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Note: inspired by the film "Cruel Intentions". I'm sure you will recognise the similarities and differences in the plot.

Cruel Intentions

By Ratwoman


Lucius Malfoy was sitting at the fireplace of the Slytherin common room pretending to read a book, when in reality he was listening to the conversation of the sixth years sprawled on the couch and the armchairs nearby.

"Did you already bugger Lupin, Sev?" Wilkes asked.

"What do you care?" Severus replied.

"Oh, he's sweet." Helena Marlowe threw in. "I envy you, Sev."

"I don't see how you could possibly bugger Lupin, Helena." Wilkes said.

"Oh, shut up!" she said.

"But he's a Gryffindor." Evan Rosier said it in a playfully naive voice.

"And???" Severus sounded rather unnerved.

"My Mom told me never to mingle with Gryffindors," ok, judging from his tone he did not think much of his mother's advice. "And my Mom is always right."

His efforts to play the Slytherin clown was rewarded by laughter from his friends.

"Maybe you can inherit being always right." Snape replied.

"I won't inherit anything, my parents are so poor." Rosier said in a faked sad voice.

Lucius noticed that Severus's answering laugh was a bit strained; it was rather tactless of Evan to joke about poor parents when Severus's family, impoverished aristocrats, was so poor that they even had sold their house-elves. Not that Evan was trying to hurt Severus, he was just the most tactless person Lucius had ever met.

"Hey, Lucius!" he called now. Lucius looked up from his book. "Haven't you been together with Sev before he started dating Lupin?"

Really, an extremely tactless person. Lucius noticed that Severus looked quite a bit worried. "Yes." Lucius answered, deliberately being vague.

Rosier did not seem to notice that he was on thin ice. "How do you take being dumped for a Gryffindor?"

Lucius shrugged. "It's not as if we had been married." Severus did not quite control his features, for he looked very relieved.

Lucius returned to his book, pretending to be totally absorbed by it.

Actually, he did not take it well that Severus had ditched him, the uncrowned king of Slytherin, for a Gryffindor. How dare he? But, anyway, they would not be together for long. Lucius would take care of that.


Lucius climbed up the stairs to the girls' dormitories. He found Pandora as expected in the room she shared with five other sixth years, just that at the moment not them, but a group of fourth- and fifth-year girls were sitting around her, listening enraptured to her speech.

"In the oldest texts, by Homer for example, Pandora was an Earth goddess. Pan, Greek for all, everything. Dor, Greek for giving. So Pandora actually means the All- giving goddess, or All Gifts. Then, Hesiod came, and rewrote the myths. Pandora was suddenly turned to the cause of evil and misery." Lucius listened as Pandora told the girls the story how Zeus had send Pandora, the first woman, to the men as a punishment, and how she had brought along all evil in a box. Of course, she did not forget to point out that the box was a vagina symbol.

"So, you see, men are afraid of us. That's why they rewrite old myths, giving women, who were goddesses in older times, the worst part in it. Same is for Eve, she also was an Earth Goddess in older myths."

"How about Adam's first wife?" a fourth year girl asked. "I heard Eve was only his second."

"Lilith." Pandora said meaningful. "She did not want to lie under Adam whilst having intercourse, that is why Jehovah, the paragon of patriarchy, turned her into a demon."

The girls listened with fascination.

"At least, that's what the apocrypha tell us." Pandora added. "But Lilith also was a Sumerian Goddess. - You see, all women are goddesses." she concluded.

"If women are goddesses, men are gods." Lucius threw in.

The girls turned around, staring at him in surprise; other than Pandora, they had not noticed him standing in the doorframe. "Of course," Lucius added, "that does not apply to Mudbloods."

One of the fifth year girls stood up, staring angrily at him: "I am Muggleborn!" she said challengingly.

"You have my sympathy!" he said condescendingly, patting her head in a patronising way. The girl went white with anger. "Now, get out of here, I need to talk with your goddess!"

If Lucius Malfoy was king of Slytherin, Pandora Saville was queen; the girls seemed undecided whether to follow Lucius's order or wait for Pandora's permission to go. After a few seconds she dismissed them with a wave of her hand.

"What's it, Lucius?" she asked lazily when they were alone.

"Did you ever sleep with Remus Lupin?" he asked.

"No," she said. "With his friend Sirius Black, but not with Remus, why?"

"Seduce him." Lucius said.

Her eyes sparkled with amusement. "Why should I want to do that?"

"He's sweet," Lucius answered, "and you did not have him yet. Don't tell me you can't seduce him!"

Pandora smirked. "Don't try that with me, Lucius, I won't fall for you challenging my pride. Why do you want me to seduce Lupin? Because of Sev?"

"No one ditches me for a Gryffindor!" Lucius said. "I want Sev's heart to be broken. And I don't want him to know that I did arrange this, because I want him to crawl back to me on his knees!"

