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Warning: Slash! Men liking other men. In a sexual way.

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Author's Note: I can't write a one go, can I? Of course not. I actually have a rather large story arch planned for this. And I do plan on going a bit into Narcissa's character. I always manage to do three in day, on my days off. Though one thing I wrote today was only written to be MSTed by a friend. At any rate, I hope you enjoy this part. Poor Remus...

Oh, and yes. Severus is going to find out about this...

Danse Macabre

Part 2 - Wolf in Mistress' Clothing

By Lady Feylene


Remus froze. He was like an animal caught in a trap, not reacting even when Lucius grabbed his wrist tightly.

"You!" Lucius hissed, lifting his other hand. Remus turned his face away from the blow that was sure to come. He saw his next-and last-few moments clearly. Lucius was going to hit him, then throw him off the balcony. He gritted his teeth, body tense and angled away from the other man.

Needless to say, he was surprised when Lucius clapped him on the shoulder, and burst out laughing.

"By Merlin's beard..." Lucius gasped, still laughing. "You!"

"Er...yes." Remus wasn't sure what to do now. He was still disgusted by the fact he had just slept with Lucius Malfoy. The man who had made his years at Hogwarts a living hell, and not just because he had been the one Severus went to after Remus.

"And I didn't recognize you..." Lucius shook his head. "Well, well well." He raked back his hair, smiling. //Perhaps he's quite drunk...// Remus rationalized. //Yes, that's it. He's drunk...//

"It's dark." Remus offered, wishing Lucius would take his hand off of his wrist.

"Yes. What an odd twist of events, isn't it?" Lucius did let go of Remus' wrist, and leaned back against the balcony, studying him. Remus' sensibilities and upbringing kicked in in high gear.

"I'm sorry." he said, shaking his head. "I had no idea who you were..."

"Yes, I'm aware of that." Lucius titled his head to the side. "But you hardly need to apologize. Why, just think of the anecdotal value this meeting has."

"Mmmm." Remus for one didn't plan on telling *anyone* he had accidentally and unknowingly seduced Lucius Malfoy at a masquerade ball. Or had he been the one being seduced? At this point, he wasn't sure. He tried desperately to think of a polite way to ease out of the situation. He wanted to be gone. Now.

"Well, my offer still stands, if of course you're still interested."

"Pardon?" Remus looked at Lucius with a rather blank expression. He knew the words ought to make sense, but his mind was having a difficult time wrapping around them.

"Good gods man, are you that loose in your wits over this?" Lucius arched an eyebrow. " I did invite you to return with me to my manor."

"Oh." Remus licked his lips, nervously. A graceful escape route was looking less and less likely. And why in Merlin's name did Lucius still want him to come? He couldn't remember a day that Lucius hadn't insulted him, or knocked his books off his table or out of his arms. And Remus also couldn't remember a night that went by that he didn't secretly pray Lucius would fall off of his broom the next day.

"I meant what I said. Your name means little to me. I'd like to think we've both matured out of our awkward boyhood days?"

It was a question, not a statement. There was an almost mocking tone to Lucius' voice, as if daring Remus to say 'why yes, actually, I'm still very much the indignant brat I was'. Remus swallowed, his throat dry and tight. he didn't know what to do. Either scenario could possibly end in his untimely demise. Choice A. He said no, and Lucius got very angry and did hurl him off the balcony. Choice B. He went, and found himself in an interesting contraption in the Malfoy dungeon. Neither were very pleasant options.

"I'd like to think so as well." Remus said carefully. He was still testing his footing. He still couldn't believe the eloquent, genteel man with whom he had been speaking with was Lucius Malfoy. The bane of his school hood days.

"Then I hardly see a problem." Lucius folded his arms, still challenging Remus to argue.

"Neither do I." He regretted the word as soon as they were out of his mouth. Yes, he did see a problem. He was a werewolf, a Gryffindor, and he had plenty of friends that were muggleborn.

