

Draco bit his lip as he started to thrust again, but holding Harry’s hips, moving Harry up and down on me in time with his one thrust. At the same time that I was thrusting into someone, someone thrust into me.

It was mind-boggling.

They always worked well as a team.

Then Harry placed his hands on my shoulders, and started to move at his own pace, letting Draco go back to concentrating on his own. Harry started to move opposite of Draco’s thrusts causing a whole new sensation to wash over me, making me to moan, gasp, groan, or anything that resembled a noise of complete and utter pleasure.

Feeling Harry’s stiff shaft bobbing on my stomach occasionally, I reached out to give him pleasure as well. Feeling the rough skin of his shaft under my palm, I caressed him in various ways at various times causing him to moan loudly.

Sometimes I would pump him with his own thrusts, or with Draco’s thrusts. Other times I would just let my finger brush over it teasingly, or rub it expertly with the pads of my fingers. Draco would also reach around Harry to caress me or pinch Harry’s nipples, causing him to moan with complete ecstasy.

We were all close.

Draco was the first as he sighed wordless. It wasn’t that surprising considering he had already come once, and was the first to get started with me. Harry was right behind him, calling my Christian name as his essence covered my stomach.

I was last, and I came with a loud groan as I thrust into Harry one last time, my body temporarily stiffened as I did so. I flopped to the bed as Harry lay upon me, with Draco resting upon Harry’s back.

We were spent, and sedated…

For now.

“That was bloody brilliant.” Harry said, still panting for breath as Draco rolled off him, and lay on his back beside me. Draco pulled Harry with him, and Harry ended up laying over the two of us. Harry’s head resting on Draco’s chest as Harry’s legs still lay across me, his hands wandering up and down in a light caress.

“Indeed.” I murmured, running a hand through Harry’s hair as I reached out to clasp Draco’s hand that was covering Harry’s hip.

Draco purred his agreement as he clutched my hand back briefly, laying with his eyes closed blissfully. He was tired, not only from our recent lovemaking – I have no doubt that he ran himself dry to get here.

He refuses to let Harry win without a fight.

“I take it that you’re both free for the weekend.” I stated with a slight sarcastic, but teasing voice they knew so well. Harry just smiled as Draco gave a half smirk, not moving otherwise.

“Quite.” Draco drawled, opening one silver eye to look at me as he moved a hand to comb through Harry’s hair, whose head sill lay upon his chest. Harry smiled, completely satisfied, and reached up to touch Draco’s hand.

“I do have to return Monday, however.” Harry said, closing his eyes with a sigh, not moving otherwise to straighten himself.

“Oh?” I asked, as I whipped Harry’s essence of my stomach with some tissue. I then reached to the end of the bed, and pulled a blanket down to cover us as the coolness of the dungeon started to chill my sweaty skin. I could see Draco giving a slight shiver every once and a while, but refused to complain, or move.

“Ya. We think we’ve found another Death Eater hideout, and plan to call on them Monday.” Harry explained with a yawn, turning to his side as I adjusted his body to lay beside me instead of on top, but left his head on Draco’s chest. 

Both Draco and my bodies stiffened as he said that. We knew it was Harry’s job to find and capture the remaining Death Eaters, but it didn’t mean we liked it. Especially since the last time he came face-to-face with a Death Eater.

Albus was the first to find out, and then quickly told me that Harry was at St. Mungo’s. I quickly, and somewhat frantically, sent a owl to Draco. Then in a slight panic, I went to Hogsmeade to apparate to St. Mungo’s after Albus gave me permission for to go after I found someone to take care of my class.

I was told to wait in the waiting room as the doctors were still taking care of Harry. I refused to sit as I paced, worried beyond comprehension. I knew Harry’s job was dangerous, but he had promised to be careful, and I believed him, even considering his past. He was going to get it from me when I saw him. Neither my anger, nor panic was comforted when Draco arrived.

His skin was pale, his hair tousled, and his eyes frantic till they steadied, focussing on me. He held himself high, and stiff, but the worry was practically flowing off him in waves. He simply took my hand, and sat us down while we waited.

It was another half an hour till a nurse told us we could see him. Quietly, Draco and I walked down the halls to see him, and to find Harry sitting in bed with various bandages on, and looking very tired.