"What do I get in return if I help you to separate Sev and Lupin?" Pandora asked.

Money was no problem for Lucius, his family was the richest in the house. "Whatever you want." he said.

"Then I want a threesome with you and Sev if I succeed!" she replied.

Oops, Lucius had not reckoned with that! He did not mind sleeping with Pandora, but he did mind sharing Severus with her. "Sev is gay." he answered.

"So is Lupin, yet you want me to seduce him." Pandora replied. "You and Sev are the cutest guys in Slytherin, and I did not have any of you yet."

"How should I get Severus to agree on a threesome?" Lucius said frowning.

"I already have an idea." Pandora said. "I also have an idea how to seduce Remus. So?"

He did not have much of a choice. "OK." Lucius replied.


Next day.

Severus was looking forward to Defence Against the Dark Arts, because that was a class they had with the Gryffindors. Ok, he would have to bear with Sirius Black, but, Remus would be there, too. He was in a rather good mood while he was walking to the corridors when Pandora Saville slipped her arm through his.

"Sev," she said, "can you brew me a really strong aphrodisiac?"

Severus looked at her, her lush black hair, the heavy hooded eyes... "What do you need an aphrodisiac for?"

She smiles sheepishly. "I need to pass arithmancy."

Severus grinned. "You want to seduce Professor Harrods and blackmail him?"

Pandora just smiled. A real Slytherin, she would do whatever needs to be done to reach her goals. Severus appreciated that.

"I brew you the strongest aphrodisiac I know," he said, "for 25 Galleons, ten now, fifteen when I give you the potion."

"25?" she called.

"You can also ask someone else." he answered, quite aware that he was the best potions student of the whole school.

"Ok,", she sighed, took her purse and fished out ten Galleons.

Severus smiled when he took the money. It was only a few weeks until Remy's birthday, with her 25 Galleons he could buy him the tarot cards he had seen in Hogsmeade. It was called the Wolf's Tarot, and something told him it was the perfect gift for Remus.


"Lucius, I need 25 Galleons of you!" Pandora said, when she met Lucius alone in a corridor.

"What for?" he asked.

"I bought an aphrodisiac from Severus, to seduce Remus." she said innocently.

Lucius was impressed, something that rarely happened. "You really are a bitch!" he said with awe.


Severus had finished brewing the aphrodisiac within two days. He climbed up the stairs to the girls' dormitory to find Pandora giving one of her audiences, as he used to call her little speeches to the younger girls. He cleared his throat to show that he was standing in the doorframe.

"Yes, Severus?" she said with a gracious smile.

He waved with the phiole containing the aphrodisiac.

Her smile widened. "Wait a second, Sev!" she called, opened her trunk and took out some money. He was waiting for her to walk over to him, after all she was the one who needed something he could provide. Slytherin was a place of constant power games.

Pandora gracefully crossed the room and gave him the remaining fifteen Galleons in exchange for the phiole.

"You use it like perfume." he explained. "A few drops on your skin should be enough to make every man or woman run wild."

"Thank you, Severus." she replied with a bright smile. "Now, if you excuse us, we have a discussion."

Meaning the younger girls were listening enraptured to her feminist outpourings. Severus smirked and turned away. These girls were much too easily impressed in his opinion.


It was a warm spring day, Remus and his friends were sitting outside at the lake talking about everything under the sun. Remus mostly smiled and listened, enjoying the warmth of the sun on his skin. James and Sirius were discussing Quidditch practices when a fifth year Slytherin girl approached them.

Sirius looked up and asked: "Aren't you one of the girls who follow Pandora Saville in some kind of mindless hero worship?"

The girl blushed and replied angrily: "Don't talk badly about Pandora!"

"On the contrary!" Sirius answered. "She's ok for a Slytherin, I just find her worshippers ridiculous!"

Now the girl paled in anger, drew her wand and tried to hex Sirius. Of course, he was not just older, he also was one of the best of his year, so he could easily fend off her curse.

Remus did not like the way Sirius treated Slytherins, but at least he had the decency not to hex the younger girl in return.

Remus smiled at her and asked in a friendly voice: "Is there something you wanted to tell us or ask us?"

The Slytherin girl replied sulkily: "Severus wants me to tell you something, Lupin!"

"And what could that be?" Remus asked.

"He wants to meet you at midnight in the Astronomy Tower!" she almost spat out the words before running away.

Sirius, James and Peter laughed. "Seems like she's not fond of being used as a communication tool between you and Severus." Sirius said. "Wonder what he threatened her with to make her approach us."

"How could she be fond of talking to us when you behave like the last bumpkin!" Remus snarled.

"Yes, Padfoot, you were rude!" James threw in.

"But these girls ARE ridiculous!" Peter said. "I mean, following Pandora around just because she is popular..."

