[ a Bondage!Draco vignette ]

By Rhysenn



The horror knifes through me, like a bitter frost filling my lungs, choking me with an icy breath that burns like shards of fire in my veins. My hands grip the nearby wall compulsively as my knees weaken and falter; my fingernails grind against the hard concrete, even as wild realization spirals through my mind and splinters in a bleeding cascade of pain, raw blinding pain.

Draco stands shackled in the center of the room beyond, a sturdy octagon-shaped chamber enclosed by walls of thick fiberglass. Harsh light glances off the smooth crystal surface of the glass panel facing me, stinging my eyes transfixed on the lone figure held within the transparent prison.

He is securely bound, hand and foot, inextricably tangled in a cruel web encircling him all around. He is stripped almost completely, a brutal mockery of his vulnerability, and I see him shiver from the cold assailing his bare skin, pale in the artificial light, and pain rushes through me like a freezing tide as I stand by, helpless, aching inside.

The cords that restrain him look fragile and delicate, like woven fabric, but I know they are unbreakable except by magic charm -- they entwine his lithe body like brilliant pink confetti, in gleeful celebration of their defenseless victim. He is forced to stand, held in a numbed position constantly on his feet; the cords wind around his wrists like fuchsia snakes, and slide almost gracefully around his neck and over his lips, rendering him silent in his shame, taking away his whispered pleas for help.

I wonder if he would cry out for me. If he actually did call out my name.

I groan in spite of myself, despite my firm resolve to show no emotion in front of my enemies. I turn away from the heartbreaking sight, and bury my face in the crook of my arm in hopeless despair. I close my eyes, and I can still see the tender image of him, scorched into the back of my lids, and he looks so helplessly beautiful, touched with a halo of innocence like a natural radiance -- deep inside, I silently shatter and bleed.


I shout his name into the empty nothingness, a wordless scream across the desert of silence, and he doesn't hear me, nor can he see me, and all I can feel is his suffering and fear, mirroring my own. I stare at him, imprisoned in the clear glass enclosure, and I know that a host of invisible magical wards separate us and blind him to my presence, and any attempt of mine to reach him physically would prove futile at best, fatal at worst.

He doesn't know I'm here. I see his eyes, darting desperately from side to side, looking helplessly for a means of escape and seeing none. Resignation clouds the fierce hope in his eyes as he tosses his silver hair back defiantly, even as I see his shoulders slump in weariness, and he bows his head; a forlorn figure silhouetted in a cage of light.

"What do you want?" I ask quietly, my tone measured but already broken, not able to tear my eyes away from Draco, from the rending sight of my love crucified.

A cruel peal of laughter from my enemy, clearly satisfied at my evident torment. "Oh, but the question should be what are you willing to sacrifice for him?"

I turn my gaze slowly away from Draco, and my eyes are filled with hatred and desolation, a wilderness ablaze in the dead of winter.

My voice is soft, and utterly defeated. "Anything."

Draco is all I can think about, his grey eyes alight with desperate fear, and I pause, biting down on my quavering lip.


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