Notes: Draco POV, dark angst, light BDSM

Inspired by The Smiths ‘The Headmaster Ritual’

Chain: Grab and Devour

By spheeris1


/….he does the military two-step down the nape of my neck…

Knees you in the groin, elbows in the face….I don’t want to stay…/

I used to disassemble my motivations. Why do I follow? Why do I want this?

My reasons are not noble. They are so needy. Desperate.

I reside in light, so blinding. And I forgot to feel pain, hate, anger. I forgot.

Until you reminded me.

Now I skip classes and ditch my friends. They don’t see it, not at all.

I slip into shadows, accelerated step down dark halls. To your door. Always to your door.

You draw me to you, an evil and wicked tide.

Hands grip my wrists and I resist. Not because I don’t want it. But because it makes me want you more.

Gods, do I want you….


Too much conscience drives me home again. But I come back. Each time, I return to you.

To your cold fingers slipping ‘round my neck. To your tongue snaking over my lips, lips you make bleed.

I am weak. I beg you to take me. Heady and lustful whimpers.

‘Please…..’ in a hush, a whisper. I can hear my voice. It cracks and breaks.

It moans and pleads. A flood of want pours out of me, covering my stomach in silky white.

And still you move. And my body hurts from your pounding. Stings. Burns.

You keep going and going. You will not release me. Fists on either side of my head.

I don’t want to give in.

I fight you. You bite into my flesh, a warning.

And I should feel like shit now. But I don’t. I feel myself becoming hard again.


This is what I deserve. That is what I tell myself.

Other than that, I don’t think about us. About you. About bruises and desire. I don’t think about it.

Yet I find myself leaving everything behind to have it.

A worried look of concern. I push it away. They don’t understand. They don’t see.

I roam the grounds at night. I try to find some solace inside of my heart.

I find black. And the gray of your eyes.

Cold stone meets my back. Again. Again. Again. Again.

I feel the pain shoot through my body, electric shockwaves of pleasure. So intense.

So all I need. So all I want.

I even enjoy the tears I shed alone. They freeze on my cheeks.

They are a reminder of all I feel inside. And I smile, like a madman.

I’ve learned, Malfoy….I have learned.


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