"However," James said, "I wonder why Severus is not telling you himself that he wants to meet you in..." he wiggled his eyebrows, "...the Astronomy Tower."

"Um...," Remus replied, "maybe because he does not want Padfoot to jump at his throat?"

Actually, Remus too wondered why Sev did not tell him himself. He usually was quite good at ignoring the fact that Remus's friends did not approve of their relationship.

Maybe he would ask him tonight in the Astronomy Tower. Or maybe not, because his mouth would probably be otherwise occupied. Life was so great at the moment!


Remus waited nervously in the Astronomy Tower. He wondered how far Severus was willing to go. Gazing at the stars, he thought this might very well be his last night as a virgin.

He knew that Severus hadn't been a virgin anymore for a year now; he had told him that he'd had quite a few experiences with his ex-boyfriend Lucius Malfoy.

Yes, Remus felt ready to have intercourse with Severus, he just was slightly worried that he might bore Severus in his inexperience.

The door opened and Remus turned around smiling. His smile faded when he saw Pandora Saville entering the room, wrapped in a blanket.

"Sorry, but Sev and I need that room tonight." he said.

Pandora just smiled and let the blanket drop to the floor. She was naked underneath.

"Pandora!" he shouted. What the hell did she think she was doing?

Pandora stepped nearer and a strange fragrance reached his nostrils. It was very pleasant and very... arousing. Much to his dismay, he felt his cock hardening. "Severus can come any second." he protested as she stepped nearer. And nearer.

"He won't." Pandora said, coming to a halt just inches before him.

The scent seemed to surround him, and suddenly he wanted to touch her hair, kiss her lips, stroke her white breasts... Remus retreated backwards and she followed him until he was leaning against the wall.

Her eyes seemed so beautiful, shining brighter than the stars... What was happening to him?

Pandora slowly reached out a hand and stroked his cheek. He closed his eyes and leaned in her touch. That fragrance was clouding his mind, numbing his brains. When he felt her lips on his he was lost.


Remus was devastated when he awoke at dawn. He was still lying exhaustedly on the floor of the Astronomy Tower, freezing because he was naked. The room smelled of sex and some remnants of the strange fragrance she'd been wearing.

Gods, he had betrayed Severus!

Hardly believing what had happened, Remus slipped into his robes. Pandora was long gone; she must have left when he had passed out after his fourth orgasm. Self-disgust hit him with full force. He had lost his virginity while betraying Severus!

Remus rushed back to the Gryffindor tower, hoping that no one would meet him and ask him what he was doing in the early morning hours. Undisturbed he entered the dormitory he was sharing with James, Sirius and Peter, yet did not manage to avoid waking them when he entered.

"Wow, Moony!" James said sleepily. "Must've been a great night, if you're returning just now."

He did not answer, but Peter noticed that something was wrong with him. "He does not really look as if it had been great." he said.

Sirius and James suddenly got alerted.

"What's wrong, Moony?" James asked in a concerned voice.

"If that bastard hurt you I'll kill him!" Sirius snarled.

"No!" Remus replied. "It wasn't him!"

"Huh?" James asked. "Pandora." Was all Remus could wring out.

"Pandora was in the Astronomy Tower?" James asked.

Remus nodded.

"Really, Moony," Sirius said, "if I was waiting in the Astronomy Tower for Snape and met Pandora instead, I would be sooo happy."

"Where's the problem?" Peter asked. "I guess you knew the difference between Snape and Pandora, I mean, even when it's dark..."

Remus sat down on his bed. "I cheated on him. She had that strange scent... it was as if it was switching off my brains..."

"Pheromones." Sirius said knowingly.

"An aphrodisiac?" James asked.

"Do you think I should tell Sev?" Remus asked, his feelings urging him to be honest.

"Yes," Sirius said earnestly. "You really should."

Remus gazed suspiciously at him. "You're just hoping he'll break up with me if I do."

Sirius smirked. "It was worth a try."


Why was Remus avoiding to meet his gaze at breakfast? Not once he was looking in the direction of the Slytherin table. Had his goddamn friends finally succeeded in convincing him to break up with him? Had his secret fear come true?

Severus lowered his gaze at his still almost full plate. He did not feel hungry anymore.


"It's done." Pandora whispered at Lucius as she passed him to sit down for breakfast. Lucius cast a quick glance at the Gryffindor table. Lupin was looking miserable. Whether that was because he had a hard night or because his bad conscience was plaguing him Lucius did not know for sure, but he hoped his assessment of the Gryffindor as a honest soul who would tell Severus about his lapse was accurate.


Severus noticed with growing concern that Remus even was avoiding him during their potions class. Eyeing the four marauders suspiciously, he noticed that they were rather sullen today. What the hell had happened?

Once he met Sirius Black's eyes and he could swear he could see an amused sparkle in them for a second. Was Black secretly gloating about the fact that they had finally got Remus to ditch him?