"Then you will accompany me?" Lucius smoothed his hair back with a hand. Remus swallowed, shaking inside. He knew he was getting himself into a difficult situation.

"Yes." He nodded, stiffly. Lucius smiled, and Remus was struck at how predatory it was. He shuddered, but attempted to project a calm and composed demeanor.

"Good, good!" Lucius took his hand, leading him out through the ballroom, past shrieking and laughing dignitaries and ministry workers, and out onto the main steps. "I am assuming you can Apparate?"

"Of course." Remus had passed his test with flying colors.

"Then shall we away?" Lucius dipped his head in an oddly coquettish gesture. Remus only nodded, something cold and foreign forming in his throat. His nerves were on end, and his body quivered imperceptibly. He was walking strait into the serpents den, and he doubted there would be any way out for him.


The Malfoy Manor lived up to everything Lucius had ever bragged it to be. Opulent and grandiose, it had to contain over a hundred rooms. Remus was quite frankly intimidated by it. The grounds alone covered acres, and he could hear running water in the distance. The dragon statues that lined the drive were quite realistic, and gave Remus pause. He stared at them, shuddering. They were long of fang and claw, and looked as though ready to pounce.

"I've always been fond of dragons." Lucius said, his hand resting casually on Remus' arm. "I'm considering naming my son for them."

"You've as son?" Remus asked. //A family man. How...disturbing.//

"I will, soon." Lucius said. "Narcissa is due any week now."

"Congratulations." Remus was at a lack of what to say. The entire situation was too bizarre to sink in.

"Mmmm. It wraps up any husbandly duties I have to my wife, so I am quite pleased."

"Of course." Remus forced himself to walk up the steps to the large oak doors, which Lucius opened with a word. The foyer was expansive and draped in heavy green velvet lined with silver. Someone was obviously pleased with their house.

"Lovely home." Remus choked out, feeling overwhelmed. Lucius nodded, and led Remus into a main hall, also decked out in green and silver. Everything was quite old, but well cared for. And the staircase! Remus had seen double staircases, but this put them all to shame. Wide and long, with scalloped railings and a flared foot, it looked positively deadly. As did the woman standing at the bottom.

"You're home." Her voice was rather flat and un-amused. Judging by her advanced state of pregnancy, Remus had to assume he was looking at Narcissa Malfoy. She was, he admitted, an attractive woman. If one liked the cold, ice princess look. Her hair was pale blond, and her eyes were a watery blue. She was a thin woman, or looked as she would be if not with child. Her features were small and pointed, and very pale.

"Yes, pet." Lucius said, and Remus heard the beaten edge to his voice. "You needn't have waited up."

"I know. Who's this?" Narcissa looked down her nose at Remus, who swallowed hard and ducked his head.

"A friend." Lucius shifted his feet, like a small child caught doing something he knew he shouldn't.

"A friend, is he?" Narcissa raised an eyebrow. "You know damn well how I feel about you bringing home *friends* you pick up Merlin knows where."

"Then consider him a houseguest." Lucius snapped. "If you must know, Remus and I went to Hogwarts together. We encountered each other at the masque, and decided to continue our conversation here."

"And you expect me to believe that?" Narcissa's voice was shrill.

"Maybe I ought to go..." Remus said, backing up.

"Nonsense! You're a guest in my home, Remus, and you will be treated with respect." Lucius' voice left no room for doubt.

"From you, perhaps." Narcissa snapped. "I will be in my room." She turned on her heel, and walked as gracefully as she could up the stairs. Remus felt extremely uncomfortable.

"She's far more docile when she isn't pregnant." Lucius apologized. "It's her moods, you see."

"Ah." Remus nodded. Lucius took his arm again, leading him up the rather foreboding looking staircase.

"We have separate rooms, you see. I reside in the north wing, and she in the south. You'll hardly see her, I promise. And once the child is born..."

"Of course." Remus knew he wasn't adding much to the conversation.