He gave us a weak, wobbly smile before Draco practically launched himself at him. Harry winced in pain and Draco let up his grip a bit while I shut the door. Draco was busy cuddling the sore and hurt Harry, while I started asking questions.

Harry was ashamed at my anger, but answered my questions while looking down at the white bedspread. He was on a routine check when he saw a Death Eater enter a house. Curious and angry, Harry had entered, prepared to fight without contacting any other Aurors, and found himself face-to-face with nine Death Eaters.

He was able to get away alive, but badly hurt from various hexes and curses they had thrown at him before he got away. Harry said he got a few, but was too badly outnumbered to be able to take them all.

In response to his tale, Draco held him tighter while I began to yell, holler, and scold him for his stupidity, and goddamned Gryffindor courage. It was something we all could live without, I believe.

In the end, he apologized and promised never to do something foolish like that again. We accepted his apology, but still held the fear that we could lose him. We could lose him so quickly and easily, and neither Draco nor I realized how easily till we almost did right under our noses. We could have lost Harry that day.

Ever since Harry has either worked with a partner or contacted the other Aurors quickly for back-up when in situations he cannot handle alone. Only when he ~knows~ he can handle the situation. Keyword here, ~knows~. Not thinks, ~knows~.

“Did I say that out-loud?” Harry asked feebly when he felt both of us stiffen at his words. His green eyes look at me warily as I curled myself closer to him, catching his eyes, and keeping myself calm.

“Harry - ” I started to say, but was interrupted by Harry, who was now frowning.

“No, Severus. It’s my job, and I won’t feel satisfied unless I am doing it myself. I want them all to pay for what they did to my family, friends, and everyone else. They are ~not~ getting off scot-free.” Harry growled, dangerously. I knew the anger wasn’t directed at me, but I still wasn’t comfortable with him going.

I doubt I ever would be comfortable with placing his life on the line.

“Don’t bother, Sev. His bound and determined like any other Gryffindork, but I think we are rubbing off on him with the desire for revenge, and vengeance.” Draco said, turning onto his side, causing Harry’s head to roll off his chest, and placing his chin on Harry’s shoulder as he looked at me.

“Draco . . .” Harry warned, looking up at him, and Draco simply smirked in return. Draco wrapped an arm around Harry’s waist, letting the flat of his nail run up and down Harry’s abdomen.

“I’m not fine with you going, but I understand your determination. I don’t care what you do to get even and to feel that all those that were killed are avenged, as long as you come home to us - alive and well, that is.” Draco sighed, staring at Harry; almost challenging Harry to say more; to argue.

Harry then sighed as he closed his eyes, lying back down on the pillow as Draco gave a small smile, kissing his shoulder before looking up to me and nodding.

“I don’t feel at all comfortable with you going, but as long as you aren’t alone, and promise not to pull any hero stunts, I’ll be fine.” I said, kissing Harry forehead – who in turn wrapped an arm around my waist.

“I promise to behave, and listen. I will be careful, but those Death Eaters will pay for what they did.” Harry snarled at the end. Harry still felt a lot of anger and bitterness from the loss of his friends, and the rest of his family. He had lost a lot of those he loved that day and he was still suffering even though it was eight months ago.

We were still helping him get over his pain time-to-time.

“Good. That’s all we need.” Draco drawled, stopping the words that were about to come from my mouth. Draco looked at me, and I could read the message plain and clear in his eyes.

‘Drop it. It isn’t going to help, he’s already made up his mind and you know how he is.’

So I let out a burst of air before laying back down, and cuddling both of them to me. In a bundle of arms, legs, and blankets they both feel asleep with me not far behind as I watched them.

“I love and need you both and I have no idea what I would do without you. Just never leave me, you hear? May Merlin keep you both safe…” I whispered, as I let my long fingers gently run down Harry’s face, and then Draco’s. Soft skin and then silky skin.

I got no answer, just as I expected, and gently placed my head down on the pillow, closing my eyes as I succumbed to the slumber my body was begging for.  

If this wasn’t devotion, I don’t know what is.





A/N: So~o . . . what do ya think? Maybe a little sappy at the end, but I tend to think Severus is a softie underneath all that mean, Snape-ish attitude. All he needs is a little love. J

Not my first threesome, but my first Harry Potter one. Was it okay?

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