It was not before after dinner that Remus finally walked over to him, alone.

"Severus," he said in a strangely strangled voice, "can we go for a walk? I need to talk to you."

Fear constricted his throat when he nodded his head. Now, the moment had come when Remus would leave him. A miracle that he had stuck so long with him against all odds.

Great friends he had, Remus, Severus thought. His Slytherin friends might tease him about dating a Gryffindor, but they did not really mind.

Severus silently followed Remus to the outside. Remus did not talk for what seemed like an eternity while they were walking over the Hogwarts grounds. Finally he broke the silence.

"Yesterday afternoon, a fifth year Slytherin girl told me you wanted to meet me in Astronomy Tower." Remus said.

Severus did not understand at first, then a wave of relief washed through him. Remus was thinking he had stood him up.

"No, Remus, that must have been a joke. On the girl's side." he added. "She probably thought it funny if you wait for someone who would not turn up."

"Well, someone came." Remus said in a low voice, as if ashamed. "It was Pandora."

Now Severus really was confused. "Pandora?"

"She dropped the blanket she was wrapped in and came closer. And I..."

"You slept with her?" Severus hissed, this time jealousy and a feeling of betrayal washing through him.

Remus looked miserable. "I don't know what had got into me... It was as if my brains had been switched off... I totally lost control..."

Things began to dawn on Snape. "Did you perceive a slightly sweet, exotic fragrance?"

"Yes." Remus said in surprise.

"That bitch!" Snape burst out. His own aphrodisiac! Severus noticed that Remus was looking worried, almost scared at him. No, he couldn't be angry at him, he was not responsible. As for that slut Pandora...

"I sold her an aphrodisiac two days ago." Severus said shortly. Remus's eyes grew big. "She said she needed it to pass arithmancy."

"Oh," Remus just said.

"I'm going to kill her!" Severus said and run back to the castle.


Lucius was playing chess with another seventh year student, when the door to the common room flung open and Severus rushed in like a hurricane. His hair was ruffled and his eyes flashing.

"BITCH!" he screamed and pointed his wand at Pandora Saville, who was sitting on the couch reading a book about fertility goddesses. "With my own aphrodisiac! Atramentum!"

Pandora jumped under the table. The flash of green light hit the couch instead and burned a hole into it.

Drawing her wand, Pandora jumped up and threw hexes at Snape.

The Slytherins hurried to get out of the way and then, gathering at the walls of the common room, cheered Severus and Pandora on.

They hardly needed to be cheered on, throwing hexes and fending them off at incredible speed. It looked like a bizarre dance with them circling each other in predator- like fashion. Lucius could hardly believe how sexy Severus was when he was mad with rage. His obsidian eyes were glowing, his nostrils flaring, his movements smooth.

Pandora, by the way, was also quite cute when angry; her black mane seemed to develop an own life, floating around her head.

Reminded him of a Gorgon.

When their defences crumbled after about a quarter of an hour, however, they both started looking less cute; a hex from Severus covered Pandora's skin in ugly boils, a curse by Pandora made Severus's legs give way, a jinx by Severus elongated her arms, a hex by Pandora made his skin burn painfully.... Another five minutes and they were both lying unconscious on the floor.

The rest of the Slytherins looked at each other then slowly approached the duellers. Lucius was worried about Sev's condition, but he would never show it by hurrying to him.

When he reached then, he crouched down next to them and took a scrutinising look. "Wilkes, Rosier, Avery, Goyle, take them to the infirmary." he ordered.


Remus wondered where Severus was at breakfast. He could not see him anywhere at the Slytherin table. He got his answer soon, when he and his friends entered the classroom for the Defence Against the Dark Arts a few minutes before the lesson started.

"Ladies and Gentlemen!" Evan Rosier called in a showmaster like manner, "Here he is, the one and only Gryffindor who ever had a Slytherins defending his honour, Remus Lupin!"

The Slytherins mockingly applauded.

"What are you talking about, Evan?" Remus asked when the clapping sounds had faded.

"So, you didn't hear it yet?" Evan asked. "Sev attacked Pandora yesterday, as I heard because she seduced you using the Aphrodisiac he sold her."

The Slytherins snickered.

"Where is he?" Remus asked worriedly. The Slytherins wouldn't laugh when Severus was seriously injured, would they? Well, probably they would.

"In the infirmary, Pandora and Sev hexed each other into next week." Wilkes replied.

"You should have seen them, Pandora is so beautiful when she is angry." Evan said dreamily. "Then again, you're more interested in how Sev looked, I guess."

"I can assure you, Remus, that Sev also is really cute when angry." Helena threw in.

Searching for better company, Remus turned to his friends. Sirius looked as if he was trying hard not to look too happy about Snape lying in the infirmary. James smiled reassuringly and said: "He'll be fine." With a thoughtful frown he added: "Seems like he really cares for you."