"Tomorrow I'll give you the grand tour, but tonight I am quite tired, and I trust you are as well." Lucius led the way through elegantly decorated corridors, full of columns, portraits and statues. "I take my breakfast in bed, I hope you don't mind. I'll leave a note for the house elves, to double the portions. Have you any dietary needs I should be made aware of?"

"Plenty of red meat." Remus said stupidly. How long did Lucius expect him to stay here? //What am I, his mistress?//

"I'll keep that in mind. Here we are." Lucius opened another door with a whispered word, and led Remus into an elaborate bedroom. The carpet was a thick dark green, and Remus had the sudden silly urge to kick off his shoes and bury his feet in it. The fireplace was twice as big as any Remus had ever seen. The mantle was marble, and covered with small statuettes and pictures. There were two large green armchairs, a dark wood writing desk and chair, and a large canopied bed. And there were a few animal pelts on the wall, and one folded at the foot of the bed.

"It's...a beautiful room." Remus said, looking around.

"Thank you." Lucius began taking off his rather elaborate costume. Remus couldn't help but watch as he stripped, dropping his clothes as he did so. He stopped when he was wearing nothing but his trousers, and stretched. Remus licked his lips at the broad, pale back that was exposed to his eyes. //Well, maybe being a mistress won't be that bad.// He decided, eyes locked on the muscles that moved under Lucius' skin. "Are you planning on sleeping in your clothes?"

"Oh. Er. No." Remus swallowed hard, and took off his own shirt. He folded it and placed it neatly on a chair, and when he turned back Lucius was wearing a long black nightshirt.

"If you are in need of something to sleep in, I am certain I have something you could borrow." Lucius offered, and Remus nodded. He was handed a simple grey nightshirt which he slipped on, before sliding out of his pants.

"Thank you." Remus said, and stood nervously in the center of the room while Lucius sat on the edge of the bed.

"Is something wrong?" Lucius asked, pulling back the dark green covers.

"Just a bit overwhelmed, that's all." He joined Lucius on the edge of the bed, his nerves acting up again. He was tense and confused. It seemed Lucius really did have no other interest in him other then sexual.

"Understandable." Lucius stretched, pulling up the fur coverlet. Remus laid a hand on it, amazed at how soft it felt. "Yes, I'm quite fond of that. It belonged to my father."

"It's beautiful." He looked closely at the fur, admiring the soft grey and brown that blended and swirled together. It was extremely thick and soft, and he could just imagine what it would feel like to be wrapped in nothing but that soft fur. He couldn't quite identify it though. It felt vaguely familiar, but nothing came to mind. "What is it?"

"Werewolf." Lucius said easily, and Remus felt bile rise in his throat.

"P...pardon?" He stuttered, pulling his hand away.

"Werewolf. My father hunted them, before all of these werewolf right's laws cropped up." Lucius shrugged. "Why?"

"I...I just..." Remus shuddered, breathing quickly. Werewolf fur. //This is not a good idea.// He had to keep a firm grasp on himself to not be ill.

"It bothers you?" Lucius asked.

"Yes." Remus didn't even bother to lie.

"A pity. I love sleeping under it. But..." Lucius sighed, and folded the fur up, placing it on the floor next to the bed. "Is that better?"

"Mmm-hmmm." Remus said, still shaking.

"Honestly, Remus, it's dead." Lucius said, placing his hand on Remus' arm.

"I know." Remus nodded.

"Oh. Is that the problem?" Lucius raised an eyebrow. "Of course. I apologize for being so...insensitive. Obviously you're an animal lover." It didn't sound like Lucius was very apologetic at all, but Remus said nothing. "It will be taken care of. Now, I am quite tired and wish to sleep. Good night, Remus."

Remus didn't say anything as Lucius lied down and pulled the covers up to his chin. Remus eventually laid down as well, still shaking. What would happen, if Lucius found out what he was? Would he end up as a coverlet, or a rug? He had to get out as soon as he possibly could. But for now, he was tired as well. He lay down, straining away from Lucius, and did his best to sleep.

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