Author's Notes: Inspired by fog.


By spheeris1


I saw you.

In your castle of gold and of silver.

I watched you fly out,

Like a winged savior.

And I laughed.

Like I had never laughed before.

For I knew, like I know my own name,

That you would fall.

And rivers would overflow

With the amount of tears.

And all the animals would

Mourn your short-lived life.

And businesses would shut down.

And people would faint.

And the world would stop spinning on it’s

Tiny needle axis.

I knew you.

Before the pomp. Before the circumstance.

Before you were a hero. Before you were everything

On everyone’s lips, minds, hearts.

Just a boy, just a child.

Just rags and bone. Just unruly hair

And soul-searching eyes.

Just a boy….just like me.

And how I wanted to touch those

Bruised cheeks, to caress that alabaster chest,

To sear our bodies together.

And in that castle, that unforgiving palace….

I’d would lay in your royal bed.

I would be your Gaveston.

And we could stand atop the tower,

Prince of night and King of day,

Pissing upon the adoring peons.

I loathe you.

And no, the words are not too strong.

They can never be strong enough.

Hate. Despise.

Wishing you an untimely death.

At my hands, by my hands.

Feeling the burn from my wand

Enter your veins and scorch your insides.

For I tire of you. Weary of your easy

Perfection and careless grace.

So completely annoyed, so completely


And I want to be there, to watch you die.

I want to be the last one to hear your

Same stupid words.

I want to watch the light

Go out.

I want to feel that last shock

Of air from your mouth.

Then…and only then…..

Will that castle I have

Put you in

Come tumbling down.

And I can pledge

My wasted love to

Your corpse.



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