Sirius snorted but said nothing.


Remus went to the infirmary after his last lesson. Miss Pomfrey was quite annoyed about the two duellers, moaning that she had to put them into different rooms or they would have continued hexing one another.

Remus was not the first one to visit Severus; his Slytherin friends Evan Rosier, Helena Marlowe, Anthony Wilkes and Charles Avery were already assembled around his bed.

"... and here is our Juliet!" Rosier called, when Remus entered the infirmary.

Remus smiled weakly.

"Remus?" Severus asked. Remus stepped nearer. Severus was sitting upright on the bed. His skin was looking as if he had spent too many hours, or rather days, in the sun, but otherwise he seemed fine.

"Hi Sev," Remus replied.

"Um...." Anthony said, "let's go and visit Pandora!"

The Slytherins took the hint and left the room.

"Traitors!" Severus called after them.

"We're Slytherins, of course we're traitors!" Charles replied sarcastically before opening the door.

Remus had to admit, annoying as their teasing was, his own friends would have given Severus a much harder time.

Remus sat down at Severus's bedside when the Slytherins had left. "Hi!" he said insecurely.

He had quite different feelings fighting in his breast: worry for Severus, pride because Severus had fought for him, fear that Severus would still be angry because he had betrayed him with Pandora.

"How are you?" he asked.

Severus shrugged. "Could be worse."

"Are you mad at me?" Remus asked timidly.

Severus looked outright puzzled. "Why should I?"

"Because I betrayed you with Pandora."

Severus shook his head. "I should have been wiser than to sell Pandora such a strong aphrodisiac. Anyone would have run wild."

Remus sighed in relief. "Then thanks for 'defending my honour', so to speak."

Severus blushed, as far as Remus could recognise under his burnt skin. "Did my friends tease you about that?"

"A bit," Remus said.

"I know, they can be horrid." Severus said.

"Just like my friends," Remus said, shrugging. "I don't care what any of them says."

Severus smiled slightly and Remus leaned down for a kiss. Their kiss was soft at first, but soon deepened into a playful fight of tongues. They only noticed that someone entered the room when he cleared his throat.

Remus broke the kiss and turned around to see Lucius Malfoy standing at the door, smiling sarcastically. "Much as I hate to interrupt young love, may I come in and say good-evening?"

"Of course, Lucius." Severus said softly.

Lucius stepped nearer. "That duel was impressive, Severus. And stupid."

Severus smirked. "Does it have any effects on my position in the house?"

"You attacked the Queen." Lucius replied. "Half of the house hates you now. Then again, in the eyes of the other half your reputation has grown."

Remus looked from one to the other. He would never understand why Slytherins were so concerned about hierarchy matters.

Severus shrugged. "In a few weeks it will all be forgotten."

Lucius shook his head. "Pandora never forgets." Then he smiled and said: "But it seems I disturbed you at something, so I better pay my obligatory visit to Pandora. Have a nice evening!" With these words Lucius left the room.

Remus wondered whether it had any effect on the Slytherin house hierarchy that the King had visited Severus first, but did not think it important enough to ask.


On the outside Lucius was cool and distant when he left the room, but on the inside he was boiling with rage. He entered Pandora's room to see some sixth years standing around her bed.

"Out!" he ordered.

Pandora dismissed them with a wave of her hand.

He sat down at her bedside when they left, looking down at her swollen face. "Severus did quite a job on you." he said.

Pandora shrugged equally. "And I did on him. Besides, I'll get my revenge. I have some drops left from his aphrodisiac, and I'm going to use it for our threesome."

"Forget about the threesome." Lucius replied. "Sev and that Lupin are still together."

Pandora raised her eye-brows. "Really?"

"I saw them kissing when I visited him."

Pandora uttered a few obscene swear words.

"What now?" Pandora asked.

"Any ideas?" Lucius said.

Pandora looked doubtfully. "When I get out of here, I can try to have a woman-to-woman talk with Potter's girlfriend, telling her how sure I am that Severus is up to no good with Remus. But I doubt she will listen."

"Then you better make some efforts," Lucius replied, "or you won't get your threesome."


Anthony Wilkes was a cute, if not very bright boy. His light brown hair had the same colour as his hazel eyes, and his skin was lightly tanned. His pleasant looks was the reason why Lucius Malfoy had dragged him into some store room and stripped him down. He was not entirely sure if Anthony played along out of his free will or whether he was just too scared of Lucius to object, but Lucius did not really care. Other than Severus, Anthony was just a way to pass his time for him.

Lucius had him lying flat on his stomach and licked along the smooth skin of his back when suddenly the door opened. Anthony shrieked up, Lucius looked up rather annoyed.

"Pandora," he said, pushing Anthony back to the floor, "what's up?"

"Bad news," she replied while he continued lapping Anthony's back. Lucius shifted his own body so that she had a good view on what she was missing if they did not succeed in their plot. "Lily did not want to listen to my story."

"Oh, really?" Lucius said, moving one hand along the curves of Anthony's butts.

"No, she said I should leave her alone with my intrigues." Pandora said piquedly. "Don't know what she was talking about."

Lucius pushed a finger into Anthony's anus. The boy gasped and blushed, because Pandora was watching with obvious interest.

"Pandora," Lucius said, "there's a bottle of oil in my robes over there, could you be so nice and bring it to me?"

Pandora smirked, crouched down and searched Lucius cast aside robes. Finally she found the small bottle and handed it over to him.

"Thank you," he said politely and poured some oil onto the crack between Anthony's buttocks. Amusing as it was to watch Anthony being embarrassed about Pandora's presence, Lucius decided that privacy would do better. Spreading the oil into the squirming boy with his fingers, he said to Pandora. "If you would excuse us now, we have some sex to do."

"Certainly," Pandora replied politely and non-too- hurriedly left the room.


Lucius met Pandora later in the library. Pretending to be discussing a book, he said: "Lupin's friends are not really fond of his relationship to Severus."

"Yes," she said, "you really should talk to Pettigrew and tell him how worried you are about the sick games Sev is playing with poor Lupin."

"Why me?" Lucius asked.

"If I tried to talk to Pettigrew he would be too busy staring at my breasts to listen to anything I say." she replied.

"If I talk to Pettigrew he will be too busy hiding under the table to listen to anything I say." Lucius retorted.

Pandora laughed and said: "Of course you see why we can't approach Black or Potter."

Of course he did. Too clever, they would not believe a word they were saying. Lucius looked around and saw Peter Pettigrew sitting at a table, learning. He would have a try. That means, if Pettigrew wouldn't run away screaming as soon as he saw Lucius approaching.

Pettigrew didn't notice him at first, but looked up suspiciously when Lucius sat down opposite him.

"Can I have a word with you, Peter?" Lucius asked gravely.

"Why?" Pettigrew answered defensively.

"It's because of Remus." Lucius said. "Usually I like rough jokes, even those that are a bit mean, but what Severus plans for Remus goes too far." Lucius pretended to be in real pangs of conscience.

Pettigrew's eyes narrowed suspiciously. "What is he planning?"

Lucius sighed. "He's boasting in the common room how he is going to break Lupin's heart. Says his little conspiracy with Pandora succeeded in making Remus even more in love with him. And then, when Remus will least expect it, Sev plans to dump him like litter."

Pettigrew looked very sceptical at him. "Conspiracy with Pandora?"

"Yes, Peter," Lucius said sadly, "he did not 'sell' the aphrodisiac to Pandora, he conspired with her that she should seduce Remus with it. Sev says, now that he has 'forgiven' Remus that lapsus, Remus will believe that nothing can separate them. So, when he feels most secure about it..." Lucius snipped his fingers, "...then he will suddenly break it up, laughing about his folly."

"Pandora couldn't have agreed to duelling just to make their plot more convincing." Pettigrew interjected.

"She didn't." Lucius said. "She's raging about that. Sev is so obsessed with making Remus fall truly, madly, deeply for him that he risks angering Pandora. And all that just to hurt James Potter." Lucius shook his head as if he couldn't believe so much evilness.

"What do you expect me to do about it?" Pettigrew said.

"Maybe you can warn Sirius or James." Lucius said, "But don't tell them you know it from me; you know how stubborn they are, they'd never believe a Slytherin, even if it's for their own good."

"Write a letter." Peter suddenly said. "Address it to some cousin or penpal, write him about Snape's plot - gloat about it, you're more convincing at that than at being sympathetic. 'Drop' the letter where I can find it and I'll show it to Sirius."

Lucius was staring in surprise at Pettigrew. That Gryffindor was plotting like a Slytherin!

"Sirius is only looking for an excuse to separate Remus and Severus, he will be most willing to believe in your letter." Peter added.

"Thanks, Peter, you're a real friend." Lucius said.

Peter smirked. "What will I get from you in return?"

"Huh?" Peter surprised him the second time today.

"What will I get in return?" Pettigrew repeated, suddenly looking very sly.

Lucius shot Peter a warning gaze when he saw Sirius approaching. Actually, he had never been so glad to see Black, his intervenience gave him time to think.

"Hello Peter!" Sirius said. "Is Malfoy bothering you?"

Peter smiled. "No, Sirius, it's alright."

"Sure?" Sirius Black asked.

"Yeah, thank you!" Peter said smiling. With one last suspicious glance at Lucius, Sirius went away.

So, Peter was obviously not really interested in Remus welfare, but wanted payment for his help; ok, he could handle that.

"How much do you want?" Lucius asked in a business-like voice.

"People say, your family is friends with the Dark Lord." Peter said vaguely.

"You shouldn't listen so much to what people say." Lucius replied in an icy tone.

Peter did not bother his warning voice and said: "I want to meet the Dark Lord. You will make me acquainted with him."

Lucius swallowed. That was a lot more to ask than all the money he would have given him.

"You will give me a contract signed with your own blood saying that you will arrange my meeting with the Dark Lord." Lucius looked at Peter with new respect. He was not only sly, he had also studied the Dark Arts, knowing that a contract signed with blood was absolutely binding.

"Then I'll show your 'letter' to Sirius."

Lucius slowly nodded his head. "Ok. But I can't guarantee that the Dark Lord will accept you as a follower."

Peter smiled. "Let that be my concern." Then Pettigrew gathered up his books and left the library.

Lucius stayed behind, wondering how on Earth he could have misjudged Peter Pettigrew so much. That was not the stupid, unambitious, plumb boy he had always thought him to be. Actually, he could have fitted quite well into Slytherin.

"You look as if your talk to Pettigrew didn't run well." Pandora said. He hadn't noticed her walking to stand beside his chair.

Lucius looked up at her, taking on his superior smile. "Oh, it did run well, I just did not expect him to want to meet the Dark Lord in return for helping me."

Pandora's eyes widened in surprise. "Pettigrew? Whew, that's news!"

Lucius had tried more than once to recruit Pandora to the Death Eaters, but in her unlimited hubris she had always answered that she would not submit to any man - even if he called himself the Dark Lord. Lucius was sure she would one day be killed for not wanting to join in, but he had no problem with letting her run into her ruin.


The next day Lucius gave Pettigrew both the blood-signed contract and a faked letter to his cousin Oliver. Then he waited.


Severus looked up suspiciously when Sirius Black approached him in the library. What did that whanko want from him this time?

Sirius Black looked quite embarrassed, though. "First thing, I wanted to say sorry Severus, your duel with Pandora over Remus convinced me that I misjudged you. You really do care for Remus."

Severus just stared suspiciously at Sirius.

Sirius smiled slightly. "I already apologised at Remus for misreading your intentions, and he said, I could prove that I won't stand in your way from now on by telling you the following: Remus wants to meet you tonight at a special place. Says the Astronomy Tower is spoilt for him, but he knows an even better place where no one will find you."

What the heck, Sirius Black of all people playing love messenger for them? Severus was searching for signs of insincerity but Sirius blue eyes looked at him totally open, as if convinced to do the right thing.

Could Sirius really have changed his mind? Well, actually, his duel with Pandora really should have convinced everyone that he was serious about his relationship with Remus.

"You know the Whomping Willow, Severus?" Black's question was a rhetorical one, yet Severus answered: "Not exactly the place for a date."

Sirius smiled swiftly, then said: "If you prod the knot on the tree-trunk of the Whomping Willow with a long stick it will stop beating around with its branches and you will find a tunnel. Go through the tunnel and Remus will wait for you at the end. You can guess what for." Sirius smirked and turned away.

Should he trust Sirius? Maybe Remus used Sirius as messenger so that also he, Severus, got over his enmity with Sirius Black. Yes, he would risk it and trust him. After all, what could go wrong?


The full moon was brightening his way as Severus strode across the Hogwarts grounds to the Whomping Willow. Remus had been reluctant to take their relationship further, only recently mentioned that he thought he was ready. And now was the night.

Severus smiled in anticipation when he took a long stick and prodded the knot at the tree-trunk. As Sirius Black had described, it stopped lashing around. Severus quickly found the tunnel Sirius had described and entered it.

The tunnel was rather low and Snape had to bend deep down to walk through it. No matter, he would be with Remus soon, and they would consummate their relationship finally.

The tunnel ended at a wooden door. With a smile Severus opened it and...

There was not Remus. There was a huge wolf standing in the middle of the room. It turned its head, staring at him. No normal wolf, Severus noticed frantically, its eyes were shining red.

The recognition that Remus was 'sick' regularly once a month hit Severus like a flash. His boyfriend was a werewolf!

The werewolf growled and jumped at him. Severus could only stare at it as if transfixed. 'Remus', was all he could think.

Seconds before the werewolf's claws would have ripped his robes and slashed his skin he was drawn backwards, out of the doorframe, then saw the door smashed shut and a young man locking it with a spell.

James Potter turned around and looked at him full of worry. "Are you ok?"

For once, Severus was out of words. He just stared at the door, heard something repeatedly banging against it.

"Come." James said, "I must bring you to Poppy. Aw, and I'll have to inform the headmaster."

Severus swallowed and followed James. On the way, it began to dawn him that Sirius Black had tried to kill him. Together with Remus Lupin. 'Why?', was all he could think.


Remus was devastated when he was told by James how close he had come to kill Severus. Severus Snape, his boyfriend!

What the hell had Sirius been thinking?

Remus saw Severus walking along a corridor a few feet away and hurried after him.

"Sev!" he called. Severus pretended not to listen. "Severus!" Remus repeated, holding Severus back at the arm. The Slytherin span around, staring full of hatred at him. "What?" he hissed.

"Sev, I..."

"You what?" Severus hissed. "Finally decided to get rid of me? Or was it a big joke from the beginning? Did you think it funny to make a slimy Slytherin love you and kill him afterwards?"

"I did not want to kill you." Remus replied.

"Maybe not," Snape whispered, "maybe you just wanted to scare me. Anyway, I hope you had a lot of fun!" With these words Snape turned around and run off.

Remus stared after him, unshed tears burning in his eyes. He felt a hand on his shoulder. "Believe me, Moony, it's for your best." Sirius said.

Making a fist, Remus turned around and beat Sirius right into his face. Sirius stumbled a few feet backwards and Remus wanted to jump at him and scratch out his eyes, but James and Peter held him back. "What the hell where you thinking!" he shouted.

Sirius took a letter out of his pocket and handed it to Remus.

"Let me go." Remus hissed at James and Peter. Then he took the letter and read.

>>Dear Oliver

my Seventh year at Hogwarts promises to be a lot of fun. You remember that I told you about my boyfriend Severus Snape? Currently we are pretending to be separated, so that Severus can pretend to have a crush on a Gryffindor boy. Yes, you read right, a Gryffindor. That fool actually believes Severus is honest with him. Severus plans to drop him when that Gryffindor least expects it, thus breaking his heart.

It's fun to watch all the things Sev stages for him. Recently he conspired with Pandora, who takes pervert delight in sleeping with Gryffindors, that she seduced Lupin (the Gryffindor) using an aphrodisiac Sev himself had brewed (Telling his 'lover' that he had sold it to her not knowing what she was going to use it for). He generously 'forgave' Lupin his lapsus, without any doubt to make him even more in love with him. Sev even staged a duel with Pandora to fake love and jealousy, he is a hell of an actor. Pandora of course is quite annoyed - a duel had not been planned in their plot, it was rather a spontaneous addition.

Enough for today, I'll keep you informed how Sev's little plot develops.


Lucius Malfoy<<

Remus let the letter sink with a frown. He simply couldn't believe this. "Where did you get that from?"

"Malfoy lost it in the Great Hall," Peter said, "and I picked it up."

James shook his head. "Padfoot's method was wrong, but he just wanted your best."

Remus laughed bitterly: "Why didn't you just show me the letter so that I could confront Sev with it?"

Sirius looked rather abashed: "I was so angry, I didn't think."

Remus felt tears running down his face, and he did not know was it because he had almost killed Severus, because he had lost him or because Severus had (maybe) been using him all the time.


Whatever Sirius Black had done, it had worked out perfectly. Rumours that Remus Lupin and Severus Snape had broken up spread like a wildfire, though the cause for their break-up was not quite clear.

Seeing Severus sitting alone in a corner in the dormitory he was sharing with four other sixth years, Lucius decided to comfort him and sat down next to Severus on the bed he was sitting broodingly on.

"I heard you and Remus broke up?" Lucius said. "That's sad, you seemed so good together. For a Slytherin and a Gryffindor, I mean."

Severus blinked away tears. "That was before his friends tried to kill me."

His shock was genuine, Lucius would never have thought Sirius Black would go that far. Another Gryffindor he had misjudged. "How?" he asked.

Severus shook his head. "Just forget it."

Lucius put an arm around Severus's shoulder. "You should tell Dumbledore."

Severus laughed bitterly. "Dumbledore knows. He told them to never try that again."

Lucius annoyedly shook his head. Dumbledore always favoured the Gryffindors.

Severus leaned against his shoulder. "I should never have left you."

Lucius smiled. His plot finally showed success.

"Let's say, we had a break, but we can start anew where we stopped." Lucius said generously. He knew Severus was desperate to prove himself that he did not need Remus Lupin, and this was his opportunity to get him back.

Severus smiled and kissed him gently. "Thank you." he whispered.

While their kisses and caresses deepened, Lucius was making plans in his head how to give Pandora her promised threesome without Severus knowing that he had anything to do with him. Best thing would be to make an appointment in the Astronomy Tower with Severus while she could easily overhear them. Then she'd join them taking a few drops of that Aphrodisiac Sev had brewed her. Yes, that's how it should work, Lucius thought while stripping Severus down and caressing his smooth skin. Knowing that Severus was all his again, filled him with a feeling of triumph.

And in the summer he would invite Severus to visit them at the Malfoy mansion. There he would make him acquainted with the Dark Lord. Lord Voldemort would be delighted if he brought him two potential new recruits within so short a time span.



The End

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